Şubat 27, 2021

No Trespassing

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After Tammy’s orgasm subsided she talked quietly for a while with Sandy, nervously trying to build the courage to reciprocate. After a while Sandy began to sense there was a problem and asked, “Tammy what’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong, everything is fine.”

“No, you’ve seemed to suddenly clam up. If you’re not comfortable doing this…”

“No, it’s not that, it’s just that… ah,” Tammy paused.

“What is it Tammy?”

“I’ve never done anything like that, I’ve never done anything like any of this before.”

“That doesn’t matter Tammy, I like what you are doing, how you’re doing it.”

“But you made me feel so good, I don’t know if I can do that for you,” Tammy said, blinking her eyes fighting the tears.

“But you already have Tammy, you already have. Don’t you see that?”

“But how do I…”

“Look, you know what feels good to you right?”


“Well, most likely it will feel good for me, that’s what I do, I simply think of what might feel good for me and then I do it to you.”

“You mean you haven’t…”

“Not with another woman. I did have a guy go down on me and well, I basically learned what not to do. But with you I just tried to be gentle and imagined what might feel good with me.”

“What bahis firmaları about the taste?”

“The taste?”

“Yes, from me.”

“Haven’t you ever tasted yourself?”

“No, have you?”

Sandy nodded, “Yes.”


“I was masturbating, thinking about someone going down on me. I got my fingers wet and tasted it, it wasn’t bad, kind of a turn on at the time. You want to taste yourself?” she asked raising her finger up to Tammy’s mouth. When Tammy stuck out her tongue Sandy said, “Come on Tammy, put it in your mouth to taste it.”

Tammy daintily opened her mouth and then closed it over Sandy’s fingers. Sandy watched her eyes blink and said, “It’s kind of tangy.”

“Yeah, a bit surprising. Not really bad.”

“I liked it,” Sandy said, “It turned me on tasting you.”

Tammy leaned over to Sandy and kissed her on the lips. While they kissed she reached down to Sandy’s bikini bottoms. She then pulled them down as Sandy lifted her hips letting her slide the suit down her thighs and then completely off of her. Sandy leaned back and opened her legs.

She felt a shiver run through her body as Tammy reached her hands under her legs and then began kissing her inner thigh. As Tammy moved down kaçak iddaa her thigh kissing and licking her smooth skin Sandy could feel her moist breath on the delicate skin around her pussy. Suddenly she felt the lightest touch of Tammy’s lips on her pussy.

Then she felt her tongue quickly slide into her cunt and then shyly withdraw. Tammy’s tongue pressed into her again, this time more boldly circling inside her before withdrawing. Sandy then felt her tongue move upwards to her clit. The tongue slid over her clit very slowly, but began moving faster and faster, just barely touching the sensitive nub.

At first the light touch was a bit annoying for Sandy as she wanted more stimulation, but after a few moments it began to heighten her sensitivity. She started lifting her hips, moving them in big circles, trying to feel more. It was driving her crazy and she gasped for breath as slowly, ever so slowly she felt something building inside her. Sandy could feel her hands trembling and she was pumping her hips up and down, when ever so slowly it built the tension, the pleasure grew, more and more until… until… until… until oh God, oh God, she screamed “Oh Tammy, yes, yes.”

Suddenly Tammy sucked Sandy’s clit in between her lips running her kaçak bahis tongue firmly in circles over it, again and again. The incredible sensation suddenly exploded and Sandy came as she moaned loudly, arching her back and pushing her pussy against Tammy’s face. Then she collapsed, the tension suddenly leaving her body as she began crying, “Oh Tammy, oh God Tammy.”

Tammy rose up from between her legs and asked meekly, “Sandy, are you okay?”

“Of course I am, come here you,” she said, grabbing Tammy and pulling her into her arms. “It was so beautiful,” she whispered into Tammy’s ear, “I never knew it could be so good.”

“You scared me for a second there,” Tammy said, “Especially when you screamed.”

“How loud was I?” Sandy asked.

“Pretty loud,” Tammy replied.

“Could they have heard us?”

“I don’t know.”

“We better get dressed, just in case.”

They quickly pulled on their bathing suits and blouses and then peeked out of the cabin. Not seeing anyone around, they slipped out of the cabin and then walked out to the water. Looking down the beach they saw the campfire with their friends sitting around it. As they wandered back they both wondered what the future might hold for them. Obviously they couldn’t act like lovers, hell it was a time of free love but the people around them weren’t ready for that free of a love. They wondered if a time would come where they could hold hands and walk down a beach without fear. They wondered…

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