Mart 11, 2021

My Uncle Tony And Me – Hot Muscle Bears (Part 1)

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I sat alone in the living room Friday afternoon. My parents had left that morning for a business trip and would not be back until Sunday night. Before they left, they’d told me that my Uncle Tony would be coming over to keep me company. Hell, I’d hoped I could invite a couple of fine females over. But I was usually cool with Uncle Tony. I had no idea that Uncle Tony would be a LOT more than company this weekend…

At around 4:00 p.m., the doorbell rang. I went to go get it. Opening the door, Uncle Tony came in. At age 35, he was only an inch or so taller than me. His hair was short and dark. His skin was slightly tanned, darker than me. And he, like myself, was VERY burly as well.

“Yo, Josh!” he said greeting me.

“Hey Uncle Tony,” I replied, grinning sheepishly.

“What have you been up to?”

“Shit, chilling,” I said. “Bored as hell.”

“Boredom is contagious,” he agreed, laughing.

He made himself at home over the next few hours. He decided to do his own thing. I went back upstairs to my room and watched TV. Around 8:00, I decided I’d go downstairs to see what he was up to. I got to the bottom step…and froze.

Uncle Tony was sitting on the couch smoking a cigar, and he had his shirt off. WHOA! My uncle was ripped as hell and I noticed that he had a considerable amount of body hair.

Now I was a tough, hyper-masculine guy who definitely liked women. But even so, I had always enjoyed watching videos on YouTube of shirtless guys smoking. The buff, hairy guys in particular turned me on, and every now and then I would jack my 11-inch cock while watching them blow their smoke out in such a hot way, showing off their body hair. Hell, I’d make my own smoking videos too, sitting there with my shirt off, puffing on a stogie, or taking drags from a Marlboro. Damn, I loved watching myself smoke, probably because I had a kind of a scruffy but virally sexy look about me. At age 17, I was about 6’1,” I had close-cut, dark brown hair, an eerily handsome face, and a hardcore, muscular body. Like the guys I watched on the Internet, I had a pretty decent amount of body hair as well, perhaps more than any 17-year-old guy should. So I started making my own videos of me smoking and put them on the Internet. Guys would then send me videos of them smoking and showing off their body hair. I particularly developed a love for hairy chests and especially hairy armpits, which usually got me hard as a rock…

Speaking of hard as a rock, I felt my dick rapidly growing in my pants as I watched my uncle toke his cigar. My eyes roamed his chiseled, hairy body, and followed the smoke as it was expelled from his nose and mouth…

I couldn’t take much more of this. I decided I’d just go get a drink and go back to my room…to give myself a handjob. I felt myself growing a little hot, so I quietly took my shirt off and threw it aside. I started walking towards the kitchen when he suddenly spoke.

“Hey kid, ya wanna wrestle?”

“Nah, maybe later,” I laughed. I kinda DID want to wrestle with him though…

I didn’t see him snuff out his cigar or come up behind me, and suddenly he grabbed me and slammed me onto the floor.

“Ah, you motherfucker!” I laughed. We wrestled and grappled around for about ten minutes. All the while though, I felt my cock twitching in my jeans. Rolling around on the floor with another masculine, hairy man was getting me aroused. But he was my uncle! That would be morally wrong! But even so, my lust intensified as we put each other into submission holds and whatnot. After ten minutes, we were sweating like hell. He tried to grab me again and I escaped. I started dashing to my room, laughing. But he followed close behind, and just as I got inside my door, he tackled me to the ground.

“Who’s the man NOW, buddy?” he yelled. “I just whipped your—”

He stopped dead in mid-sentence, as I saw his eyes move. We both looked down at the front of my jeans, where it was now obvious that my hard cock was about to rip through the denim.

“Well, well, WELL. What have we here?” he said. “Looks like big, bad Josh likes rolling around on the floor with buff guys!”

“Well, I—” I began.

“Shut up,” he said. Then to my surprise, he reached down and started rubbing my throbbing cock through my pants. I spontaneously moaned.

“Whoa, you’re a bad dude, getting hard for your uncle Tony,” he joked.

I laughed as he moved his hand up and started rubbing my hard, manly, hairy chest. ‘This is so wrong,’ I thought. ‘But I like it!’

“I know how to take care of this,” he said. He raised me to my feet and then pushed me onto my bed, on my back. He then got on top of me, straddling my groin area, where I felt my cock bahis firmaları pushing against his ass. He leaned in and gave me a brief kiss and laughed.

“So you like hot, hairy bears like me?” he teased as he started grinding his hips against my crotch.

“Ooh, yeah,” I moaned. “Can’t get enough of them.”

“Neither can I,” he growled. “But you seem like enough of a hot bear for me.”

“Heh, I saw you puffing that stogie a few minutes ago and my cock went crazy.”

“Yeah? I’ll show you crazy, Josh. Now just relax.”

So I put my hands behind my head and relaxed. Uncle Tony started rubbing my brawny chest and abs again. Every now and then, he’d play with my nipples, making me groan in pleasure. I enjoyed the muscle rubbing I was getting so much that I closed my eyes. About two minutes later…

“Holy shit, those look fuckin’ tasty.”

My eyes snapped open and a split second later, I found out what he was talking about. He lunged forward and buried his face into one of my hot armpits. I gave a loud, snarling moan as he licked like a maniac, savoring the taste of my sweat from the “wrestling match,” and just glorifying in how hairy I was. Damn, it felt pretty fucking good! He ate my pit for about a minute and then sat up with a look of pure ecstasy on his face.

“Fuck yeah!” he said. “Now THAT’S what real man pits smell like! Yeah!”

And then he lunged forward again and plunged into my other pit. Just as before, he ate it like a ravenous beast, making sure he got as much hot pit-sweat as I had to offer. He really loved how extraordinarily MASCULINE I was!

He removed his face from my armpit and grinned down at me.

“As long as I’m around, don’t even think about putting on deodorant!”

He gave me another kiss, but this time held it, tongue-fucking my mouth. The smell of my manly musk filled my nostrils as we made out. The musty odor made my cock twitch again; it was turning me on like nothing else!

We switched positions so that I was now straddling him. I could feel his erection up against my ass and could tell that he was well-endowed indeed! Like he had done to me, I rubbed his furry, rock-hard chest and squeezed and twisted his nipples for a few minutes. My god, I was getting hornier by the minute!

“Hey,” said Tony. “I savored YOUR masculinity, now it’s your turn to bask in mine!”

Grinning, I lifted his left arm to reveal his beautiful, hairy pit. Without thinking twice, I dived in. His musk was even more masculine than my own! I rubbed my face all in his pit hair, tasting the salty sweat he had produced. All of this could have made me lose a load right there in my pants. I licked his hot, hairy pits for nearly five minutes. By then, HARDCORE lust had kicked in and I felt as if my cock had grown another inch. Blood didn’t matter anymore. I wanted to go all the way with my Uncle Tony and I wanted a hot, sweaty fuck!

“Ever had a dick in your mouth, boy?” he asked.

“Nope,” I said.

“Well, there’s a first time for everything,” he said. “Suck my dick.”

I lifted my head from his pit and gave him a kiss so he could enjoy his own musk, and then I started licking my way down his torso. I sucked on each of his nipples for a few seconds, and made my way down, brushing my face against his chiseled, furry stomach. I got down on my knees as I reached his pubic line. I ran my hand against the front of his pants. Jeez, how big WAS he?!

“You know you want it,” my uncle chuckled.

I unbuckled his belt, and unzipped and unbuttoned his jeans. He lifted his hip slightly and I pulled his pants down to around his ankles. HOLY SHIT! The cock between his legs was 12 inches long and 2 inches wide! Every vein in the shaft was visible as it throbbed, the tip pulsing with precum. It was a beautiful sight. I leaned my head in and breathed deeply, getting myself hornier from the masculine odor coming from his balls.

“That’s a fuckin’ REAL man smell,” I groaned, looking up at him.

“Yeah,” he growled back. “Now suck that big fuckin’ prick.”

In one move, I buried 4 inches of his hot beef into my mouth. I could taste the precum pulsating out of his dick as I started to suck. I went slow at first, gradually trying to get as much cock as I could into my mouth.

“Oh, yeah,” moaned Uncle Tony as I lowered my mouth a couple more inches down onto his cock. I reached up and started rubbing his nipples again, making him moan even harder. Finally, he was 9 inches into my mouth and I found myself about to gag. Deciding that was all I could take, I removed myself from his dick and sucked on his hot balls, which, as I anticipated, were quite hairy as well. I stroked his meaty erection with one hand kaçak iddaa (my other still rubbing his nipples) as I licked those musky nuts.

“Oh my god,” he moaned as I ran my tongue all around his scrotum. “That feels so fuckin’ good.”

With my lust further intensified, I started to suck on his huge cock again. I was so hard by now, I thought my own prick might explode! But I wanted to save it for my uncle. I started greedily slurping on his cock now, rubbing both nipples as I did so. My uncle was practically screaming with pleasure. I could tell the time was getting close as I bobbed my head up and down at amazing speed.

“Oh shit, I’m gonna cum!” he yelled. I wanted to taste it badly, so I started wrenching his nipples to intensify his stimulation.

I lifted my head quick enough to say “Give me that fuckin’ load!” before impaling my face on the dick again. His cock swelled in my mouth and his legs started shaking.

“Ugh! Ugh! Ahh! Fuck! FUCK! FFFFUUUUCCCCKKKK!!!!!”

And with that, his cock spasmed violently in my throat and erupted an enormous load of hot cum into my mouth. I ravenously gulped down as much of the salty jizz as I could. With one hand still on his chest, I used the other to jerk the base of his cock, making sure I got every drop out of him. He screamed and bucked wildly as he shot his load.

“Goddamn, that tasted fuckin’ good!” I said after pulling his limp cock out of my mouth.

Uncle Tony breathed rapidly and heavily.

“Looks…like…big, bad Josh…knows how…to suck some man meat!” my uncle panted.

“Yeah,” I said. You wanna return the favor?”

My uncle looked up at me, grinning.

“Yeah, I guess it’s only fair,” he said.

So I got up on the bed and gave one of his pits another lick. I got onto my back, put my hands behind my head, and waited for him to make his move. Like I had done, he licked my hairy torso down to my waist. Kneeling at the foot of the bed, he undid my jeans and slid them and my boxer briefs down. At long last, my throbbing 11-inch fuck stick sprang out in front of my uncle’s face and he smiled and laughed.

“Big dicks must run in the family,” he said. He squeezed my cock and a copious amount of precum appeared at the tip. He licked it up and then proceeded to suck me off.

“Oh, fuck!” I moaned as he circled his tongue around my shaft. I didn’t know how long I could hold myself back from this; my cock had been harder than a diamond ever since I’d seen Uncle Tony smoking that cigar, which was nearly half an hour ago. I’d been begging for a release since then.

He reached up and started wrenching my nipples like I had as he took more of my meat into his mouth, making me groan even more.

“Ah, yeah!” I snarled. “Suck that fuckin’ cock, Uncle Tony! Suck that big cock!”

He started rubbing his hands into my hairy pits and holding them up to my face. The smell made my balls start to tense up and I groaned louder.

It took me a while to notice that my uncle had taken EVERY INCH of my cock into his mouth. He was hungrily deep-throating me as he played with my nipples. I felt my cum start to rise.

“Uncle Tony, I’m gonna fuckin’ cum!” I shouted. He yanked my nipples and sucked harder.

“You want my big fuckin’ load?!” I yelled.

“Mm-hmm!” he muttered through my dick sending a vibration through me. This sent me over the edge.

“AHH! OH FUCK!!!!!!!!!!”

With an almighty roar, I reached down and grabbed my uncle’s head and held it in place as my cock exploded, shooting stream after stream of hot, sticky cum down his throat. I’d never had such a strong orgasm in all my life! I must have emptied an entire gallon of cock milk down my uncle’s throat!

It took nearly three minutes for me to recover from my massive jizms. I felt relieved since I had finally ejaculated, but I still didn’t feel complete. Uncle Tony seemed to read my mind as he pulled me to my feet.

“Turn around,” he said. At the foot of my bed, I stepped out of my jeans and turned around facing the mattress. He got behind me and pressed his body against mine. I could feel his half-limp cock against the crack of my ass. He reached around and massaged my torso again, grabbing my nipples several times, eliciting soft growls of pleasure from me.

“You like that?” he said lowly.

“Mmm, yeah,” I responded. He lifted my arm and gave my pit a few more licks. Then he grabbed my ass.

“You ever had a rim job, boy?” he asked.

“Heh, no.” I said.

“Well you did a damn good job of sucking my dick, and you gave me one of the best loads I’ve ever tasted. Plus you smell like a real man should, so I’m gonna reward you. Get on your knees on the bed and bend over.”

I climbed kaçak bahis onto the bed and spread my knees apart. I leaned forward and rested my arms on the mattress. My uncle knelt down and admired my ass.

“You got a fuckin’ beautiful ass,” he said, running his hand over my cheeks. “Firm and hairy like mine.”

After giving each cheek a couple of smacks, he started running his tongue up and down my crack. I groaned in pleasure as he did so. I could feel blood rushing back into my cock and in seconds, I was just as hard (if not harder) as I was when I’d gotten my blowjob. My uncle then probed his tongue against the entrance to my asshole. I had never had any kind of anal stimulation before now, not even from myself. But this feeling was SO good! He tongued at my sphincter for a few seconds and then completely buried his face into my virgin ass, and I felt his tongue slip past my anal ring and into my rectum. Uncle Tony was tongue-fucking me and I felt like I was in heaven. My cock, still sore from the brutal orgasm from a few minutes ago, was throbbing like mad again. I gripped my sheets firmly, my head spinning from the pleasure. Every now and then, he would take my hot balls into his mouth. While he sucked on my balls, he thrust one finger up my pucker hole. Then he’d go back to eating me out. He fingered and ate my ass hungrily for about five minutes until it was extremely wet.

“That’s a tasty ass you got there,” said my uncle. “I think it’s ready for me now.”

I heard him stand up and felt him grab my hips. I gasped as he prodded my asshole with the head of his cock.

“You ready to take this fuckin’ dick?” he panted.

Without waiting for an answer, he shoved himself in halfway. I cried out in pain at the huge intrusion into my tight hole, but I relaxed after a few seconds. My uncle started making slow progress in and out of my ass, warming me up and pushing himself further in. I started rocking my hips backwards, trying to get more of his hard meat into my wanton ass. We were both groaning from the effort of pushing him into me. Finally, he gave an almighty heave and buried all 12 inches of cock completely into my ass.

I gave a huge yell at the pain of the penetration, but felt pleasure beneath it. He started fucking my ass slowly, getting a steady rhythm going in and out. All the while, I’m growling and moaning in pleasure, my cock aching for another release.

“Yeah Josh,” Uncle Tony said. “Take that big dick.” He gave my hairy ass a few more good smacks and then he pulled out.

“Turn over, boy,” he said. Still at the edge of my bed, I turned over onto my back. He lifted my legs and drove his cock back into my ass. I couldn’t take it anymore. I wanted to get ROUGH!

“Come on, Uncle Tony!” I shouted. “Fuck my ass, goddamn it! FUCK ME!”

Then he became an animal, and he started to savagely pound my ass. We started really grunting and screaming now! As he pistoned in and out of my hole, he reached down and started twisting my nipples again. Painful it was, but it was all the more intensifying my pleasure! I reached down and started jerking my now EXTREMELY hard cock, trying to match the speed he was using to fuck me. Five minutes went by, and I started to feel my cum building in my sack again. Uncle Tony lifted the arm I wasn’t using and buried his face into my armpit again. He licked for about 30 seconds while he continued to brutally abuse my ass. When he was done, he kissed me. The scent of my smelly pit sent me over the edge, and seconds later, I blasted my load all over my chest.

“Yeah, shoot that fuckin’ cum!” my uncle yelled. He licked up every drop from my hairy man chest. The taste of my cum seemed to send him over the edge. I felt his cock swell inside my ass.


I felt the spasms in my ass that indicated that he was shooting stream after stream of man milk into my rectum. He collapsed on top of me until his cock went limp. He slid back down and buried his face into my ass. He felched me, sucking his load out of my rectum and swallowing most of it. Damn my uncle was a cum whore! He got back on top of me and swapped what was left to me and I swallowed.

We lay there on the bed for a few minutes, panting and sweating. Two hairy, masculine beasts who had just RAGED.

“You wanna watched TV?”

The random question made me laugh.

“Might as well,” I said.

We put our pants back on and went downstairs and watched TV. I lit up a Marlboro while he torched another stogie.

“You’re a good, hot fuck,” said my uncle. “Tomorrow you can return the favor.”

“Hmmm….” I said, grinning. I searched my twisted mind, thinking of what to do to my uncle tomorrow. I was going to show him a DAMN good time!

As much as I know you guys hate cliffhangers, I gotta pace myself. Part 2 will be up soon though!

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