Haziran 8, 2020

My wife has never met a Dick she did not enjoy

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My wife has never met a Dick she did not enjoy
Sunday evening, we had a very impromptu gathering of friends over to our house. We were sitting on the screened porch that is off of our bedroom when one couple stopped. We opened wine, and I brought out a bottle of Crown. As we sat on the small-sized porch, we ended up having two other couples stop by along with one of our single male neighbors. He heard us all laughing and stopped as well.

It was going on midnight when people began to get up to leave. As the last couple left, my wife went inside and lay in the bed while Ronnie and I continued to talk outside. After another hour Ronnie said he better go and we both walked inside the sliding glass door to see my wife laying on top of the sheets with her pink shirt riding up under her breasts and her black bikini lace panties on full display.

My wife was laying on her right side with her left leg bent and parallel with her hips. The position put her panty covered ass and pussy in full view to us both. All the bedroom lights were off except for a bedside table light that was on softly. The lighting combined with her position allowed us to see the crack of her ass and the soft puffiness of her pussy through the delicate lace.

My dick immediately stood at attention as I heard Ronnie breath we both stopped to take in the view before us. Ronnie güvenilir bahis siteleri said: “Dam, you are a lucky man. I need to go before I do something she won’t like.” While Ronnie was talking, I moved to the side of the bed and raised my wife’s shirt to allow her tits to be uncovered. I could see Ronnie adjusting his jeans. My wife still did not move or respond, so I reached down her side and slid the black panties partially down to uncover half her butt. I pulled my raging cock out of my shorts and touched it to her lips.

My wife moved slightly as her eyes opened, and she gave me a stern look, saying: “You pervert, is anyone still here?”

I tried my best to slide my cock into her mouth while she was talking and finally answered her: “Just Ronnie, everyone else left before you laid down.”

My wife did not seem to want to suck my dick and replied: “Stop, I’m tired and was sound asleep.”

I pulled my cock out of her face and said: “It’s too bad your so tired. Ronnie wanted to show you his dick, but if you are too tired…..”

I had not even finished my sentence when my wife replied over the top of me, “I want to see Ronnie’s dick, where is he?” I knew my wife would not pass on an opportunity to see a new cock.

I told her: “He is at the end of the bed, enjoying the sight of her ass and hoping he gets a glimpse canlı bahis of your pussy.” As I spoke, I reached down and pulled the elastic of my wife’s panties to the side, revealing her sweet pussy lips to our neighbor. As a bonus, my wife’s tiny little puckered ass hole was also fully visible. From the light coming through the open sliding glass patio doors and the bedroom light, I could see a large tent spiking in Ronnie’s jeans.

I motioned Ronnie to pull his dick out of his pants. He seemed hesitant, initially. Then after touching her, rubbing her ass cheeks and dipping his finger between the wet lips of her pussy, I watch as he slowly pulls his big, fat, meaty cock out of his jeans. Ronnie slapped my wife’s ass cheek with his shaft a few times and then ran the magnificent head over her wet slit, causing my wife to arch her hips upward to get as much as she could. My wife grasped his shaft as I stood back, and she pulled Ronnie up to her face. “Oh shit, you’re huge.” My wife muttered as she struggled to get his cock head inside her mouth. As my wife worked to suck the huge dick, I could hear her gagging and saliva leaked from around her engorged lips.

I pulled my wife’s’ panties off her and then spread her legs as I climbed between them. I pushed my dick inside her, and while she was sucking Ronnie’s cock, I fucked güvenilir bahis her. I heard my wife telling Ronnie how much she loved dicks and how nice his cock was. With me still inside her, my wife told Ronnie she wanted to feel him deep inside of her. I was so incredibly turned-on watching my wife’s pretty little mouth stretched around Ronnie’s thick shaft as she slobbered all over his pole I came hard and fast as deep inside her pussy as I could.

Ronnie had pulled his shirt off over his head, and his jeans and boxers were laying around his ankles. As I climbed off my wife, she told Ronnie: “Fuck me, fuck me, I need you inside me, please fuck me.” Despite my wife’s pussy already being wet and filled with my load of thick, slick cum, Ronnie had some difficulty pushing inside her. My wife was hollering out for him to go slow and telling him how big he was. Ronnie was barely a third of the way inside her when she had her first climax. Ronnie went slow as he continued to enter her, he spent the better part of the next ten minutes until he pushed the last inch inside her, balls deep.

I lost count of how many climaxes my wife had while Ronnie fucked her. He finally blasted his load inside her before collapsing on top of her. My wife fell off to sleep, telling Ronnie how good he was and how much she loved dicks. Once Ronnie got up, my wife’s pussy was a mess. Ronnie stood with his limp cock dripping with cum before moving up and pushing inside of my wife’s mouth. She woke up and sucked him back to full hardness. Ronnie looked at me saying: “Damn, she really is a little cock slut, isn’t she?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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