Mayıs 19, 2021

My Wife, Barbara

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I love highly sexed older women. I love creating female characters, who are not only maternal and overprotective, but are flirty, dirty minded and love to fuck.

This is an incestuous story featuring a mother named Barbara and her son David. Barbara has just discovered that her husband has been cheating on her with another woman. David finds out about his father’s infidelity and sees a chance at last. David finally has an opportunity to be with Barbara and he takes it.

Barbara knows that David loves her and is filled with desire for her. Rather than being offended or sickened, she flirts with him and teases him. David doesn’t seem to realize that his beautiful mother is grooming him; in fact he believes he is the one making all the arrangements and initiating everything.

The plot is pretty simple, but it takes some time to build: David asks his beautiful 46 year old mom to go away with him on a two week vacation. She says yes. They go away and he fulfils all of his incestuous dreams.

I hope you enjoy this piece of writing.

* * * * *

I felt great. I felt fantastic. I was 18 years old and I was driving fast on the freeway, heading north.

I felt great. I felt fantastic. I was behind the wheel and I had the woman I loved sitting right next me. I had her all to myself. It was just the two of us in my car.

I looked at my mother Barbara out of the corner of my eye, sitting there by my side and I felt my big stiff cock grow even harder in my pants. Boy oh boy, I was just aching to touch my mom and have her touch me. I was so tempted to just reach out and softly stroke her slim arm. I looked at her glossy lips. I wanted to kiss her.

My mother looked gorgeous. She was wearing her new sunglasses. She was wearing a pair of high heels, a pair of tight leather pants and a tiny singlet top and she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her long fine auburn hair ran like a sheet of dark wet fire — it fell over her pale shoulders. She had a sensational body. She was such a beautiful 46 year old.

I turned my head and ran my eyes down her slender neckline and my gaze plunged into her creamy cleavage. Man I was so desperate to connect with my mom’s gorgeous body. I really wanted to explore every square inch of her with my lips, fingers and tongue. It was such a strange and irresistible hunger. God, I wanted to penetrate my mother’s body.

“Keep your eyes on the road David,” my mother said with a smile.

“Oh shit,” I gasped, quickly turning back to the freeway.

My mother softly laughed. I grinned, but I kept my eyes on my driving. A moment later I reached across, in an almost unconscious gesture, and took my mother’s hand in mine. She didn’t resist me, even when my fingers slipped through hers.

“Keep your mind on your driving David,” my mother continued. “Stop making puppy eyes at me or we’ll end up going over a cliff.”

I nodded and I grinned. She laughed again.

“Horny kid,” my mother whispered. “You have sex on the brain 24 hours a day.”

I scratched my head. I kept grinning.

I really felt elated. I felt like everything was finally falling into place and I was going to get my way. My father had cheated on my mother and my mom’s private investigator caught him at it. My mother hadn’t confronted my father yet with the evidence but she would. She was going to get a divorce. The coast was all clear — I had a shot and I was taking it.

I took a chance. On the spur of the moment I invited my mother to come away with me on a two week vacation up on the northern coast. I pretty much blurted it out. I sensed my mom needed to get away and let her hair down. I think she wanted to let loose after years of stifling marriage. I sensed she was dying to get laid. I saw an opportunity and I took it.

And my mother said yes! She slowly looked me up and down with a smile and said okay. I was so taken aback and so delighted.

I had to get accommodation arranged. I found a cabin while I was scouring the internet for the right place for us. It was beautiful and it was completely private and out of the way. It was perfectly situated on a secluded part of the northern coast, just feet away from the beach and the waterline. I wanted somewhere perfect and I found it. I wanted to take my mother to bed and spend the whole 2 weeks making love to her. I didn’t want any interruptions from others. I wanted to disappear off the face of the earth with the love of my life, my Barbara.

I did take a risk though. I decided to hire a honeymoon cabin. It was much more beautiful and expensive than a regular cabin, but I thought my mother would love it. Of course the only problem was the sleeping arrangements — the honeymoon cabin only had one bedroom and one bed.

My mother wouldn’t harbor any doubts or misapprehensions about my plans when she saw that honeymoon cabin with its one big beautiful bed. She would realize instantly what I wanted from her. She would understand that a dirty two weeks was what I had in mind for us.

Was I crazy? Was I mad? Surely my mother was just going to flip out and start screaming at me. bahis firmaları Maybe I should have been more careful? Maybe I should have taken more time and gone more slowly?

Surely my mother would see that one bed and that would be it. Surely she would just flat out reject me. She would probably kick me out of the house when we got back home! I guess I was just desperate. I was taking a chance.

“What are you thinking about David,” my mother asked, breaking into my torrid thoughts.

I paused for a moment.

“About you,” I said, “about us.”

My mother looked at me. She suddenly reached out and ran her fingertips through my hair. She stroked my cheek with her thumb. She leant in and softly kissed my ear. I closed my eyes.

“Watch the road David.”

“Sorry mom.”

“You’re a sweet kid, but you need to pay attention to the road.”

I turned and looked at my mother briefly. I wasn’t sure how to take her complement. Was I just a kid in her eyes? Did she even see me as a man?

I looked back at the road.

“When you think about me, what do you think of David or shouldn’t I ask?”

I burst into laughter. My mother joined in.

“I think of how much I love you Barbara,” I softly stated after a moment, using her name for the first time.

“Oh that’s nice,” my mother said after a second, “and I thought it was going to be something dirty.”

I laughed and she joined in again. She was watching me. She was studying me. All I could think of was how much I wanted to fuck my mother’s brains out.

“No comment,” I finally said and we laughed again.

I felt there was an opportunity to make a real connection with my mother. She was effectively single, and she was available. I know there were more than a few men who were interested in my mother and wanted to win her heart and enjoy her beautiful body. She was a real treat, and she wouldn’t be single for long.

I felt like I had swooped in and stolen her away from all those desperate males. I felt like I had ushered my mother into my car, while keeping an eye out for any unwanted intruders and then whisked her away.

I wondered though: I wasn’t as mature and successful as my male competitors were. I wasn’t as wealthy and powerful. Furthermore, I was Barbara’s child. I was her own flesh and blood, and my male competitors weren’t. Surely those factors would be important? Surely that would all count against me?

I knew I had an uphill battle to convince my mom that I was boyfriend material. But still I sensed that I had a shot. I felt that I could be the one. I felt I could be her man.

I released my mother’s hand. I changed gears and then took her hand in mine again. Our fingers entwined. I softly stroked her hand with my thumb. I briefly looked across at her again and she turned and looked at me. What an image. She really was the most exquisite older beauty. There was a moment of soundless communication between us. I turned back to the road with a pounding heart. I really was in love with my mother.

“You are so beautiful Barbara,” I whispered.

My mother didn’t say anything, but I could see her smiling out of the corner of my eye. She sighed and stretched out in her seat. I couldn’t help but glance down at her long legs, her hips and her chest.

“You love looking at me, don’t you David.”

“Sure do,” I said, breaking into a grin. “You’re the world’s best-looking mom.”

My mother laughed. She crossed and uncrossed and then crossed her legs again. She adjusted her top. I could clearly see the tips of her breasts through the material. I was sure she was flirting with me, but my mother flirted with most males. She liked playing games. She liked stirring guys up. She liked teasing men.

I decided to play with her.

“Are you wearing a bra Barbara?”

My mom burst out laughing. Her face lit up. Yes, she was flirting and stirring me up.

“Oh my God — you’re hopeless kid.”

“You aren’t wearing one, are you mommy.”

There was more laughter.

I grinned, turned and looked at her cleavage.

“Keep your eyes off my tits, young man,” she said with a smile, still adjusting her top. “Don’t take your eyes off the road.”

I felt a sudden mad urge to pull my car over on the side of the road, take my mother’s top off and suck the tips of her beautiful breasts. I could imagine her growing confused as I drove off the freeway and skidded to a halt. Then I could imagine her screaming and wrestling with me as I tried to pull her sexy top off over her head. Then I could imagine her sighing as my lips made contact with her nipples, and then I could imagine her slowly running her fingers through my hair and cradling my head as she nursed me. Oh my God — I just wanted to be nursed by her forever!

My mother reached inside her cigarette case and pulled out a smoke. She placed the end between her lips and then sparked her lighter. She drew in and a moment later exhaled smoke. I couldn’t help myself. I loved watching my mother smoke.

“Oh my God,” I whispered.

“You always get the wrong idea, whenever I do anything kaçak iddaa David.”

I knew she was right, but I couldn’t help it. I always imagined her kissing and sucking on the tip of a hard cock when I saw her smoking. I was sick in the head and she confirmed it with a grin.

“You’re sick in the head kid.”

I laughed and she laughed as well. She then drew back hard on the cigarette and I was in heaven.

“Watch out David,” my mother exclaimed, pointing, smoke pouring from her mouth. “You almost hit that guy!”

I gasped and turned back to the road. My mother was right — I almost smashed into someone’s side. I got control of the car.

“God, you crazy kid! You’ve got sex on the brain and you almost killed us.”

I grinned and scratched my head. We were silent.

“I love watching you smoke mom,” I muttered a few moments later. “You’re so sexy when you do that.”

“Oh really?”


I looked at her out of the corner of my eye. My mother shook her head. She was still grinning. She lowered the window and exhaled smoke from the flying car.

We cruised along the freeway for another 15 minutes and then we turned off onto a local road. It was late afternoon and the shadows from the trees, which lined our passage, cast mottled patterns on my car as we slowly wound our way west. We were driving inland. We were heading towards the coast. The signs said that it would take another 10 miles before we were at the water.

I slowly made the final turn some time later. The car hummed and rumbled gently as we descended and then cruised along the final road to our beachside cabin.

I turned and pulled into the driveway at the bottom of the road. The tires of the car sizzled softly on the sandy drive. I could hear crashing waves in the distance and the screech of sea birds. I pulled the car to a stop and switched off the motor.

“We’re here,” I softly said to my mother.

“Sure are,” Barbara returned.

We got out of my car. We stretched. We unpacked our suitcases from the boot and then ambled up the stairs to the front door to our cabin. I slid the key inside the lock. I turned the key and the door handle at the same time. With a thumping heart I pushed the front door open.

“And presto,” my mother whispered.

I grinned and reached down and picked up our suitcases. I marched inside the cabin. A stale musty smell lingered in the place, along with…

“Mothballs,” my mother said, finishing my thought for me.


I walked down the corridor. I briefly glanced at the neat kitchenette on my left and the bathroom on my right. It was a beautiful and elegant place. There was a lounge room. There was a laundry. There was a hot tub. There was only one bedroom.

My heart continued to pound in my chest as I careened along that narrow hall, the suitcases swinging in my hands. The door to the bedroom loomed before me. My mother was right behind me. I could hear her heels on the carpet. What was she going to do and what was she going to say when she followed me into the bedroom and realized what I had done?

There was only one bedroom in the whole cabin and there was only one bed.

I arrived and walked into the bedroom. It was a gorgeous room. It contained two sets of bedside drawers, a built in wardrobe and a large dresser. I carefully set the suitcases down in the corner of the bedroom. I tried to act casually. I even attempted to whistle, but only managed to blow out a feeble whiny sound.

The bed was large and dominated the room. It was queen or king sized. It stood out like a sore thumb. I pretended not to notice it.

Man I was shaking. I inhaled deeply and tried to keep my cool. I didn’t know what my mother was going to do. Would she explode? Would she scream? Would she turn around and demand that I drive her home at once?

My mother came into the bedroom and slowly looked around. She then disappeared. I heard her footsteps in the corridor. I heard her wandering around the lounge room. She came back a moment later. She walked back into the bedroom. She looked at me.

It really did take an effort just to keep my cool. I could feel her gaze on me. I looked at her out of the corner of my eye. Her arms were crossed and a faint smile played at the edges of her lips.

“I think this is the honeymoon cabin,” my mother said.

“Oh wow,” I said, looking around quickly. “I didn’t realize.”

“Uh huh,” my mother said with a doubtful tone in her voice, “but you booked it and paid for it – remember?”

I scratched my scalp. My mother softly laughed. I looked at her with a red faced grin. She shook her head.

“Right,” she asked.

“Ummm sure I guess – I must have misread the brochure.”

“Uh huh – sure David.”

“It’s a nice cabin.”

“And there’s only one bed, David,” she finally stated in a soft voice.

I looked down at the bed. So far, so good — at least she wasn’t screaming or storming out. She watched me for a moment.


“Yes, there’s only one bed,” I almost whispered, growing so excited, my hands fidgeting.

My kaçak bahis mother laughed at me. She shook her head.

My mother turned away for a moment. I looked up and slowly ran my eyes up and down her beautiful body as she peered about. I lingered on her long glossy red hair. I wondered for a moment whether she was aware of me looking at her curves. She turned back to me.

“Fortune favours the brave? Is that your thinking David?”

I felt a bit out of my depth. I was silent for a second. She was my mom after all.

“Hmmm,” she softly asked, taking a few steps towards me.

“Maybe,” I finally said, watching her with a smile.

“Maybe,” my mother asked and then she said. “You know I could call your father.”

For a second I didn’t know if she was serious or not. I bit my bottom lip. My mom was going to divorce my dad. He had fucked up and paid the price. My mother belonged to me. How could she threaten to call my father? She hated him. She looked at me for a second.

“Fortune favours the brave David.”

She stared at me. She abruptly pulled her mobile out of the pocket of her leather pants. She touched the screen and put the phone to her ear. She turned her back to me.

“No don’t,” I blurted out.

My mother hung up. She slid the phone back in her pocket. She then turned and walked out of the bedroom. I heard her footsteps.

“Are you coming,” she called back at me, “the car won’t unpack itself.”

I gasped and chased after her.

I didn’t know where I stood and my mother wasn’t exactly explaining. We brought in each piece of luggage. I then locked the car. I closed the door to the cabin and I followed her back into the bedroom.

Her suitcases were on the end of the bed. They were open. She was picking up clothing, holding the garments up to the light and packing them carefully away inside the dresser drawers.

“You can use the bottom two dresser drawers David,” my mother said, “and the left side of the built in wardrobe.”

I was momentarily dazzled and didn’t really hear her. My eyes grew wide and a grin broke on my face. My mother hummed and smiled as if pleasantly distracted. She was pulling out and holding up lingerie. I watched the light from the window stream into the room and through the lace and silk. The sheer material glowed translucently.

“Is that okay David,” my mother asked, picking up a pair of filmy stockings and holding them up to the light.

“Huh,” I asked, shaking the distraction out of my head and looking at her.

“Are you okay using the bottom two dresser drawers and the left side of the wardrobe?”

“Oh yeah – no worries mom.”

My mother put the stockings away. She broke into a grin. She reached into the suitcase and pulled out a pair of lace panties. She held them up in her fingertips and shook them at me.

“What do you think David? They’re sexy, aren’t they?”

I stared at the black lace. They left nothing to the imagination.

“Sure are,” I whispered.

My mother laughed. She watched me. I had a huge hard on in my pants.

“I bet you would love to see me in these, wouldn’t you David.”

“Oh yeah,” I softly said as she waved the lacy underwear around.

“Maybe you should go and have an ice cold shower honey,” my mother suggested as she turned to the dresser drawer and dropped the panties in.

I smiled.

“Scram kid,” she stated, her eyes growing wide, “and you better choose something nice to wear for dinner. It’s almost dark.”

I scratched my head. I watched my mother pull out a tiny two piece bikini from her suitcase. I turned to go.

“Oh and David, I like sleeping on the left hand side.”

I gasped. My eyes grew wide. She continued.

“But I’m not sure whether you’ll be sharing a bed with me tonight. I may meet a hot man and bring him back here. I am on vacation. You may end up on the lounge for the whole two weeks.”

I grit my teeth. I scratched my head. I held my tongue. My mother’s soft teasing laughter caressed my ears as I walked down the corridor and entered the bathroom. I really did need a cold shower.

“And soak you’re head in ice as well, you horny kid.”

“Yeah, yeah,” I muttered, closing the bathroom door behind me.

* * * * *

I stood there and drank my mother in with my eyes. I held her chair out and invited her to sit down. She smiled at me, stepped past me and then sank down into her seat. I carefully pushed her chair in as she dropped.

“Thank you honey,” she whispered.

“You’re welcome.”

More than a few men looked up from their dinners and ran their vision over my mom.

Barbara had pinned up her long fine hair, exposing her pale neck and shoulders. She was wearing her sapphires to highlight her rich blue eyes. Her pale ears and chest glittered with jewellery. She was dressed in a sexy cocktail dress and stiletto high heels.

I sat down carefully. I was feeling anxious and I was trying to keep my cool. The waiter arrived the moment I was seated. He poured each of us a glass of champagne and then vanished. I looked across at my mother. I held out my glass to her and she touched my glass with hers. We sipped and eyed each other. My mother put her glass down. We were silent for a moment. I was lost for words. I broke into a smile and she smiled back.

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