Mart 23, 2021

My Wicked Neighbor Ch. 04

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Josie was away at her conference for three long days and what felt like two unbearable nights. And crazy as it might sound it felt like I was hard for her the whole time. Damn, I really missed her.

But since she’d texted to let me know that she’d be back tonight, I couldn’t believe how stoked I was to see her again. And believe me, so was my throbbing cock.

Now that I’d realized what I was feeling for her was more than just lust, but that I’d actually fallen in love with her, instead of just knocking on her door empty handed, eager to get busy with her, like I’d usually done, I’d gone out and bought her a dozen long stemmed roses, along with a bottle of her favorite Merlot. And I’d even ordered us a nice dinner from a top notch steakhouse, so we could celebrate her being back, before I got her naked and really showed her just how much I’d hated her being away.

She was grinning coyly when she answered her door, slowly raking me in from head to toe, probably surprised to see me in in an actual shirt with buttons and a collar, some nice dress pants and even a pair of leather shoes, just to show her that I cared enough to look my best for her. And of course, I was smiling, too. Since my cock was already aching like a bitch to get at her, already imagining what we were about to get up to.

So, once I got inside and put down the flowers and the wine, eager for a taste of her lips, I pulled her in for a hug and wound up nearly kissing her senseless.

When we finally came up for air, Josie pulled back and looked at me wide-eyed. “Wow, somebody’s been lonely.”

I laughed and told her the truth. “No kidding. I’ve just been missing you like crazy, baby, and I’m really glad to have you back.”

“But I’ve only been gone three days, Dane.” She said, stroking my cheek, happily smiling into my eyes.

Yeah, but what she didn’t know was that I had some kind of epiphany when I found myself in bed with her horny little niece, who’d snuck into my condo to try to suck me off and then have her way with me, very nearly managing to fuck me in my sleep. When I turned her down and told her to get out, instead of just taking what she was offering, like I normally would have before I’d hooked up with Josie, I even surprised myself. Especially since she’d have no way of ever knowing what I’d been up to while she was away. And then I realized that I must really care for her to send her niece packing without letting her finish the kinky shit she’d started.

But now, somehow I managed to restrain myself, even though Josie literally looked good enough to eat, even before we dug into our dinner. Clad in a sexy body-hugging black wrap-around dress and killer stiletto heels, I could hardly wait to pull on the strings and unwrap her gorgeous body, and get my mouth all over her. For a woman of forty-two, she was still so smokin’ hot, that just looking at her had my dick twitching like a bastard and my balls really beginning to sweat.

No doubt since I’d had the best sex of my life with her, since she was adventurous enough that nothing was off limits. Which I knew was one of the reasons I was wild about her, we were so well matched. We both had sex drives that only we could satisfy with each other. And I knew once we’d finished our dinner, we’d be heading to her bedroom and making out like maniacs.

Then after we’d both come good and hard, I’d hold her close and finally let her know how I felt about her, so she’d realize we were meant to be. And then hopefully, we could plan some kind of future together, and not just hook up a couple of times a week, which I’d begun to realize was not enough for me anymore.

Truth was, I wanted to be with her all the time, and not just in the sack, because I really liked her as a person, too. Smart, fascinating to talk to, cool, funny, and the sexiest woman I’d ever met, no wonder I’d fallen so hard and wanted to plan a life with her.

And I’d noticed on my way home from work one night that not too far from her school, where she worked as a principal, a new row of really classy looking townhouses was going up. So if we decided to move in there together, we could have a yard where she could have a little garden, because she’d told me once it was something she’d enjoyed doing with her mother as a kid. And we could even do a little barbecuing when we felt like it, and have a few people over, just like any couple would who shared a home together.

Especially now that the crazy shit with her insatiable niece Stella was hopefully over with, we could move on.

I was glad that our surf and turf dinner arrived pretty quickly. I told the owner at the steak house around the corner that I wanted our reunion dinner to arrive fresh and hot – nothing but the best for my Josie. Of course I could have taken her out someplace nice to eat, but I really wanted to be alone with her tonight, so that once we were done with our dinner we could peel off our clothes and get into her bedroom for what I knew would be a pretty wild night.

No surprise, just thinking göztepe escort about getting naked with her was getting me hard. The passion we unleashed in each other was unreal and whenever we were together with our clothes off, the heat level was off the charts. I’d never felt anything even close to what I felt when I was buried deep inside her. It just felt so good to have her wrapped around me, inside and out, her body was so warm and soft, and she was so freaking hot, that I knew she was it for me.

Once Josie had put the roses in a vase, I came up behind her, pressed a kiss to her neck and I told her to sit down, so I could serve her dinner.

She grinned as I plated her food for her, and even leaned up and pressed a kiss to my cheek, and asked, “So, what’s the occasion, handsome?”

I brushed my lips over hers as I told her, “Can’t a guy just be happy to have you back? You know what they say; absence makes the heart grow fonder. And it’s true, because I really missed you, Josie.”

She smiled. “I missed you, too. I was tempted to phone you a few times, just to hear your voice.”

I wiggled my eyebrows. “Too bad you didn’t. We could have had some pretty amazing phone sex.”

She laughed. “I thought of that. But then I figured we’d be even more frustrated once we hung up.”

“I don’t know, just hearing your sexy voice in my ear, telling me what you’d like me to do to you, and all the kinky shit you wanted to do to me, would probably have been enough to get me off.”

She grinned. “Okay, then let’s eat fast,” she said, picking up her knife and fork and digging in, obviously just as eager to get busy with me as I was with her.

But since the food was really good, once she got her first bite, she let out a moan and began to savor her meal. “Mmm, this is really good, Dane. Thank you so much for this.”

I smiled as I cut into my perfectly cooked steak. “Just wanted you to know that I care, and I thought it would be nice for you not to have to worry about dinner as soon as you got home.”

She placed her hand on mine and gave it a squeeze, giving me a crooked little smile. “For such a big hulking guy, you are surprisingly sweet, you know that?”

I know I was sweet on her, and soon I was going to show her, just how sweet I could be.

Though it was really good, I kind of regretted getting us cherry cheese cake for dessert, because I didn’t really want to drag out dinner any longer than I had to, since I really wanted to get her in bed. But then I grinned, a very evil grin, as a thought occurred to me.

Naturally, a very kinky thought.

“Good cheesecake, huh?” I asked her.

Josie nodded, her gaze already turning smoky as she licked her lips, gazing into my eyes, obviously as anxious to get dinner over and done with as I was. “Mmm, very good,” she whispered, placing her hand high on my thigh.

I patted my lap, “Well then, why don’t sit you here with me and have your dessert?”

She didn’t hesitate. But before she sat down, I tugged on the strings of her dress, and had to suck in a breath when, as it fell away, I saw how smoking hot she looked in just a see-through black lace bra and thong, still in her killer black heels, with her long lean legs in crazy hot thigh highs. And fuck, do I ever love the look of a woman in stockings, especially sexy black ones.

Just looking at her was like a wet dream come true, and I could feel my cock really starting to twitch in my boxers.

“Wow,” was all I could say, because I was totally floored, she just looked so unbelievably sexy, that I wanted to push aside our plates, spread her over the table, pull out my cock, tear the lace off her body with my freaking teeth and really let her know how crazy she could make me.

But somehow, amazingly, after drawing in a few deep calming breaths, I managed to hold my inner savage at bay – at least for a little longer.

Instead, I tugged her into my lap and kissed her, really savoring her lips as I ran my hands over every inch of her luscious body. But then I grinned as I stuck my finger into the creamy slice of cherry covered cheesecake sitting on my plate, chuckling at how big her eyes went when she realized just how naughty I could be.

When I smeared the creamy mixture over her lips, and down over her chin, her chest already heaving, she quickly unclipped her bra and tossed it aside, inviting me to could continue my kinky journey. After meticulously painting her delectable nipples, I trailed my finger down over her belly, circling her navel then slid my sticky finger into her tiny thong, where I smeared her pussy nice and thick with sweet cherry cream.

Then I pushed aside everything on the table, sat her sweet little ass in front of me, stood up and peeled off my clothes, chuckling at her wide-eyed look of anticipation as my fully erect cock sprang free of my boxers. But she had to know I was going to devour her once I’d ditched my clothes.

Just imagining how good she was going istanbul escort to taste, had my cock as hard as fucking granite and just oozing with pre-come as I stood staring at my gorgeous Josie, trying to decide where to start. And damn she looked sexy, in just her tiny thong, with her nipples hard as fuck and a nice line of creamy sweetness mapping out the path my mouth could hardly wait to trace to get at all her goodies.

When I took my seat at the table again, I started by pulling her close and kissing her gorgeous lips, hungrily licking all around her mouth to load my tongue with sweet cherry flavored cream before I slipped it between he lips to let her have a taste.

As she moaned and clung to me as we kissed, twisting her fingers into my hair, I could already smell her arousal, she was so ready for me to ravage her.

And naturally, ravaging this captivating woman was my favorite thing to do.

We kissed so long, we were both breathless by the time I pulled back, smiling into her eyes. Soon lost in the taste of her, I placed hot open mouth kisses across her jaw, trailing my tongue along her collarbone. Slowly I kissed my way down to her gorgeous breasts, where I sucked her luscious mounds one after the other into the heat of my mouth, groaning as I twirled my tongue around each diamond-hard peak, coated in delectable sweet cream. Then I smiled against her breasts, feeling her start to shiver, letting out a plaintiff little whimper, letting me know she could feel herself getting ready to come.

Knowing how sensitive her breasts were, I played for a while longer, toying with her girls, nipping and licking and sucking, and gently grazing them with my teeth, till she finally tossed back her head and let out an elated little squeal. And I knew from the way she’d gone into a full body shudder that I’d made her come, and really fucking hard by the looks of her.

But little did she know, I was just getting started. By the time the night was over, I knew I’d have her squealing like mad and screaming my name at least a half dozen times before I finally let her fall into an exhausted sleep.

Though I knew what she really needed was to feel me inside her, I was enjoying exploring her luscious body a little too much to quit.

So, I tipped her back on the table. Letting out a ferocious growl that made her laugh, I grasped her thong in my teeth and pulled it down over her thighs, casting it aside. But them my eyes flared, along with my nostrils. Holy shit, naked and spread open wide for me, she just looked so fucking hot, gasping for air, with her tits heaving and hot little pussy dripping with the need to be filled, that I almost came just from the sight of her.

And fuck me, when I closed my eyes and dragged my tongue across the warmth of her wet, soft folds making her pussy clench till it was beginning to spasm; the combined sweetness of her sex and the creaminess of the dessert literally had my head spinning, she just tasted too incredible to be real.

“Oh, god, that feels so good,” she murmured, as I feasted on her sweet little cunt. Slowly sliding my tongue from her tightly clenched back hole to her swollen clit, over and over again, lapping up her delectable essence, savoring every drop, I groaned as the taste of her washed over my tongue.

“Mmm fuck, are you ever sweet,” I told her, making sure I got it all, hating to think of her pussy getting filled with cherries and cream when I finally got my cock in her and gave her the good hard fucking I knew she was aching for.

I parted her pussy lips with my thumbs and shook my head, as I stared at the wonder of her sex. She had to have the prettiest cunt ever created, so soft and pink and swollen now with need, she was utterly gorgeous and so ready to be plundered.

Pushing my tongue into her tight little hole, I used my thumb to circle her clit. And the combination of a nice little tongue fucking and careful massage around her clit was enough to have her screaming my name, ripping at my hair and shivering right to her toes all over again. Pleased to have been able to deliver orgasm number two to her still quivering little pussy, she was in for a surprise, because I was only getting warmed up and there was lots more kinky fun to come.

Despite the fact she was breathing hard, and still shivering like crazy, I suspected that climax number three, that I was planning to pleasure her with, would nearly be enough to get her ass sliding right off the table.

As I slid two fingers inside her and worked her little love button with teasing little flicks of my tongue, gently suckling the little bundle of nerves between my lips, I kept working it till I could feel her pussy burning up, and her entire body starting to quake again like mad. I just loved the taste of her hot little cunt, but what I loved even more was watching her fall apart as she came, especially knowing that I was the one making it happen.

Of course she had the same effect on me.

There were days when kadıköy escort I’d be at work, doing shit like hauling around a heavy bag of cement, working on a building, getting ready to brick up a wall, and out of nowhere an image of Josie naked on her back would fill my head. And I swear I could actually see the slickness of her pussy, and almost smell her arousal. Imagining how good it would feel to slide my tongue along her hot little slit, and fuck her with my tongue. Of course savoring every drop of her honey-sweet juice, and then hearing her scream my name as she came, would be enough to get me hard enough to want to jack off somewhere just to ease the tension building behind my fly. Never mind when I pictured her digging her nails into my back and gasping for air when I gave her a good hard ride with my cock.

I knew I had it bad for her, if I could get off just thinking about her, especially when I was clear across the city.

“Oh, fuck, Dane, you keep this up, I’ll pass out,” she threatened, bringing me back to where I was, which of course was feasting on her hot little snatch right on her kitchen table.

So, I decided it might be time to take this into the bedroom, so I could have the room I’d need to really get busy with her.

Once I’d set her on the bed, I fisted my erection in my hand, using my thumb to smear the big bead of pre-come oozing from my hole all around the crown, while giving it a few hard tugs, which I knew she loved to watch me do.

Staring down at her, I shook my head, blown away by how incredibly wanton she looked eagerly licking her lips, her eyelids at half-mast with her thighs parted, pussy glistening and her full breasts heaving, just begging to be fucked and fucked hard.

Finally fed up with playing around, Josie actually let out a frustrated growl, making me laugh, she was so anxious to get to the main event.

So, of course, I got on the bed, and got between her legs. Because who was I to deny her? And the moment I took hold of my dick, and nudged just my swollen cock-head into her tight little opening, both of us let out a long slow groan.

Because, nowhere else on earth felt as good as when I was buried inside in my sweet Josie.

When I teasingly ran my cockhead along her pussy and asked, “Is this what you want?” I laughed at how pissed she looked, since I had to know what she needed, so I knew it was time to get down to business and stop fooling around.

And when I finally gave in, thrust my hips and pushed my cock deep inside her with one hard thrust, I watched her eyes drift shut and the look of elation that washed across her face as I began to give her what she’d been aching for, just felt so amazing that I hated the thought of ever having to pull out.

Oh, fuck what a feeling. So snug and tight, and so incredibly warm, buried deep in the woman I love, I swear my cock was in pussy heaven.

When I lifted her ass into my hands and really began to fuck her, going harder and deeper with every flex of my hips, the way she began to pant and softly groan I knew it wouldn’t be long, and she’d be coming all over my cock. And I knew I’d be filling her up with so much juice, she’d be dripping with the proof of my desire for days.

“Fuck, I love the feel of being inside you,” I told her.

She nodded, smiling into my eyes. “Oh, god you feel so good, even big as you are, packed in me so tight, just feels perfect.”

I couldn’t agree more. What we had together was as perfect as it got. We both were so insatiable, and yet even out of bed we had something pretty special. Often we’d talk for hours, going over what kind of day we had, or just laugh and tease each other having fun. Then we’d enjoy some TV, have a meal, and eventually of course, we’d wind up back in bed, and we’d make out like there was no tomorrow.

And the way my balls were beginning to tighten, I knew I was about ready to let go and fill her up to the max, so I bent over suckled one of her nipples and used my thumb on her clit and soon we were both groaning, with her clenching around me, throwing back her head and crying out, and me with my weight on my fists, pulsing deep inside her, gritting my teeth and growling as my cock pulsed like a wicked bastard, till I knew her pussy had to be flooded with my seed.

I gave her few more deep hard thrusts, loving the look of her contentedly smiling as she tossed back her head and softly sighed as she came again, bathing my cock in her essence.

Once I finally pulled out, I tugged her into my arms and kissed her, loving the feel of her smiling against my mouth as she kissed me back. Then she just wrapped herself around me, and hugged me tight, like she never wanted to let go.

We stayed like that for the longest time, happy just to hold each other, till eventually I noticed her breaths began to grow shallow. And when I pulled back, I gently brushed her hair from her face, touched my lips to hers and told her, “Sleep tight, baby.”

Next morning, I couldn’t think of a nicer way to wake up, than with Josie’s sweet ass nestled in nice and tight against my package. And when I pressed a kiss to the back of her neck, she turned her head and flashed me a naughty grin. Then she ground her ass against my cock, till we could both feel it stirring back to life.

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