Mart 12, 2021

No Escape

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Business had gone well for Peter on this trip and in the evening he decided to watch the the boxing on the big screen in the bar because he liked the atmosphere with a crowd. He changed in his room, called his wife and then he went to the sports bar of his up-market hotel. He was lucky to get the last free table and spent a few minutes updating his records on his Blackberry and then looked at the wine list.

“Hi, would you mind if I sat here? All the other tables are full.”

He looked up.

“Hell’s teeth, she’s something,” he thought. Her glossy black hair hung down in expensively coiffured ringlets to her shoulders, her smile was radiant, she was wearing a black dress with thin shoulder straps showing toned arms. It was figure hugging and modestly low cut. There was the hint of roundness of the top of her breasts on display, B – C sized he guessed, and her waist was tiny and her firm ass was tightly wrapped . Although her dress came down almost to her knees, it clung to her thighs and Peter could see they were lightly muscled and slim.

“Sure, but could you sit this side please,” he indicated the chair on his right.

Peter watched her walk around the table; she was tall, maybe 5’8 and from her elegant walk he thought she might be a model.

She sat down. “Why do you want me to sit here? Are you expecting someone?”

“No, I want to watch the fight.” He pointed the screen to his left. “You’d be a distraction.” He wondered why he was flirting.

It only took her only half a second to work out the compliment and she laughed and gave him a quick appraising glance. This gave Peter the chance to look at her face some more. She was truly beautiful: big dark brown eyes with long eyelashes, a slim nose with flared nostrils, elegantly strong cheekbones and a wide mouth with full red lips. Her complexion was immaculate and had a healthy glow.

Initially he had thought she was in her mid 20s because her appearance was so sophisticated. But there seemed to a youthful enthusiasm in her face and he guessed around 21. Maybe a bit younger even. There seemed to be a mixture of refinement and an almost teenage innocence. She scrambled around in her handbag, pulled out her mobile phone and talked in hushed tones with an occasional giggle.

Peter ordered his half bottle of red wine which arrived before she had finished talking. When she did finish she picked up the wine list, gazed at it without much interest, shrugged and then looked at his glass.

“Is that one any good?”

“Why don’t you try it?” He passed her his glass.

“Mmmm, that’s not bad.”

Peter wondered whether he should offer her a glass from his bottle but she took away the decision by waving to a drinks waiter. “A glass of that one please.”

She took another small sip from his glass then passed it back to him and Peter was careful to make sure their fingers didn’t touch. He noticed her lipstick on the rim and also noticed a large gold bracelet on her wrist and an expensive diamond ring on a finger of her right hand. And a small diamond studded crucifix on a fine gold necklace.

A middle aged couple asked if the two other chairs were free. Peter nodded and they immediately turned turned their seats around with their backs to Peter to watch the big screen.

He felt a pat on his hand. “I don’t think he’ll be a distraction for you,” she whispered, looking at the overweight man on Peter’s left.

He turned and grinned at her and she grinned back. It seemed like she was here to stay for a while and wasn’t expecting friends.

“Hi, I’m Peter.”

“Hello Peter, I’m Sophia.”

“That’s an Italian name isn’t it.”

“Yes. Mum’s from Italy.”

“That figures,” he thought. There was definitely some Latin blood in her exotic beauty.

She picked up his Blackberry and looked at it. “This is cool. Just a rich man’s toy or do you know how to use it?”

Peter thought that was quite rude until he saw her twinkling challenge.

“Never managed to get past page 1 in the manual. I just leave it out to impress beautiful women but it doesn’t work for that either.”

She giggled, “I bet you really know everything about it.” She passed it to him and there was a brief moment when their fingertips touched.

“What do you use it for? What do you do for an honest dollar, Peter?”

“I sell pension plans.”

“That sounds really boring.” That challenging smile again.

“Ah well, it does have some interesting days. . . . And boring years.”

She laughed again, showing her perfect white teeth. “I’m a student.”

“Studying what?”


This gave Peter the excuse to look at her more closely. She really was one of the most beautiful young women he had met. She was smiling at him in a questioning sort of way. This didn’t help him work out her subject but it certainly gave him some eye candy.

“I’ve no idea. Medicine maybe?”

“Not bad, quite close. Biology.”

“That sounds about as boring selling pension plans.”

Another of her engaging laughs. “Oh no, it has lots of fun times.”

The main event had started and Peter watched the screen for a minute. He glanced around at Sophia and she was reading messages on her mobile.

“Not many girls like boxing,”

“Boxing’s disgusting.”

Peter refilled his glass and topped up Sophia’s and she gave him a smile of thanks. He thought as he sipped. “Expensive clothes and jewelry for a student. Must have rich parents or a rich boyfriend. Strange, a girl like her wanting to talk to someone my age. Still she’s fun and the fight isn’t great.”

“Are you staying in the hotel Peter?”

He found her easy to talk to and ignored the fight. She seemed interested in what he had to say, they enjoyed the same movies, she laughed at his jokes. And she was stunning. Sophia poured the last of the wine into his glass and looked at him inquiringly. He waved to the wine waiter for another half bottle and the conversation was even easier.

“Excuse me, I’ve got to go to the rest room.”

Peter’s eyes followed her, watching her ass wriggle in that tight dress. She really was exquisite, could easily be a model. He worried for a moment. Should he be sitting with a beautiful young woman, enjoying himself and flirting with her. He thought of Mary and his children at home and felt guilty.

Then he dismissed that thought. It was just innocent fun. Nothing was going to happen; he had never strayed and although there had been opportunities, he never been attracted to the idea. And a girl like her wouldn’t be interested in someone like him, at least 15, maybe 20 years older.

Suddenly it dawned on him. The expensive clothes and jewelry. Why a beautiful young woman would choose to sit next to him. Why she would come to a bar by herself when boxing was on and she hated boxing.

Sophia was a call girl.

His first impulse was to get up and leave. He’d never paid for it in his life. He was happily married, blissfully happy and his sex life was fine. Didn’t want anything more. He was about to get up and go when Sophia returned. Her smile was friendly and she was gorgeous.

“Ah well, no harm in watching the fight to the end, then going,” he justified to himself.

Sophia sat down and moved her chair closer. “I can tell from your face that you’ve worked it out. Took a long time for a bright guy like you.”

“Sophia, I’m happily married.”

“I’m sure you are.”

“I have a great sex life.”

“I’m sure you do.”

“I’ve never paid for it in my life.”

“I’m sure you haven’t.” She put her hand on his. “Let’s stay and finish the wine. It’s fun talking to you. If you decide that I’m not for you, that’s fine.” She topped up his wine and didn’t seem to mind as he gazed at her for a minute without talking.

Someone who looked so refined and sometimes seemed so young. Someone who was so vivacious and such good fun. A whore?

“You’re not my idea of a call girl.”

“What did you think? Someone with a huge bust just about all hanging out, a really short skirt and pantyhose with holes and seams up the back?”

“Something like that.” he laughed. “How long have you been doing it for?”

“About a year and a half. The university fees are really high and my debt was growing. One of my friends was in the business and so I tried it. $800 for a night! And I quite enjoyed it.”

Peter thought that over. He still couldn’t imagine her doing it.

“I can’t get my head around you taking on a queue of men every night.”

“I don’t.” The hand on his squeezed. “Peter, look at me. I’m top of the range. I do fine, just two or three times a week and only one man each night.”

He laughed. “Hell, I have sex more often than that.”

“I bet you do. Men don’t choose me. I choose them. I’ve got four regulars who see me once a week or two and a couple of out of towners once a month or so. They say they’re all happily married and have great sex lives and they’re very nice. Most of my new clients come by referrals and I turn down at least two men for every one who gets lucky. I’ve got to like them and fancy them as well.”

“So if you get all these referrals what are you doing in a bar alone like this, coming and sitting next to me?”

“I was bored. Sometimes I like a challenge. You looked nice and looked like a challenge.”

“An impossible challenge, I’m sorry.”

“Hey, that’s OK. It’s you’re choice.”

Sophia topped up his wine with her free hand. Peter thought about her other hand on his. “I’ll be going in a few minutes, what the hell.” He couldn’t admit to himself that he liked it and that it was giving him an illicit thrill.

“How much do you charge? Don’t take that the wrong way, I’m just interested to know.”

“Just for your interest, $800 an hour, minimum three hours. I told you, I’m top of the range. I give discounts to men who aren’t boring and who are good in bed. You’re certainly not boring and I’ve got the feeling that you’d qualify for the good in bed discount as well.”

Peter felt his cock stirring.“Two and a half grand. That’s a lot of money.”

“Sure is. But I’m pretty special. And that goes way beyond my body which you’ve been staring at so nicely all night.”

“I told you, you’re very beautiful and great fun, but I’m not in your market.”

“Peter, it’s all up to you. I’m not going to put you in a wrestling hold and drag you away.”

They laughed and he looked into her eyes. She was gorgeous. She was young. She was intriguing. She was exciting. She was exquisite. She was right beside him and she available. He glanced at her breasts and knew his cock was half way hard.

“What’s this something special you provide? Just for interest’s sake.”

Sophia put her other hand around his.

“Just for interest’s sake that’s a personal question. Sometimes we just talk and just fool around a bit. Sometimes a whole lot more. Depends on their mood and it depends on mine. I don’t just lie on my back and think that’s another couple of grand.”

Peter was intrigued. Just fooling around? He fantasized about seeing her naked and maybe just kissing her, maybe stroking that body. That wouldn’t be infidelity if he didn’t fuck her. Surely not.?

“Imagine kissing those breasts and pleasuring her legs. All the way up. Fuck I’ve never been close to a woman like this.” His cock was rock hard.

“The wine’s all gone Peter. It’s been fun talking to you, but I’m going now. I’m in the apartment block over the road. You’ve got 10 minutes to make up your mind. 20th floor, number 7. I take credit cards and it’ll show as Acme Financial Services.”

Sophia leaned over and kissed his cheek and whispered in his ear, “I think you’ll be very nice for me.”

Peter watched as she walked across the barroom floor. He noticed half the men in the bar turned their heads to watch as well. That little kiss and her lips just touching his ear. Fuck, that was something. His cock was straining in his trousers.

He imagined her naked body and her kissing him. Her naked body with his hands exploring it. That and nothing more. Just some innocent fun. That wouldn’t be cheating. Not real cheating.

He was mildly intoxicated by the wine and completely intoxicated by her. Two and a half grand was a hell of a lot of money, but he’d made five on the deal he’d done that afternoon.

“Just fooling around. That’s not infidelity. There’s no way in this world I’m going to fuck her. That would be cheating.”

He had a moment of doubt as he as about to knock on her door but his hand was under it’s own control. As he heard Sophia coming he wondered what she would be wearing. A nightie? Maybe nothing at all.

“Hi Peter, I’m glad you decided to come.” Sophia was still wearing that alluring dress. She kissed his cheek and took his hand, drawing him inside. He looked around her apartment. It was huge and luxurious and all the furniture was new and expensive.

She held out her hand. “It’s best to get the business side out of the way first. Credit card please.”
She processed it on her computer and he saw that it was for $2,200 not $2,400. “Discount for being nice and not being boring. I hope I’ll be able to give you a ‘good in bed’ credit as well.”

Sophia put her arms around Peter’s shoulders and hugged him. He could feel her breasts against him and she brushed his lips with hers then pulled back, staying in his arms.

“Peter, I want you to use your imagination. I told you I don’t want to lie on my back and think of the money. Imagine I’m your new girlfriend. You really like me and you think I’m hot.”

“That doesn’t take too much imagination,” he said and Sophia giggled.

“You really want to fuck this new girlfriend. You think she wants it as well, but you’re not sure, so your going to have to seduce her. You’ve got to work out what turns her on.” Sophia looked a bit more serious. “And you don’t have to imagine that either. I told you I’ve got to be in the mood and I’ve got to like what you do. We’ve got three hours so there’s no rush.”

“Sophia, we’re not going to fuck.”

“Will I have to put you in a wrestling hold?” They both laughed then she pecked his lips. “We’re going to have a lovely time together and you set whatever boundaries you like.”

She pulled out of his arms and took his hand. “I’ll show you the view from my balcony.”

They leaned on the balcony rail side by side looking at the view and Sophia pointed out the sights. Peter put his arm around her shoulders and she snuggled in closer. A few minutes later he nuzzled her hair and she turned to look at him, her eyes smiling, but turned away before he could kiss her. But she did rest her head on his shoulder.

His arm drifted down Sophia’s back and he was able to reach around and cup one of the breasts he had been fantasizing about. He felt Sophia cover his hand with hers then she turned to frowning slightly.

“It’s all there for you, all of me. You’ve just got to earn it.” She kissed his cheek, squeezed his hand for a moment, then took it away.

He was slightly irritated by this, but that breast had felt so beautiful. No bra, she was so firm. It was getting colder so he took her hand and and they went inside.

“You choose some music.”

He went to her home entertainment center and made his choice and when he turned Sophia was sitting on the arm of a big arm chair and he took the hint and sat in it. She moved and sat upright on his knees away from his body. But he could feel her thighs on his legs through her dress.

“Did you enjoy the fight?”

“What fight?”

“The one you went to watch in the bar.”

“Didn’t see it. I was distracted.”

“That’s no good. Was it the fat man in front of you?”

“By a young woman who is probably the most beautiful I’ve ever met.”

“Do you mean that or are you saying that just because you want to get your hands on her?”

“Just get my hands on her of course.” Sophia got his joke and giggled

“This young lady had the most elegant cheekbones.” He traced his fingers tips slowly over Sophia’s cheekbones and she closed her eyes.

“And enormous dark eyes.” His fingers pleasured her eyelids.

“A slim nose.” His fingers drifted.

“And full red lips I wanted to kiss.” He took his time slowly dancing his fingertips across her lips. He could tell she liked it and repeated his touch.

“This wonderful young woman had a long and elegant throat.” Sophia lifted her chin to give him full access. Peter took his time and covered every millimeter twice. Her eyes were still closed and her lips were slightly parted.

“And silky perfect skin.” His finger tips moved to her collar bones. Sophia’s eyes were still closed and her lips still parted. She moved her hand and squeezed his other arm. Peter could tell her breathing was deeper and thought it was safe to try more.

“And this wonderful, beautiful young woman had breasts I fantasized about for hours.”

His fingers skimmed lightly over the rounded skin of the top of her breasts above her dress, lingering just a little then back to her throat and behind her ears, her ear lobes and back to the top of her breasts.

Sophia moved along his thighs and snuggled her body into his. She lifted her face and Peter could see she wanted to him to kiss her but he covered her face with soft kisses then licked with the tip of his tongue. He moved to her lips, just tantalizing with soft caresses and the tip of his tongue all the time drifting his fingers over her breasts. Sophia stroked his hair with her hand and the tip of her tongue played with his. Peter traced his fingers over her face again, behind her ears, her armpit and he ran them over the skin of the top of her breasts above her dress.

Sophia’s tongue probed more deeply and she covered his lips with hers and it all came clear to Peter She wasn’t putting this on for his benefit, she was aroused, she was enjoying what he was doing to her. This excited him even more, this exotic woman was really becoming excited by what he was doing.

He knew that women were different and somethings which excited some did nothing for others. Sometimes things which worked one night didn’t work on another. Variety; find her boundaries.

His hand went to her dress over her breast and he still traced lightly with his fingers. Sophie’s arm went around his neck, pulling herself in closer and Peter clasped the breast in his palm. He felt Sophie suck his tongue quite harshly and he tightened his grip. Then Sophia nibbled his tongue with lips covered teeth. Fuck that was exciting. He started to tighten his fingers around her breast.

Sophia’s free hand came down to his and for a moment he thought she was going to take his away but she pushed his hand harder into her breast. Her teeth nibbled harder, he flinched slightly and immediately she stopped nibbling and pushed her tongue into his mouth, Taking her cue he covered his teeth with his lips and nibbled gently.

Sophia pinched the back of Peter’s hand and he felt that was a message that she wanted her nipple tweaked. Her nipple was long like a pencil rubber and hard and he rolled it between his thumb and first two fingers. Sophia gave a little groan then pinched his hand harder. He knew what that meant and tightened his fingers and pulled on her nipple and nibbled her tongue more strongly.

Sophia took her hand away using the arm to hug him tighter. Peter tried varying the strength of his fingers on her nipple and when he squeezed and twisted harder she gave a little shudder.

“Fuck that must have hurt,” Peter thought. “She liked it though.” And the thrill of that thought made his cock even harder.

He had never been tempted by this before but he was aroused by what was happening. He nibbled her tongue harder and Sophia’s hug tightened then she moved and started to nibble his lips with hers over her teeth. When he gave a flinch of pain she changed to kissing him tenderly.

Peter stopped squeezing and twisting her nipple reverting to gentle tracings with his fingertips. Sophia stopped kissing him and he felt her body shudder. He figured he needed to tantalize her and continued his gentle movements and Sophia kissed him again with her lips soft and gentle.

Then he returned to his harsh twisting and pulling on Sophia’s nipple. Her hips started writhing and he heard her pant. He tested even harder and her panting became louder. Harder still and she became more aroused.

“Hell’s teeth that must hurt so much,” he thought, “but there must be a limit somewhere.” And while he was extremely aroused he listened for some sign that he’d reached her limit. He started kissing her again and bit on her lip with his teeth covered by his own lips. A bit harder and he sensed a change in Sophia’s movements and heard a small cry.

He changed to gentle caresses with his lips and finger tips and Sophia patted his head. He slipped one of her shoulder straps off and moved his hand to the zip on the back of her dress. She hugged him tightly then pulled away.

“Bedtime Peter.” She stood up, took his hand and they went into large bedroom which had a super king sized double bed and luxurious fittings.

“You can put your clothes in there,” she pointed to a wardrobe.

He stripped to his briefs and when he turned around Sophia was lying on the bed, still wearing her dress. But the dress had ridden high and Peter could see all the inside of one exquisite thigh almost to her pussy. She was sipping from a glass of wine and Peter came and sat beside her and put a hand on that thigh.

She passed him the glass and as he sipped, she talked.

“Just another small lecture sorry, but there are some house rules.” She smiled and held his hand on her thigh.

“It didn’t take you long to work out what turns me on and I don’t think that you’ve done anything like that before. But you were great, I felt you wanted what I wanted for me and you picked up my limit.” She moved his hand further up her thigh and he could feel her panties and he could feel they were wet through.

“Never bare teeth, always cover them like you did before, thank you. Nothing on my face or neck and no bruises anywhere Test my limits, I want you to risk going past them rather than stopping short. You were sensitive to recognize that just before and I’ll tell you if you miss it. That’s it. Oh and one thing for you. I’ll try some things with you. Give it a chance. I know enough about this not to hurt you,”

Sophia held his hand which was on her pussy. “It’s time you took these off, you’ve made them all wet.” She lifted her hips and Peter was happy to oblige. She put his hand on the zip of her dress and raised her arms as he lifted it off her.

Then she lay back, smiling at him. “It’s all yours. Go for it.”

He didn’t go for it. For a moment he was transfixed by what he saw. No woman he had met was in her class, no Playmate or other porn magazine model was in her class. No-one on a porn site, no international models who modeled nude belonged in the same world as Sophia. Her skin seemed to have an almost luminous sheen, her legs and arms and stomach were lightly muscle toned and the breasts he had been fantasizing about were perfect mounds capped by dark brown aureoles and hard pencil rubber like nipples.

This was what he had fantasized about in the bar except that his imagination was far short of reality. She was lying with one foot drawn back, the knee slightly raised and splayed. Her hairless pussy was exposed, glistening from the juices he had aroused before, the soft roundness of her outer labia, just a trace of the pinkness of her inner lips.

With her small breasts and immaculate toned skin she seemed even younger. The body of a teenager.

Peter lay propped up on his elbow beside Sophia and let his fingertips follow his eyes. She put her hand on his other and stroked it with her fingertips, her eyes were closed and she had a relaxed small smile. All over her face and ears, her throat and arm pits, her breasts and stomach, just fleetingly on her pussy, not probing but she spread her legs to open herself more. He returned to her nipple and pulled and twisted hard and Sophia’s hand went over his, pushing it in harder. Her smile had gone and she had a look of pained ecstasy.

He lay beside her and kissed her. Sophia wrapped him in her arms and her kisses were soft and moist and tender. Gently Peter nibbled the tip of her tongue and her hug tightened, he stroked her ears then pinched her ear lobe then pinched it harder, nibbled her tongue harder and Sophia’s hips started to writhe.

Peter thought that the most sensitive parts of her skin would be her breasts and arm pits and right at the top of the inside of her thighs and concentrated on these. He varied, he tested and sometimes was amazed how Sophia groaned with pleasure. She kissed him, sometimes tenderly and softly but more and more using her teeth güvenilir bahis of his lips and tongue and as he became used to it, the more it excited him.

He put his fingers to her slit and she immediately spread herself wide open. He played around the outside, feeling how wet she was and then, on an impulse, thrust three fingers in as deeply as he could. He could feel right to her cervix and now, completely in the mood, reamed his digits around in a way he would have never considered with another woman. Sophia sucked his tongue harder and bit harder and that just excited him more.

He found her clitoris and eased his pressure. No woman he had ever met had liked any thing other than sensitive touches there. He kissed her breast and sucked her nipple softly. He knew the techniques which usually worked with a woman and tried them here. Sophia stroked his hair for a few seconds then pinched hard on the back of his hand.

“Surely not?” but the message was obvious. He gripped her slippery elongated bud between his thumb and forefinger and squeezed and clenched his teeth hard on the nipple. Sophia burst into a stream of high pitched moans, her hips bounced and her whole body seemed to shudder. In his excitement he squeezed harder and Sophia’s body seemed to leave the bed before she collapsed and stroked his hair. He eased off and just cupped her sodden pussy as her convulsions gradually calmed.

Sophia looked into his eyes with a satisfied smile and gave him a longer and tender kiss, then nudged his head down.

“It’ll be my pleasure,” he thought as he slipped between her widespread legs.

He savored her genitals with his tongue, licking and drinking her juices but knew that this was not what she wanted. He spread her clitoral hood with his fingers so that her clit was fully exposed, jutting out at him and lowered his lips and sucked hard. He almost stopped as he imagined how painful that must be, but her reactions told him otherwise.

Then he thrust three fingers just inside her vagina and rubbed hard on the top. He could not imagine any woman ever letting him do this, let alone liking it, but Sophia twisted his ear hard and he bit with his lips covered teeth on her clit and his fingers rubbed harder still.

Peter felt Sophia arch her back, her hips bounced and the high pitched moans seemed even louder. He felt a big convulsion and felt her cum juices cover his face.

Sophia passed him the wine glass. “I was right when I was talking about a performance bonus.” She giggled and kissed him affectionately. Then her hand went to his briefs and pulled out his erection which she looked at for a moment and kissed his knob, then pushed his briefs right off. She reached under her pillow and pulled out a condom.

“You’re going to need this.”

He shook his head and she frowned.

“Peter, no condom, no fuck.”

“No fuck, that’s what I said before.”

“So you did. That’s a disappointment. What can I do for you?”

“Just touching and stroking like that is fine.”

“Not even a blowjob?”

“Not even a blowjob.”

Sophia’s fingers expertly stroked him. She bent down and spat on him to give some lubrication. Peter watched her, taking in her beauty and was struck by the earnest expression she had, as though she really liked his cock and really liked pleasuring him. He closed his eyes and relaxed, the only sensations he was aware of were the erotic feelings from his cock. He felt her breath on his knob and felt her lick it.

“Fuck!” he thought as his buttocks clenched.

“You know what President Clinton said. A blowjob isn’t sex,” she whispered and licked again.

Peter’s resistance came to an end and he put his hand on the back of her head. He felt her mouth encompass his knob and her gentle sucks and tickles with the tip of her tongue.

Sophia pushed him onto his back, propped two pillows under his head then knelt over him, her face towards his feet. Peter opened his eyes and saw her pussy and anus a few inches from his face. Her slit was glistening from her juices and was dilated showing her pink inner lips, he could smell her arousal. And her anus, small and puckered tight; if he moved forward just a little bit his nose would be in it. He stroked a buttock.

Sophia turned her head. “Look, but don’t touch, I need to concentrate.”

Peter couldn’t look without touching and so closed his eyes. He felt Sophia’s mouth come down and his cock slide right into her throat. She had taken all of him and her nose was nestling against his balls. No-one had ever done that before.

Sophia moved right up and down taking him from his knob to his balls, her mouth and tongue were soft and warm. Then she changed to light nibbles of his knob with her lips, then all the way down his shaft. Peter felt his ejaculation starting but she put her fingers across the tube between his cock and his balls. Her nibbling became stronger and he flinched slightly and immediately her mouth softened. But soon those nibbles started again, all the way from his knob to the base of his shaft. He had never known this exquisite combination of agony and ecstasy and his hips started thrusting.

Sophia’s fingers on his tube pushed a little more firmly and she changed to just licking his balls until he had calmed down, then her lips and teeth and throat worked again.

Peter felt his balls were going to burst and Sophia just had his knob in her mouth but she sucked and nibbled and his ejaculation simply exploded, it felt as though his knob must be twice its normal size.

Sophia sucked every last drop and he heard her swallows then felt her lay her cheek on his thigh with his flaccid cock still in her mouth. He lay panting for a moment then opened his eyes.

There, within an inch of his face were her pussy and ass. He put his hands on her hips and pulled her back and thrust his tongue into her slit and moved a hand to her clitoris. Sophia started to groan but moved her position so that his tongue was suddenly on her anus. That was enough for Peter, his tongue thrust into her ass, his fingers jammed onto her clitoris and he felt her buttocks thrash into his face as she shrieked and came again.

They showered and dressed. Sophia credited him with a ‘Performance Bonus’ but he was disappointed to see it was only $50; disappointed for his ego’s sake, not because of the money.

“You were great. But we didn’t fuck and I wanted you right inside me. If you had, it would have been worth another $250. There you are, I would have paid you $250 to fuck me. Not many courtesans say that I bet,” she laughed.

Sophia was friendly but business like. Not a trace of the rampant sexuality of just a few minutes before.

“You’ve got my number Peter. If you want to see me again, call at least two weeks in advance. And if you don’t want to use a rubber, get a clearance from a sex clinic the week before. I get one each week and I’ll show you mine.”

“You’ve been great thanks Sophia. But this is a one – off.”

“Your call Peter. No wrestling holds.”

Outside he checked his mobile. There was a message from Mary.

“Hi darling, I suppose your still drinking in the bar after the fight. I hope you aren’t drinking too much because I need your beautiful cock inside me when you get back.”

Lying in bed he ran through the evening in his mind.

His first emotion was a tidal wave of guilt. He had been unfaithful to Mary who was his soul mate for life. He had risked his marriage and his wonderful family life and he didn’t like the feelings he had towards himself. “What a stupid selfish thing to do. Why the hell did I do it?”

Then he figured a way out for himself: blame Sophia; it was her fault. “The only reason it happened was because that slut filled me with booze. I didn’t go out looking for it . . . . And I didn’t fuck the whore. . . . I stayed loyal.”

He started to feel proud of that. “It was a mistake, a stupid mistake. Hell, she was gorgeous and so attractive. No man could resist her, I’m only flesh and blood. There was no escape. But one dumb, drunk mistake isn’t the end of a marriage. That’s a lesson for me, just don’t even get close to a chance. Walk away if it ever happens again.”

When Mary hugged Peter when he came home he felt affection love and affection wash over him. She was his soul-mate, she was his best friend, she was the rock of his life and he was for her, she was the mother of their children, his angel around the house and tender lover in bed. He had admitted his mistake to himself and that made him love her more and more determined to make her happy.

Peter and Mary always had the same routine when he returned from his business trips. They went to an expensive restaurant where they were still able to flirt with each other after 12 years of marriage, although some of the time was spent just holding hands and looking lovingly into each other’s eyes and after the meal they danced check to cheek. Whenever Peter’s mind played its tricks on him by reminding him about Sophia, he clung to Mary tightly and told her how much he loved her.

Mary rubbed herself into his erection. “That’s a big canoe you’ve got down there, darling. We’d better find someplace to park it.”

Peter lay in bed and watched as Mary undressed. She was still an attractive woman at 35, her breasts were surprisingly firm considering she had two children. Perhaps she had put on a few kilograms on her stomach and backside and the tops of her thighs, but he loved every inch of her.

Her face was almost unlined although her extra weight disguised her lovely bone structure just a little. They lay side by side in a hug, whispering and laughing as they fondled each other’s genitals. The intensity built up on Mary’s face and she slid down the bed and lovingly sucked and licked Peter’s cock. She put the top three inches in her mouth and gently licked and sucked and tenderly rubbed the base of his cock with her fingers. Then he moved down and worshiped the altar of her sex with his lips and tongue.

Mary came in a series of hip shivering and sighing orgasms then pulled him up and and he gently made love in the missionary position. She clung to him tightly, wrapping her arms and legs around and kissed him as her hips bounced and her stomach writhed. He knew her reactions so well and massaged her G Spot with his knob and her clitoris with his pubic bone and they orgasmed together.

Mary snuggled into his arms. “Sometimes I wonder why I love you so much. But the answer is easy, you’re my ideal man, my sexy, lovely husband. I love feeling how you love me when you’ve got your cock inside me. How lucky we are to have each other forever, my darling husband Peter,” she whispered in his ear. “What a perfect gentle lover you are.”

Peter had some battles to fight over the next days. His guilt returned quite often, but he controlled it by remembering there was no fucking. He cursed his weakness, but he faced this openly. Sophia was beautiful and young, she was skilled at her business and had seduced him with her beauty and charms and booze. He wasn’t proud of himself, but he had learned a good lesson from his mistake.

But other images became harder to fight. That perfect young body, beyond his wildest fantasies, her unrestrained sexuality which he knew she hadn’t put on for him. His excitement at going into sexual territory he had never even considered before. He recalled Mary saying what a tender lover he was and that was true with her. Sophia had shown him another side of his sexuality.

He tried to make himself feel guilty for having hurt her, but he knew that his real thrill came from exciting her, not hurting her. The sensations he had felt when she did things to him which should have been agonizing but were so erotically exciting. That blow job. All the way down, those bites which should have hurt but didn’t.

And that ass! Open and inviting right in front of his face! With her kneeling. Surely she would take it in there. He and Mary discussed anal sex once and Mary said it wasn’t her scene and shuddered at the thought. Peter hadn’t minded. Anal sex was for gays. It certainly wasn’t the sort of thing he was tempted to do with his wife or any other woman he had ever gone to bed with.

But with Sophia he had thrust his tongue into her. Jesus wept. He could never have imagined him doing that before, but now he fantasized about doing it again. Followed by his cock.. Would she take it right in? Would she take it in hard? Would she take it kneeling in front of him with him in control and making her shriek in agonized excitement.

He knew that Sophia had brought out a side of him he never knew existed, an unrestrained physical sexuality. He was wise enough to recognize this and wise enough to know that this could wreck his marriage. “Don’t sacrifice what you’ve got for a cheap thrill.”

He focused his mind on his marriage and family. He was the perfect father for his children and he loved the way he could bring Mary to orgasm with gentle caresses. Mary was a giving lover also and her body was for his pleasure.

Sometimes he felt guilty when Mary gently sucked just the top three inches of his cock and he remembered the mixture of pain and ecstasy as Sophia had deepthroated him, driving him wild with her teeth and swallowing his cum. Sometimes he remembered his excitement squeezing and nibbling Sophia and relishing her absolutely uninhibited, ecstatic, pained reactions.

Sometimes he felt guilty as he compared Sophia’s immaculately styled hair to Mary who just used a couple of hair clips. Sometimes he looked at Mary’s body and unfairly compared it to Sophia’s.

Most of all he remembered how Sophia knelt in front of him, offering her ass. Would she take it up there? He was confident she would. Would she take it all the way? Kneeling like that in front of him? Hell she’d taken in her mouth all the way, sure she would.


“Peter! That hurts!” Mary pushed his head away from her breast.

“Fuck!” he cursed to himself as he realized that he had been using his teeth quite hard. “I’m sorry darling, I got carried away.”

“Well don’t get as carried away as that,” Mary frowned at him then smiled. “Come on, kiss it better.”

Peter’s head returned with soft kisses and licks and realized that there were two sides to his sexual personality. And one didn’t belong in the same bed as his wife.

The next morning they lay in bed and Mary stroked his chest. “You’ve been a bit rougher two or three times recently.”

“Sorry darling.”

“Last night hurt a bit too much. But it’s strange, the other times I quite liked it once I got over my surprise.”

He stayed silent and Mary poked out her tongue. “Nibble it the way you did last night.”

“Mary, look, I said I’m sorry.”

“No, just do it like last night. I liked it.”

With a small fraction of the pressure he had used with Sophia Peter put his lips over Mary’s tongue and nibbled. She had her eyes open at the start, then closed them.

“Let me try it on you,” she said.

Her nibbles were pale imitations of Sophia’s but Peter started to feel aroused not only from the feel but also in his mind. He put his hand to Mary’s breast and squeezed a little harder than he normally would and she responded by sucking and nibbling his tongue more urgently.

That morning they made love with Mary kneeling in front of him and he drove hard and powerfully into her pussy. Mary moaned with joy as his loins smacked into her buttocks making her whole body shake and as his knob banged against her cervix making her pussy come to an orgasm which felt like a sunburst.

Afterwards they showered together and Mary giggled as she hugged him under the jets of water. “That was nice being taken like that; you can be a little bit rougher if you like.”

Peter thought about what had happened later. He would never have expected Mary to like that, but provided he could keep control it did add a new dimension to their sex. That was exciting, fucking her from behind like that. But his overwhelming memory was of Mary’s anus as she knelt in front of him. Then the image somehow changed in his mind. Instead of Mary’s backside it was Sophia’s, instead of his cock in Mary’s vagina it was in Sophia’s ass. Instead of him thrusting powerfully into Mary ,he was thrashing without restraint on Sophia and instead of Mary’s groans of joy it was Sophia’s excited shrieks.

He recognized what was happening and tried to have sex with Mary in any other position than her kneeling with her shoulders on the sheets. And he tried to cut out the painful nibbles and sucks and tweaks. All those brought images of Sophia deep throating him and that beckoning delicious ass to his mind.

But Mary was like a child with a new toy. Although she still choose their languid loving sex most often, sometimes she initiated their mild SM with her teeth and fingers and Peter found it more and more exciting as she liked him taking control. Once when she was sucking his cock he pushed the back of her head down another inch. Mary gagged but didn’t complain and made the effort to take him down that far again.

Peter loved the feel and loved Mary for her efforts but her licks and sucks weren’t intense enough for him to come. He remembered how Sophia had taken all of him and how she had driven him wild for so long, bringing him to a gushing climax and swallowing all his load.

He had to get her out of his mind somehow and resolved that he would never go back to the city where Sophia lived. There was plenty of business in other places. He burned her card with the phone number and felt better.


He received a phone call from one of his old clients. “Peter, I was talking to a friend about the deal you did for my business. He wants to have a serious talk with you and he has 10 times as many staff as I do. It’d be worthwhile you getting on a plane.”

“That’s $30K up front and $15K a year,” he thought. Something took control of his brain. That image of him fucking Sophia’s ass with her shrieking as he slapped. “Can’t make it next week. How about in two weeks?” Images of Sophia blowing him off with her ass and pussy inches from his eyes.

“Hi Sophia, it’s Peter.”

“Hello Peter, nice to hear from you. How’s the boring pension plan business?” That vibrant youthful voice. He was flattered that she remembered his business after two months. That confirmed to him that what she said about the number of her clients was true.

“Still boring. How are you placed in two weeks?”

“I’ll keep Thursday for you.”

“OK, Thursday.”

“It’ll be nice to see you again, maybe you can teach me all about your Blackberry.”


“Remember that piece of paper.”

“We won’t fuck.”

“That’s a shame.”

He switched off his phone and his mind was flooded with the image of his cock, balls deep in her ass. Slapping her backside hard. Squeezing her nipple and clitoris so hard as she writhed to orgasm.

For the next two weeks his mind was in conflict. He held Mary tighter in bed and adored her in the depths of his soul. How could he do this? Was he mad?

He operated on two dimensions. For 99% of the time he was a loving and dutiful husband. His sex life had become more exciting with Mary. She was taking him further into her mouth, but not exciting him enough to come in there and anyway he knew she would hate that. She was initiating their rougher sex but it was nothing compared to what he had done with Sophia.

For the other 1% of the time he thought about Sophia’s entrancing smile, her understated eroticism in the bar, how he enjoyed talking and laughing with her, her playful hard to get games, her shrieks as his teeth nibbled and pulled, a blow job that blew his mind and her ass with his tongue in it. Then with his cock in it.

On auto pilot he found a sex clinic on the other side of town.

His big out of town deal went well and for two days he concentrated on it. When he thought about Sophia he thought, “She’s just a whore, I’ll finish this deal and go back a night early.” But even has he thought it, he knew he was kidding himself.

“Hi Peter, I’d thought you were a ship that had passed in the night.”

Sophia was even more beautiful than he remembered. That youthful enthusiasm with a confident sophistication. Her hair was lacquered more tightly to her head then hung down in those
ringlets. She was wearing an emerald green satiny dress which came below her knees but which showed the shape of her body. Not low cut at all, but it clung to her breasts. At first glance quite demure, but at another, a hint of what was to come.

His credit card was processed in a businesslike manner then she smiled at him. “And did you bring a piece of paper?”

He gave her his sex clinic certificate. “But we’re not going to fuck.”

“Your call. No wrestling holds.” She patted his hand. “Now you’re going to take me to dinner. Don’t worry, it’s not part of your three hours.”

This wasn’t what Peter wanted, he wanted her body, her nipples between her teeth, his fingers right inside her, her teeth around his cock, his cock in her ass.

Sophia must have seen the irritation on his face. “I’ve got to be in the mood remember. Take me out and make me laugh.” She poked him playfully in the ribs.

They walked together with Sophia holding his arm and sometimes nuzzling her hair into his shoulder and soon her bubbling enthusiasm and vivacity relaxed him and he enjoyed her company again and enjoyed being seen with this eye turning woman. She chose an inexpensive Italian restaurant and their was no ouvert sexuality in their conversation. She held his hand sometimes and on others idly traced her finger tips over the back of his hand as he looked at her.

Over the rest of the meal he relaxed into the charade. He enjoyed her company and he liked looking at her and knowing that soon she would be naked. In the apartment he still had to pass the armchair test but that was easy. He loved ‘seducing’ her and arousing her step by step. He had been worried about the pleasure he got from hurting her, but seeing and feeling her reactions he knew that in a strange way his pleasure wasn’t from inflicting pain but from arousing her in the way she wanted.

In the bedroom he feasted his eyes on her body and treated his hands over all of her as she stroked his face and smiled at him. She came to two bouncing ecstatic orgasms from the rough and harsh treatment of his fingers and mouth. Sophia’s blowjob took even longer, her teeth bit even harder but that drove him wilder with excitement, keeping him in a state of agonized ecstatic frustration. Peter’s load seemed to empty his insides as it erupted along his shaft and exploded into Sophia’s demanding, sucking, nibbling mouth.

As he lay panting he worried whether his cock would be able to get off the canvas for round 2. Then he opened his eyes. There were her pussy lips, shining with her juices. There was that ass and that anus seeming to be winking at him. He pulled her hips back and his tongue went straight for the puckered rosette at first licking then nudging in. With a free hand he slapped Sophia’s buttock and she gave a yelp of joy and pushed back more. His worries about his cock were soon erased as the promise of forbidden anal excitement revived it to steel hard rigidity.

Peter’s other hand twisted a nipple and Sophia’s grunts became louder. He was tempted to rub her clitoris to bring her to orgasm but quickly thought he wanted to do that another way and pulled away.

“I want to fuck your ass,” Peter whispered hoarsely.

“I want you to fuck my ass,” Sophia smiled and reached under her pillow. “You’re going to need this.”

Peter felt twin surges of excitement and relief that his question and been answered the right way. He took the tube of jell she passed him and looked at it inquiringly. Sophia saw his expression.

“You need to get me ready for your big cock. Even I can’t take it just being shoved straight in. Put some on your fingers then work it into me.”

Almost reverentially Peter put a globule on his index finger then nudged her anus. His finger slid easily in as far as his first knuckle. Sophia gave a little sigh.

“All the way.”

With a little more pressure he was in to the top knuckle and Peter felt a thrill of forbidden excitement as he explored new territory.

“Round and round as well as in and out,” she whispered.

Peter rotated his finger and as his confidence grew he pushed against Sophia’s anal rim, trying to widen it. Sophia gave what he now recognized were her excited grunts and he realized that as with the rest of her body she wanted physicality here. He pushed in another jelled finger. There was a little more resistance but now he had two fingers in to the top knuckles. He mixed his movements between thrusting in and out and rotating. türkçe bahis Now that he understood, he increased his strength and stretched her rosette and heard her grunts becoming more animated.

He added a third finger, thinking just for a moment that surely that must hurt, but could tell that she liked it. His fingers worked confidently and harshly and Sophia buried her face into the pillow as he probed severely.

Peter couldn’t wait any longer to let his cock follow the trail his fingers had blazed and crouched over Sophia as she knelt. His rock hard cock slid in easily past her anus and he thrust in hard feeling the resistance build as he drove in balls deep. He was in ecstasy as his fantasy of the last months became reality. His cock balls deep in Sophia’s ass. It felt so tight, so smooth, so hot. He glanced at Sophia’s buttocks and slapped with one hand and was rewarded with what he knew was a shriek of joy.

All restraint vanished. He grabbed Sophia’s hips, closed his eyes and pounded. Peter’s universe was reduced to the sensations from his frenzied cock and Sophia’s shrieks. Penetration became easier and Sophia thrust back on him as he plunged into her depths. He felt the urge to feel her orgasm with his cock in her ass and massaged her clit in the rough way he knew turned her on. He felt her excitement increase, felt her body start to convulse and then her bowel squeeze hard on his cock as she groaned into a shuddering orgasm.

Sophia’s body went limp, but Peter’s frenzy continued as he held her up by the hips. Her wonderful blow job had drained him and he was able to continue in ecstatic delirium. Again he slapped her buttocks. Thwack! Thwack! And Sophia gave a shrill squeak. He grunted and groaned as he felt his cum surge though his loins, blast along his cock and explode from his engorged knob into her dark depths.

Sophia licked his cock clean. “God, I don’t believe that after where it’s just been,” he thought as he stroked her hair, then he remembered where his tongue and lips had been not long before.

Sophia handed him some wine and between sips he pecked her lips, her ear lobe, her armpits, her nipples, the flesh at the inside top of her thighs, her clitoral hood and her anus. All the places he knew where he must have inflicted some excruciating pain.

“I get worried that I hurt you so much.”

“You did hurt me so much and it was perfect. Strange and weird as it is, that’s the way I get off.”

They showered and dressed. Peter felt proud of himself when Sophia gave him a ‘good in bed’ credit of $400.

“This is more than you said.”

“One-off bonus for looking after me so nicely.” Sophia gave him a lovely smile then looked business like. “Peter, I’m going to Italy for a week in two weeks, then two weeks after that I’m going to Florida. So I’m not going to be available then, but there’ll be a bit of pent up demand when I get back. So if you want to see me over the next six weeks or so, you’d better make a booking now.”

“Taking some holidays?”

“No, it’s work. They’ll each pay me $25k for the week plus first class airfares and hotels.”

Peter laughed. “Sophia, don’t take this the wrong way, but beautiful as you are and sexy as you are, they must be mad.”

She laughed with him. “Just very rich. I do seven or eight of these weeks a year. Put that in your Blackberry and you can see why I do this.”

She went to her computer. “Want to pick a time?”

“No thanks Sophia. This time I will be that ship that passes in the night.”

“That’s a shame after a fantastic ass fuck like that. Maybe I should put you in that wrestling hold.”

Peter laughed, then his mind recalled every exciting moment of the evening. The feeling of her bowel clasping his knob, her anal rim tight on his shaft, her shrieks of ecstasy at the things he had done to her, her exquisite beauty, his tongue in her ass, her swallowing his whole cock, just holding hands in the restaurant.

Sure his sex with Mary was getting more exciting. But it was nothing like what he had just had. And Mary would never do anal. She couldn’t deepthroat him. She wouldn’t swallow his cum.

“Maybe in five weeks time.” He felt a mixture of excitement and guilt.

“That’s good. Make sure you call and confirm two weeks before.”

Back in his bedroom Peter tried to justify what he was doing. He couldn’t blame it on Sophia now. She hadn’t got him half drunk; he had phoned for this night and he was booking another in advance.

“It’s not really being unfaithful to Mary. I didn’t fuck that whore’s cunt. I still love her and I love having sex with her. This is just different. There’s no way Mary wants to deepthroat me. No way she wants it in the ass. I don’t want her to; she’s my wife. I didn’t fuck Sophia in her cunt. I only want to do that with Mary.”

Peter and Mary had their restaurant routine again when he returned. Mary rubbed herself against him as they danced.

“I’ve got a surprise for that canoe of yours tonight darling.”

When he asked what it was she just giggled and pushed herself in more.

In bed Mary had decided it was a night for excitement and she nipped his tongue and lips and nipples and knob. Then she pushed him on his back and knelt between his knees and held the base of his cock in one hand then sucked his knob hard. Before Peter had got involved with Sophia that would have hurt, now it just excited him and he pushed on the back of Mary’s head. She bobbed her mouth on him, each time going down further. Once she gagged a little but kept on and in a minute her nose was nuzzled against his pubic hair and the tip of her tongue was on his balls.

Mary lifted her head for a moment and smiled proudly at Peter, then returned enthusiastically to his cock. For the next 15 minutes she worshiped it, she swallowed it, she nibbled it, she blew on it and rubbed it and Peter realized she was pressing on the tube from his balls to stop him coming. He was in a mixture of ecstasy, agony, frustration and bliss. Finally Mary released his tube and his load surged. Peter tried to move his cock from Mary’s mouth but she stayed and for the first time ever swallowed his come.

“Did your canoe like that darling?” she asked as she snuggled onto his shoulder.

“Oh my god, it was out of this world. How did you do that? Didn’t you mind me coming in your mouth?”

“Well, our sex life has got more exciting so I did some research on the net. And I found a cock to practice on.”

“What? Who with?” exclaimed Peter.

“Don’t be stupid. Not the real thing.” Mary reached under the bed and showed him a large rubber penis. She bent down and bit his nipple. “Hurt me a bit tonight darling.” her face was earnest and almost pleading.

Peter used almost all the wisdom Sophia had taught him. He pulled and twisted and bit Mary’s nipples, he sucked harder on her clitoris and his fingers were more assertive as he rubbed her G Spot and Mary’s excited shrieks became louder.

She insisted on kneeling in front of him and Peter had to battle the memory of his cock in Sophia’s ass as he fucked her and saw her anus seeming to smile at him. He tried a gentle slap on Mary’s buttock. She stopped moving for a moment in surprise, then started again.

“Harder,” she hissed.

Peter slapped each buttock then held Mary’s hips as he fucked urgently and felt her pussy convulse and heard her squeal as her orgasm charged through her loins.

Later in his arms Mary stroked Peter’s face. “You’re so good at this rough sex. How did you find out so much about it?”

Peter felt as though he had been hit with a baseball bat in his belly and coughed. Fortunately his mind worked quickly.

“You’re not the only one doing research on the net.”

“What’s site? I want to find out more.”

“No way. I want to keep surprising you.”

Mary giggled and snuggled in and Peter breathed a sigh of relief.

Over the next two weeks their sex life reached a new intensity. Sometimes it was soft and loving and tender and at other times frenzied and uninhibited. Except in one way Peter realized as Mary’s ass tantalized him more often.

Peter went away on another business trip to a different part of the country. When he returned Mary was in their bedroom getting changed for the traditional night at the restaurant and gave him his welcoming hug just wearing a pair of panties. She gave him a tender loving kiss then stood back.

“I’ve got two surprises for you tonight. I hope you like them.”

Peter knew better than to ask what the surprises were but watched her as she walked to the wardrobe.

“Hell’s teeth she’s looking great these days,” he thought. Her belly was now flat, her backside trim and tight and her thighs seemed slightly muscled and trimmer. He looked closely at her face. With the weight loss her cheek bones were more prominent and her wonderful bone structure was obvious. And her hair looked great in that new style and some light touches of make-up had worked wonders. She seemed to have a more confident and enthusiastic expression.

“Mary, you’re looking so sexy. Have you lost some weight?”

She poked out her tongue. “It’s taken you long enough to notice. Five kilograms already. Only three more to go.”

Peter feasted on the eye candy. Her breasts were now slightly smaller and seemed to point a little higher. He couldn’t believe she was 35 and the mother of their two children.

“You look good enough to eat.” He walked over and caressed her breasts.

“I hope so. But later.” She playfully pushed him a way.

Mary brushed her hair and put on her make-up still almost completely naked. In the mirror she could see Peter watching her and wriggled her bottom a couple of times for his pleasure. He had to leave the room while Mary got his first surprise ready.

When he went back into the bedroom Mary twirled in front of him. Her first surprise was her new dress. It left her shoulders bare, it clung to the shape of her slim new body and it finished eight inches above her knees. Peter had used to think of Mary as attractive in a sort of suburban mother I’d like to fuck sort of way. Now she looked exciting and sexy.

“Do you like the new me?” Mary held out her arms to be hugged.

“You look stunning, I’m getting a hard just looking at you.”

At the restaurant Peter felt an inner satisfaction as half the men there watched Mary as she held his arm as they walked to their table. For much of the time their conversation was romantic and loving. Then Mary scratched her finger nails down the back of Peter’s hand.

“Are you going to hurt me a bit tonight?”

When they danced she rubbed herself into him. Peter let his hand drift down to her tightly clad backside. God her ass felt so sexy and taut and he squeezed it hard causing Mary to push her hips in tighter.

In their bedroom Mary took off her dress. “Here’s my second surprise,” she smiled as she lowered her panties then sprawled naked on her back on the bed raising her knees. Peter’s first surprise was that Mary would open herself so wantonly like that to him.

Then his eyes widened in appreciation at her new Brazilian. Her labia were plump and round and were glistening from the moisture of her excitement and seemed to be welcoming him.

Mary smiled at his reaction. “Good enough to eat, I think you said.

Peter nodded.

“Then start eating. Right now!”

For the next hour he immersed his face between Mary’s thighs as his lips and tongue and teeth and fingers brought her to a series of orgasms. As her excitement rose so his sucks and nibbles became rougher. Once when Mary gave a loud scream he thought he may have gone too far, but her sigh of “Harder!” told him what she wanted.

“Now your turn,” she said kneeling between his legs.

“This way darling.” Peter turned Mary round so that Mary was facing his feet. She knelt to take his cock in her mouth and was unaware that her backside was only a few inches from his face. Peter certainly wasn’t unaware. With her new Brazilian, her pussy was there, those soft welcoming lips, her dilated vagina all glistening from her wetness from her multiple orgasms. And with her buttocks splayed wide, there was the puckered star of her anus seeming to invite him. He closed his eyes. “That would come soon,” he thought as he felt Mary easily take all his cock into her throat and her lips and tongue and fingers and teeth.

Mary laid her cheek on Peter’s thigh sucking the last of his cum and felt him pull her hips back and his tongue start to lick her slit. She wriggled her hips in enthusiasm and delight and then was aware of something different. With her in this position and Peter’s mouth where it was his nose was against her anus. She stiffened in surprise then relaxed as Peter’s tongue worked her clit and his fingers twisted her nipple and as the pressure from both soon groaned into an orgasm.

Then Peter’s hands tightened around her hips and his head moved and she felt his tongue lick her ass.

“No Peter, that must be disgusting.”

But one of his arms held her hips tightly and she felt a thwack on her buttocks as his other hand slapped her. She struggled for a moment, but his arm was tight and her buttock stung from another slap. Her attitude changed. The slaps excited her, the taboo nature of what Peter was doing excited her and her new sexual drive took over and she pushed her ass back and relished the totally new feelings.

Peter knew she had caught on and moved his hand from her hips to her clit and her excitement rose and then rose even more as she felt his tongue actually enter her anus.

After her climax she kissed his lips. No nasty tastes at all.

“I suppose you learned about that on your website too?”

He nodded.

“And I suppose you want to put your cock in there.”

Peter nodded, kissed her, then went to her make-up shelf and brought back some moisturizing cream. Mary had no idea of what would be involved but she was eager to try after all her new experiences. His tongue had felt gorgeous and even if his cock did hurt, quite often pain now brought her an extra sexual thrill.

But there was no pain. Peter kissed her passionately and lovingly as his fingers explored. Relaxing her anal ring, probing inside, rotating to to open her wide. She lay in front of him in the spoon position, with his arms around her breasts as his cock easily slid between her gaping sphincter muscles. Many women need clitoral stimulation to come from anal sex but Mary wasn’t one of those and her body shuddered and her bowel clamped on his cock as she squealed with pleasure.

The next morning she demanded a repeat and she decided to go into the doggy position and felt she was in heaven as he slapped her buttocks and pounded her dark depths.

“And you learned how to do that on this internet site as well? I’d like to send an email to the authors to thank them.”


“Can life get any better than this,” wondered Peter and decided it couldn’t

He was lying on his back and Mary was sitting on his pelvis facing him, her feet on either side of his body. Her long slender thighs were apart and her knees were drawn back a little towards her chest. She was leaning back slightly against his raised thighs, her shaven pussy was openly displayed, her outer labia were dilated from their earlier sex and her could see her inner lips, moist and glistening and the start of her vagina.

She was gently squeezing his receding erection with her anal muscles, trying to milk the last of his cum into her bowel and was looking into his face with absolute adoration. Her diet and exercise program had worked true wonders on her body. Her belly was flat and slightly muscled, she was so slim he could see the shape of some of her ribs. Her breasts were a size smaller and with the weight loss were firmer and more jutting and her lovely bone structure now showed on her face.

Since their first night of anal sex their life was one that Peter felt the gods would envy. Sometimes there sex was frenzied and out of control with their mild SM, sometimes, like this time it was loving and languid and adoring. Sometimes it would be over in a few minutes, other times it would last all night. Sometimes she would take the initiative, sometimes he; they both thought up variations every part of both their bodies were dedicated to pleasing and delighting the other.


Peter didn’t feel any guilt whatsoever as he took the taxi to Sophia’s apartment. Through a miraculous stroke of good luck Sophia’s seducing him had made his sex life with Mary absolutely perfect. Indirectly Mary had even said how grateful she was.

He was coming because he knew he would finally put her behind him. Maybe her body was more youthful than Mary’s; but Mary was exquisite now and all he wanted. He could spend hours letting his eyes and hands wander over her. Their SM sex was everything he had with Sophia, in some ways more. But as well they had their tender loving, adoring, partner for life sex. Something he would never have with Sophia.

He wanted to thank her and to see her one last time to get her behind him. As well as the sex she had been enchanting company and his images of her in his mind had changed. They weren’t of her body, her pussy or her ass. They weren’t of her uninhibited sexual shrieks. They were of her lovely face when she looked at him, how they laughed at jokes together, how nice it felt when she touched his hand.

Sophia gave him a tight welcoming hug and said how nice it was to see him. She was dressed more casually than other times. A skirt which came to a few inches above her knees and a designer sweatshirt. She still looked sophisticated, she still looked beautiful and she still looked erotic.

Peter gave her his credit card. He didn’t really know if he wanted sex with her but just conformed to patten.

“Where are you taking me for dinner Peter?”

He chose a small restaurant nearby and enjoyed the feeling of companionship when she held his hand. He asked how she had enjoyed her holidays.

“Italy and Florida were both great.” She smiled and then screwed up her face. “But a week with the same man gets to be a struggle. They’re both really nice, I wouldn’t have gone otherwise, and I like the sex we have once every week or two. But four or five times in a row and it does become routine, so I do have to put on a bit of an act by the finish. I don’t think they could tell.”

“What’s it like with your wife Peter? Surely it just gets to be something she does just because she has to to keep you happy.”

“No way. Since I met you Sophia, our sex has gone ballistic. She can’t take her hands off me I can’t take mine off her.”


Peter explained how Mary had accidentally got into SM and loved it. “But we don’t do that all the time. Often it’s lazy and loving. Sometimes I just put my cock in her and we don’t even fuck.”

Sophia looked at him with disbelief. “That just isn’t sex. And anyway, I can’t ever come without a bit of hurt.”

“Maybe you haven’t met the right man.”

She laughed. “Well one thing I can say is that I have met well over a hundred men and that’s always the way.”

Sophia perked up. “It makes me quite proud that I’ve helped you both in my strange way.”

“Yes you have. In a strange way.”

He changed the topic and their meal was one of sparkling conversation and laughs. Back at her apartment they sat on a sofa on her balcony enjoying the warm summer evening. Sophia snuggled in beside Peter and he put an arm around her and occasionally stroked her hair and cheek. After a while she moved her head and nipped his ear quite hard.

“Not yet,” he whispered in her ear.

“Come on Peter, you know you’ve got to get me in the mood.”

“But this is all I’m in the mood for right now.” He squeezed his arm tighter for a moment and felt her relax.

“OK, you’re the paying customer.”

“Let’s play your little game. Let’s forget about the money and imagine we’re a couple who are really quite fond of each other. In this game we both just want to relax and enjoy being close to each other. Enjoying the physical contact but not seeing it as the first step on the way to sex.”

“Will that be a hard game for you? Imagining you’re quite fond of me,” Sophia asked


“It’s not hard for me to imagine I’m quite fond of you either. It is quite hard to imagine that this won’t lead to sex.”

“Try harder,” Peter whispered in her ear.

Sophia laughed and pecked his check. “Would sitting on your knee be enjoying the physical contact or would it be the first step to sex?”

“Sitting on my knee is OK.”

Sophia moved and snuggled in so that her head was on his shoulder and one arm loosely hugging him. Peter had one arm around her and sometimes stroked her hair. He looked at her face; God she was beautiful and in the moonlight, looking relaxed and happy she seemed younger again.

“Why have you come to see me again? I know the first time was because I seduced you. And the second time you wanted to live out your sexual fantasies. But now, with you having that with your wife, why have you come?”

“To say thank you. To have one last memory of your beauty. To have one last memory of the fun we have together. This will be the last time.”

“That’s a little bit sad. I’ve become good at imagining I’m quite fond of you.”

Peter kissed her lips briefly. “You must have a very good imagination.”

“I must, mustn’t I.” She returned his kiss with no attempt to nibble him or suck hard on his tongue. Her lips were soft and caressed his tenderly. “Could we do more of that without it being the first step to sex?”

Peter answered by kissing her. Softly and tenderly. His tongue entwined with hers and they explored each other’s mouths and responses. Once Sophia gently nibbled his lips and he tapped her on the nose.

“Sorry Peter. Old habits die hard.” She returned to kissing him softly.

“Now, I want you to continue imagining. Imagine when I touch your breast, it’s not a step to sex. It’s intimate and a way people who are fond of each other can be intimate without having sex.”

He slid his hand up her sweatshirt and traced his fingers over her aureole and nipple and kissed her again. Sophia immediately put her hand on his and pushed his in hard. Peter tapped her on the nose and she sighed and pouted and glared at him.

He stopped kissing her and let his hand wander over her body under her sweatshirt. Over her breasts, over her stomach and shoulders. He knew this was the deciding moment. If Sophia really couldn’t respond to his gentle touch then nothing more was going to happen that night.

Peter changed Sophia’s position on his knee so that she was leaning back against his shoulder and he continued his slow, featherlight touches. He had to battle as well; her body was so perfect and he knew what her response would be if he squeezed her nipple hard.

“Keep imagining Sophia,” he whispered in her ear. “Imagine that all you want is to be intimate with your fond friend. Imagine that you like the feel of his fingers running lightly over your skin and you don’t want anything more. You don’t want sex, you just want to feel the pleasure of his skin on yours. Imagine that your fond friend loves the shape and feel of your body. That he loves doing this because he knows it’s your body. Imagine he thinks how perfect it is, just to be doing this.”

She relaxed and closed her eyes and Peter continued his tantalizing explorations.

“My imagination seems to be working well,” Sophia giggled quietly and turned her head to kiss him. This time her kisses were gentle and her lips were soft and her hands brushed through Peter’s hair.

“Imagine you are loving this soft intimacy. Imagine your fond friend touching more of you.” Peter started lifting her sweatshirt and Sophie lifted her arms to help. “And imagine how you would like the feel of his skin touching yours.” She unbuttoned his shirt and took it off and they both felt the fond intimacy of their skin touching.

When Peter moved his mouth to her nipples he only gave the gentlest of sucks and kisses. Sophia lightly held him there with one arm and drifted her fingers over his back with her other hand. He realized that he didn’t have to tell her what to imagine any more; she was totally involved with this new game. While her hands and kisses softly pleasured him he could feel her breathing more deeply.

When he put his hand on her thigh, perhaps she did hold him more tightly and she moved her position to open herself more, but there were no nibbles, no squeezes or pinches. Peter was pleased with himself when he felt how wet her panties were and he took off the rest of their clothes and guided Sophia onto her back on the sofa.

“Imagine again beautiful Sophia. Imagine you want to feel the intimacy of your güvenilir bahis siteleri fond friend inside you. You don’t want to come, you just want that close feeling of ultimate intimacy.

Sophia lay in the conventional missionary position and spread her arms and legs to invite him. She had a soft smile on her face and she looked dreamily at him. Peter’s entry was slow and delicate and gentle. When his knob nudged onto her cervix, he stopped moving and felt Sophia’s arms and legs wrap tightly around her. Her lips were wide apart as they kissed and her tongue explored his mouth and he could feel her passion rising, but no hard sucks, no nibbles. He could feel her vaginal muscles clamping on his cock.

It was Peter’s self control which went first and he gently started to thrust up and down in Sophia’s sopping, warm feminine depths. Sophia’s hip movements were slow but he noticed how she timed them to get his cock as deeply inside her as she could. Every time Peter felt her coming towards orgasm he slowed down. Each time he felt his own orgasm mount he withdrew for a moment to calm himself down. Soft and gentle kisses, soft and gentle stroking, soft and gentle writhing of their two bodies together, soft and gentle exploration of her pussy with his knob.

Without warning he felt Sophia stiffen slightly, heard her soft sigh and felt a shiver in her hips. With two more deep and slow thrusts he came came and his cum flowed onto her cervix. Sophia still kept hugging him with her arms and legs and covered his face with soft pecking kisses.

He rolled onto his side, still in their embrace, still with his flaccid cock inside her and dozed off. He woke sometime later and saw her beautiful tranquil face looking at him. When Sophia saw that he was awake, she stroked his cheeks then kissed his eyelids.

He looked at the clock and realized he had a plane to catch. “We’ve gone well over the three hours. How much do I owe you?”

She took his credit card, but when he looked at the receipt he saw that she hadn’t charged him any extra, in fact she had given him a credit for the first charges.”No charges for tonight Peter. That was for real. And that’s why you’re never coming here again even if you do change your mind. I’m getting too fond of you.”

He took Sophia in his arms. “You’re a wonderful woman. Not just your looks and sex. A wonderful person.”

She clung tightly. “You’ve got your family. You’ve got your wife who gives everything I do and more. Perhaps in some strange way I’ve helped you and her there. I hope so.

“Away you go Peter. Shut the door behind you and shut me out of your life.” Her voice was strong, but tears were trickling down her cheeks.


Sophia heard the knock on her front door and opened it. Standing in front of her was a very beautiful woman a bit older than herself.

“Hello Sophia, I’m Mary, Peter’s wife.”

Sophia gulped and had to fight the impulse to slam the door.

“Don’t worry, I haven’t come to yell and scream at you. I’ve come to thank you.”

Sophia looked at Mary. Was she being sarcastic? She also had a problem recognizing Mary. She had seen a photo of Peter’s family and Mary had been a reasonably attractive, slightly overweight suburban housewife. No clothes sense and no effort with her makeup or hair. A soccer mum had been Sophia’s condescending evaluation.

Here was a slim woman, her own clothes size, elegantly dressed and obviously confident of her femininity. But she quickly saw the underlying similarities and realized it was Mary. She was suspicious as she had had some unpleasant confrontations with distraught wives in the past.

“I don’t think we have anything to talk about.”

“I’m serious. His little fling with you has transformed our sex life. We can’t get enough of each other and we both do things we would never have dreamed of a few months ago. Truly. I do want to thank you. But I also want to be sure it is finished.”

Sophia invited her in and they sat down.

“How did you find out?”

“Well I had my suspicions. Peter said he learned it all on the internet. But I couldn’t really believe that he could be like that just from reading. Then one day I saw his credit card statement with three charges from Acme Financial Services. Always when he was on business trips down here and at the time he changed our sex life. It only took a private detective half a day to find out about you. So here I am.”

Mary looked at Sophia. “You are so beautiful. I can see how he would have fallen for you.”

Sophia admired Mary’s courage in confronting her like this and also took some comfort from both Peter and Mary saying how good their marriage was.

“I don’t know if this will help you Mary, but I chased Peter, he didn’t come looking for me or anyone else. He just watching some boxing on TV in a bar when I got him half boozed.”

“I can believe that. But he wasn’t half boozed the other times he arranged to come. It was only three times, wasn’t it? And the last really was four months ago?”

Sophia nodded.

“And you gave him what I wasn’t giving. At least then.”

Sophia nodded. “Mary, you are really really beautiful. There’s something about you which I bet makes men look at you twice.”

Mary laughed. “This is the new me. Before Peter met you I was an attractive enough suburban housewife. A bit overweight, no body tone and frumpy clothes and frumpy hair. A diet, a great gym instructor, longer hair, some instruction on make up and new clothes help. Now boys half my age turn and look at me.”

“I bet they do.”

“When the detective told me, my first instinct was to go and yell at Peter and tell him our marriage was over. Then I looked at myself in the mirror and liked what I saw. And I thought about our sex life and liked what I thought. And I also saw the last time was four months ago.

“I wasn’t happy. I’m not letting Peter off the hook, he’s going to pay somehow. But I had let my appearance run down and had always stuck with the ordinary things in our sex. So I thought that if I could be sure he’s stopped seeing you, perhaps I could live with it.”

Sophia nodded. “It was only those three times. Truly. He told me that the last time was the finish and that’s the way it’s been”

“I know, he hasn’t been away on business since. Did you like him?”

Sophia decided she had to tell the truth. “Yes I did Mary. He’s attractive, he’s good company and he was great in bed, but always considerate. By the finish I was very fond of him and that’s why I told him I wouldn’t see him again even if he did phone. Falling for someone isn’t in my business plan.”

“Did he ever talk about leaving me for you?”

“No, he never even considered that. The first time he came was because I seduced him. And the thrill of having the touch of a new woman, even if she was a call girl. The second time was because he wanted anal sex and the wild sex. By the third time, he was getting both of those from you, and more, he told me. He came the third time, really, just to say goodbye. And, like you, to thank me. He said your relationship with him was like a honeymoon.”

“It has been ever since,” said Mary. “The last six months have been out of this world. The sex, the love everything. Until I found out about him and you. I saw that you gave him a full refund that last time. Why was that?”

Sophia thought. The real reason was that it was the most perfect loving sex, but she felt she couldn’t tell Mary that.

“We didn’t do anything,” she lied “He didn’t want to do it. He really did just come to say thank you and goodbye. He told me how he was having the perfect relationship with you.”

That made Mary smile ,then she screwed up her face. “I want to keep what I’ve got with him. I don’t want to loose him or loose what we have. In one way I’m really glad you did seduce him, it’s because of you we’ve got what we’ve got. But I’m still really pissed off, really angry, that he did it even once, let alone twice. I’ve got to find a way to cope with those feelings.”

Mary sat and thought for some time, not saying anything. She was starting to feel better. She felt better in one way because Sophia was so beautiful and she could see, quite charming. If Peter had strayed for a tired whore it would have been worse for her ego. And now she was absolutely confident it was all over.

The thought which made her feel best was that she realized she matched Sophia for sexuality. Peter didn’t didn’t need Sophia now, because he had his new Mary. The more she thought about that, the more she liked it and started to smile and even giggled.

“What’s so funny?” asked Sophia.

“Well, you mightn’t like this but somehow it makes me feel good that Peter has stopped seeing someone as beautiful and sexy as you because he thinks I’m a great fuck.”

“I hadn’t thought about it like that,” said Sophia. “But in a way that’s true. Hey, this isn’t doing my ego any good at all.” She burst out laughing, then held her hand out. “C’mon Mary, I’ll buy you lunch.”

The two women were now relaxed in the other’s company. Mary’s gratitude for what Sophia had done for her marriage more than counterbalanced her misgivings that she earned a living by taking some men from their wives’ beds. And Sophia’s affection and even respect for Peter made her feel the were kindred spirits in a very strange way.

Sophia admired Mary’s courage in confronting her and felt that any woman who Peter adored so much must be nice. And she felt better all the time about her role in helping their marriage.

So the two spoke easily and friendlily. Naturally Mary wanted to know why Sophia chose to be a call girl.

“Well, money is the real answer. I own that apartment and three others which I lease to tenants. In a year I’ll be set up for life.”

“Will you stop then?”

“I don’t know. I really love sex; I’m a bit of a nympho I guess. And I get bored with one man very very quickly. I’m lucky, I can pick and choose and I only have to do it with men I like. I enjoy the touch of a new man. I know they are paying for it, but it still gives my ego a buzz to know that a man wants me enough to to pay that much. They’re all different in some way.”

Mary was pensive. “I’ve only had sex Peter for the last 12 years. But I can remember that thrill of the chase. The thrill of the first time. I can still remember the first time Peter kissed me and the first time we made love. And the first time with a few men before that.” She giggled then looked dreamily into the distance.

“Back in your apartment you said that Peter got an extra thrill from the excitement from that first time. A buzz for his ego, a new sexual thrill.”

“He did. All men do. When I tell my clients I can pick and choose who I want, it gives them an extra thrill to know I’ve chosen them. And most women are like that too, I think.”

“I see what you mean.” Mary went through all her first time experiences in her mind. A lot of them hadn’t been great sex, but there had always been that excitement of discovery, of being discovered.

Her eyes gleamed. “That’s what I’m going to do to pay him back. Have sex with another man. Nothing serious. Just a one nighter. To have those feelings again.”

“You’re not serious.”

“You bet I am. God I’m getting aroused thinking about it. And it’ll serve Peter right. I’ll never tell him of course.” She concentrated. “I don’t want to just pick someone up. I know I could. But he’s got to be nice and he’s got to be good in bed. I want to have lot’s of lovely orgasms and give him the best night he’ll ever have. I want it to be great ,just like it was for Peter with you.”

“Are you really serious about this? Sophia asked.

“I’m going to do it. I’m just trying to figure out how.”

“Would you do it tonight?”

“God, I’d do it right now if I could find that sort of man.”

“Truly? I might have the answer for you. I’ve got a very nice client, Jon. He phoned yesterday to see if I was free tonight. I worked last night and I never do two days in a row.”

Mary saw where this was heading.

“But he’s used to you. I’m quite a bit older than you.”

“That won’t be a problem. You’re gorgeous. But it will be his choice. Just like it will be yours to decide whether to go with him or not.”

Mary started to get interested. “What’s he like?”

“Maybe five years older than Peter, but he’s in great shape and is great company. And he’s really really good in bed but sensitive with it. And he likes a bit of pain if I build it up properly and he does it beautifully to me.”

Mary’s eyes gleamed. “Sound interesting.”

“I do have to be sure on a couple of things. You do anal and oral as well as pussy?”

Mary nodded.

“And you take it all the way in, oral and anal?”

Mary nodded more eagerly and Sophia could tell she was becoming aroused.

“Now this is important. You don’t just lie there and let him do what he wants. You’ve really got to try your hardest to give him great sex. Work out what his fantasies are and make them come true.”

Mary liked the idea of driving a man wild with her body and sexuality. But Jon was used to Sophia. How would she compare.

“I’d love to do that. I’m just not sure I’ll be good enough.”

“Can you seduce Peter? Can you drive him crazy?”

Mary nodded.

“You’ll be fine.” Sophia picked up her phone and winked at Mary.

“Hello Jon, Sophia. . . Yes I’m fine thanks but I still can’t do tonight. But I’ve got a friend who I think you’ll really like . . . . Yes she’s really stunning . . . . . of course she likes it in the back channel . . . and everywhere else . . . . . of course you’ll meet her first. . . . . Now Jon, you’re going to best on your best behavior, Mary is real class . . . . and can pick and choose like me. . . . . . Yes, she does like SM, nothing too rough . . . Both ways? Absolutely. . . . . OK, Mario’s at 7.”

Sophia laughed. “I hope you like Jon. He’s such fun. But Mary he is a good client and once you get in the bedroom you’ve got to go all the way. You can decide whether you want to or not in the restaurant, but please don’t be a cock teaser once you’re in bed.”

“Don’t worry. I won’t.”

Sophia saw Mary’s excited look and didn’t worry.

She took Mary back to her apartment and explained all the routines. She showed her the panic buttons although they wouldn’t be needed with Jon, the armchair and what happened there and the bedroom. She showed her how to charge his credit card on her computer.

“He’s going to pay for it?”

“He certainly is. Top rates for a beautiful woman like you.” Sophia went on to explain her performance bonuses and Mary was impressed with her business like attitude.

She then went to her wardrobe. “Let’s choose something nice. You look like the same size as me.”

Mary felt good that she was the same size as this svelt young beauty and looked at Sophia’s enormous wardrobe. She noticed there was a small section of extremely short dresses and mini skirts and another small section with very low cut tops. But most were dresses which were modestly low cut and came to at least two inches from her knees and a lot were longer than that.

Sophia explained. “At the top end of the market the hint of what’s to come is more important than showing it all up front. My men like to think they’ve got a challenge. I like to get their imaginations working on what’s underneath.”

Mary tied on a number of sophisticated and alluring dresses but couldn’t choose. Then she had an idea.

“Which one did you wear when you seduced Peter?”

“This one,” said Sophia picking out a black dress.

“Could you put it on and show me how you looked.

Sophia looked at her curiously then stripped to her panties and put it on.

Mary saw how the dress dress hid, but at the same time emphasized Sophia’s body and saw how enticingly beautiful she looked.

“Peter had no chance, did he? No way to escape.”

“He fought quite hard.”

Mary took off her dress wearing only her panties and bra to try on the black dress.

“It works best without a bra,” said Sophia.

Mary was a little unsure. She was older and had two children, but she put her hands behind her back and undid the clip.

“Jon will have no chance,” laughed Sophia and Mary’s confidence rose.

It rose even more when she looked in the mirror and saw herself. Her choice of clothes had improved over the last months, but she saw that the dress had the same alluring effect on her body as it had on Sophia’s. She liked it and she also liked the idea that she was wearing the same dress that had played its part in Peter’s seduction.

Sophia then took her to her hair dresser and Mary loved her overall impression of sophistication with subtle eroticism.

“Not like a call girl at all,” she said to Sophia.

“Like a courtesan,” said Sophia and Mary liked the term.

Sophia gave some last minute advice. “And make him work for it. He’ll like it more and so will you.”

Jon was as charming as Sophia had said. He welcomed them both with a broad smile and made Mary feel good by telling Sophia that she should be unavailable more often. After 10 minutes he traced his fingers over the back of his hand and she felt a thrill of excitement and her final reservations vanished. She remembered she had to make him work for it and didn’t respond. But five minutes later she patted his hand to emphasis something she was saying, then left her hand on his.

Sophia noticed this and looked at Mary who nodded at her and then at Jon who also nodded and smiled. Sophia stood and kissed them both on the cheek.

“Now you be good to her Jon, I know she’ll be good for you.”

Jon put his arm around her shoulders as they walked to Sophia’s apartment. She felt the thrill of his hand against her bare shoulder and nuzzled her hair into his shoulder. She quickly and efficiently processed his credit card giving him the ‘not boring’ bonus which brought another smile to his face.

“You’ve got such a lovely smile,” she said kissing his cheek.

“You’ve got such a lovely everything,” he whispered, putting his hands on her backside and pulling him in to her.

Mary had to fight her reactions. She just wanted to get into bed but she remembered Sophia’s instructions about slowing things down. She sat on his knee on the armchair and loved the way he told her how beautiful she was, how he stroked her hair and shoulders and cheeks. He put his hand on her dress on her thigh and it was all Mary could do to stop herself from spreading her legs.

After enjoying his touches more Mary moved along his thighs and cuddled in closer. When he kissed her she felt the excitement of the kiss and the excitement of knowing it was a new and attractive man. Now she felt she could let her urges loose and kissed him back and started nibbling his tongue and lips.

Mary realized that Jon was being very careful with by increasing the level of her pain in line with her level of arousal. Soon her breathing became more labored and when he put his hand over her breast she immediately put hers on top pushing his in hard. Jon got the message and pinched her nipple and Mary put her hand on his trousers over his erection and led him to the bedroom.

She did have one pang of guilt about Peter as she watched Jon put his clothes in the wardrobe, then remembered that he had been in this very same bedroom two times. Sophia had told her that Jon would like to undress her which he did reverentially.

She luxuriated in his gaze as he cast his eyes slowly over her body, she loved his sensitive touch as he pleasured her all over with his finger tips and spread her legs wide when at last his fingers came to her vulva. His lips came to her nipple as his fingers explored her femininity. Both were gentle at first then he increased his intensity, keeping a perfect balance between pain and arousal.

Jon pushed her legs back towards her shoulders and slapped her buttock and she shrieked with pleasure and then shrieked louder as his lips sucked hard on her clit and she came to a shattering orgasm.

She looked at him to see what he wanted next.

“Your beautiful ass, beautiful Mary.”

He laid he on her back on the bed and again pushed her thighs right back. She passed him the gel and his fingers worked her anus. Soon he had three fingers plumbing into her bowel twisting from side to side and easily sliding in and out. She watched his face as he knelt in front of her, sliding his erection into her ass. The ass which had been virgin six months before. The ass which had only ever known Peter’s cock before.

Jon’s restraint left him. His cock plunged in balls deep, his fingers reached out to her nipples and pinched them hard and Mary shrieked with agonized pleasure. He kept her on the brink of her orgasm as he pounded, then moved his fingers to squeeze her clit, finally bringing her to her climax then roared himself as Mary felt his cum charge into her bowel.

She poured him some wine then lay on the bed. She kept her legs wide and enjoyed the way he openly stared at her body. She loved the feeling of power it gave her to have this almost stranger being so captivated by her.

Later she easily took all his cock in her mouth then loved the way he jerked off squirting his cum into her open mouth. She was surprised when Jon gave her his credit card.

“Another three hours, please Mary.”

This boosted her ego even more and she used all her body, all her imagination and her knowledge to drive him wild. She sighed in satisfaction as her hips bounced and stomach writhed in orgam with his cock deep in her pussy.

Jon dressed and gave her a farewell hug. “You’ve been great. When are you going to be in town again?”

“I don’t know Jon. I don’t travel often.”

Mary and Sophia discussed it afterwards.

“Look at that. Four and a half grand for you Sophia.”

“No, I’ll transfer it to you. You did the work. I wasn’t going to take him anyway.”

“Four and a half grand for having so much fun.”

“So you liked it?”

“I loved it. Are all your men like that?”

“Well, Jon is one of the best and he took quite a bit of training.”

Mary gathered herself. “I’d better stop talking this way. I could get addicted to this.”

Sophia and Mary parted the very best of friends and Mary returned to her married life. She felt extremely good after her time with Sophia. Having seen her she could understand how Peter would have been blown away by her appearance and charm. That didn’t completely excuse him, but it made it easier for her to understand.

She was completely confident that it was all over between them and was also confident that he hadn’t turned to someone else. She felt not the slightest guilt about her night with Jon. Peter had set the rules, she was following them. Jon was nice, but there was no way she ever wanted to see him again. That was over. She had lived her fantasy. It had taken away her anger towards Peter’s infidelity and she hugged him without reservation and really meant it when she told him she adored him.

Peter loved the two new tricks she had learned from Jon. “God that was great,” he said as he lay panting. “Where did you learn about that?”

“I found a new internet site. And I’m not going to tell you because I want to keep surprising you.”

That was fine by Peter and he cuddled Mary onto his shoulder.

Mary felt a wave of bliss wash over her. She had the perfect family and the perfect husband, the perfect sex life and she had overcome the demons of Peter’s infidelity. And she had relished the excitement of another man worshiping her body. She could put that fantasy out of her mind forever and devote herself to Peter. She knew that with absolute certainty.

Then she remembered the thrill of the first touch of Jon’s finger tips, the thrill of exciting another man with her body and her sexuality. The thrill of a different cock inside her.

The more she thought about it, Mary wasn’t quite so certain.

Truth or fiction?
Obviously the story is fiction but Sophia is based on a very much top of the range call-girl I once knew. I have tried to describe Sophia as I remember her. She was stunning and very charming.
We met in a professional capacity: MINE NOT HERS!!!!! I was a financial adviser and she was a client and was quite open about discussing her business. I don’t know if it was all true but as her financial adviser I verified her income and her assets. I met her four times over two years and then she closed her account and vanished forever.
She did invite me to try out for her ‘club’. I didn’t. It wasn’t morals, I wasn’t married at the time. The money was big, but I could have afforded it. I think the idea of paying for it just didn’t appeal to my ego. I thought I could get others for free who were just as good looking. Never did.
Writing this made me think that spending some time with her was probably the best money I should have spent.

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