Haziran 11, 2020

My Wife Changed

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My Wife Changed

My wife was very much conservative as she was a village girl and was very much shy regarding the sex. Many times she insisted not to getting naked even before me. However till date we are not having any k**. I am in teaching profession and my wife is a housewife. However, I got a better job opportunity in a big city of Karnataka and came here with only my wife last month. My wife was use to wear only saree in my home. But in this big city we saw most of the women wearing salwar suits, jeans top or long skirt tops. After seeing these womens wear, my wife told me one day with a great amount of shyness in her eyes that if she wear salwar suits here have I any objection or not. I was very much happy and told her that I will be very much happy to see her in any of the modern dresses. And I took her to market on next Saturday for buying some salwar suits for her. But unfortunately we did not get any choicable ready made one due to her somewhat disproportionate figure. We came home with great disappointment. Next Monday I discussed this problem with one of my new colleagues and he told that his wife is also had same type of problem so now she use to buy cut pieces and stitches them from tailor according to her body measurement. He also suggests me to do the same for my wife and also mentioned a tailor shop from where his wife uses to stitch her cloths. I thanked him and bought three cut pieces of salwar suits on that very day evening and went to the tailor shop along with my wife as there was a conference at our institute on next four days and I will have no time to spare in those next four days.

We reached the shop at about 7:00 p.m. The shop was very big but it seems that she shop is in the verge of closing as we found only a tall and huge man closing almirahs and only his back was visible to us. No one else was there in the shop. We went to him and asked him. He turns around to face us and told us to just wail for a while and continuing to close the almirah. He was fair, aged of about 45-50, having thick beard and deep looking brown eyes. He was in a typical greenish Serwani Suit. He was also having some beautiful exotic perfume, which we both were appreciating. He told us with a smile in his face that he is Ahmed Khan, the owner of the shop and what can he do for us. I told him that my wife want to stitch three salwar suits for her. He looked towards my wife and told that we have to come on next day as he is closing the shop early on that day as all his workers went to the marriage ceremony of one of the worker. We were in great problem. I told him that I couldn’t come on next four days, as I will be very busy. He told me that I need not to come with my wife on next day only if my wife comes that will be sufficient for the purpose. I then told him that we are very new to this big city and so my wife cannot come alone. Then he told us to come after four days. We were disappointed. I told him that my wife is already very much disappointed as we could not find out any ready made one and she will be much more disappointed if the order is not placed today. He looked keenly to my wife again and told us that he can understand that it is very much tough to get a ready made salwar suit for my wife due to her figure but he cant help us. I requested him if he can take her measurement and take the order. My wife also requested him for the same with her tearful eyes due to shear frustration. The man looked towards us and said ok. He told us to wait there and also told us that he has to close the front door first otherwise some other customers can also come. Then he pulled down the shutter of his shop from inside and also closed all the almiras filled with womens dresses.

Then he came with a measuring tape on his shoulder and a pad and pen in his hand. He asked for the suit pieces and measured their lengths. Then he told most casually to my wife “lengths of the pieces are ok madam now please remove your saree”. We both were very much shocked and exclaimed loudly “what?” The man understood our dilemma but coolly told my wife “if you don’t remove your saree how can I take the measurement for your salwar suits”. My wife was tuning red in shyness. He again told “look I don’t have time, remove it quickly otherwise you have to go”. My wife looked at me with helpless asking eyes. I consoled her “its ok niru, remove the saree and let him take your measurement. My wife started to remove her red lined black saree slowly. But the man held the pallu of the saree and removed it quickly. My wife became very much ashamed and covered her face with her hands. I was getting hot bahis siteleri seeing my wife in only red blouse and black petticoat in front of a middle aged tailor.

The tailor now started taking measurement from the back side of my wife and after taking some measurement he come in front of my wife and hold her hand to put them down. My wife resisted little bit but Mr. Khan put them down by applying little bit force. Then he started taking measurement of my wife’s front. When first time he touched my wife’s boobs for taking measurement she shivered and I found that she was biting her lower lips to hide her emotions. I don’t know whether it was due to embarrassment or excitement. But my thing was getting hard producing a noticeable bulge in front of my pant. Mr. Khan looked at me and noticing the bulge he smiled a little. I was very much embarrassed, as I understood that he caught me with the proof that I was getting turned on by seeing that he is touching my wife’s boobs. He continued to take measurement but making some sound as if he is disturbed. When I asked Mr. Khan about the cause he told ” Sir, your wife’s blouse is not at all a fitting one and it is necessary to remove it also” and just by telling this he started unbuttoning my wife’s red blouse. My wife was very much surprised and caught his hand just after opening two top hooks of her blouse and told, “no no you please stop him”. But I was in shear excitement and seeing this opportunity to full fill my long lasting desire of seeing her getting fucked by other man I simply told her ” niru, to get good stitched salwar suit you must allow Mr. Khan to take the measurement as per his wish, so don’t be shy and allow him to handle your body freely”. After hearing this, the aged muscular tailor freed his hand and quickly opened the remaining hooks reviling my wife’s heavy boobs with black bra on inside her red blouse. Mr. khan said “wow its very nice madam, I always like the dress combination of red blouse with black bra inside over fair boobs. My wife was in her eyes tightly closed in shyness as the tailor removed her blouse completely to make her stand with only bra on her upper part of the body. I was also amazed to see my conservative wife standing in front of a totally stranger middle-aged tailor. I also noted that Mr. khan is now also having a bulge in his pajama, which is clearly visible from top even if his upper part of pajama is covered with his kurta.

I was very much surprised to see that without taking the measurement Mr. Khan is rubbing his hand over the bra covered boobs of my wife. Then he held my wife’s two hands and pulled her with him to wards a closed almirah. When they reached there he just pushed my wife on the closed door of the almirah and set my wife’s hands over her head. I was very much excited to see my wife in that condition with her hands stretched above her head clearly reviling his fair armpits with very small tinny black hairs on it as she shaved her armpits just four days before.

The tailor then told my wife “madam, I should stitch a sleeveless salwar suit for you as you are having very attractive looking armpits”. He also added “and small tiny hairs like you have make women look more sexy than with a cleanly shaved armpits.” My wife became almost red in shyness by hearing these most erotic words. The tailor without giving her any more time said, “Let me see what body spray you use madam” and immediately I got very surprised to see Mr. Khan is sniffing my wife’s right armpit. I saw that my wife was breathing heavily. I understood that my wife is turning on. It is worthwhile to mention that my wife gets very much turned on when I lick her armpits. Mr. Khan said, “umm, madam your body spray is very exotic and I am happy to smell it”. My wife replied, “thanks, but your perfume is much better Mr. Khan”. I was surprised to hear that my wife is still maintaining curtsy even if in this condition. By hearing her words of appreciation Mr. Khan became bold and removed his kurta and banian and told to my wife “now madam you can enjoy more of my perfume” and moved his body almost on my wife. He was with lots of black and white hair on his chest. At that time I was not able to see my wife as huge body of Mr. Khan completely covered her from my eye site. I heard feeble moaning of my wife. Then Mr. Khan lift of his one hand above his head and I was surprised to find out what he is doing. But Mr. Khan answered my curiosity when he just turned a little bit to let me see what was happening there. I was shocked; my moth was wide open to see my conservative sati savitry wife was intensely canlı bahis smelling the hairy armpit of the tailor with closed eyes. I saw that Mr. Khan was smiling by seeing my surprised condition. Then to create uneasier situation Mr. Khan told “its ok madam now you please let me take your measurement”. By his words my wife came back into sense and saw that I was viewing her shameless doings. She blushed vigorously and kept her eyes down. Then Mr. Khan took some measurement turned his face towards me. I saw a big bulge in front of his pajama. He smiled and called me “Sir will you please come here”. When I went nearer to them he just held bottom of the bra covered left boob of my wife Nirupama and said, “look sir, her bra is also not properly holding her boobs and to take proper measurement I must remove your wife’s bra”. And without wasting any time he opened the back hook of the black bra and tried to remove from the body of my wife. But my wife cached that in time by her right hand. She looked again to me with help less vision. But that time I was sure that my desire will be full filled very soon and signalled her to free her bra. She looked at me with a very surprised vision but left her bra in hands of Mr. Khan. Her vision indicated that she was very much stunned and shocked by my attitude. Then she closed her eyes and lift up both her hands over her head and supported them on closed door of the almirah. I was almost verge of burst by excitement and my super hard rod started paining inside my pant.

I saw that now coolly Mr. Khan was taking measurement and also feeling the boobs of my own wife time to time by his hands by either rubbing or pushing them. I saw that my wife’s tits became erect and hard. Then he started to rub his tongue on one boobs. Niru my cute wife understood that she was going to loose her chastity (sacredness as an wife) on that day in front of her hubby and started to bite her lips again to control her emotions. Mr. Khan then started to lick the left armpit of my wife and I know that now it is done because she will not able to control any more. And just few seconds later my wife started moaning. Mr. Khan also realized that now my wife is fully in his control and I will also not resist him in fucking my wife. So he coolly kept his measuring tape over the desk and started kissing my wife on lips with simultaneously handling her both boobs. I saw that my wife also responding.

He then gradually removed by wife’s petticoat and panty to make her complete nude. Then he started playing with her pubic hair. My wife muffled “oh no please release me, don’t do this to me”. But we both know that though her mind saying this but actually her body wanted not to be released. Mr. Khan said with a smile “its seems to be your wife is feeling shy because only she is nude among us, so to comfort her we must be nude also”. I also agreed with him and in no time we both men became also nude. O my god Mr. Khan was having a huge one. It is almost 9 inch long and very thick at its hairy root. Moreover, foreskin of his penis also removed and its bulbous tip is free to see. I scared by thinking that whether my wife will be able to take this inside her or not. But I know that it was point of no return for us. Mr. Khan then started fingering my wife’s hairy pussy and she started moaning loudly. Some time later Mr. Khan said “look here sir, she is ready for entry” I saw that he lifted up his index and middle finger in front of my eyes and both were glistening and well covered with my wife’s vaginal juice. Then he started chewing her right tit and lifted her up in his lap. I understood that this tailor Mr. Khan has good strength even in this age. He took her over a big table kept at one side of his shop and made my wife lye on her back. He then climbed over the table and again started licking my wife’s armpits and tits. My wife was moaning heavily with her eyes closed.

Then Mr. Khan took right hand of my wife and put that on the tip of his huge dick. Initially my wife just held his dick tip but when she gradually moved her hand toward the root of his dick she just opened her eyes and her mouth become wide open in surprise when she saw Mr. Khan’s huge and thick dick. She exclaimed in fear “oh my god; I will not be able to take this” She told me “darling please stop him otherwise I will be dead if he inserts his thing in me. I was also have same type of fear and requested Mr. Khan not to fuck my wife. But Mr. Khan told me “sir it is not possible to leave your wife now without fucking her, and also you don’t try to resist me in doing that”. He also said “it is better kaçak iddaa for your wife if you make your wife’s pussy more wet so that I can fuck her easily. I was just shocked to hear his words with such dominating confidence but I was also much turned on in anticipation of the event, which will full fill my long cherished dirty desire of seeing my wife getting fucked by other man. Then Mr. Khan moves over my wife and started to mall my wife’s boobs rigorously. Simultaneously Mr. Khan also started licking my wife’s armpits again. My wife started screaming and moaning too. I also went to the table, spread my wife’s legs wide open and started licking my wife’s juicy cunt. My wife was shivering heavily and became very much rest less. Her pussy was almost flowing with her juice. When I look up I saw that Mr. Khans huge and hard dick was hanging just two three inch above of my wife’s belly. I saw that her pussy also became dripping wet. So I just stretched my hand to hold Mr. Khan’s dick and pulled it on the entrance of my wife’s vagina. Mr. Khan smiled and thanked me. Then I leave my wife in the hand of that huge middle-aged unknown tailor with very large dick. I got a tool near the table and sat on that in nude condition to watch the show. Mr. Khan laughed and said to me “you will surely enjoy the show of your wife’s fucking and I can assure you that your wife will also get much pleasure from my dick. He then started kissing my lovely Niru in very passionate way and she also stated responding in matching way.

I saw that Mr. Khans dick tip is just making it’s way. Suddenly, he holds my wife tight with both of his hands and pressed his lips also very tightly. Then in no time he gave a big push and half of his big dick went into my wife’s pussy. I saw my wife’s eyes were almost popped out in and then tears come out from them she was shivering heavily due to pain. She was trying to escape but Mr. Khan was too powerful to her. He just kept quite and continued to suck my wife’s lips. When he freed my wife mouth she almost screamed to me “please darling stop him otherwise I will surely die”. Mr. Khan smiled “No, my sweet lady you will not die but you will ask for my dick again and again after my first fuck”. He then again held her tightly and this time kept her mouth free but again gives a great push. My wife screamed loudly “Uiiiiii, Mai mar jaungiiiii, please noooooooo, please pull it out, uhhhhhhhh”. Tears come out again from her eyes. But this time Mr. Khan did not kept quite but started pumping my wife’s pussy in normal speed. Some time later I saw my wife’s tear was dried up and instead of screaming she started moaning. I started to masturbate but Mr. Khan asked me not to do so. He said, “Don’t waste your semen in air but wait for your wife’s fucked pussy to ejaculate in”. The Middle aged tailor gradually increased his speed of pumping and I saw that my wife’s body is twisting and twitching heavily. She also was moaning loudly. Suddenly she screamed “Ui mai margayee” and reached a huge orgasm with severe vibration of her body. Mr. Khan told me “look sir your cute wife is enjoying her orgasm under me”. Those erotic words did nothing but increased my excitement and hard on more and more. Then Mr. Khan announced, “Now it’s my turn” and stated giving big and quick thrusts in my wife’s love hole. In each and every thrust my wife was screaming. I requested “please don’t cum inside”. But Mr. Khan said in a commanding voice “No way man, I never wasted my semen outside” and continued his huge thrusts. Suddenly he gave a big thrust to embed his entire cock length in my wife’s pussy and I saw he was shivering with eyes closed. I know that now he is shooting his cum right inside of my wife’s unprotected pussy. After about a minute he moved himself up over my wife’s body. I saw with surprise that semen comes out from her pussy in small jet. I understood that not only Mr. Khan was huge or his dick but also he was able to pump in huge amount of sperm inside a pussy even in this age. Mr. Khan smiled and said “now sir it’s your turn”. I just jumped over Nirupama and pushed my hard dick right inside her just fucked pussy. The feeling was strange of having my dick inside my wife’s pussy freshly filled with other mans cum. It was very slippery and I just shoot my semen also inside my wife’s pussy only after giving 10-12 thrusts. When it’s over I saw Mr. Khan was standing beside the table with the measuring tape in his hand. He smiled at me and with a wink in right eye said, “Now will you please leave your wife so that I can complete the measurement of your wife’s body”.

That’s all for this part. I will narrate how Mr. Khan again fucked my wife in more erotic way just after taking the measurement in the same day only

we r couple staying in Whitefield Bangalore interest men who need to fuck my wife can comment

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