Mart 12, 2021

Never Forget_(0)

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I knew that I was in trouble when I finally called her.. Her voice was cold and sharp drawing me in and making me listen to her short snaps. Her words made me still and they cut against my ear like a sharp blade. I am careful not to speed to her house, getting pulled over now is just about the worst thing that could happen. Being tardy is what got me into this dilemma in the first place. I knew I was in for a big punishment tonight after standing her up for dinner. I promised to take her somewhere nice but I got side tracked with my friends and totally forgot. until I got in my car and saw my phone. Her missed calls. Her unanswered texts. It all came back to me. We were going to have a nice night out on the town. Something that we don’t get to do very often. We both go to school full time and have jobs on top of that. Its winter break and we both finally have a little more time. I cursed myself for being so forgetful. I knew that she will have gotten all dressed up. She was so excited for tonight. But now I know that tonight, though still amazing will be hard to get through. She will make sure of that.
When I pull up to her house i can see her silhouette through the curtains moving about in her kitchen. When I get closer to the door I can hear the music she is playing. Some kind of crazy bass dropping songs that she likes to dance to when she is alone. Sometimes I will spy on her and its strange how she loses herself. Dancing with no rhyme or reason and for no one but herself to watch her. I allow myself to look at her through the window for a moment while she goes about the kitchen like a real life Tasmanian devil. I unlock the door and step into her home. I see a dark purple dress on the couch and a pair of tights close by and a pair of heels. It must have been what she was wearing tonight I had never seen the dress before.. She would have looked lovely wearing that tonight but now I might never get that privilege of seeing her in such a stunning outfit. I walk around the corner so she can see me. She stops in her tracks and stops her music. I can feel her gaze on me. She controls me and I have no choice but to listen to her. My mistress, my Goddess, my owner.
She walks over to me her bare feet tapping the tile while she walks. She is wearing baggy red sweats and a tight old T shirt. The sight of her is still amazing and I feel myself getting hard. Just the sight of her and all the things she has in store for me tonight makes my blood rush a little faster. She sees my eyes wandering and then I see her icy gaze. I love to look my master in her eyes. She is so God damn sexy!
“What the fuck are you looking at bitch?! You have lost that privilege.” She snaps. My eyes dart quickly to the floor and I nod my head.
“I’m so sorry mistress. I lost track of time. Please Amanda, let me look at you.” I whimper. It gives way to my demeanor being strong and muscular I can easily take her down if I wanted but I am putty in her hands. I am her slave.
“How dare you call me by my name. You have lost that privilege as well.” She says. Her words as sharp as a blade once again. She knows exactly how to turn me on. She throws something at me. “Put in on whore.” Its my collar. The new one she got me not to long ago. Sharp spikes all around. I size it up and fasten it around my neck as whisper I’m sorry mistress over and over and over. She links my collar to a chain and starts leading me down the hallway to her bedroom. I keep my eyes down and follow her feet. However instead of going to her room as I predicted she takes a left turn into her master bathroom. She chained me to the curtain rod and demanded me to strip. I did as she said I took off my jacket and jeans. As I took off my boxers I dared to look at her to see if she was looking at how huge my dick had gotten. She was turned around taking off her makeup in the mirror. I can’t take off my shirt without taking off my collar. Shit. She won’t care. “Whats the hold up I said strip. Don’t you want to obey your master?” She says not even glancing in my direction through the mirror.
“I can’t take off my shirt without taking off the collar mistress. What do you want me to do master?” I knew it was a stupid thing to say as it rolls off my tongue I wish I could take it back. She spins on her heel and looks straight at me making me gasp. Her eyes staring at me so intensely and her hands on her hips. She is a woman that knows how to take control.
“That bahis firmaları sound like a personal problem to me. I want one not the other” She crosses her arms. “Figure it out.” I figure it out quickly. She loves my arms. My strength and my inability to use it on her. I could turn my entire body into muscle and it would render me useless when I was with her. My submissive behavior would get the better of me. I know what she wants and I make sure not to look upset that I’m ripping apart my new shirt. She can see my naked body in front of her and I see a small smile creep onto her face. Now shower. Call for me when you’re finished. With that she leaves the bathroom and disappears around the door. I start the shower and step in using the body wash and shampoo she keeps for me here. My mind is buzzing with my thoughts about her and my cock is hard as can be but I don’t dare touch it. She will know. When I lather up my body i’m careful not to linger at my crotch or slip a finger into my ass. I rinse off and turn off the water. There is no towel. I call out for her
“Mistress…” I expect to hear her footsteps right away. Coming to fetch me but after a long silence I call to her again. A little louder and I can hear the thick layer or desperation that accompanies it. She knows that I am desperate. desperate for her touch for her hands to trace the outline if my abs. I am desperate for her hand to travel down my body past my abs and to my hard dick but I know that this is not a romantic evening she has planned for me. Not any more that is.
“I heard you the first time slut.” She is right outside the bathroom door. I wish I could see her. I want to see her so badly. “Put this on.” She says and her arm curves around the corner and tosses me a torn up piece of fabric. I recognize it immediately. I was right I’ll never get to see her in that amazing dress. “Use it as a blindfold” she instructs. I hold it in my hands for a moment before i tie it behind my head. Not a minute later I hear her footsteps patting the tile floor of the bathroom. My breath is hot and gets heavy. There is something about being blindfolded. It makes me crazy. I have no idea what to expect or what’s going to happen. It really brings me into the moment. The here and now. I listen closer and I know she is taking the chain down from the curtain rod. I jump as she makes her first contact with me of the night. A hand to my ass a loud *smack* echos through the bathroom. My cheek stings. Again her hand comes down on my ass. My other cheek burns now too and I know i deserve this. My breath is staggered and i bend over for her.
“Thank you master. Thank you master.” Six more slaps. Three for each cheek. Six more thank yous. Each one meaning more than the last. When I brace myself for more I don’t feel the sharp sting on my ass again but instead i had her feet moving again and when she yanks on my chain I almost fall on my face. She leads me into her room I feel the familiar carpet under my feet and then she pushes me against a wall. She stands on her toes to kiss my neck and her hands are on my waist. My cock is at attention waiting for something that I know will not happen for some time. She kisses down my arm as she pushes it against the wall and then i feel her tighten something around my wrist. My leather cuffs. They are tight but don’t scratch and bruise me like the old cuffs we had. Once I realize what she has done she is already on the other side of my body strapping in my other wrist with another cuff. They have been taken apart in the middle and drilled into the wall. There is little give in my restrains i realize when I struggle lightly against them. Her hands leave my body and I whimper. I want nothing more than her touch.
“Whats the matter slut?” Do you want to touch me or something? You think you deserve that?” She demands my answers but my answers will never be enough. My words that beg for forgiveness but she will not give it to me.
“Please forgive me master I am so sorry. It wont happen again. Ill be a good boy Ill be a good sex toy. Ill be your fuck doll. Please my goddess forgive me. I beg you. Please please touch me again. Please make me your bitch. I want you to play with your toy. I’m a good toy master. Please play with me! I’m sorry for being a bad boy. Ill be better. Ill listen. I’m begging you master!” I’m panting when I feel a hand on my chest. Its cold against my skin and i melt for her. I smile as kaçak iddaa she touches me but it fades as she speaks.
“I waited for you. Tonight was supposed to be special and you forgot about it. About me.” She let me know how hurt she was by my negligence and my heart is torn. Her hand disappeared from my chest and is replaced by something colder than her hand that makes me flinch. It melts on my skin and runs down my body. Its cold and I try to back away from it but she presses it harder into my chest sending the cold deeper into my body. She runs the ice against my chest and then down my abs. The ice is even colder now as it melts to the more sensitive parts of my body. My muscles tighten and then she grips the ice in her fist letting the chill drops plop onto my erection. I moan loudly for her. “Do you want me to grab your dick with my ice cold hand?”
“Yes Mistress! Please please grab my dick. I want you. I need you to.” I can already feel her fingers grabbing a hold of it but its only in my imagination in reality it does not happen. instead I feel a slight sting as she decides instead to slap my dick around a little then in a quick motion i feel something in my ass it stings a little from the sudden entry but its one of my smaller but plugs so my ass adjusts quickly and I let out a deep moan and relax a few of my muscles. My body still dripping from the showed allowed her to get it in so easily. I wanted more.
“You’re going to be a good slut tonight and you’re gonna take it like the whore you are.” Her words are cold again and the guard she had let down only moments before was back up. She had plans for tonight and wasn’t going to let her hurt feelings get in the way of it. I nod frantically.
“Yes yes mistress. You can do whatever you like to me. I’m your slut, your little fuck doll. I’m only here to pleasure you my goddess.” I scramble for my words as she moves the ice back up my torso and along my arms. She unhooks the first restraint and as she shifts to take off the next restraint i feel her him brush the tip of my dick and I make a mistake. I move my hand to put it on her hip. As soon as I feel her smooth skin I just as quickly feel a slap against my arm and she grabs my collar and throws me on the bed. I am only more aroused now. Knowing she is either naked or at the very least not wearing a top and low cut jeans. I don’t think she was wearing pants. I felt her knees when she was kissing my neck but she had used her elbows to keep us from touching too much. She pulls up my hips and I am forced back into the moment. My head is buried in her mountain of pillows and my ass is in the air. I had her turn on a vibrator. She puts it on my skin. Its freezing! Did she just stick everything in the freezer tonight or something?! I Let my body relax against the cold and she creeps the cold steel vibrator closer to my ass.
“What do you want whore?” She demands
“I want that freezing vibrator in my ass! I want it so bad. Please put it inside me mistress.” but to my surprise she instead takes the cool vibrator away and snatches the plug out of me and its almost instantly replaced by something strange and foreign. It squirts a warm liquid inside of me. “what is that mistress?” I ask after my ass is dripping from whatever she just filled me with.
“wouldn’t you like to know slut” she taunts me and starts moving it in and out of my ass. I feel the ridges on the side and it makes me smile a little.
“A turkey baster?” I ask. She doesn’t answer me with words and instead pulls it out and replaces it with another frozen dildo. “Ahhhh” i scream. Its a larger dildo and she immediately starts to fuck me with it. after a few pounds it starts to warm up and feel better. all the temperatures that are involved tonight makes me feel amazing. she has the little vibrator again and as she plays with it next to my ass i feel a little lube on it. She slides it in slowly letting me adjust to the new toy inside me. It hurts but all I can say is thank you mistress. She flips me over and I gasp. I didn’t realize how hard it was to breath underneath all her pillows and my head crumpled in with her blankets. I’m panting with a vibrator and dildo shoved in ass. I love the feeling. And then I love something even more. Her hand creeping up my thigh. I moan and let her know how much I’m enjoying this.
“If i suck your dick are you going to cum?” She asks. I know she loves to suck my cock and she is very good at it kaçak bahis too. I want it so bad but right now I can’t make her a promise I don’t know I can keep.
“I don’t know mistress” I answer her truthfully and her hand disappears from me again. “No don’t go mistress. I’m sorry. I wont I wont cum I promise. Ill be good please suck my dick. Please I won’t cum. Ill do whatever your want. I feel a pinch on my nipple and it stays Then again on my other nipple. I feel her hands behind my head and my blindfold falls. I almost lose myself when i see her naked before me. round breasts, full ass and curvy hips. I gaze at her and my jaw must have dropped because she shoves a dildo in my mouth.
“Suck bitch” She says and moves the dildo in my mouth. I suck on in ferociously like I want her to do to my dick. “Good boy” She says as she bites her lower lip. “Is that how you would like me to suck on your cock?” I nod my head and gran though the dildo in my mouth. She keeps the dildo in my mouth and starts to pull out the toys in my mouth letting a few more drops of the warm liquid from earlier drip out. It looks like soapy dish water. “You’re going to cum with an empty ass.” She knows how much i love having something in my ass when I cum. It feels so good and now that she has stretched it out it feels even more empty. I want her to put more inside of me. I frown and put but then her hand touches my thigh again and I ignore my emptiness for a moment. She pulls the dildo out from my mouth and I watch her slide it gently into her pussy and she gets on her knees pulling her legs together so she won’t squeeze it out of her tight warm pussy. I love it so much when she allows me to be inside her. She feels so amazing. I know what she wants now.
“Please mistress. Will you suck my cock. Please let me cum in your mouth. Please master suck me off. I want to cum so so bad. Please!!” I can’t contain it much longer with or without her lips engulfing my cock. She knows it too and she can’t resist the satisfaction of her work. She goes down on my cock. It always feels amazing. I want my toys in my ass but I am being punished. I let her lips take me away and I grab the sheets and moan loudly as I fil up her mouth with my cum. “Oh Fuck” I moan and my body goes limp. Suddenly she is on top of me and she puts her lips to mine and spits my cum into my mouth. She plugs my nose and covers my mouth.
“Swallow” She says and I obey. She takes the dildo out of her pussy and it shimmers with her juices and she puts in in my ass. I smile at her and she smiles back. One of my favorite sites. She moves in in and out of me slowly. With her laying next to me and the sensation in my ass again it doesn’t take long for me to get another erection. She finds one of my toys that stays in place that was about the same size as the dildo she just had in me and lets me put it in my ass. She pulls my legs together and climbs on top of me. This must have been what she was planning in the first place. A romantic evening. but then the teasing starts again and she flashes me a wicked smile. She would graze the tip with her lips but never let any part of me slip inside of her. “I don’t know if I can forgive you for forgetting about me tonight.”
“You know how sorry I am please forgive me my goddess” After that it was basically word vomit. I couldn’t hold back I told her about how much i needed her and how much she means to me. That I would be nothing without her and I begged and begged her to for her to forgive me over and over again. I was whimpering and begging for her to stop teasing me. It felt like a lifetime but she finally let herself down on me. She moved slowly and then picked up pace laying her hands on my chest. I hold her hips as she bounces on me and I feel the toy in my ass. This moment is so perfect and I know I need permission to cum. I almost forget and I ask only seconds before exploding. She manages to say yes between her groans and as she feels me cum inside of her she smiles and climbs off of me, she flops on her back to catch her breath and she smiles at me and i turn to look at her. “Thank you so very much mistress.”
“You’re welcome Chris, my slave.” She talks to me sweetly now and pulls the toy out of me. We cuddle and sleep together and I know that she has forgiven me. The next day is her day. She has me all to herself. No distractions. Ill make her know that I’m sorry. Ill buy her a new dress and take her to a fancy dinner for two. She is my world and I know i can’t let her fall by the wayside any longer. I need my master. Without her I am nothing.

The Endish

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