Mart 30, 2021

Never Too Late to Learn Ch. 02

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It had been over a month since the best fucking of my life. Dan and I had made love twice during that time, both times he had had been tender and sweet, his usual self. Both times I had faked an orgasm, something I had never had to do in my life.

For Mom and Dad, everything just switched back to normal, it was as if nothing had even happened. I didn’t know how they kept it so normal, and wasn’t sure if I was relieved or frustrated.

We had spent the previous Saturday over with them, the kids running around the yard while mom and I sat on the patio. I watched as Dan helped dad with the grilling, and quite honestly, I don’t think my eyes hardly left my father.

When we got the invitation to come back this Saturday, I was a bit surprised. We usually only got together once a month or so; but I wasn’t turning down a chance to perv my father, while Dan never refused free food.

The kids were enjoying the kiddie pool while mom and I sat in the shade of the patio. It was still midsummer so the heat was in full force. I watched as my once again shirtless father moved about the patio, and I couldn’t stop the gush of fluids at the image of that man pounding down into me.

“So is it an eight or a nine?” my mother asked, bringing me back to our conversation.

“Huh?” I was confused; shit what I missed daydreaming about my father.

“How horny are you right now?” my mother leaned forward, her eyes boring into mine.

“Jesus mom” I could only gasp back at her frankness.

“Just answer the damn question” she said firmly.

“A ten, OK” I could barely whisper back. At least I was being honest.

“I wondered, your nipples are about to rip through that tank top” mom leaned back in her chair.

“Oh God” I moaned, realizing once again she knew.

“It’s all right honey” Mom softly chuckled. “He does that to a woman.”

“I don’t know how you’ve handled him all these years.” I said softly; my eyes being drawn back to my father.

“I was younger” mom told me “and I had a little help now and then” she smiled.

Help? What did she mean? I turned and looked at her in confusion. Once again she had that same half silly smile from that morning in the kitchen. She didn’t mean? My eyes grew wider.

“You didn’t think you were the first did you?” Mom said. “Hate to disappoint you sweetie, that cock has done more conquering than Alexander the Great.”

“Jesus Christ” I was dumb struck.

“Lydia” she reached out and gripped my hand. “I know you don’t understand all of this, but just know one thing. It wasn’t just for you.” She gave my hand a gentle squeeze.

“It was also for him” mom nodded over towards dad. “And for me” she smiled. “It took a little heat off me for a change.”

I didn’t know what to say. I sat there in dumb silence as my mother told me my parents were swingers, or at least had been. Dear God, how could I have not known all of this?

I heard dad call the burgers were ready and watched as mom went to get the plates. She slipped into mother mode so smoothly it amazed me. This same woman, who had for thirty years been the most solid rock of my life, was swiftly undermining everything I had thought to be true about my family.

Yet, at the same time it made me look at them in a totally different light. The blinders were gone now, and for maybe the first time I saw them as human beings. It was more than evident the love they shared, the kisses, the subtle touches that seemed second nature.

I also saw them as sexual beings, something that only recently been awakened in me. The swell of moms’ breasts when she pressed against him, I swore I could see her nipple drag along his bare skin; and the bulge in dads’ jeans when he subtly slipped up behind her pressing into her; God how had I never seen any of this before.

I began to compare Dan to my father. I loved this man I had been married to for ten years, and yet I also felt the animal draw of the older, more accomplished alpha male. I ate my dinner mostly in silence, my mind trying to reconcile this strange difference.

Dan asked if I was feeling all right, and I could see a knowing glance in my fathers’ eyes. But it was my mother that pulled the finger out of the dyke. And God do I mean dyke.

We had moved the get together inside so the guys could watch their football game, mom and I were in the kitchen cleaning. By this time images of my parents entangled in various orgies had been floating through my sex starved brain,

“If you keep grinding on the sink you’re going to soak your panties” my mothers’ soft voice came from beside me.

Startled I looked down and realized she was right, I had my pelvis jammed against the edge of the sink and was slowly rotating my hips. Fuck, I had to get a grip, I thought. Yet, at the same time the sheer frankness of mom took me by surprise.

“Jesus mom” I half whispered back, not wanting to disturb Dan or Dad.

“Honey, like I said before; it’s only sex” mom chuckled. “Once you understand that, the rest is easy.”

“OK, pendik escort then explain it.” I was a little pissed off mom was so casual about this.

“Think of it this way” mom reached in and took my hands from the soapy dishwater. “Some dishes are for special events, some are for every day.” She said. “But in the end, they are still just dishes.”

That didn’t make a damn bit of sense to me as mom held my hands and turned my back to the sink to face her. “So sex is like dishes?” I asked.

“In a way” mom smiled. “Some sex is for making love, some is just for the sake of fucking if you will” she held my hands. “But in the end, it’s still just sex honey.”

“So sex with dad is your fine china?” I couldn’t help my smile. “So what’s your everyday dishes?”

“Oh baby, your father is the finest china ever made” her smile was wistful. I shuddered at the memory of how he had played my body like a fine violin and had no argument with her there.

“He also has a ferocious appetite, and honestly sometimes I like something a bit…different.” Again she had that silly smile from the last time.

“Different?” I could only reply. “Jesus mom you just told me the two of you are swingers. How much more different can you get?”

“No Lydia” mom told me. “We are NOT swingers, at least not in the traditional sense.” She sighed. “We were never into the club or orgy scene, we considered ourselves more…swappers.” She said.

I could only stand silent, listening to her story, as I felt that same heat begin to grow in my groin again. God, how I got myself into this, I wondered.

“Just select couples we knew, usually through your fathers’ work.” She admitted. “Remember the Bakers?” I did, it had been building their large new home that had basically paid for my wedding ten years ago. I nodded my head as mom continued.

“Did you know he has a ten inch cock.” She whispered in my ear.

“Oh my God” I almost moaned at her words. I thought my father had been big, the idea of ten inches of hard meat shoved into me sent a tremor through my body.

“One time that man hammered me only two feet from his cute little wife” Jesus, I felt a huge rush run through my body as a hot gush of fluids filled my panties.

“He filled my little pussy until it leaked out of me” Her voice was hypnotizing me.

“Mom…Oh God” I trembled, feeling the lust growing in my belly, she was driving me insane.

“But then, I didn’t need to worry about it, she sucked every drop right out of my cunt.” Her hot voice was against my ear.

If my mother was trying to seduce me, goal reached. I was quivering and shaking with the same hunger I had felt that day with my father. Then, her words sank into my lust hazed brain.

“Oh God, a woman…ate…oh fuck.” My voice was strangled.

“Baby, there is nothing like drinking a nice wet pussy” my mother whispered. “In fact, I’m a little thirsty right now.”

“Mom…oh God…mom” I gurgled as I watched her slowly kneel in front of me.

I had my back pressed against the sink and could only stare as she slowly raised my dress. When my soaked panties came into view, I wanted to move away, first my father, now her. But, I stood rooted to the spot.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” a soft moan came out of my lips as her hot mouth closed over my panty clad pussy.

“Mmmmmm” I heard mom hum as I felt her tongue drag along my cloth covered lips.

As soaked as I was I knew she could taste me even through the thin fabric. I felt her fingers curl in the gusset of my panties, then slide the cloth over my swollen wet lips. Jesus, she wouldn’t, I thought.

“Mom, what are you doing?” I whispered hoarsely.

“I’m eating your pussy, what does it look like?” God again she was so matter of fact. “It’s been awhile since I had one of these, and if you think I’m going to let this one pass by, forget it.” Her voice literally dripped with uncontained lust.

How could this woman, poised to give me only the second oral sex of my life; be my mother. Then again, my only other time had been on my fathers’ tongue. So how perverted was that.

“Mom…mom…” I started to protest. Then it turned into a gurgling moan as her tongue slid between my burning lips.

“Mommmmmmm” I moaned deep in my throat as a fire ignited in my belly. Fuck, I was lost, the whore had returned and I couldn’t stop it.

My hands shot down and gripped the sides of her head as she buried that tongue nice and deep. God was she ever right; what I had thought was the most perfect oral at the hands of my father, was dwarfed by what was happening between my thighs right now.

I shook and trembled as slurping filled the kitchen. I looked down and saw slick cream coating my mothers’ face, my cream; and it only fueled the fire in my belly.

“OH fuck yesssssss” I groaned as my belly rolled with pleasure. “Eat that pussy mom, eat your slut daughter” I gasped.

“You like momma eating your wet cunt baby?” Mom looked up at me. God I thought filth poured sefaköy escort out of me. Mom was a natural.

“Oh Jesus…Oh God, don’t stop” I begged. “I’m so close.” I whimpered.

“Then cum for me baby” mom’s husky voice reached up to me.

Before I could react, mom rammed two manicured fingers up into my tight hole, and I mean fucking deep. That was all it took; my head rolled back, my eyes following suit as my belly spasmed

“Oh fuck, gonna cum.” I grunted.

My mothers’ fingers pumped in and out as her hot mouth closed over my engorged clit. The tongue lashing she gave my clit was like nothing I had ever felt before.

My knees threatened to buckle, making me reach back and grip the sink edge with one hand. The other hand was reaching out to find the dish cloth, and stuff it into my mouth to stifle my screams of raw pleasure.

“Mmmmppffffffffffff” I howled into the cloth as my hips jerked hard.

My pelvis ground against moms’ face as the freight train slammed home. I wanted to watch this new sight, but couldn’t focus my eyes as my orgasm tore through me. Ten feet from my husband and father, and I was humping my mothers’ face like some wanton hussy.

“Nnnnggggggggggggg” I groaned as a second wave ripped through me.

I knew a river was pumping out of my body, I kept expecting to hear it splatter to the kitchen floor. Instead, I heard the most obscene swallowing sound as my mother drank every drop of my cream.

Jesus, she wasn’t letting a drop go to waste as the waves coursed through me. With a final shudder, I felt my body start to relax, my eyes refocused as I watched mom rise to her feet in front of me.

I gasped as I felt those two fingers still buried inside me do a lazy circle. Every time her nails scraped over that sensitive spot, my hips jerked and my belly squeezed tight. I was fucking horny as hell and had just come like a fire hydrant into my mothers’ mouth.

“You know what the problem with getting your pussy eaten is?” my mother asked softly.

I could only stare back at her glistening slick face and shudder with the movement of her fingers.

“It’s like an appetizer” her husky voice filled my ear. “It makes you want a nice…hard…cock…even more.”

“Yes…please…more…” I could only whimper back. “Oh fuck” I grunted as her thumb strummed over my clit.

“Does my girl want a hard dick” she egged my fried brain on.

“Yes…please momma…” God it was like I was a begging little girl again.

“How’s the game?” Mom’s loud voice startled me.

“Just hit halftime” I heard dad’s voice call back.

“Good, time for the half time show.” Mom yelled back. With a wicked smile she led me towards the door to the living room.

“Please…no…Dan…” I tried to find coherent words, but my body was still having aftershocks from her fingers and tongue.

“Oh don’t worry baby” Mom whispered in a lust filled voice. “I think Dan might just be a little too busy to object.” I stared at moms’ face, no longer wearing that goofy smile, this time it had a broad, wicked grin as she pushed open the door and began leading me into the living room.

The next few moments in the living room was like I was watching someone else. My mother slowly drew me from the doorway to the kitchen across to the couch where my father was sitting.

The entire journey I was naked as the day I was born, only this time my juices were dripping down my inner thighs like liquid heat. By the time I had reached the edge of the couch, the huge lump in my father’s pants was more than evident.

I could see Dan sitting in the recliner and the look on his face, Oh my God. I saw shock and confusion in his eyes. I couldn’t even form words as shame filled my face. Now even my husband knew what a slut I had become.

My father took in the scene before him, and I don’t know how but he seemed to almost communicate without words with my mother. Maybe it was me, the totally nude and quaking; or the slick shine all over my mothers’ face from all the cream I had pumped out over her.

Either way, I watched in almost horror as without a word, Dad raised his hips off the couch and slid his light summer shorts off, throwing them to the side. My eyes immediately locked with that raging hard pole between his thighs, and I felt a wave of heat course through me.

I couldn’t even look at my husband as I found myself standing in front of my father, but I could hear his strangled voice as he tried to form words off to my side.

My father silently held out his arms to me, with a soft smile; my mother pressing on my bare back urging me forward. My eyes never left that thick stalk as I slowly climbed onto the couch on my knees, straddling his thighs.

Straddling my father I looked up into his lust filled eyes, and then back down between my spread thighs where dad held his cock upright in his tight grip, with that angry swollen head was only inches from my dripping opening.

“Daddy…” I softly mewled.

My silivri escort father reached up and laid one hand on the curve of my hip, while the other molded around my aching breast. I eased down gently, feeling that swollen head nestle between my soaked lips. God I was past wanting and deep into needing his hard cock.

“Just fuck me baby.” He whispered back. I couldn’t have stopped if I had wanted to, and I simply didn’t want to.

“FFFUUCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK” I screamed as I dropped my full weight down, feeling his dick ram straight up into me.

I felt first the swollen head split my lips open, and then inches of hard throbbing cock drive deep into my belly. Before I had even fully seated myself on his, my juices were already coating his belly from my first orgasm.

I could feel his shaft throb along my walls as my body adjusted to his girth, God now this was fucking, I thought. I began to lightly bounce up and down, listening to the wet sucking noises as his cock slid in and out.

“Lydia…” I heard a strangled voice off to my side.

Turning my head, I could see the shock on Dan’s face as he watched his loving wife ravage herself on her father’s cock; but I couldn’t stop.

“Fuck me dad” I grunted. “Fuck me so damn good” I gasped.

Just as I felt my father grip my hips to start pounding up into me, I heard my mothers’ raspy voice commanding my husband.

“On your feet son” she told him.

“What?” Dan was in shell shock as events rapidly took over in that small living room. The smell of sex was permeating the entire room as the wet slap of my ass against Dads’ thighs echoed out.

“You heard me, on your damn feet.” My mother was firm and strong. If there was an alpha female, right then she was it.

I turned my head and watched my husband rise from the recliner in a daze. In a flash, my mother was on her knees in front of him. Oh my God, was my mother really go to go through with this?

As Dan’s jeans slid over his hips, I watched his hard cock spring into view. That long but slim torpedo was rock hard and a drop of pre cum oozed from the tip. Did watching his father-in-law fuck his wife turn him on, I wondered.

Dan glanced down as cool air washed over his groin, his eyes widening at the sight in front of him.

“Mommahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Dan moaned as with a wet slurp my mother slammed her hot mouth over his hard cock.

“Yessssssssssssss” I hissed as I shoved my ass down harder on my father, driving to drive his cock as deep as it would go.

“Suck those balls dry” I heard my father call out encouragement.

“I would rather fuck yours dry” I growled as I began to pick up the pace.

Even as I fucked down hard onto my father, I watched as my mother devoured my husband to the root right beside me. Fuck, it was the hottest sight I could ever remember seeing, and it made my juices boil.

“That woman can suck cum out of a dead man” my father said. “Better hang on son” he told Dan.

“You better hang on old man” I hissed at him.

Reaching up I gripped his bare shoulders, my nails digging into his skin. I began to bounce faster and harder on his pulsing cock. I could feel my pussy cream soaking his cum filled balls under me, cum I wanted deep inside me.

“Come on you bastard, fuck me” the filth started pouring out of me. “Pound me…slam me…come on” I grunted.

My father took control at just the right moment, I felt his hands grip on my hips and then he began to piston his hips up into me.

“Yessssss….fuck meeeeeeeeeee” I wailed as another orgasm tore through me. “Cummunninngggg” I moaned as my belly spasmed.

“Fucking tight” my dad grunted as my walls slammed down on him.

Then I heard the most obscene thing I could ever have imagined as Dan cried out from beside me. Turning, I could only stare in wonder and watch as my juices gushed out over my father.

“Lydia…mom…Oh God” Dan panted. “Oh My Goddddddddddddddd” Dan moaned in surrender.

I turned and watched as moms’ mouth slid almost off his cock, capturing just the swollen head in her hot mouth. My eyes grew wide as I watched Dan’s shaft jerk once, then twice, and a third time.

I watched moms’ throat muscles working as she swallowed my husbands’ hot load. Fuck, just like me she didn’t waste a single drop and he pumped his cum out.

I was startled back when Dad shifted on the couch, sliding me to the side. With a wet pop his cock came free from my hungry hole. I knew better than to protest this time, I simply shifted around as he guided my body until I was kneeling on the couch cushion, holding onto the back; my bare ass jutting out behind me.

The next thing I knew mom was right beside me, sliding into the same position on the couch. I watched as she reached back and slid her sun dress over the curve of her ass.

“Come on big boy” Mom cajoled Dan. “Show me what you’ve got.” She wiggled her ass at my husband.

In a haze Dan waddled to the edge of the couch, his pants still bunched around his ankles. I would have laughed at the sight except that Dad chose that moment to feed every inch of his cock back into me.

“Dadddddddddddd” I moaned as I felt that delightful filling sensation again.

“Unnngggggggggg” Mom moaned beside me; and I knew Dan was feeding her his cock at the same moment.

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