Mart 30, 2021

Nocturnal Love Ch. 02

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Anna fidgeted in her coach seat on the way home to her dad’s place in Kansas. She was still thinking about Rory and Janey having sex while she watched them. Anna had gone into full voyeur mode and had also orgasmed three times while she watched Janey blow Rory and while she watched Rory eat out his mother and one more time as he pumped his rock hard cock into Janey and shot his sperm into her.

Anna was also wondering how this story would play with Mark, her father. She knew that she couldn’t possibly keep the secret that her boyfriend Rory and his mother Janey had entrusted her with. It wasn’t in her nature to keep secrets. Hell she was the biggest gossip at the café where she worked. She knew everyone’s secrets in the small Hawaiian town and she shared them freely.

Telephone, telegraph, tell Anna.

In the four years since Anna had moved from Kansas to the big island, her parents had split up. It seems that when her mother had masturbated to the lesbian love stories on Literotica and had started viewing women loving each other online that she had become intrigued. At first she just tasted her own pussy juice from her fingers and her rabbit vibe.

One day she had invited her friend Maggie from work to come out with her for after work drinks. They drank a little more than expected and when Anna’s mom, Peggy had leaned in for a kiss, Maggie had been receptive. They took a cab to Maggie’s apartment and Anna’s mother had gotten her first taste of pussy that wasn’t her own. She liked it.

Anna’s dad still lived in the house where she had grown up and learned so much by accessing the webcam on her parent’s computer and watching them fuck and suck and she had seen both of them masturbating when they thought they were alone.

On the plane, Anna thought of telling her father about Rory and Janey. She thought about her father getting hard listening to the story of her two friends making love right in front of her. She thought about reaching out and touching him and offering to help him with his problem. She had seen his hard dick so many times on the webcam and heard him grunt out as he orgasmed. She hoped to hear him do that while he was on top of her.

The plane ride was long and boring and Anna slid past her seatmates to head to the tiny bathroom a couple of times and flick her clit hard and fast while thinking about her daddy fucking her. Oh she so hoped that it would happen the way she fantasized it would.

The fantasy came crashing down when she saw Mark at the airport waiting to pick her up. Her Dad looked like shit. He had lost his wife to another woman and it had hit him pretty hard. Anna hugged him and he hugged her back fiercely.

“I’m here to help Daddy.” Anna told him.

“I need help Honey.” Dad admitted freely.

The house looked like shit too and Anna told him that she’d clean the place for him after the jetlag wore off a bit. She went to her old room and laid down for a nap. She took out her phone to check for texts from Rory. There were none. Then she remembered the address of the webcam on the computer in dad’s room. She didn’t think that there would be anything to see but she accessed it anyway. There sat her Dad, naked and jerking his cock while peering at the screen. As she watched he grunted out his orgasm and moaned “Oh Anna.”

The girl was shocked and also thrilled to think that her Daddy called out her name when he came. Her hand slipped into her panties and she drew circles on the hood of her clit as her pelvis rocked back and forth. She probed for some of her pussy’s moisture and found it. Aided by her copious fluids she made contact with her ‘little man in the boat.’ Her orgasm came upon her in a rush and she felt a little squirt of juice shoot from between her legs.

Between the jetlag and the intense cum that she’d had, Anna slept through the night in damp panties and awoke ready to help her Daddy. Any way she could.

Mark had to work in the morning so Anna made herself some food and texted Rory that she had arrived and that it looked like her father needed her there for a while. She’d still be back at the café in two weeks but she’d be busy for the whole time. She told him to say ‘Hi’ to Janey.

Anna then started cleaning up the mess that Mark had made of the place. Once the kitchen and bathrooms and living room were cleaned to within an inch of their lives, Anna explored her Daddy’s bedroom.

‘Musty’ was the word that came to mind. She stripped the sheets off the bed and took them to the laundry room. Many dirty socks contributed to the funk in the room and then it occurred to her to look under his side of the bed. The hand towels that hid his sex toys were more than crusty and smelled of old and new cum. They went into the piles awaiting laundering.

There was a patina of dust on everything and the floor was in need of a very good cleaning. She straightened up papers and threw out old receipts and straightened up around the computer. There were a few random splatters on and around the desk and Anna topkapı escort was able to guess their origin.

Once everything was clean and the laundry was dry, she remade the bed and re-wrapped the sex toys after examining the prostate stimulator as well as the blue masturbator. She sat at the computer and went to the website. She used her own credit card to get a new stroker triplet set and a new prostate massager. She also ordered two bottles of the gel lubricant since the one under the bed was almost empty. Her order included two free gifts and she opted for two screaming O cock rings that vibrated. She figured that before they arrived in the mailbox, she and Mark would be on very intimate terms.

With all of that work done, she reclined on the couch and closed her eyes.

Anna woke to her father exclaiming about the great job that his daughter had done cleaning up his mess. He came and sat on the couch beside her and hugged her, thanking her profusely for everything and then offering to take her out to one of her favorite restaurants for dinner.

She accepted and after they changed into nicer clothes, off they went.

Mexican food in Kansas wasn’t that fantastic but she liked the place for the Margaritas. As they crunched away at their chips and salsa, Anna started telling him about her boyfriend Rory. She told him that Rory worked in a hardware store near the café where she worked. She sipped her Margarita and crunched another chip.

“Rory lives near work on a piece of land with a gorgeous view of the ocean. There’s palm trees and papaya and mango trees. He lives there with his mother Janey.” She said offhandedly.

“Really? I thought you said he was your age. What’s a twenty-eight year old man doing living with his mother?”

“It’s expensive to own property on Hawaii. She works at the grocery store in the same complex as the café and the hardware store. They ride to work together. That’s how I met them. Sometimes one or the other of them has to kill an hour waiting for their shift to start or waiting for a ride home. They’re really nice Daddy. They really seem to love each other.” Anna tried to hide the giggle that came out with that last statement.

Mark looked up but thought he’d heard the giggle from another table. He was feeling his drink and having his beautifully tanned, blonde daughter with him made him even giddier.

Pollo en mole was Anna’s favorite and she dug right in, realizing that she hadn’t eaten very much today. Mark had the taco combo and ate slowly with no enthusiasm but he did get another Margarita. Anna assumed that she’d end up driving and so just had a Corona to wash down her food.

After dinner they made it to the car without Mark falling down and the straight streets of their town had them home in short order. Mark leaned on Anna and made it into the house but after his teeth were cleaned, he shuffled off to bed and was snoring as soon as he hit the clean sheets and was drooling on the fresh pillowcase.

Anna went to bed horny but she was patient. She’d be helping Daddy soon.

Anna woke and looked at the clock. 1:30, she rubbed her hand over her breasts feeling the nipples stiffen. Her pussy was wet and she thought she’d see if her Daddy had sobered up a little while sleeping.

She got out of the bed she had slept in while growing up and headed for the bed she used to watch her parents fuck each other in.

Anna wore an oversized T shirt with tiny panties. She knew that she wouldn’t be wearing anything soon.

Daddy was still snoring into his pillow and Anna shed the T shirt and crawled into the bed on the side where her mother used to sleep. Her father had managed to strip down to his boxer shorts before falling asleep. She cuddled up to him and he automatically wrapped her in his arms. Her tits squashed onto his furry chest.

“Mmmm,” he moaned and then started to wake.


“Yes Daddy?”

“What are you doing?”

“I came to tell you a story.”

“You feel nice Baby. What’s the story?”

“Well, you know my friend Rory and his mother Janey? Well not long before I left Hawaii to come and visit you, we were at their house. You know, the one with the view of the ocean? Well it has another nice view there too. There is a chair where they let me sit and I had a great view of Janey on her knees with Rory’s hard cock in her mouth. The view was so good that when he came in her mouth I could see her cheeks bulge out before she swallowed all the he had given her.”

“Anna!” Mark said in shock. “That’s not right. Mother’s shouldn’t do that to their sons.”

“I don’t know Daddy. Your words say one thing but I think that your cock is getting as hard as Rory’s was when he penetrated his mother’s pussy right after he ate her out.”

Mark’s hand involuntarily slid up his daughter’s back and then went around to her breast.

“That’s it Daddy. Feel me.” Anna’s hand stroked the bulge in his shorts and she felt a damp spot there. tuzla escort “Am I making you hard? I think that you want me. Do you?”

“Yes.” Was all Mark said as he moved his face to her chest and tasted her nipple.

“Oh yeah! That’s it Daddy. I want you too. Do you like your little girl’s titties? Suck me Dad.”

“Mmmm,” Mark moaned around her nipple. His hand started pushing at her panties and she aided him in divesting her of her only piece of clothing. As soon as they were down and off, her father’s hand was cupping her mound. Feeling her wetness, Mark pushed a finger into his daughter’s pussy.

“Yesss,” Anna hissed, fishing his cock out of the fly hole in his shorts. It was slippery with his need for her and she slid her hand up and down. “Let’s fuck now Daddy. She rolled to her back and spread her legs. Mark’s sorts disappeared and he rolled on top.

“I’m ready Daddy.” Anna said as she guided him in.

It felt like they were made for each other. As if they had been doing it together for years instead of being their first time. Her father’s cock filled her just right.

“Uh.” Her Daddy said. “UH. Uh. Mmmm.”

“Fuck me Daddy. Fuck your daughter.”

“I want to cum in you Baby. I need to. Tell me I can Honey. Ooooh Anna.”

“Let it go Daddy. I’ll cum with you. Oh I’m so close.”

“Oh. Oh. Anna. Oh sweetie. I’m cumming.”

As she felt her father ejaculate into her, Anna orgasmed and moaned into her Daddy’s shoulder.

Eventually he stopped thrusting into her and finally softened. He rolled off of her and laid by her side panting.

When they finally calmed, they lay there kissing and gently stroking each other’s bodies.

Anna held Mark’s cock and said, “Oh Daddy I’ve wanted to do that since the first time I saw this beautiful dick.”

“Wasn’t that just a little while ago?

“No. See your computer over there? I can access the camera and watch whatever is going on in this room. It’s positioned perfectly so I could watch you and Mommy fucking in all kinds of positions. I watched your prick go into her so many times. She took this big thing like a champ. I was so surprised to find out that she’d switched teams. I wouldn’t mind watching her munch Maggie’s snatch though.”

Mark’s cock twitched and Anna knew that he’d like to watch that too.

“You like to watch too Daddy? I know that you look at women masturbating when you jerk off. Most of them look like me don’t they?”

Mark was getting harder by the minute. “You read a lot of stories about fathers doing it with their daughters. Almost every one of them gives their Daddy a blow job and take his spunk down into their belly, don’t they?”

“Yes.” Mark said as he pressed down softly on Anna’s shoulders.

She knew what he wanted and she was ready to accommodate him. Anna squirmed down and stared at Marks erection before taking the head between her lips, She heard a hiss of breath escape her father’s lips and took him deeper, moving her tongue on the sensitive glans. Mark’s hands held the back of her head and his prick slid in and out of her warm soft mouth.

“You watched, uh, me fuck, mmmm, your mother’s, oh God, pussy?

“Mmmm.” Anna answered. Her father’s insistent thrusts got a little faster.

“Man I loved fucking that woman. If you were, unh, watching, you saw what a hot, Oh Shit. I’m cumming Anna!”

With that exclamation, Mark produced another helping of his semen for his daughter. She savored the first shot for a moment before gulping it down and readying herself for more and more.

“Fuck Dad, that was so hot. Thinking about you and Mom going at it while you fucked my mouth. I see why you shot so much for me to swallow.”

“Honey, you’re at least as hot as your mother ever was. Man how did I manage to produce such a hot woman?” Mark hugged Anna and the two drifted off to sleep until morning.

Mark had to work in the morning but before he got up to get ready, he massaged his daughter’s tits and sucked her nipples for about five minutes until she was squirming and begging him to fuck her again. He said if he did, he’d be late and he couldn’t afford to lose his job.

“Tell them to fuck off and move to the island with me. Maybe Rory, Janey, you and I can have orgies and stuff.”

“That does sound good.” Mark said, poking her in the side with his stiff prick. “I’ll think about it today at work. I’ll think about other things too,” he touched a finger to her lips.

“Love you Daddy.” Anna’s eyes gleamed and she licked his finger and sucked it briefly.

“Mmmm, Love you too Baby.”

The aroma was exquisite when Mark stepped into the house. Anna had made it to the store and had a real meal waiting for them. A roasted chicken sat on the table surrounded by roasted potatoes. A big bowl of steamed broccoli sat nearby and at both of their places at the table was a beautiful salad made with romaine lettuce, carrots and tomato wedges.

Anna looked almost as delicious as the pendik escort meal in a short white dress. Lots of long tanned leg showed below the hem and the hills of her tanned breasts rose from the low neckline.

Mark went to wash up a bit and then joined her at the table, taking the time to kiss and suck her pretty neck and take in the scent of her loose flowing hair. They sat and started on their salads. Mark was making little exclamations of joy about the food while eyeing his daughter as if she were the perfect desert.

The chicken was pretty much destroyed and the spuds were almost gone. Anna ate more of the broccoli but her Dad enjoyed it also. It was by far the best meal that he had had in a long time. Once the dishes were in the sink with the woman saying that she’d take care of them tomorrow. Mark was hoping it was because she was going to take care of him tonight.

She led him to the couch and sat down. She spread her legs wide and he saw that there was nothing under the dress. Falling to his knees, he prepared to worship this blonde, tanned goddess. Anna caressed his head as it moved toward her open pussy. Mark’s first forays with his lips and tongue were greeted with moans from his beautiful daughter.

“Oh. Daddy. That’s it lick me. Eat your little girl’s cunt.”

That word. Cunt. It lit a fire in Mark and he doubled his effort to please her. Both of his rough hands slid under that white skirt and up her tanned thighs to hold the cheeks of her ass and feed her snatch onto his mouth. After tasting her juices for some time, he found her erect clitoris and slathered his love on it over and over until he heard and felt her climax.

Anna lay there like a damp rag. Her breath shallow and little sounds of contentment escaping her throat.

“Does that pay for that wonderful blowjob you gave me just before we fell asleep early this morning?”

“Well, maybe. But I really need a hard cock fucking me from behind.” She slid from the couch and assumed the position to grant him access under her dress, flipping it up over her fine ass.

Never one to argue with such a command, Mark stripped and was behind her, aiming and then penetrating.

Both moaned as his steel hard rod found its way deep into her insides. Both of them were striving for the perfect rhythm and it came naturally. It was as if they were born to fuck each other.

“Baby. Eating your cunt. It got me going. I’m not going to be able to hold out long.”

It’s OK Daddy. I came so hard when you tongued my clit. Just fill me up.”

Those words sent Mark through the roof and with a deep moaning grunt, he unloaded into Anna’s cunt.

They stayed linked for a few minutes and his dick finally fell from her along with a stream of semen and pussy juice. It puddled on the floor unnoticed by either of them. Anna’s dress was stained with their sweat and she shucked it off, dropping it to the floor.

“Jesus, I love fucking you Honey.”

“We’re really quite good at it aren’t we? I’m glad for the education I got from watching you and Mommy.”

“Oh by the way young lady, you’re in big trouble for doing that. You may be grounded for a long time. Now go to my room this instant.”

Anna looked contrite and said in a small voice, “I’m sorry Daddy, I’ll never watch you fuck anybody again. Unless I get to film us doing it!” She said with a laugh and skittered away toward her Daddy’s room.

They slept through the night and in the morning Mark had an announcement for his sweet girl. “I’m going to give my notice today and in two weeks we can go to Hawaii together. You can get a couple more days off from the café can’t you?”

“Oh Daddy. For something like that I can get as much time as I want. Will you live with me? Want to work in a hardware store or maybe sling groceries? Oh I’m so excited. I don’t think I could have lived without your cock in me regularly. You’ll love Rory and Janey. Maybe we can afford a small place and I can get out of that apartment.”

“The colonel has always wanted this place to add to his property next door. I’m sure he’ll give me a fair price since we’ve been neighbors for so long. I should be able to get us a nice little place in paradise don’t you think?”

“Oh, that would be so wonderful. I wonder if there’s any places near Rory and Janey. Daddy, you’re the best!”

The box finally came! Anna opened it and examined the contents. The stroker triplets looked fresh and much less stretched than the ones under her father’s bed. The prostate massager didn’t have that brown stain like Daddy’s did and the cock ring that she took out of the packaged buzzed so enthusiastically on her finger when she turned it on that she had to pull down her shorts and panties and try it on her clit. She thought about her Dad’s dick being all the way inside of her with the little cock ring buzzing between them. Anna came with a groan and could hardly wait for Daddy to cum home. They would definitely get it on tonight.

The girl put together a nice dinner and she also cut up an old towel to make her Dad some new cum rags. She knew that he wouldn’t have to jerk off as much when they lived together but cum would need to be wiped off of something fairly frequently. Her pussy and her tits she hoped. Sometimes it might be leaking out of her ass too.

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