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Naughty Nun

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In a small United States controlled province called Cascadian is a little known operated Christian University. It is called St. Decapolis. This university exists on a plantation that educates dedicated individuals who seek to fulfill lifelong goals of either becoming a minister, Servants of Dogma (the equivalence of a nun), or a missionary.

The unique campus setting has been run by Dogma nuns for the last 95 years. As a religious based college soaked heavily in prayer, masses, and other institutional traditions its population consists of 5,000 students. 60% are women and 40% are male students.

St. Decapolis was founded on a deep seated faith that humanity must give of themselves to the less fortunate individuals and organizations of this world. Mainly a Liberal Arts college, it is an accredited university that has the highest standards. It is extremely difficult to become enrolled in their programs.

This university isn’t open for everyone and it isn’t for everyone. Students have to show and prove that they come to serve under the principles and guidelines of its motto. They are stringent guidelines and have the highest expectations of any Christian based university.

In 1996, an unlikely phenomenon occurred that never happened in the history of that educational institution. One teacher broke the number one standard of the moral codes. That teacher unfortunately became personally involved with a struggling student.

After months and months of investigation, the accounts have been told in a series of articles and eventually were written into a book for those who didn’t read the articles.

75% of the teaching staff at the University of St. Decapolis consists of the Dogmatic Sisters. One of those nuns was personally ‘violated’ as reports went by a misguided student that became overwhelmed by her presence, personality, and ‘attractive’ appearance. In his own belief and growing thoughts, that student derived mushrooming impractical ideas he created for himself about the Dogmatic nun.

Having one of the toughest curriculums in the entire world in Liberal Arts, the young man struggled his first two years and finally sought out help in his third year. Having an undergraduate degree in Business Communications in less then three years from a small college in the Midwest, this student felt a calling to missionaries.

“Mr. Chapman, I appreciate that you’ve come out and admitted you’ve struggled with this class. It’s time you and I go over these economics principles so that you are able to graduate after next year” said Sister Ann. “This is of the utmost importance that you understand.”

“Yes, yes I know” Jeff Chapman replied. He always acted as if he understood. He always felt as if that was his best line of offense or defense. “Okay I’m ready Sister.”

He sat in front of the desk as she read over material and asked him his understanding and definitions. He’d listen, look at the book, and every so often peek at her and her upper body to see if there was any definition through her large nondescript sweater she wore.

If a nun was not in her assigned habit, which always was a safe line of defense against undesirable thoughts and bad ideas, it was safe to wear something along the lines that Sister Ann wore. The drawback was that it was an ungodly hot climate on this southern plantation. Hence the sweaters were thin but large in nature. They covered up any physical aspects of a nun’s body to preserve ideas that could be decadently misconstrued.

“Now Jeff, will you to write down the six principles I read to you and I want the definitions written below them.” She wasn’t stern in her request at least not in her opinion and he never once took it that way. “Once you complete it, give me a synopsis of each please.”

Trying to concentrate on her request, all he saw was a woman, 6 to 7 years older then him he believed but in reality she was only a couple of years his senior. Jeff was 26 when he was accepted and Sr. Ann was only 29.

She appeared to be older due to how she kept herself. Never wearing any makeup, and with her hair pulled back into a tight bun, her only gift physically was her soft light brown eyes. However those eyes were windows to her ‘soul’ he always idealized.

Scared he would make a mistake as he looked at the pretty nun who never wore anything but flats as shoes, always wore long skirts down below her knees she only endorsed a conservative moral life. He looked and looked for signs of physical beauty while working at the black board behind her.

All along Jeff felt a compelling attraction to her and as he felt that, he also felt guilty that he did. He’d go to church, kneel and pray for guidance, but felt he didn’t come away with an answer to his dilemma.

He knew she was the one he desired. He knew it was not right to be attracted to a nun of the Dogmatic order. A man doesn’t become attractive to this ultra conservative group. They just don’t. There isn’t anything in the orders behavior which would substantiate casino şirketleri immoral ideas or anything else that could substantiate amoral thoughts of Christians in the Dogma religion.

It was somehow different with Jeff Campbell. Jeff, even though he came from a fine Midwestern upbringing and even though he went to church himself when he was an undergraduate, he always went to church services to absolve himself of impure thoughts.

But at the black board while getting some help after class, his head turned around frequently. He looked over Sister Ann’s shoulder and see if there was any sign of her thin slender figure and pert breasts distinguishable inside of that large sweater that surrounded her collar.

Everything was covered up he surmised with disappointment but that was for the best he also thought. “I mustn’t think these impure thoughts. She is like a married woman and married to the Dogma.” Nothing he wished he could see was considered physically improper for a Dogmatic nun.

He was confused. He suffered and knew he felt something for her. He could feel it in the pit of his stomach. Nothing else mattered because Jeff Campbell liked her. She was nice. She was pretty even without makeup and fashionable clothing. Her hair, although always pulled into a bun while teaching was always clean and shiny. Her cheeks were sharp and expressive to him. She had great teeth. She had a smile that was even more impressive to him. He even defined her lips as not to full, but perfectly curvaceous. They were modest and eye-catching. “I’d kiss them any old day”, he said often.

He thought to himself almost every evening when he was alone in his dorm, “I like her. She is beautiful. I wish I could have coffee with her or something.”

Once he had told a couple of guys and another girl and all of them thought he was crazy. But he only mentioned it in passing as a fleeting thought. They never suspected a thing.

These were ongoing sessions with Sister Ann. He became increasingly enthralled with the idea he could ‘seduce’ her somehow and have his way with her romantically; but only if she agreed to be involved to some degree or another.

If he failed in an attempt to become intimate with Sr. Ann then his time there was done. He figured if he failed in an attempt to show his feelings and she rejected him, he would immediately be removed from the school and the grounds of course too. What would happen to her as well? Would her teaching be limited? Would her access privileges be removed? Those were questions that didn’t matter but could result in an excommunication from the Dogmatic order.

The session ended again and a burning desire to be close to her grew immensely. He thought his opportunities were becoming less and less. He felt that he became more and more timid after each session ended. She was clueless but she always liked Jeff Campbell as a student and showed respect for him. She was amiable towards him, but she did that with many of the students. There was warmth to her nature that he interpreted as a special friendship. She didn’t give him any special attention.

Standing behind her, she read on or wrote concepts on a tablet of paper. Minding her own business, he continued to look around and down at her. He was consumed by her simple beauty. He hoped she’d succumb to intimate, desirable, or even a sexually oriented interaction with him. He was almost sure she would.

Knowing there was no way to hold them by going inside of her large conservative sweater, he put his chalk down, took a deep breath, turned around, looked at her from the back, and started to reach down towards her shoulders as if he was going to massage them.

Suddenly he stopped and quickly pulled back, grabbed the chalk, and looked at her to ask a question. A fire grew and energy rushed even harder as he craved touching her small lively breasts, as he figured them to be, and energizing her. Not that day he wouldn’t do it unless he developed the guts to follow his desire but next time he would said to himself; “Next time I won’t back down.”

Turning around, she asked “Is everything alright Jeffery? You seem as if you are distracted. Is everything okay?”

“Oh, umm yes I am okay; I just was thinking about something, ummm personal that popped up in my mind and I am trying to rid myself of the thought Sister.”

“Need I ask what it was? Should I talk further of it Jeffery or is it along the lines of school?” She appeared to be worried that she was losing his attention. She did want to know what was on his mind, but if something immoral were passing through it she wanted to at all cost avoid that and reassure him that prayer was the answer to all demonic ideas, including sexual persuasive ones.

Jeffery was a handsome man. She saw his beauty, but thanks to prayer, she avoided any pitfalls. He was a fine looking young man. He had ideal appearance as a young man. Ocean blue eyes, short, light brown wavy hair that highlighted is great cheekbones. He didn’t seem to fit casino firmaları in like many others there. He seemed as if he could be a California boy, but he wasn’t at all.

A smile when he was in a good mood, which was often, brought out his charm. He never worked at his upper body that was chiseled, it simply was a gift he was given. An athlete in days gone by, he was ripped from head to toe but at that college it wasn’t a factor. He wasn’t defined by his physique. He was defined by his intelligence.

The next day came, class ended, and he had no other classes that day. Holiday was that weekend and most students would participate in plantation wide activities that invited the public. Last minute meetings would begin in about three hours. Sister Ann was a chairperson for one of those activities.

Going over the work including that day’s class instruction as well as quickly reviewing previous days work, Jeff was up to speed. He was considering his feelings he had and all the other distractions that made him extremely proud of his accomplishments. She was happy for him too and glad he got his grades up or at least a better understanding of everything.

“I’m so impressed Jeffery. You should be very proud of yourself” Sister Ann proudly exclaimed. Beaming with pride for him, she felt as if a light hug was in order but restricted herself from one.

“Anyways, he isn’t a little boy anymore” she told herself. “No he sure isn’t that and it shows” she further thought. She knew she had to dissolve those ideas quickly.

Jeff was standing at the board while she finished notes and their backs to each other that burning voracious feeling crept within him, growing and exploding and he knew what he felt. He knew what he craved. He knew how much he wanted to ‘be’ with her. Those thoughts overwhelmed him. The ideas controlled him. “No, nobody does something such as that with a nun, nobody does that” he tried to tell himself. His logic was failing him. He liked her. He saw her beauty. “No, she is a nun” he tried telling himself over and over.

The hours he spent with her learning over and over made him develop immoral ideas. Why or how could a man his age get ideas like that about a nun? He couldn’t figure it out. All he knew was she was attractive in her own way and the demeanor which she presented herself made him perceive it as if she secretly desired something. He was wrong.

He turned, she was still writing, and seeing as that day she was in her habit, it did not deter him any longer that despite that fact, he wanted to feel her. He wanted to slowly creep up behind her, lean over, and simply slide his gentle hands down the front of her and grasp her breasts cautiously. He wanted to let her know that he found her exceedingly attractive. He wanted to show her how beautiful she was. It was important that she knew how he felt towards the pretty nun.

Sr. Ann never saw anything coming. Oblivious to his intentions, she was startled when it occurred. Turning around, Jeff looked down at her. He swallowed hard as if a guy doing something unspeakable, which was exactly what he did, for the very first time. Close enough to breathe on her so that she felt his breath, he quickly leaned over but gently laid his hands to rest just below her shoulders and far enough above her chirpy breasts.

Just as he began to slip his hands south as well, Sister Ann pushed her chair to the right, screamed out in a disparaging surprise, she shouted “Jeffery Campbell what are you doing? Jeffery, Jeffery how could you do something as immoral and unethical and sinful against the Dogmatic motto? I am, oh Jeffery, I am, oh I’m so, so at a loss for words Mr. Campbell. How can you do such a thing” she screamed.

Still searching for words, she didn’t cry she only dropped to her knees to pray to her Dogmatic Savior. Reciting verse after verse he saw the error of his ways, stood in disbelief, and knew that day was his last day. He had violated her. He had violated the basic Dogmatic Principles which were established decades ago. Tomorrow he’d be on a plane back to the continental United States. He lost his vision and he failed himself.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry” he said remorsefully. His head dropped knowing he did wrong. He walked out and didn’t even take anything with him.

Forgetting that he left his treasured notebook, handheld, and other important items in his book bag, Jeff Campbell walked towards his dorm room and began to pack.

The dorms had emptied out. Nobody was around. Not a soul was there in the building. He checked to see if any of his close friends were in and the registrar showed everyone signed out for the weekend. He was in despair.

“Oh my, how could I have done such an immoral thing? I am going to be punished. I will be spiritually tortured now.” He stopped halfway that he was packing up, left his room, and headed towards the church to pray. That became important. Two hours later he emerged from the church, headed back sorrowfully, and began packing more. güvenilir casino With boxes full of almost everything, a friend Tanya walked past his room.

“Jeff, why are you packing? What’s going on Jeff? Are you dropping out or leaving school? Please don’t leave Jeff. I know I don’t want you to leave.”

“Umm, I have to Tanya. I can’t tell you why, but I have to.”

She had to know why. She really liked him a lot. He had some different ideas and thoughts but she adored him. She was 22 and found him to be one of the coolest, nicest, and of course finest dudes around. But she liked him very, very much.

“Jeffy, Jeffy as she always called him, I need to know why. You owe me that don’t you?”

“I guess I do Tonny, his pet name for her, but this time I can’t. I can’t tell you what I did.”

“Jeff, what did you do? Who is it Jeff? Did you go against the principles of the University Jeffy? What student, what girl or who did something happen with?”

“Tanya, please you know I like you. We’re good friends. We both know it. Right now I uhhhh, can’t tell you what I did. It’s that bad Tonny!”

“Oh my Savior, I don’t think I want to know, Do I Jeffy? Will I ever know? Someday will you tell me Jeff?”

“I will Tonny, I will. I promise you I will. I have to get ready to leave. Oh darn, I left my bag in the classroom.”

“I’ll get it for you”, said Tanya. She pleaded with him to help him out. She knew something horrible happened and as a friend wanted to console him. “I’ll go and get it. What room Jeff?”

Not thinking he said okay and she ran off and retrieved it. When she got there, Sister Ann was at her desk, head down and praying aloud but softly.

Sister Ann looked up saw Tanya greeted her with a set of eyes that expressed grief and sadness. Tanya saw them and started to deduce what may have happened. She said hi, smiled but left and said goodbye.

She didn’t say a word. Tanya was frighteningly worried because she suspected that Jeff violated Sister Ann. “He violated her, no not Jeffy. Jeffy wouldn’t do that, not my Jeffy.”

Arriving at his room, she gave him his bag. A concerned look appeared in front of him. She was about to ask when he said, “Tonny do not ask me what happened. I am not going to tell you. I am sure I will be permanently suspended and will receive notice tomorrow morning. I can’t and won’t talk about it.”

“Jeffy, I know what you did. You touched her didn’t you? It’s pretty evident that you did. Like me Jeffy, she is a woman, maybe older but she is a woman. We have feelings Jeffy, but she has a conviction to the Dogma. You can’t violate that. That is sinful Jeffy.”

Without thinking, he let it slip in a manner of speaking, “I know, I know Tanya.” Then he realized it. They talked for a while. Tanya blew her friends off. She sat in the locked dorm room with Jeff.

“It’s just that being here, I don’t know, but being here on this place I got confused Tonny; I lost my rationale and let things go askew. I found myself attracted to her.”

“Jeffy, do you like me” Tanya asked. “Do you like Sister Ann still? I mean the way you did earlier?”

“Yeah I like you Tonny. You’re a buddy, you are a good friend.”

“Nooo, Jeffy not like that. I mean do you like me more then a friend?” She looked at him with puppy dog eyes and a smile like she wanted to flirt with him.

“Oh wow, Tanya umm yeah I guess I’ve thought about you like that. But I guess I’ve always thought you never thought about me like that. Plus I’m what, 4 years older, so I kind of figured you umm never would be interested in me. I mean like never Tonny.”

“Jeffy, Jeffy, Jeffy what you don’t know about me, oh I could take weeks, sort of, and tell you things about me.”

“What do you mean by that Tonny? What are you, an online closet porn queen?”

“Hehehe, nah not a chance, I’m just trying to say Jeff that I like you a lot. I’ve always liked you a lot, but you’ve never noticed.”

“No shit Tanya? I always wondered I guess. There was something that clicked in the back of my mind to be honest, but as dumb as I guess I am, I didn’t put two and two together.”

“Umm Jeffy that’s okay, it really is. So tell me do I get to kiss you? Oh and I wanna know about your feelings for Sister Ann too. I mean, that does sound juicier then hell.”

“Tonny, you should know better then to swear.”

“Oh who gives a flying you know what?”

“Hahahahaha, you are funny. That’s what I do like about you Tonny you do throw caution to the wind, don’t you?”

“Well yeah I do, but what about you Jeffy, hell look who’s hitting on a nun? Like get outta town Jeffy, she’s a nun for Saviors Sake!”

He looked at her with remorse. He didn’t feel good at all about what happened because it back-fired big time in his face. He felt the wrath of the Savior would come to pay him back him for bad judgment and immoral behavior.

“Awww Jeffy, Jeffy it is going to be alright. It will be okay Jeffy. I just know it will. Trust me Jeff I know it’s all going to be okay. So when are you going to tell me what happened?”

She gave him a hug and whispered in his ear. After whispering his eyes lit up like flashlights in a dark room. He couldn’t believe what she just asked him.

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