Şubat 22, 2021

My Wet Neighbour Ch. 1-4

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Disclaimer: This story is a work fiction. None of the characters or events herein is based on real people, either living or dead. It was produced for the entertainment of ADULTS ONLY, and contains descriptions of explicit sex. If you are not an adult, or if reading stories of a sexual nature upsets you, do not read any further! By reading further, you certify that you have accessed/requested access to this material willfully, and that you are an adult 21 years of age or older. You also certify that you are NOT a city, county, state, or federal law enforcement officer, a law enforcement officer of the United Kingdom, and that, to your knowledge, this material does not offend the standards in your area, nor is it in violation of any of local, state, or federal law.

* * * * *

I am a 38 year-old female living in a small seaside town on the South Coast of England. I am 5’4″ tall with a petite figure and small 34A breasts. I keep my body in good shape for my age with a couple of gym sessions a week.

I am married to a decent, hard working man and have a wonderful son of 18. All in all we have a fine life on my husband’s good salary even to the extent that I am fortunate enough not to have to work. In short, I am what used to be described as ‘a lady of leisure’ pretty much pleasing myself as to what I do with my time as long as I cover the responsibilities of being a housewife. All that my husband expects of me, is to keep a tidy home, prepare meals for him and my son and to maintain an active sex life with him. The latter I am happy to do since I have always been sexually active and, if truth be told, my husband is a wonderful, caring and sexy lover. I know the ‘feminist’ brigade might mock me for my ‘homely’ life style but it suits me just fine.

I guess my life would have continued in the very safe vein but for a chance encounter with my neighbour, one day last month. Her name is Anne and she and her husband Dave, have been our neighbours for a little over a year now. We have always got on just fine, chatting over the fence etc but have never really got to know each other well. Some of the neighbours seem to be somewhat unfriendly towards them which I put down to their being black in a very white neighbourhood. As far as I am concerned a person’s colour is totally irrelevant. If I like someone; great! If I don’t; then so be it!

Anyway, to return to my story, I had plans to go out briefly one afternoon which I couldn’t avoid and by chance, that morning I had received a call from a local shop saying that some furniture we had ordered would be delivered at the same time. I really didn’t want to put the delivery off as we had already been waiting some time, so I decided to ask Anne if she would let the delivery man in. I called round to her house but she wasn’t in, so I returned home and kept an eye out for her, hoping I would catch her before having to go out. My trip wasn’t until mid-afternoon so I had plenty of time.

I kept an occasional watch out of my kitchen window, when at about 11.00 am I saw Anne pass by the bottom of our driveway carrying some shopping bags. I quickly put some shoes on and made my way down our drive and into Anne’s. I figured I would catch her easily but she had already disappeared through their side gate, which led to the main door. I walked up the drive and just as I was about to try the gate handle I heard a strange moaning sound. It was no more than a whisper and seemed to be like a mixture of relief and enjoyment. Almost like he sounds of gently foreplay but totally out of place behind the side gate of someone’s house.

I paused for a moment not quite knowing whether to just walk through the gate and knock on the door or whether I should knock on the gate itself. I could still hear the sound but not having a clue what it was I decided to go through the gate. I pushed the gate open and took perhaps two paces through it before coming to an abrupt halt. Anne was stood no more than ten feet ahead of me, facing away from me and leaning with one hand on a low entrance wall. Her legs were straight and slightly apart and her shopping bags discarded in the doorway. Most surprising of all was that her jeans on the inner leg were soaking wet and she stood in a small puddle. As I watched for what seemed like minutes but could only have been seconds, the wetness was spreading around the backside of her jeans.

Bloody hell! Anne was wetting herself! Not only that, I could now see her other hand was obviously rubbing her crotch. I now heard again the soft moaning and obviously realised it was Anne.

I froze for a minute not knowing what to do and then decided that if she hadn’t seen or heard me come casino şirketleri through the gate I could simply retreat and walk away. I turned quietly but had taken only a single pace when the gate banged shut in the breeze. I turned quickly to face Anne who, hearing the gate, had herself spun round. We stood facing each other. I really don’t who was the most embarrassed. I felt like a peeping tom and Anne just seemed mortified to be caught pissing her jeans.

For a moment neither of us said anything, then Anne spoke. Well she didn’t so much speak and simply blurted out, “I couldn’t get to the door in time!”

“Oh,” was all I could say.

Feeling the need to explain further Anne said, “I couldn’t find my key and I was just bursting.”

I still didn’t really know what to say but the sight of Anne wetting and obviously rubbing herself at the same time had sent a tickle through my pussy. Just on the strength of what I had seen I couldn’t be totally sure what was going on. However, adding the fact that I had clearly heard her moaning I didn’t quite believe her wetness had been just an accident. At this point, I’m not sure what made me do anything other than walk away, but instead I found myself saying, “It seemed to me that you were quite enjoying the experience.”

As soon as I spoke I thought I had made a mistake and fully expected Anne to get angry at my suggestion. Surprisingly she didn’t. Instead she smiled slightly and said cryptically, “Is that what it looked like, is it?”

Fumbling for words I said, “Look, I’m sorry to bother you. I should have knocked. Sorry!” and with that turned once more to walk away. Just as I grabbed the gate handle Anne said, “Would YOU have enjoyed it?”

I stopped, thought for a moment and said, “I don’t really know.”

“Have you never been caught short?” asked Anne pushing the point.

I responded, “Well yes I have, but never to the point of wetting myself…..well not since I was a child anyway.”

I really didn’t believe I was having this conversation but the fact that we were talking at all, seemed to make Anne more confident and she then said, “Well maybe you should try it sometime. It’s quite a liberating experience and can be really quite fun you know.”

“So you were enjoying yourself.” I said knowingly and added, “and was it an accident?”

Again Anne smiled and walked over to me. Close enough that I could smell the pee on her jeans. “It honestly was an accident this time, but sometimes it isn’t and I always enjoy it.” She said, adding, “Does that shock you Mary?

“No I don’t find it shocking. Surprising yes, but shocking no. I’m a woman of the world, I know people have many different tastes.” I said, trying to appear as relaxed as Anne but actually feeling very nervous of the situation I had blundered into.

Anne continued, “Now you know my little secret, I hope I can count on your discretion. Most people wouldn’t be so understanding.”

“Don’t worry, no one will hear it from me!” I assured her.

“Thank you!” she said and leaning forward gave be a friendly kiss on the cheek.

“Do you have time for a coffee?” she asked, “and then you can tell me what is was you came round for.”

I knew this was it. The moment to make my apologies and excuse myself or to accept her invitation to a coffee and proceed into a situation that I felt would go further. Everything told me to take the former option but I found myself saying, “Yeah, a coffee would be nice.” and then following Anne into her house watching her tight arse clad in pee soaked jeans. It was really quite surreal!

Anne led me into the kitchen and offered me a seat. She then coolly filled and turned on the kettle before turning to me and saying, “It’s really time I got out of these wet clothes.” With that she took two paces to her washing machine, kicked of her sneakers, undid her jeans and lowered them to the floor. It was all so casual as if it was an everyday occurrence to strip in front of a relative stranger. Once again I felt a pleasurable twinge in my pussy. Was I really finding Anne’s little show a turn on? I had certainly never thought of myself as anything other than heterosexual but it was undeniable her beautiful firm body was having an effect on me.

Anne now stood in front of me in just a T-shirt and the skimpiest of white panties, which against her dark skin looked just glorious. Her legs were long and her arse small and tight. She had a fantastic body. She proceeded to place her discarded clothes in the washing machine then sat down across from me. She was obviously in no rush to get dressed.

I found the situation both strange and yet at the same time I could feel that I was most definitely getting turned on. I could feel wetness in my pussy and my nipples hardening. I noticed Anne look at my chest and that she could obviously see the signs of my aroused state as my nipples pushed hard against my blouse.

Anne spoke gently and with a smile, “So Mary, do you think you might try a little pee fun yourself? If I’m not too much casino firmaları mistaken, I believe you’re excited by what you’ve seen today, aren’t you.”

I started to crumble, “Well , I like to think I’m open minded when it comes to sex, so I just might. You never know!”

Anne immediately and disarmingly said, “Why don’t you start now Mary?”

“What do you mean, now?” I replied.

“I mean right here and now Mary. Why don’t you try it here, now with me? We have total privacy and I would just love to watch. You know you really are very attractive.”

“Oh I don’t know about that Anne, I’m really not sure that I could.”

“Go on,” she urged me, “I promise you really will love the naughtiness of it, particularly doing it in front of someone else and you have my word that it will be strictly between you and me…and after all you did watch me.”

“Look,” I said, “I really don’t think I can just sit here and pee myself. I would be too nervous and besides it’s just so out of character for me”.

“Well you don’t know until you try. If you don’t enjoy the experience, well then at least you’ve tried it once and don’t have to ever repeat it. But trust me, I just know you’ll love it.” Said Anne trying her best to convince me.

I have to say I was secretly tempted, still flushed and excited at the site of Anne peeing and then stripping her jeans off in front of me.

“Go on……do it for me.” she said looking at me doe-eyed and almost pleading. I think Anne was pretty turned on herself by this point.

“Okay, okay.” I blurted, “I’ll do it! I’ll try anything once but I do have your absolute word that this is between you and me only. If anyone knew about this I would be just so embarrassed!

“I promise Mary, you have my word,” said Anne.

“Okay. Here goes!” I said with a nervous giggle, as I slowly stood and started to undo my jeans.

“No, no Mary,” said Anne, “keep your jeans on. It enhances the experience. Trust me.”

I sat down again and looked deep into Anne’s eyes, at the same time relaxing myself as much as I could. I tried to let go all my muscle tension but I was just too uptight. I just couldn’t pee.

“Look”, said Anne, “I can see you’re nervous. How about if I helped to get you a little turned on again. Would that help?”

Not wanting to miss the opportunity I quickly said that it would be worth a try.

Anne pulled her chair back from the table and placed it directly in front of me and about three feet away. She then pulled off her T-shirt to reveal the most beautiful small but firm breasts. Raising her bum slightly off the chair she pulled her knickers down and kicked them off. Then sitting back she spread her legs just enough to expose her pussy to me and said, “That’s better. Now lets see if we can get you really juicy.” With that she gently started to masturbate herself with one hand whilst pinching and rubbing her nipples with the other. “How’s this for you?” she asked.

I could hardly answer, sat with the most beautiful sexy woman in front of me, openly playing with herself and all to get me excited enough to piss myself. Well it was certainly working. My pussy started to get very wet and my nipples grew harder than I could remember. I started to rub myself through my jeans and at the same time relaxed by bladder. My flow started instantly. As the first emission left me, I instinctively stopped it with my muscles, but then relaxing again, managed to really let go. My pee started to flow in full force and my jeans immediately changed colour as the piss soaked through.

“That’s great!” said Anne as she started to rub herself harder and faster lifting her arse off the seat to get two fingers deep into her cunt.

The feeling for me was just indescribable. As my pee flowed down my legs and started to drip onto the kitchen floor I had never felt so alive and naughty. I stared intently at Anne’s pussy as she started to come with frantic movements of her hands and hips. “Go on Mary, go on, be dirty for Me” she shouted as she reached her final throws.

I couldn’t just sit peeing anymore. I had to deal with my own lust and quickly undid the top of my jeans and pulled down to my thighs. My knickers followed far enough down to allow me to spread my legs and start to insert fingers into my own pussy. As I did so I pumped the last squirts of piss from myself which, deflected by my fingers into a shower, sprayed the floor and Anne’s legs. I was lost in lust and couldn’t stop now whatever happened. I had to come and started to shout louder than Anne had done, “Oh god, oh god yes. Anne I want to come for you. I want to piss for you. I want to be so dirty Anne. Please Anne let me come for you……Oh God, ooohhhhhh Goodddd!”

As I came down from my orgasm, reality struck home and I must have looked totally embarrassed.

Anne said, “Are you okay? Did you like it?” in a tone that gave away her concern that maybe I was already regretting what I had done.

I was shocked at what I had done. I still couldn’t quite believe that twenty minutes güvenilir casino after calling on my neighbour here I was semi-naked in her kitchen with both of us masturbating and pissing for our own and each others pleasure. I had to think for a minute to get a grip on reality.

After a long pause, I said “You know Anne, I really can’t believe what we just did and more importantly I can’t believe how much I enjoyed it. It was fantastic.”

“I told you Mary, I told you it was great!” said Anne, “Now get those jeans off and I’ll put them in the wash with mine.”

I checked my watch.

“Have you got to be somewhere?” asked Anne.

“No, not until this afternoon.” I said.

“Great, then while you clothes wash and dry why don’t you stay her for a while. Would you like that?” she said.

“Anne”, I said, “I would like that very much.”

“Great” she said again, “we can get comfy and get to know each other”.

“You should know I’ve never done anything with a woman before Anne.” I said in a tone so submissive I surprised myself.

Anne obviously picked up on it and said, “Mary, you shouted that you wanted to come for me and piss for me and be dirty for me. Well you will. I will show you what you can do for me and in return, you will get to experience things you’ve never thought of. Now get your blouse off and a bra if you’re wearing one and follow me.”

I stood and stripped as instructed. Then meekly followed Anne into her living room. Anne sat down, and hung her legs over the arms of the chair spreading herself wide. “Now Mary,” she said, knell down and lick me. I want you to make me come.”

I did as I was told with total enthusiasm. I tongued and tongued at her pussy trying to bring her off as quickly and franticly as I could. Anne threw her head back and enjoyed everything I did to her. So many times I could feel her close to coming but each time she pulled back from the brink to extend the pleasure she was getting. I was determined to get her off and bought my hands into play. I pushed two fingers into her pussy and started to pump her. As she started to buck and lift her bottom, I took my opportunity and stuck the index finger of my other hand into her arse. She looked at me suddenly, shocked at what I had done but them smiled and allowed me to push my fingers deep into her. I knew the pleasure my fingers were giving as being finger fucked in the pussy and arse at the same time was something I just loved my husband doing for me. Anne started to shout and scream as she became wetter and wetter. At one point I thought she was peeing again but it was just so much pussy juice. She bucked up and down, moaning, “Oh Mary, ooooh Mary yessss…. Bring me off, make me cum Mary, make me cum please.” Then her body stiffened and shock itself into orgasm before she slumped back down into the chair. She then pulled my fingers from her cunt and raising them to her mouth started to suck them clean of her juice.

“That was fantastic Mary,” she said, “God I wish we had got to know each other better before now.”

“So do I Anne”, I said, “but I hope from now on we can spend a lot more time together.”

“Count on it!” she said gently as she leaned forward to kiss me full and long. “Now before you have to go, come with me.” she said standing and holding out her hand.

I took hold and she led me upstairs. I thought we were going to her bedroom but instead she took me into the bathroom.

“Now Mary,” lay in the bath for me.

I immediately knew what was coming and eagerly clambered into the bath and lay down. Anne stood into the tub with her feet either side of me and crouched down a little. Then she spread her pussy lips and started to rub herself again. Within seconds her flow of piss started and grew stronger than I had imagined. She showered me from my thighs up to me neck for what seemed like ages whilst I started to masturbate myself for the second time that day. I was so turned on by the day’s events that I came almost straight away and before Anne had finished her pee. As she did so she told me to remain lying and continued to rub herself. She was going to cum again too and when she did I could understand why she told me to remain in the bath. She started to spurt juice from her cunt in huge quantities, which fell stickily onto my stomach and legs. I could certainly get wet when I came but nothing like this. Anne could practically come as much as a man. I just loved it. It was so dirty.

My mind was now in turmoil. My mundane day had presented to me the most experimental sexual encounter of my life and I had loved every minute of it. Whilst I had always known that having sex with another woman would be something I was quite willing to try, I didn’t believe I could be so dirty and uninhibited. A chance happening had opened a whole new chapter in my life.

Once we had cleaned up we went back downstairs. My jeans had now dried and, taking them into Anne’s living room, I got dressed whilst she watched.

Time was now getting on and I had my appointment. I wanted to see Anne again but even having been so intimate with her, still didn’t like to ask. So I was relieved as I left the house when Anne pulled me back, kissed me and asked, “Do you want to call again tomorrow morning?”

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