Mart 23, 2021

Nikki’s Assists the Doc

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The light caught my attention and forced me from my slumber.

“Fucking Sunlight!” I thought.

“Why can’t you leave me alone to sleep?”

Getting up I felt groggy, unsettled. I needed something to give me a pick me up.

Down in the kitchen I made a Life-Altering Green smoothie. I got out a boiled egg and some fully cooked bacon.

“This should do very well.” I said out loud.

Checking my phone I noticed I had several text messages from Ellen and Chris.

Apparently our evening together was a success. They wanted to plan a vacation for the three of us to take. Something small, quaint, relaxing.

“I have not had a vacation in 5 years.” I thought.

Finishing breakfast I felt the shake start to take hold. I felt more energized and somewhat ready for the day. I looked at my calendar, nothing planned.

I texted Ellen, “Morning love, YES a vacation would do wonders for me too.”

Following a nice relaxing shower, fuck I was dirty from sex, I took my time primping my skin. Lotions, moisturizers, the works.

While dressing in yoga gear and sneakers I heard the phone DING yet again.

“OH SHIT!” I said out loud.

“I have a doctors physical in 45 minutes.” my thoughts raced. “Relax dipshit your ready, just need to get there.” My thoughts continued.

At the medical mall I checked in to see Dr. Brotterly, my primary physician.

Looking at a travel magazine gave me some ideas for some places to take our vacation. Suddenly I heard my name and stood, “Here!” I exclaimed.

The nurse was a nice, energetic. My mind went into sexual overdrive as she escorted me to the examination room. “Here, Nikki, remove all your clothing and put this on. Do not tie it in the back. Dr B will be in shortly,” she instructed.

“So fashionable.” I said sarcastically to the nurse.

Sitting in that room on that exam table with just a apron around me was nerve racking.

“It’s so cold in here. My nipples are fully erect.” I thought to myself.

The old me would have become embarrassed in this situation but the new me was just thinking, “Cant wait to see if Dr. B recognizes the new me.”

The door opened and Dr. B entered all business like. Looking down at her chart she was murmuring to herself.

“OMG!” she said as she turned to look at me for the first time.

“Nikki, you’r transformation is stunning? Look at those arms, so tone and the posture, so straight.” She said in amazement.

I forgot my workouts and the weight loss.

“Thank you, you did tell me to exercise and loose some weight.” I said.

“Yes, but seldom does anyone actually listen to that particular advice.” Doc said.

“I am blown away, what have you been doing?” she asked.

“I work out three times a week and eat a new meal plan. A friend owns a training facility and has taken me under her wing to help me become a healthier me.” I said.

“Well, fuck me, it is working!” doc blurted out, immediately covering her mouth looking around to see if anyone else was in the room.

“I am so sorry.” She said with shame in her voice.

“Please, it was a compliment, one I enjoyed hearing. Just wish I could show off the rest of my bod, ha ha ha.” I replied.

“Well this is a new you!” doc stated.

“I like it, I like it a lot. Gonna have to tell me about your friends training center, maybe I can transform?”

Starting her examination I could not help to feel amazing. She was extremely complimentary of the new me.

“Nikki, you have made my day.” Doc stepped back and said as she examined me with her eyes.

“Even your legs are tone and tight.” “WOW” she said.

“Look at those thigh muscles. Defined while relaxed, that is muscle sculpting.” She continued. “Maybe I do need to examine you more thoroughly?”

Her words encouraged the new me to stand and remove the apron.

Her eyes got as big as dish saucers.

“FUCK ME!” again escaped her lips.

“Look at that definition!, amazing truly amazing.” she said.

Reaching out she put her hand on my stomach and felt the tone muscles of my abdomen.

“YES, Please let me know if I can join this training center.” She asked.

“Honestly, I just got divorced and I need to transform myself.” She confided.

While dressing I told her that if she gave me her phone contact information I could give it to Ellen and she could arrange to see the facility and meet her.

She dialed my number and added me as a friend. I heard a ding and her profile information was now on my phone.

“Well, I have to say, you look amazing and are very healthy. We will take a blood sample to do some tests but I know the results will be outstanding.” She said.

Turning to leave the room she hesitated when she reached for the door handle.

“I do apologize Nikki, I should not have acted this way today. It is totally unprofessional and uncalled for. Please accept my apology?” She asked.

I said, “Doc B, you confirmed that my new lifestyle is working. You let me know you are a real person with feelings and really care for me. I kadıköy escort can’t say that for other medical professionals I visit. You are a breath of fresh air.”

She turned and hugged me whispering into my ear, “Thank You, I was truly inspired by your transformation. Have a wonderful day Nikki.” She replied than left the room.

Leaving the medical mall I noticed I had several messages from several people.

I pulled in to Joan’s Restaurant and got a table for one. I wanted to sit and drink some water and read all my messages.

After ordering a salad I sat back and blew out a hiss of air. “Relax.” I thought to myself.

I looked at my phone. Ellen left 2 messages, Chris 1.

Ellen, “Just checking in. Hope all is well?”

“OH, love you!”

Chris, “Have a wonderful day Nikki.”

I sat looking over the messages and decided that I did not want to write lengthy replies. I opened Ellen’s message and replied with a funny smiley face emoji.

I opened Chris’s text and did the same.

My salad arrived and I sat enjoying my lunch when my phone vibrated and dinged at the same time. This fucking thing is like a sex toy for goodness sake, I thought.

I picked up the phone, not looking at the screen tossed it into my purse.

“There, peace and quiet.” I thought.

When I arrived home I looked at the back yard and though “No, not today.” I just wanted to relax and enjoy the quiet for the first time in years.

Sitting on the recliner I laid back and closed my eyes. At first all I wanted to do was listen to mother nature. The birds singing, trees rustling around in the back yard.

After some time my thoughts began to replay Dr. B’s reaction this morning.

I could recall not only her words but her facial expressions. She was really surprised.

To my surprise, I started to feel aroused at the reaction doc had regarding the new me. I could feel slight pulses of electricity building in my vagina.

My first reaction was to sit up and go do something constructive but my mind kept me in this replay.

I could not get her eyes out of my mind. The look of lust she had as she touched my stomach.

While I was thinking of her touch, my phone vibrated and dinged.

“Doctor B?” I read

I opened the text to read.

“Nikki, I wanted to apologize for my behavior again. The way I reacted to your transformation was inexcusable and unprofessional. Please forgive me.”

I replied, “Doc B, Please stop apologizing, it was a thrill for me to have someone notice the results I have accomplished over the last several weeks. The pain and hard work paid off.”

I kept writing, “I should apologize to you. It was so cold in the room my nipples were erect. I was embarrassed.”

Vibrate, Ding – Doc B! “I did notice the arousal you had and yes I did think it was due to the temperature of the room. Can’t imagine how it got that cold in the room with how hot you looked. I also noticed the ladyscaping you had going on too. Nice. I won’t apologize for that comment hows that?”

Reading her reply the old me would have been outraged by her comments. The new me was two knuckles deep into my pussy while reading her reply. I sent back a text.

“If you only knew what I was doing right now? HaHaHaHaHa…”

The reply came back quickly.

“I have one last patient. Perhaps we should continue this after I get home. In a more relaxed atmosphere? You in?”

I was stunned! Doc B wants to chat with me.

“Will not move a muscle. Waiting for your reply.” I texted back.

In the kitchen I was looking at what I was going to take out for dinner when my phone vibrated and dinged…

Rushing to the phone I thought, “That was a quick visit.”

Looking down at my phone I saw it was Chris who texted me.

“Having a good day?” the text read.

“Quite!” I replied.

“Great! just wanted to say hi…” Chris typed back.

“Thanks, lets do lunch sometime this week…” I replied then typed “I will contact Ellen and we can do a threesome! for lunch!!!!!”

“ROFLMFAO!” was his reply.

I looked at it and thought what the fuck is “ROFLMFAO?”

Going back to the kitchen this acronym was bugging me.

“Alexa, what does the acronym ROFLMFAO stand for?”

“Let me see what I can find.” Alexa replied.

“I could not find anything referencing that acronym.”

Standing there looking around the kitchen I thought “gonna have to look that one up old school.”

I replied to Chris, “Gonna have to tell me what that means. Give Ellen a shout and set up lunch. I like Joe’s steak house…”

Returning to my dinner quest I saw some frozen stuffed shells I made earlier in the week. “Bingo!”

Placing the shells in the sink my phone vibrated again.

Doc B! “Hey, sorry patient eval took longer than expected. Just got home, need to change and than get some soup for dinner. Will chat after done? Ok With You?”

the text read.

“Super, just pulled my dinner out myself. chat in a while. Can’t wait.”

Not kağıthane escort sure why I put the can’t wait in that text but perhaps it made her at ease.

Following dinner, some wine and a relaxing moment in my favorite chair reading my favorite book. I was at peace. The thought of my workout with Ellen tomorrow morning popped into my head. “Leg day!” I pictured Doc B staring at my legs. “Inspiration!” Gonna crush it tomorrow.

TV was boring so I continued reading. Lying in bed, naked, I began to read about the planet of vampires who just found earth. A new feeding ground…

My phone vibrated on my night stand. I reached over, oh my, 9:30. Much later than I thought. I looked at the text.

“Doc B, I thought with a devilish smile crossing my lips.”

“Got time for a convo?” the text read.

“All the time you want. Just laying in bed reading a book.” I replied.

her response was quick, “Me too, What are you reading?”

“Vampire Invasion” I text quickly.

“Emily’s new delight.” She replies.

“Yours sound much more interesting than mine.” I type.

“It is very. Emily is a divorced 40 something professional with an empty nest and finding herself with a lot of spare time on her hands. Kinda fits my life right now.” Doc replies.

“Yea, I meant to talk to you. So sorry you are going through all this BS. Hope it is all for a better life for you.” I text

Her reply, “OH it is, I am happier, have more energy and only myself to worry about on a daily basis. It is mind blowing how much time and energy we put in for others in our lives. Once they are no longer immediately around, you find your peace…”

In reading Docs text I felt there was a sad undertone to her words.

“May I ask a personal question doc?” I sent.

“Only if I can ask you a personal question?” She asked.

“What is the one thing you miss above all else?” I texted.

“Laughing with my girls. They are all grown, graduated from college and in the work place, married and living life. I am not the center of their universe anymore.”

“That sound so sad.” I replied.

“It is and it isn’t. I use to get tired of being the only one who was asked to do everything for them. Academic, Sports, Shopping. Everything!. Now I find time to reflect of how well they have adjusted to their lives. Knowing I had a huge part to do with that makes me smile. The sound of their happy voices when I talk to them during the week uplifts my spirits.” “Mission accomplished.”

“Wonderful” I reply.

Quickly Doc Replies. “and SEX!, Yes, SEX. ROFLMFAO.”

There is that acronym again.

“OK what is ROFLMFAO? Second person to text that to me today.” I ask.

She replies, “Rolling On Floor Laughing My Fucking Ass Off! ROFLMFAO.”

I laugh out loud. This is precious.

“I LOVE IT! Why FUCKING ASS and not just ASS? Devilish grin.”

her reply, “Interesting thought. Not really sure.”

“Sounds like more people are into anal now!” I typed back as sarcasm.

She replies, “Hilarious, as a doctor I can attest that YES, more people are into anal play.” My professional observation! HaHaHaHa.”

“Nice!” I write back.

“That leads me to my question for you! If you are uncomfortable with this please just say not interested and we can move on to another subject. OK?”

She writes.

“Of course.” I text.

“Today, I was caught off guard at your bodies transformation. You were gorgeous before and now you have taken your beauty to another level. So amazing to me. My question is this. Have you always waxed your vaginal area or is this part of the new you?”

I opened the text and was stunned by the question. “How could she have known I was shaved? oh I did remove the apron so she could see my stomach muscles.”

My reply, “Extremely new, Brazilian waxed along with the anal area and a lot of other new adventures.”

As I lay there waiting for her reply I felt that lightning strike between my legs yet again. I smiled and began running my fingers between my legs. “MOIST Already!” I thought.

“Thank you for your answer. I was curious.” came her reply.

I took a bold step and texted. “CURIOUS?”

“Well curious and I have to say excited. Hope that is not offensive.” was her answer.

I texted her back. “Have you ever trimmed, shaved or waxed your lady parts?”

“OH, NO, if someone in my house ever saw that they would disown me. ‘Someone’ being my ex.” I read.

“Now it is just YOU. Have fun, explore, live a little. I promise you will not regret it one bit. I have not!” I sent.

“Hell I am just now getting comfortable sleeping naked. After 2 years of divorce and empty nesting. That is quite bold for me.” She replied.

“YOUR NAKED?” I sent quickly.

“Nervously, YES!” she sent.

“Doc, you are a beautiful woman, hell enjoy your body. Masturbate, have sex.

try new things!” I quipped back.

I felt bad like I was chastising her but she had to know what I felt like before Ellen got her clutches kartal escort into me.

My eyes almost rolled to the back of my head when I looked at her response. A body shot of her laying naked in bed.

“FUCK ME! You are gorgeous!” I replied.

“I may just like that?, never done anything like that before. First picture too.” I read.

Now the electrical strikes were firing with incredible speed. The charges in my vagina was on fire. I could feel my lips start to drip onto my sheets. I got up and went to get a towel. While in the bathroom I looked at the drawer below the towel rack. “Yes” I thought. I returned to the bed, lay the towel down under me and lubed my ass and the butt plug. I inserted the plug, showing the red gem, than positioned myself so my vaginal area was exposed and took a picture. The picture showed my dripping vaginal lips and the gem sparkled.

“SEND!” I hit the button and felt so nervous, like I felt the first time I had sex.

I followed the text with, “Hope this is not too much?, your picture inspired me to push this conversation into a deeper sexual place.” I hit send again.

Her reply took longer than I was hoping for. My phone vibrated and I looked enthusiastically.

“Honestly, it turns me on so much. I have never thought of being with another woman yet your visit today changed all of that. After your visit I had to excuse myself and go to my office. In my private bathroom I finger fucked myself to one of the most intense orgasms I ever felt.”

Her text made me so wet. “Perhaps we need to get together sometime and put this new craving to a test?”

“I would like that very much. The anal scares the hell out of me but I welcome new adventures.” She replied.

“Text me this Saturday when you have time and we can meet here at my house or I can come to yours. I am thinking I have more toys to play with here but could be wrong. Just a thought.” I hit send

“Your place it is than. What shall I bring?” She asked.

“Toothbrush!” I replied snidely.

“Look forward to the visit.” Doc replied.

A few days past and I had not heard from doc but while out at lunch with Ellen and Chris I told them about my experience.

“She sounds like she needs to try this?” Ellen stated.

“I agree.” Said Chris

“Ellen, do you think you could train her?” I asked.

“Well I got you to do anal?” She smirked.

“YES, I can train her. Tell her to come by Saturday morning and I can do an evaluation.” She stated.

“Waxing? I will pay for it all myself. My treat for doc.” I said looking down at my plate.

“Sounds great, lets assist her on a new adventure. Hopefully she will embrace it or at least like the effort!” Ellen said raising her wine glass.

Chris and I chimed in and we all touches glasses. The rest of lunch was nothing but laughs. Chris had to run for an appointment and Ellen had a training session to teach. We parted ways and driving around the beach, I realized tomorrow is Saturday. I have to get in touch with doc.

“Hello, Doc?” I said into the phone.

“YES, Nikki, what a wonderful surprise.” She replied.

“Hey, I talked to Ellen and she would like to see you tomorrow morning. Does that work for you?” I asked.

“Sure, how much does this cost?” She stated.

“My treat doc.” I answered.

“NO!, you don’t have to do that.” Doc snapped back.

“I know, I want to. That is what my friend did for me. It worked out great for me.” I said. I will text you the address.” I sent the text, said good bye and continued driving along the Atlantic ocean.

“I’m going to have to do something nice for Ellen. She masterminded this new ME and it is certainly working for me.” I thought. “let me think!” I continued.

I know she always wanted to go to Europe for a vacation. Let me call Alexis, my travel agent I used when I worked and see what I can put together.

In the kitchen I made a cup of tea and sat at my counter. The phone rang and Alexis answered.

“Alexis Travel Agency, How are you today?” I hear her say.

“Alexis, this is Nikki, Remember Me?” I replied.

“Nikki, hey love what can I help you with today?” Alexis asked.

“I need to book a tour of Europe for two.” I stated.

“Let me see what I can come up with and I will send you some itineraries. Sound good?” Alexis said.

“Great please text them to my private number.” I requested.

“Done!” Alexis said.

My plan for a fun vacation with just me and Ellen has begun.

Not knowing how tired I really was I woke up the next morning laying on the couch. “A few months ago and this would have hurt. Now I feel great. Sleeping on the couch was never my favorite. I can manage now.” I thought.

Saturday morning! Let me get things ready for Doc B’s Visit. I cleaned the bathroom, bedroom and of course toys… I made sure we had plenty of lube and numbing lotion. Wine is chilling and steaks are thawed… “I am ready.” I said out loud.

Looking at my watch I noticed it was 3pm. “Holy shit, I need to get ready.” I showered and put on minimal makeup. Walked into a mist of my favorite perfume and applied a few drops of lube to my ass and vaginal area.

“There, Now I’m ready.”

I heard the door bell ring and put my wine down to answer the door.

“Doc.” I said flaring my arms out wide to greet her.

“Thank you for having me over Nikki.” Doc said.

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