Mart 30, 2021

Neighborly Relations Pt. 16

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PART SIXTEEN A: The Mother of All Parties 1

CHAPTER ONE, Swapping Moms

Elaine Porter lay semiconscious and coated with a glistening layer of semen and mother’s milk on the low bench amid the group of laughing party people. Her mother, Emily, was crouching at her daughter’s pussy, her tongue softly busy, her feet spread wide, buttocks gaping.

Patrice O’Neil watched the loving care with which she brought her daughter pleasure of a more gentle variety than that which she’d just experienced. She got the impression of love from their union, not lust, and she suddenly felt as though the Porter family had found a kind of care for each other that was lacking throughout most of the wide world. It wasn’t just that they wanted to get off with each other (either because they found each other to be amazingly good looking or because the fact of incest itself was a turn on) but because they cared that the other person should feel good. Whether this was indeed the case or not, she couldn’t tell, but that was the impression she got just then. It made her own sex life seem lacking. She, herself, fucked in order to have orgasm and assumed that Jason’s ejaculation meant he was enjoying himself. She’d never thought of how to heighten his pleasure in the way he obvious thought about hers. Not like the Porter family, did, anyway.

Now, she wanted more than ever, to get together with Robert Porter and see if such caring extended past his immediate family. At the moment, Robert was busy with the camera making a record of the mother daughter tableau, another form of care for his daughter’s desires.

As he watched Emily and her daughter, Tillman felt his cock surge to full power again. The sight of Emily’s gaping backside aroused him with the view of her pussy pulled slightly open and her anus fully exposed. He felt like rushing over to caress the older woman’s lovely white butt and rub his cock along the glistening opening of her vaginal slit, but something about the mood of her administrations to her daughter stopped him. It was something that shouldn’t be interrupted.

Still, he wasn’t about to leave such an invitation go unaccepted. Smiling, he searched through the people still downstairs until he’d found Danny talking with Ray Jenkins by the stairs. Tillman’s own mother was seated on a couch not far away. Okay, let’s go.

“Hey, Mom,” he said, taking her hand and pulling her up from the couch. “I told Danny he could have you if I could get with his mama. Can you help me out?” The supposed deal was unnecessary, just a mental addition to make the whole thing seem dirtier.

“What?” His mother laughed, resisting his pull for just a moment. She was dressed only in her thong after the card game, and Tillman would gladly have pulled the garment away and gone down on her if she were to deny his request. “You gave me away?”

“Not permanent,” Tillman said. “Just a trade. Come on.”

She followed him then, shaking her head in the way a mother does when her offspring do something especially odd but somewhat endearing. When they reached Danny, Tillman said, “Here she is Daniel.” He pulled his mother up and put his arm around her shoulder. “As promised.”


“My mom for your mom. Straight trade, right?” Just saying such a thing out loud in front of Ray Jenkins made Tillman’s dick grow painfully hard.

Danny smiled, his own cock twitching and swelling back to life as he looked at Tania Mosswell. “Okay, just a second.” Danny hurried over to were his mother crouched at her daughter’s open pussy and leaned to say something to Emily even as he slipped his hand down to press at the puckered butt hole that had been exposed by her position against the bench. A moment later, he returned with his mother in tow.

“I’m good as my word,” he said. “But I’m just making delivery. I’m not saying how long she’ll stick around.”

Both mothers were laughing now, Tania saying, “We’ve got quite the little businessmen here, don’t we?”

“I don’t recall being asked about this exchange,” Emily said. She wiped the back of her hand at the cum on her cheeks.

“I don’t see where we have any choice.” Tania walked over to stand beside Danny. “I’d hate to make my Tillman look like a liar. And I’d especially hate to ruin his fun.”

“Well okay,” Emily said. “If he’s half as good as his father, well . . . I guess I’m fine with this.” She grasped Tillman’s cock and pulled, leading him away from the others and over to a corner where she had seen Ralph refocusing the camera after her daughter’s Bukkake premiere. She felt like having a permanent record of this event.

Tania took Danny in hand in a similar manner and led him upstairs, and Danny allowed his new MILF plaything to take him where she would.

Robert remained at his daughter’s side and shot a loving pan over her glistening body where she lay half asleep on the bench. Except for her nostrils and mouth, her face was covered in a drying mask of cum, and her body was glazed by a more liquid mixture of ejaculate and mother’s milk that had run or been smeared istanbul rus escort around to coat her all the way down into her curly tufts of red pubic hair. He didn’t disturb her but just made a record of her condition. Someday, she might want to look back on the day that she got everything in her dreams.

“Boy, I wanted to fuck you since I first met you,” Tillman was saying to Emily when Robert took the camera over to shoot them on their couch. He was kneeling before her with her legs up over his shoulders and his face buried in her glorious snatch. Emily already looked half out of it from the sensations radiating out from his tongue.

“Do you think of me and masturbate?” she asked.

“Oh, hell yes!”

“Can I come over and watch you some day?” She asked because the idea inflamed her and brought her orgasm on faster, but she would go in a minute if asked. Wouldn’t that be something to knock at the door and tell Tania or Robert that she had come to watch their son masturbate.

“Oh, please. Every day. Well, no, every other day,” he amended, looking up into Emily’s eyes. “Cause I’d want to fuck you ever other day, too.”

“Sounds fair.” Emily released a shuddering sigh, and her husband knew she was on the verge of a big one. He only hoped that Tillman was ready for what he was about to unleash.


Patty Trent had found Sharon Cassidy and her husband at the back of the laughing group in conversation with each other. “Don’t be antisocial,” she said. “I sent my husband off to get laid. Let’s us go fool around.”

“I’d love to,” Albert said, bowing slightly. “But I’m afraid I need a bit more recharge time than some of the younger fellows here. I’m planning on going back home to take over the baby-sitting for awhile. However, I do think you should take my lovely wife off on her own adventure.”

“Oh, Al, don’t be like that,” Sharon said. “Laurel can wait another few minutes.”

“I’m not being like anything at all,” he said, smiling. “I just think that you should roam free. The boys aren’t exactly sticking with family, are they?”

“Well, I guess the only time I’ve seen them was just a couple minutes ago with Elaine,” Sharon agreed. “Still, I’d really like to swing with you rather than alone.”

“Just by definition you can’t swing alone,” he said. Then he grinned, somewhat wistfully. “Besides, if I should happen to run into Cathy Burton, and if my pecker should revive and she’s agreeable, I might dip my wick once more on the way out the door. Unless, of course, you think I should take you along for that ride.”

“No, come ride with me,” Patty said. “We’ll see what kind of trouble I can get you into.”

“You are set with your protection, aren’t you?” Albert asked his wife.

“Oh, yes, dear.” She was referring to the diaphragm she wore to insure that her next child would, indeed, be the family’s proper offspring. “I’m ready to go.”

“Well, then, you should go off with this lovely woman and I’ll make my way home via what ever route I might find.”

“Okay, you win.” Sharon laughed and kissed him passionately. “I’ll come to baby-sit in an hour or so.”

“No, send the boys,” he said. “They might think they can keep it up forever, but I think they’ll find that a period of rest will help.”

Albert walked off then, and Sharon turned to Patty, saying, “I am at your mercy.”

Patty immediately grabbed her in a tight embrace and kissed her. “You bet you are,” she said, leading her away with the party-goers who were beginning to filter back upstairs.


Tania Mosswell led Danny out to the back yard, where she stopped and stood quietly with her feet together and arms outstretched just a bit from her body. Her body was a work of art composed of curves and shadows that were both softly alluring and firmly muscled at the same time. She didn’t say anything but stood watching Danny’s cock bobbing in front of him urgently.

“Well, I guess . . .” Danny didn’t know what he intended to say. He hadn’t expected to be tongue-tied with his friend’s mother, but he was. He was used to women who dove into a sexual experience with equal ardor, not someone who stood waiting for him to make the first move.

“I guess you should get busy,” Tania said with a sly smile.

“Yes, well, I don’t know,” he admitted. “What do you want to, you know?”

“It’s up to you.” Tania spoke with conviction now, knowing that he would need a bit of explanation about her desires in this matter. “I appear to be at your disposal,” she said. “I don’t think I have any real say in the matter.”

Tania wasn’t a submissive type of woman. She liked to take an equal role in any sexual play, but sometimes her choice was to exercise her equal role by handing her decisions over to her partner. That was her preference right now. She didn’t expect that this youth would be ready to follow her lead all the way to the near rape his father had done, but she did expect him to take some kind of command.

“I don’t know what you mean,” Danny admitted. kadıköy escort

“You and my son traded mothers,” Tania said. “I know Tillman isn’t being shy right now, and I know you’re not really shy, either. All I’m saying is that you can do whatever you wish with or to me, and tell me to do what ever you want me to do with whatever words suit your purpose. I have no intention of turning you down or stopping you or even making any suggestions. I want you to let your dirty little mind wander where it will. I want you to use me as your plaything, because that’s essentially what you and Tillman arranged by treating your mothers like commodities.”

That didn’t sound good, and Danny’s cock began to loose some steam as he pondered her remark. Tania saw the wilting effect and smiled.

“Sorry,” she said. “I’m a professor, so I tend to get all academic sometimes. What I mean to say is this. Fuck me, white boy, and don’t bother worrying about what pleases me. I’ll be your bitch, so just please yourself. I bet I’ll be plenty pleased along the way.”

Now he understood, and his cock showed his comprehension. He also understood that it would be a whole lot easier to treat her that way if she were white. Racial politics sure could mess up sex.

Danny forged past his misgivings, moving up to kiss her soft lips, probing with his tongue while sliding his arms around her body and holding her to him. His cock pressed up flat against her belly, their warmth mingling to a greater heat between them. She held him in return, kissed him with equal passion, and rotated her hips slightly against his leg.

Feeling the pressure of her wet pussy against him, Danny moved his hands down to grasp her buttocks in both hands and slide his fingers between them. He wanted to touch her over her entire body before he did anything else. He wanted to memorize her curves and bury his face in her hair and experience of her exterior beauty before allowing any part of his body to probe inside of her.

Yes, he knew instinctively that she wanted to be taken like a heroine in an old romance. Yes, he would do just that. But first, if he were to do as he wished, he wanted to reach that point slowly so that they would both be about ready to explode from their mutual need.


Tillman had found a sexual animal beneath Emily Porter’s businesslike exterior. Her orgasm, prompted by his probing fingers and dancing tongue, exploded in a thigh clamping, hair pulling release for which he wasn’t completely prepared. He’d seen the video of Emily and her husband, but he hadn’t realized the intensity of Emily’s orgasms first hand. She left him gasping for breath when she finally released her hold on his head.

Tillman fell back to the floor, watching Emily’s pussy contracting at the end of her climax, her labia undulating slowly. God, that was nice.

“That all you wanted?” his friend’s mother asked him, a carnal light in her eyes. “You wanted to give me head?”

“Yeah, I’ll give you head,” he said, urgently. He stood between her legs, lifted them, and then pressed his hard cock against her wet slit. “This head.” He slammed himself into her and was rewarded by a gasp of pleasure. “This head is going to give you a shot of creamy goodness.”

“Promises,” she gasped. “Promises.” And then she closed her eyes and let another orgasm over take her.

As with his father, Tillman’s cock was thicker than those of the Porter boys. Tillman was about the same length as her home-grown cocks, but the extra thickness stretched her cunt just enough to alert all of her nerve endings to impending delight. And, when she looked down to where he held her elevated against his body and slammed his cock home, she found that she loved the contrasting color of his dark cock moving between her pale legs. She resolved right then to shave her pussy completely so as to see that contrast more completely as he moved between her vaginal lips.

“I want your whole family,” Emily said, impulsively. “You and your brother and daddy all at once.”

“That can be arranged,” Tillman said, imagining the sight of three strong black cocks penetrating this fine woman at the same time.

Tillman loved the contrast between them, too, though he found Elaine’s freckled whiteness to be an even bigger turn-on. Emily’s appeal was in her motherhood and the substantial feeling of her body along with the experience of her age. He’d already found out from his mother that experience makes a big difference in sex, and he was planning to concentrate his cock on the older women in the neighborhood. Except for Laurel, of course. He wasn’t sure about love, but Elaine wasn’t wrong in thinking that he’d been awfully attracted to the new girl on the block. After giving Emily Porter the squirt she deserved, Tillman planned to conserve his semen and wait for the lovely Laurel Cassidy to arrive.

Right now, however, the hot confines of Emily Porter’s forty-two year-old pussy were convulsing around his nineteen year-old cock, and he was closer than ever kartal escort to heaven.


Patty and Sharon were dressed in rather demure underwear. Neither thong nor bikini cut, their panties were regular, low rise briefs. There was a kind of gentle, neighborly sexuality in that look, an unplanned and natural look that caught men’s attention easily. Neither wore a bra, allowing everyone a direct comparison between Patty’s heavy, full breasts and Sharon’s milk laden ones. Both were large, of course, but Sharon’s had more of a long, hanging quality than Patty’s did, and so they offered a variety of beauty as they walked through the house laughing together.

Patty was very much interested in how Sharon’s nipples were able to produce milk seemingly at will. She couldn’t keep her hands away from them but kept trying to produce a spray of the motherly liquid, while Sharon kept swatting her hand away.

“Why didn’t you join the milk brigade hosing Elaine down?” she asked, thinking that she’d be first in line to show off such a skill. Of course, it wasn’t really a skill, and she probably didn’t want to waste the milk since she had a nursing baby at home.

“It’s kind of embarrassing,” Sharon said.


“I mean, there’s nothing sexy about it, is there? I wouldn’t pee in public,” she said.

“Why not?” Patty laughed. “Okay, I’m just kidding. But I think you’re wrong, babe. Don’t your men like a little taste now and again?”

“Sure, but they’re family.”

“Okay, let’s take a survey,” Patty suggested. Then, seeing Robert Mosswell and his oldest sun entering the kitchen from the dinging room with glasses of wine, she called out, “Hey, guys, would you trade those nice glasses of wine for a taste of Sharon’s home brew?”

“What?” the two men approached, their penises swaying half hard behind the fabric of their boxers. Patty squeezed Sharon’s breast lightly, producing a fine spray of milk. Robert laughed while his son’s jaw dropped. “Sure,” Robert said, holding his glass out to Patty.

“Shit,” was all Robert Jr. could manage to say.

“See?” She took the glasses from both men and handed one to Sharon. “Looks like we’ve made a trade. Grape for tit sounds fair. Should we find someplace more comfortable?”

Sharon laughed as the men each took an arm and led her into the living room. She was seated on an arm chair and the elder Mosswell knelt at her side and took her breast in hand immediately. His son watched, fascinated, as his father suckled at the white breast, and then he knelt to take the other breast into his tentative grasp.

Sharon’s eyes had drifted shut as Robert sucked at her teat, and her mouth fell open in a soft sigh when the second pair of lips attached to the other. She held her glass out for Patty to take it away, and then she held both men’s heads against her chest, stroking them as she sighed in pleasure.

“Why don’t you get some pussy too, Bobby?” Robert suggested. “I bet that tastes sweet, too.”

Robert Jr. wasn’t ready to leave the warm flow of milk that was filling his mouth just then, and Robert Sr. made no move in that direction, either. Patty kicked back one of the glasses of wine and then put them aside and knelt between Sharon’s legs. She grasped the waistband of her underwear and tugged, working her hands around to the back as Sharon lifted her butt and let her pull the garment away.

Patty wasted no time inserting her fingers into Sharon’s wet pussy, and the other woman moaned with pleasure at her touch. She slipped her fingers in all the way, pulling them out glistening with Sharon’s juices as she marveled at the soft, puffy feeling of her pussy. She’d had a child just over a month ago, and her vagina hadn’t returned to its normal tone just yet. She was soft, seeming to be just a bit swollen, and ready to be consumed.

Patty lowered her lips to Sharon’s pussy and licked at the hooded clitoris as she slipped three, and then four, fingers into her hot opening. Sharon reacted by taking in breath in a series of short gasps and clenching the men’s heads against her.

Grinning, Patty slipped her thumb in against the palm of her hand and inserted her fingers again, pushing slowly until the base of her thumb disappeared inside Sharon’s body. Sharon swallowed, gasped, and moaned as her eyes flickered. Patty pushed her entire hand inside of Sharon’s pussy, and brought forth an immediate reaction.

Sharon cried out, “Oh, geee-oood!” She gasped and moaned and bucked her hips against Patty’s hand so hard that the Mosswell men were knocked away from her breasts. “Shit,” she cried out. She reached down to hold Patty’s wrist in place, humping herself on the hand submerged in her wet cunt while the two men hurried out of their shorts and approached the two women eagerly.

Patty looked up at the younger of the two. “You’re Robert Jr. right?”

“Call me Bobby,” he said. “Saves confusion.”

“Fine. Fuck me Bobby. Okay? Can you do that?”

Bobby Mosswell knelt behind Patty without a word and rubbed his cock against the soft white flesh of the woman’s round butt. He loved the way her flesh flowed around the head of his cock, loved the way he fit in the crevasse of her ass. And, oh yes, he loved the feeling of her hot cunt around his cock when he slipped it into her and began pumping against her soft, jiggling buttocks.

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