Mart 24, 2021

Nice or Nasty? Ch. 02

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“Oh sweetheart, that was so fucking good.” To acknowledge my approval of her superior cock sucking skills I tenderly kissed her lips with all the love and affection of a husband kissing his wife. “I think you deserve a reward for sucking my cock so good. Let’s take off that sexy thong of yours honey, in fact why don’t you remove all your clothes for me so I can drink in that totally hot body of yours. Oh that’s it baby. You are so fine. Now I want you to lye back on the bed and pull your knees to your ears. That’s it baby, leave your ass hanging off the edge of the bed and expose your ass hole so it is sticking straight up in the air. I’m gonna tongue that sweet sweet ass of yours baby.” I got into a comfortable position on the floor and knelt down in front off her ass as if I was about to pray to the ass hole alter. Evil twin washed away by my soft loving kiss, the innocent voice of that shy sweet sub spoke tenderly to me, cajoling me to insert my tongue into her perfect puckered hole.

“Oh please push your tongue into my ass Anthony? I want to feel it slip in and out while I play with my pussy and clit.” I couldn’t believe my ears. The double edged sword of her personalities from sweet beşiktaş escort bayan to savage was intoxicating. I began to wonder what other characters would surface from her myriad of multiple personalities. As I moved in to tongue her ass, I was reminded of the bouquet of her full womanly aroma, permeating the air like perfume from a garden in the full bloom of springtime. Her scent made my mouth water so I spat a nice wet load of saliva right on her ass hole and dove in. I stuck my tongue out stiff and slender and slowly pushed my way into her wet ass hole. When I felt I was in as far as I could go, I swirled and wiggled the tip of my tongue deep inside her ass. Twisting, torquing and rotating my neck and head, I tried to apply the maximum amount of pleasure I could with my mouth muscle. I could hear moans of ecstasy coming from her mouth and felt those same moans resonate and vibrate through her body. Then I took my tongue out and gently scraped my teeth across her ass ring. I heard a sharp cry of surprise at this unexpected feeling that had obviously caught her off guard. Then she spoke,

“Oh God yes Anthony, I beylikdüzü escort bayan want you to tongue fuck my ass with that nasty tongue of yours. Please, fuck it. Tongue fuck my ass hole fast and deep. MMMMMMMM.” How could I refuse such a demand? So I rapped my arms around her legs and held her pelvis down to brace myself for some serious ass tonguing. With a spring board for a neck, I began piston fucking her ass hole with my tongue. Faster and faster, I slammed in and out of her ass, my tongue never quite leaving the ring of her hole. Darting in and out, she was rubbing her clit and fingering her dripping wet cunt that was now starting to drizzle its way down to her ass. Soon I could taste the savory and sweet marriage of ass and pussy juices in a perfect erotic blend of female body fluid. A raised voice overpowering her moans of ecstasy cried,

“Oh shit Anthony, I’m going to fucking cum. I’m gonna cum right now.” Taking a cue from her cock sucking exploits, I quickly moved my mouth to her cunt. I replaced my tongue with a finger in her ass, curled my finger upward to try and make contact with the inner wall bostancı escort bayan of her rectum, and waited for a mouthful of her female love nectar. When she came, her body bucked and contorted into an unnatural natural shape and with an arched back, her eyes rolled backward and her mouth went slack jaw. After a long pause, a delayed groan breathed out of her gaping mouth. It started soft and deep within her chest and grew in power as it erupted from her throat and out into the room.

And I drank. I drank deep, as buckets of cum gushed out of her cunt and into my waiting mouth. The taste was of coconut milk and there seemed to be an endless supply, my mouth trying to mimic the moves of her writhing body. Soon her moan faded into the distance and her body went limp with only a slight trembling quiver. She was spent, her muscles still having spasms once in a while in conjunction with her quivering. Without speaking I gently removed my finger from her ass and allowed the last of her orgasm to run it’s course.

Silently, patiently, I waited, and when I thought she was ready for my voice to bring her back to reality, I slowly moved myself from the floor to the bed and whispered into her ear asking,

“Was that good my love?” Her eyes were just coming back into focus from being rolled back and she found my face and she smiled. As our eyes locked I stared deep into them and discovered just what an impression I had made on her. And we kissed. But I wasn’t done with her yet. I didn’t fly all the way from the US just for cock sucking and tongue fucking.

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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