Mart 22, 2021

My Summer Cougar Pt. 11

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Adriana Chechik

Monday again already. The weather was against me, another summer storm. It was looking like a day off for me, the forecast, if correct told me it was in for the day. Waiting till late morning to see if it looked like changing I rang Annie.

“Hello Annie, doesn’t look like I can work today, don’t think this rain is going to stop,” I said.

“To wet that’s for sure John but I do have a job for you indoors if you like,” she said.

“Oh OK, so shall I come round at the usual time?” I asked.

“Yes dear that would be fine,” she answered.

Feeling sure the job Annie had in mind was likely to be enjoyable I looked forward to seeing what the afternoon had in store…

“Hello dear, come in out the rain, what a dreadful day,” Annie said opening the front door.

“Yes not a good day for gardening that’s for sure. How’s your back now?” I asked stepping in out of the rain.

“Much better thank you dear, still a bit sore but it’s on the mend. Come through to the lounge and meet Jasmin,” she said closing the door behind me.

Following Annie through to the lounge I wondered who Jasmin was.

“Here he is, this is John,” Annie introduced me.

“Hello John, Annie has been telling me all about you,” said Jasmin holding out her hand.

Jasmin was certainly a sight for sore eyes. I judged her to be younger than me, maybe twenty and was dressed in what I would call a French maids outfit. Standing around five feet six in her black high heeled shoes, she wore a very short black skirt, black stockings, white frilly blouse and held a feather duster in her hand.

“Hello Jasmin,” I said gently holding her offered hand shaking it.

Her smile lit up her pretty face and I noticed her blue eyes, complementing her short blond hair. As she shook my hand her breasts jiggled slightly and I couldn’t help notice her cleavage between her ample breasts.

“Jasmin’s doing a bit of cleaning for me a few days a week. She’s come highly recommended karabağlar escort bayan by Meg,” Annie said.

“Yes I’ve been cleaning for Meg for a few months now, she seems happy with my work,” said Jasmin.

“Oh she’s more than happy dear, more than happy,” said Annie, “Sit down John I’ve just made some tea, would you like some?”

Annie passed me a cup she had already prepared, “Yes thank you,” I said taking the cup from her.

It seemed very strange how Jasmin was dressed. She began lightly dusting around not really doing anything. It was when she started deliberately bending down right next to where Annie sat that it became clear what she was really doing here.

Jasmin’s skirt was so short that when she bent over she revealed her white cotton panties and suspender belt straps. Her backside was almost in Annie’s face as she pretended to dust.

“Yes I can certainly see why Meg is so pleased with you dear,” Annie said examining Jasmin’s lovely round bum.

I too admired her bum and shapely stocking covered legs, the bulge growing in my jeans giving away my enjoyment. As I watched, Annie sniffed at the air only inches from Jasmin’s panties with obvious delight at what she smelt.

Annie took a sip of her tea, a drip fell from her cup landing in her cleavage. Being so used to seeing Annie in a dressing gown or bath robe it hadn’t registered in my mind until that moment that she was wearing a white bath robe and obviously no bra.

“Ooops!” exclaimed Annie which made Jasmin turn to look, “I’m making a mess.”

“Let me,” said Jasmin kneeling in front of Annie.

Jasmin to my great surprise began licking between Annie’s breasts as she pulled her gown open.

“Oooh thank you dear,” said Annie, “did it drip here as well,” Annie pointed to her left breast.

Jasmin licked where Annie gestured and moved lower towards her nipple. The bulge in my jeans grew larger with the view escort karabağlar I had of Jasmin’s arse as she lifted it higher for me to see.

“That’s a good girl, and over here as well I think,” Annie said pointing to her other breast.

After a minute or two of Jasmin licking and sucking Annie’s nipples, “And I think it might of dripped down there as well dear, do you mind,” said Annie indicating between her legs with a nod of her head.

As Jasmin pulled back Annie slid forward in her chair, “Oh yes it does look wet,” said Jasmin, looking at Annie’s pussy, “let me clean that up for you.”

Jasmin lowered herself and began to lick, “I don’t think it’s tea though, but it tastes rather nice,” she said and continued to lick.

“That’s a good girl, Oooh yes,” Annie muttered, enjoying Jasmin’s tongue on her pussy.

Annie looked up and soon noticed the bulge in my jeans, “You must be uncomfortable John, why don’t you slip those things off, I’m sure Jasmin wont mind,” she said.

Within moments I had stripped naked and sat back down with my fully erect cock pointing straight up. Jasmin continued licking away between Annie’s legs while I slowly wanked my shaft.

“Oh dear,” Annie began looking at my cock, “you seem to be wet as well John. Would you mind Jasmin, before it drips everywhere.”

“Yes of course,” Jasmin said, standing up and turning her attention to me.

She bent down keeping her legs straight, her hands on my legs she licked across my wet knob. Her tongue felt so good as she licked all around the glans making my cock twitch.

“Looks like your knickers are wet Jasmin dear, You carry on there and let me sort that out for you,” Annie said and pressed her face into Jasmin’s knickers.

“You was right Annie his cock does taste nice,” said Jasmin taking my shaft in her hand.

“Yes dear I do love licking up all that pre cum. I’m just going to slip your panties off dear,” said Annie.

I karabağlar escort saw Jasmin’s panties drop to the floor before my view was blocked by her head as she took my knob between her soft lips.

“Mmmm you do taste nice dear, such a sweet wet pussy,” Annie said, “I think John should have a taste. Lay on the floor John and let Jasmin sit on your face.”

Following Annie’s orders I laid flat on the floor and Jasmin position herself above me. The sight of her smooth shaved pussy approaching my face was only bettered by the taste and smell of her cunt as my tongue slipped into her hole.

Meanwhile Annie had straddled me, she took my cock in her hand and rubbed my swollen knob up and down the wet lips of her labia.

“He’s very good with his tongue isn’t he dear,” said Annie.

“Ooooh yes he is,” answered Jasmin.

She moved herself so I could lick from her clit right round to her arsehole and back, she moaned softly. Her juices soaked my face and dribbled down my cheeks.

My cock slipped up Annie’s wet pussy as she lowered herself down slowly until I was deep inside her, “Oooh… yes,” she cried.

Jasmin pushed harder into my face while Annie fucked me faster and faster. Sucking on Jasmin’s stiff swollen clit she couldn’t help cry out as she climaxed, “OH GOD YES Don’t Stop.”

As I felt her cum flow from her cunt over my face I thrust my hips up and shot my spunk deep inside Annie which in turn had Annie coming as well, “OOOH YES… Oh Yes,” she cried…

I was totally spent and when I was able I sat back down in the chair to recover wiping Jasmin’s juices from my face.

To my surprise Annie hadn’t finished, “Now dear bend over for me would you,” she said to Jasmin.

Jasmin bent over and Annie knelt behind her and began licking her pussy, “Mmmm you taste so nice,” she said.

After licking up her cum Annie began finger fucking her while licking her arsehole. It wasn’t long before Jasmin was coming for the second time. Annie didn’t stop until she was sure she had finished and again licked up Jasmin’s juices dribbling from her cunt.

After a brief pause while everyone recovered Annie said, “Well thank you both, you’ve done a good job today, I’m very pleased.”

So that was just another day at Annie’s…

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