Mart 30, 2021


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I smiled at my reflection as I smoothed out my hair. My appearance was not always something I applauded but tonight I was more than happy with how I looked. It was my 18th birthday and I wanted to look good. My pale skin looked luminescent against the black material of my dress. My friend had brought it to the shop changing room as a joke but when I put it on we were both silenced. It seemed to cling to the swell of my breasts and it accentuated the arch in the small of the back following the curve of my ass perfectly. I had kept my hair simple and it was so straight it looked even longer than usual, the tips just brushing off the ample cleavage this amazing dress had given me.

I knew I was lingering and that my family would be growing impatient with each extra minute I took to unnecessarily preen in the mirror. I wanted to impress them all so much. I was the girl in the baggy jeans, the girl who never wore her hair down because it simply got in the way. A little voice in my head was asking me exactly who it was I wanted to impress. I thought of Ben my brother. I knew I had been all over the place around him recently. Letting my eyes linger over his body, getting jealous when he brought any of his giggling girlfriends home. I knew that I was walking down a rocky path but I just couldn’t turn back. Did I want him to tell me I looked amazing? Is that what I wanted to hear? Did I want him to admire my dress, to think I could actually look good? I couldn’t make up my mind. I just knew that if I took any longer they’d be sending out a search party.

No words at first, then a low wolf whistle from my Uncle David.

“Well, well, well!” he said, “looks like someone scrubs up well!”

I lowered my eyes blushing furiously. I wanted to look at Ben. I wanted to know he’d noticed me. I smiled at the expression on my Dad’s face; he looked shell-shocked. My mum just smiled. She had seen my dress the day before and had warned me of the effect it would have. I still couldn’t look at him. My cousin Marie made me turn in a circle and laughed as I posed and stuck my ass out. As I turned my eyes collided with Ben’s. My breath caught as I saw the desire in his face and the way he was looking over my body. I opened my mouth to speak just as Mum opened hers. It was time to go.

I knew that I should eat. I knew that I was surrounded by my family, all clamoring to talk to me and admire my appearance and wish me happy birthday. But how could I concentrate on such menial things when I knew he was staring at me. Every time I dared to peek up through my hair I caught his dark gaze for a second then he looked away. Then it was my turn to stare. To take in his hair and his arms and neck and all the other things that I seemed to find so sexually attractive.

I hadn’t always been like this. He was two years older than me so of course we bickered. When I was 12 and he was 14 I couldn’t understand why he wouldn’t come out and play with me anymore. I didn’t realize he was becoming “cool”. When I was 16 and he was 18 I was still in that awkward stage. He’d bring home these busty blonde girls making me painfully aware of my skinny frame and tiny breasts. But when bad things happened he’d be there. My first boyfriend was an asshole who treated me so badly I almost couldn’t believe it when he finished with me. My tears and heartache enraged Ben. I don’t know what he said to Kieran but it was enough to make him be nicer to me than bahçelievler escort he ever had in our three month relationship.

By the time we got home everyone was drunk. I had been sipping wine but I was too nervous to even feel remotely intoxicated. I wasn’t sure what was making me so fluttery. His dark eyes running over my body every time I moved. The way he stopped looking away every time I glanced at him. He stared at me so hard I could hardly breathe. I knew it was wrong and that everything my body was feeling was against everything I had been brought up to believe. I just couldn’t ignore the tingle in my pussy and the butterflies in my stomach.

On my 17th birthday Ben brought his most serious girlfriend so far to my party. She was as beautiful as any model, singer or actress I had seen on a magazine cover. He ignored me practically all night. Sure, he said happy birthday chatted to me about stupid, mundane things but he constantly looked over my shoulder at the fabulous Jessica. That was the first time I associated jealousy with my own brother. I didn’t want him to be with a beautiful girl, I didn’t want him to be in love and I really didn’t want him to be having sex with her. The sex definitely got to me the most.

Suddenly we were alone. Marie and her mum and dad recently departed in a taxi and my mum and dad were in their bed on the floor above us. You could have touched the air it was so taut with tension. I couldn’t find any words to say so I babbled.

“Have you had a good night?” I questioned nervously.

He swiftly replied “Yeah, it’s been a great night.”

I stuttered “Thanks for my…”

“The card?” He butted in, “yeah I tried to find you a funny one”.

I simply said “oh…”

He looked me straight in the eye and whispered “Nicola you look beautiful.”

Straight away that sentence set off the alarm bells. He never called me Nicola. I was known as Nic and nothing else to him, which was irritating because I felt as though it was a reminder of how he never took me seriously.

I was literally lost for words. I saw him moving closer to me as I sat frozen on the chair. I felt like I was trapped in a deep sleep, so deep that I couldn’t move. I was aware of him looking at me with so much passion it was terrifying. I knew he was moving closer and that soon our lips would collide. Then I woke up. I attacked him with a ferocity that was so strong his whole body jumped. I pushed my tongue in his mouth and grabbed his hair, wanting to burn off some of this heat building inside me. I felt like we were miles apart so I hitched my skirt up and pushed my body up so I was straddling him. He ran his hands up my legs and groaned into my mouth when he felt the join of my stockings to the garter belt I was wearing.

I pressed my crotch against his. Feeling myself getting wetter as he simultaneously became harder. I felt like I was breaking the law. Like I was so bad I should be arrested there and then, and it was the best feeling ever.

The thoughts raced through my head at the speed of light. I knew he was my brother and that what we were doing was something so taboo you didn’t dare talk about it. But I wanted him so much. There was this undeniable basic sexual attraction that had steadily built in the past few weeks as my senses awoke to the smell of his hair and the muscles in his arms. I felt a secret satisfaction bahçeşehir escort that he could finally see me for the woman I was. That I wasn’t just his silly sister. That he found me sexy and desirable and attractive. I loved that.

His hands were traveling up my body, taking in the curve of my ass and the indent of my tiny waist. He pressed me to his chest making me feel tiny and vulnerable and doll-like. I loved the way he picked me up liked I was weightless and I loved the moan that escaped his lips as I wrapped my legs around his waist pressing my silk covered crotch against the bulge in his jeans.

He threw me on the couch and I just lay there looking at him. His eyes took in my heaving chest, the satin dress bunched up around my waist, the stockings reaching to my thigh and my spread legs. His eyes lingered there the longest.

He quietly asked “are you sure this is what you want?”

I looked at him from under my eyelashes and replied coyly “and just what is it that I want Ben?”

But his serious mood was obviously not to be tested.

“Take off your dress”, he said in a commanding tone.

I gasped at his words, loving the way he was just ordering me about making me feel like I had no power to stop him even if I wanted to. I stood up and turned around so I was facing away from him. I asked him to get the zip. He stood even closer to me, so much so that I could feel the bulge in the front of his jeans just grazing against my ass. I moved back so his hard dick would be against me but he pushed me away.

“No no” he murmured, “not yet baby girl”.

Slowly, tantalizingly, he unzipped my dress. Once the zip was down he started pulling it from my shoulders until it fell to the floor. I hadn’t worn a bra because the dress was so tight I didn’t need to. I was standing before him now in high heels, garter belt and suspenders. I heard his breathing get harder and I smiled. I felt his hands on my shoulders. He ran his fingers down my back making me shiver. His touch was so gentle it frustrated me. I wanted roughness, I wanted him to take me there and then but obviously he had other ideas.

He told me to turn round and I hesitated. I was always shy about my breasts even though I knew there was nothing wrong with them. Strangely enough I was usually shy in general with guys but Ben seemed to be the exception to that rule. He turned me round himself and smiled when he saw me blushing under his gaze. He touched my neck and I closed my eyes savoring the feel of his hands on my skin. His fingers left my neck and brushed over my nipple. My eyes flew open and watched as he took my breasts in his hands. His thumbs flicked over my nipples and I moaned out loud. I took his hand and pushed it down towards my thong. Again he smiled as he felt how wet I was, teasing his fingers over my slit making me beg him to put them inside me. Sensing what i wanted he rammed two fingers inside my pussy making my knees buckles so much I had to grab his shoulders to stop from falling. He was finger fucking me so hard and fast I could barely breathe it felt so good.

Suddenly he just stopped. I grabbed his hand and put his fingers covered in my juices straight into my mouth. He groaned as I sucked on them and I loved the way he was surprised I would do something so dirty. I pulled off his t shirt and took a minute just to look at his body. I had never wanted bakırköy escort to fuck someone so much and I knew he felt the same. I unbuttoned his jeans taking care not to touch his obvious erection. When the jeans were off I reached in the waistband of his boxers and took his throbbing cock in my hand. It felt massive and I was actually aching to have it inside me. I started moving my hand up and down the shaft, going slowly enough that he wouldn’t cum but fast enough that he would enjoy it. I kept my hand moving as I got down on my knees. His eyes were closed so he wasn’t ready for his cock suddenly being enveloped by my mouth. His groans were just spurring me on as I licked the head of his dick whilst my hand was pumping up and down his length. I took him in my mouth and pushed it down as far as I could. His hands were tangled up in my hair and he was saying my name over and over as he got closer and closer to coming straight onto my tongue.

Then he pulled away and took a few steps away from me. I was still on my knees in front of him and I pouted a little at being denied his cum. He laughed and pulled me to my feet. Silently he took my hand and led me to the stairs; I walked up in front him swaying just a little as I knew his eyes were directly in line with my ass. I hesitated at the top of the stairs but he put a hand on my waist and led me to his bed room. Strange how just a hand on my waist can make me shiver…

As soon as he shut the door I was thrown against it. He kissed me so hard it was a wonder my lips didn’t bleed. Our hands were all over each other as he grabbed my hair and my nipples and my ass all at the same time. We kissed like this while moving over to the bed and once we were both lying down he pushed me up so I was sitting on top of him, his dick pressed against my soaking wet crotch. I pulled his boxers down so he was naked and then i pulled my thong to one side so my pussy was directly against his cock. I grinded on him a little, covering us both with my juices.

Suddenly he just grabbed my hips and pulled me up, when I came back down it was back onto to his dick. I moaned so loud with his dick inside me that it was a miracle our parents didn’t wake up. He felt so big inside me and he told me I was the tightest pussy he’d ever had the pleasure of fucking. His hands were still on my hips and he started moving me just a little. The look on his face was mind-blowing and I was in awe of the pleasure I could give him. The more I moved the better it felt. Before long I was bouncing up and down on his cock like a total slut. I’d pull away so that just the tip was in and then he’d push me back down impaling me on him and making me squeal. I could feel my orgasm building and I begged him to play with my clit. He only had to touch me once before I started to come. I was thrashing about on his dick like a madwoman and he was pounding me so hard I had to grab onto the headboard so I didn’t fall. We came at the same time both of us moaning and breathing heavily, watching each other as we descended into oblivion.

We lay there side by side panting and sweating. I was incredulous that what had just been the best sex of my life had been with my brother. I was horrified at what we’d done but I was equally scared that it might never happen again. I couldn’t believe how good it had been, no-one I’d ever been with had ever made me feel like that. I smiled at the thought and Ben propped himself up on one elbow to look at me. I was terrified he was going to say it was all a big mistake. The sex had been so good though and there was no way he didn’t enjoy it as much as I did. He opened his mouth to speak and my heart skipped a beat.

He looked in my eyes and said “Nic, I’m sorry but…we have to do that again.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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