Mart 30, 2021

My Sister’s Desperation Ch. 02

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*I struggled with whether to put this series in “Fetish” or “Incest/Taboo,” and after some feedback on Ch. 01 have decided to stick with incest, but give you all a heads up:

This story contains strong fetish content, particularly pertaining to watersports, golden-showers, and desperation. I realize this is not for everyone, so if this does not align with your tastes, you may want to look elsewhere.

For those who stick around, I hope you enjoy the story!

Thanks for reading.*


Kelly’s door was open when I arrived, but I still knocked before entering. She told me to come in meekly, and still flat. I was shaking, worried what she would say, what she would do.

As I passed the threshold I saw Kelly standing by her bed, still wearing her soiled bikini, which was still damp, bearing witness to what had just happened. Why was she still wearing it?

“Hi,” she muttered, but with a sympathetic half smile that started to put me at ease.


And then we stood. I couldn’t take another step. I was frozen just past her door, and she remained by her bed. There was silence. My mind raced trying to find something to say, but I just couldn’t continue the conversation, I was lost. For a while it seemed like Kelly was too.

She stood biting her lip for several painstaking moments before she broke the silence.

“I’m sorry,” she finally managed to utter.

Her response took be aback. She was sorry? She was basically assaulted by her brother and she was sorry? I felt like shit and suddenly wanted to talk.

Still, a confused “What?” was all I was able to manage at first.

Kelly began to speak but hesitated, apparently not knowing what to say. There was more silence until Kelly broke it once more.

“Andrew what was that? I’m sorry I freaked out, but I just don’t really know what happened and I’m embarrassed, and freaked out, and I just had to go, to think. But we need to talk.”

“Kelly, we do. I’m sorry. I don’t know what happened, I lost control, and I’m so sorry.”

I took a step into the room.

“You lost control? Andrew, we basically just dry humped each other. I peed on you. I fucking peed on you.”

Did Kelly just say we dry humped each other? Did she just admit that she actively participated in whatever just happened? My heart pounded in my ears, but it was not the time to jump to conclusions, so I responded carefully.

“Yeah, but it was my fault.”

“Andrew, that’s not what I wanted this conversation to be like. I don’t care who did what. I’m just really confused and hoped we could figure shit out.”

I took another step into the room, though Kelly still remained a distance from me. I nodded at her with a half smile, as my anxiety shifted from fear to anticipation.

Kelly continued, “because, Andrew, I peed on you, and you kinda seemed to enjoy it… a lot.”

This sentence made me feel ashamed again, and I looked towards my feet as kelly continued.

“And I just. I guess. I wanted to see if that was actually the case or if I’m just completely crazy. Because if this is a one sided thing. I..I don’t know. I…”

Finally a few words came to me, and I responded, “One sided thing? Kelly, what do you mean by that?”

“Well, that’s why I’m confused. I mean, what happened…when I, lost it,” she hesitated, “I..I mean, it felt really good-too good-in a way that it shouldn’t. And in the moment, I kind of went with it because it felt so good-I really lost control-and it seemed like I wasn’t the only one, but you’re my brother you know? And the whole this just got weird…Please talk to me, Andrew, I don’t know what I’m saying here.”

Kelly suddenly looked on the verge of tears. I sighed and closed the gap between us, walking towards her by the bed.

“Kelly. You were definitely, definitely, not the only one,” and I decided it was time to come clean. I sighed deeply, and then laid it all on the table.

I told Kelly about two days ago, about peeing in the pool and how it made me feel. I told her how confused it made me and I waited for her response. She didn’t say anything, but she smiled, widely and warmly.

“Aren’t you weirded out?” I asked.

“Listen, okay,” she responded with a chuckle, “after what happened, I don’t think anything will weird me out. Besides, I’m just glad to hear I’m not crazy. That actually makes me feel a lot better.”

I smiled at her, but only a half smile. I had to come completely clean, “yeah, but that’s not all. It really was my fault…I sort of planned the whole thing…well not the whole thing…but I wanted to make you pee, and I feel like I manipulated you into the situation. Had it not been for me, we wouldn’t be here.”


She responded tersely, then sat for a moment in contemplation.

“I wondered why you kept feeding me beers, haha. I thought you were just trying to get me buzzed or something…”

Her laugh was genuine and she did not seem upset.

“So you’re not mad?”

“I mean, I do kind of wish that if that kind etiler ucuz escort of situation were to happen I were in the know…but no. I’m not mad. And it wasn’t entirely your fault. I very consciously made the choice to straddle you…”

She laughed.

A weight lifted off my conscience and I think it showed on my face. Kelly mirrored my expression, but there were still more questions.

“So what do we do now?”

“…well,” Kelly’s tone changed, “That’s also why I called you up here.”

It was a very leading statement, but I’m one for clarity so I asked her what she meant.

“Well,” she continued almost seductively, “I have some thoughts…and as of today, I figure I should talk with you about them…I’m still really confused, because you’re my brother. I mean the pee thing is whatever, sexuality is weird and I don’t really care what gets me off, so long as it does…but you’re family, and everything in my mind, everything I’ve been told says that’s not okay. But that felt too good today to not be okay…and at least for me, I think I want to explore it until it does.”

She paused for a moment, and added an addendum, “Besides, who else am I going to find who’s into the whole pee thing?” Then she smiled, waiting for a reply.

“You want to explore this?”

“Yeah.” She almost whispered in response, taking a step towards me.

My cock began to stir in my drying swimsuit. Kelly looked down at it, gnawing at her bottom lip. My heart raced with a whole new kind of anticipation.

I smiled at her, and she smiled at me, and then my cock took over.

My hands moved to Kelly’s hips, and I held her slender form in an openly affectionate way for the first time. She swayed into my grasp.

“You’re still wearing your swimsuit.”

“Yeah. It’s still wet.” Kelly responded in the sexiest tone-a tone that sent shivers down to my cock.

I took a breath, heart pulsing, and glanced down at my sister’s soaked crotch, indicating my desires with my eyes, “may I?”

Kelly smiled, biting her lip with anticipation, and nodded “yes.”

I dropped down, sliding my hands along the length of her legs until I was on my knees and level with Kelly’s crotch. I looked up at her, looking down at me, clearly nervous, but smiling and waiting for me to make the move. So I did.

I leaned in and pressed my face into the damp fabric. As my nose pressed into my sister’s mound I felt the coldness of the drying suit, and then the warmth of her heat, which radiated through the piss.

Her core was firm, but yielding, and I longed to feel the softness of the skin underneath. Kelly gasped a shaky breath at the contact and pursed her hips forward into me. I inhaled. The scent of piss flooded my nostrils.

Again, it was so new and so strange, I’m not sure if it were anyone else if it would have the same effect, but Kelly’s fluid was like a drug. The carnal scent drove me wild and I pressed my face against her soiled swimsuit.

I looked up at Kelly who, besides the sound of her long breaths, had gone silent. She looked lost in bliss, longing for more. I kissed her mound lightly. And then slid down, craning my neck so that my nose nestled between her fabric covered lips.

Kelly sounded a soft moan and fell back against her bedside table. I followed her to this new position with my face buried in her crotch.

She remained standing, sort of, with her ass resting on the edge of the table, but her legs were spread slightly and her hips angled forward, allowing me full access to her sex, which I happily indulged in.

I inhaled yet again, trying and failing to sate my new addiction. I could not get enough. But here, at Kelly’s core, the scent of piss was not the only intoxicant. The crotch of her swimsuit was wetter than the front.

Some of it was clearly pee, remnants from Kelly’s desperation, but there was something else, something slick and filmy soaking through the already wet fabric. Kelly was wet in more ways than one, and as I inhaled I could smell this new scent of her arousal.

It was very distinct from the pee. It was the scent of sex-the smell of pussy-the essence of Kelly. And when it mixed with her other carnal secretion in my nose I was overwhelmed with pleasure and desire.

I lost my endurance and dove into Kelly’s pussy with force. I had to have more. Kelly moaned and shook as I pressed my face hard into her slit, devouring her scent and her taste. As my tongue lapped across the damp fabric I tasted her for the first time.

The cocktail of Kelly-salty bitter piss and tangy electric pussy, so sexual, so uniquely Kelly-was enough to cause a lapse in my sanity. I let out an audible moan. I couldn’t help it. Kelly matched me with her pleasure sounds.

Her moans were emphatic and loud, sounding every time my tongue ran the length of her crotch. She shook pressing her pelvis into me, trying to increase the pressure. The lamp on the table knocked against the wall with her rhythm. It still wasn’t enough.

Kelly etiler üniversiteli escort leaned against the table on her right arm, and she brought her left to my head, pulling me harder into her pussy, holding me against her as she fought for more pleasure.

Meanwhile, she had gotten wetter. My face was already soaked and reeked of her sex, but I could feel her arousal increase. Her swimsuit slid over this new slick fluid and some of it seeped through. I wanted more.

While I lapped her pussy I began to suck, drawing out Kelly’s grool and piss from the absorbent material. I moaned again as it filled my mouth. The taste of my sister’s piss, the taste of her pussy, was leading me to heights of pleasure and longing that I did not know existed.

As she moaned with my head held firmly between her legs, I felt ecstatic and high, but I had not cum yet. It seemed as Kelly was feeling the same.

“Andrew,” she breathed between moans, “Andrew…I need to pee again. Do-do you want me to? …Can I?”

I did not remove my mouth from her groin. My response was a muffled “mhm,” but it was all Kelly needed. Within moments, I could feel her pelvis tensing in a different kind of way. I could hear her effort to squeeze between her moans, and her pussy clenched beneath the bathing suit.

A dribble of piss bubbled through the suit and directly to my tongue. It was steaming in my mouth, salty and bitter but sweet too, in a primal sort of way. My ecstasy soared.

I planted my mouth on her pussy and waited for more.

Kelly continued to squeeze, and she managed another dribble. And then another. And then it came. Kelly erupted into my mouth. I felt her pussy clench and then a flood of hot liquid poured into my maw, taking over my senses.

All the while, Kelly humped against me, driving herself into my face, moaning and moaning, getting ready to break.

I swallowed her piss, feeling Kelly’s warmth go down my throat, one gulp, then another as her stream replenished my mouth. And then I let it spill over, dripping into a puddle beneath us. I swirled my face against her cooch, bathing in her release.

As I did, Kelly screamed. I’d call it a moan, but it was louder than that, and much more intense. It was a primal scream. She humped me furiously, even as she continued to piss, reaching the height of an orgasm.

Her stream also peaked during this time as she clenched uncontrollably. High pressure piss filled my mouth and spilled down my chest, soaking me.

And then it ran back to a dribble, and I felt her pussy contract as she squeezed out the last few drops of precious fluid. Coming down, she shuddered periodically, refusing to relinquish me from her grasp.

Her hand was interlaced in my hair, still holding me tightly against her. I took the time to savor the last few drops, sucking at the newly wet fabric and my sister’s pussy.

Finally, she released me with an exasperated gasp. I reluctantly removed myself from her pussy, looking up to her flushed face.

“Oh my god…I have never, never, cummed so hard in my life. Never.”

She looked down at me and giggled, obviously at my ridiculous appearance.

“Andrew you’re soaked.”

I laughed and looked at her, and the mess that she had made. She laughed too.

“Fuck. That was so hot.”

Indeed it was. Too hot. And I had yet to have my release. My cock throbbed in my suit, aching for its chance to cum.

I kissed Kelly’s mound once more, looking up at her with a deep sense of longing. I wanted more, and so did she.

“Come here,” she said, lifting me up from my kneeling position, until I was face to face with her, inches away, staring into her beautiful brown eyes. “You smell like pussy and piss,” she giggled once more.

And then she licked me, tasting herself on my face. It was cute and flirtatious-and oh so sexy. She contemplated her flavour for a moment, before draping her arms on my shoulders, and leaning in for a kiss.

When her lips met mine I was made aware of another perfect attribute to her figure. Soft, plump, and gentle lips caressed my mouth, before a more vigorous and passionate movement took over. Then her tongue passed into my mouth.

I felt the breath from her nose and the sense of her kiss, and I needed her. I held her waist, softly, but steadily, pulling her against me in a very loving, but passionate embrace. A quiet moan passed from her mouth to mine. I loved my sister.

The sensation of her body against mine, her soft skin caressing mine as our torsos joined was perfect, and so was her kiss. I held her closely for a moment before I let my hands wander.

My left hand dropped, lightly drifting over the subtle curves of her back before breaking over the lip of her bikini bottoms. With increased pressure, I cupped her ass, her perfect, petite, but round ass.

Her cheek filled my palm, soft but toned and perfect. Kelly moaned into my mouth. She had also let her hands wander. I felt her trace fatih escort the length of my torso and then grasp the prominence of my cock in one swift motion.

I shuddered at her touch. She cupped my cock briefly, smiling through a kiss before stroking lightly up the length. I grabbed firmly onto her ass and enjoyed her motions. But then she stopped.

I broke from our kiss and looked at her with an expression of pure longing. She looked down. Her other hand dropped from my shoulder and then she undid the tie of my suit before allowing it to drop to the floor.

As she worked it over my bulge, my cock sprung and pointed to the sky. Kelly’s mouth fell open. Her face filled with desire.

Kelly eagerly grabbed back onto my cock. Looking down, the sight was exceptional. Kelly’s soft hand gracefully slid over the ridges of my stone member, which stood aimed at her soaking sexy bikini covered pussy.

I moaned as she stroked me, until she silenced me with another kiss. Her mouth had become ravenous at the sight of my sex and her tongue explored mine with furious determination.

I was close to cumming so close to cumming, and Kelly could tell. She removed herself from me and grabbed me by the hips. She spread her legs and fell back against the bedside table. As I fell with her she aligned my naked prick with her sopping cameltoe.

Then I was on top of her. Our kissing continued, but it was interrupted by breathing that was shaky and uncontrolled.

Instinctively, we both began to thrust, to hump. My cock slid along the length of Kelly’s cunt. Her swimsuit was soaked and my cock moved easily over it. Her room filled with the sound of our pleasure, heavy breathing and the sticky slick sound of Kelly’s cum and piss covered bathing suit gliding over her soaking pussy with each thrust we made.

It was an incredible scene and the sensation was likewise incredible. Within moments of starting this new action Kelly and I were both unable to maintain our mouths’ embrace. Our mutual proximity to orgasm was ticking away as I mock fucked her against the bedside table.

The room was filled with the scents of sex and piss, and that is what pushed me over the edge. The completion of a multisensory experience was too much for me and I pressed against Kelly’s lips and began to cum.

This final push had driven her over the edge too and she shook, screaming once more into the room.

I leaned back in rapture, maintaining contact only with her pelvis as I came. I exploded onto her torso, shooting ropes of cum from her pelvis to her tits, and then pouring more on her fabric covered crotch.

Another fluid drenched her already soaked bottoms in the most beautiful and sexy mess I had ever seen.

Her already lubricated bottoms became even more slick with the addition of my cum and I slid down her length a few more strokes while we both came down from our high.

I clenched out the last few drops of my release and Kelly shook the last few quakes of hers and we kissed once more before returning to reality.

We had made a mess.

Kelly stood leaning with her legs still spread, covered in a mixture of all our fluids. I stood naked covered in the same. Below us a pool of piss sat on the wood floor. The only thing to do was to laugh at the ridiculousness of the situation through our still shaky breath.

“We should shower,” Kelly said finally, still chuckling.


“We’ll use mine since it’s attached to my room. If you want to go start the water, I’ll grab some towels for this,” Kelly said as she motioned towards the floor.

I laughed and we broke, me to the shower and her to the closet. I didn’t bother to re-clothe, I almost skipped to the bathroom dangling my soaked bottoms from my finger.

After a few minutes, Kelly joined me. She walked towards me and we embraced with a kiss. Her hand stroked my once-softening cock as we waited for the water to warm.

As we separated, Kelly began to untie her top.

I told her I’d help, and knelt down to remove her bottoms. Kelly stopped and stood nervously. She didn’t have to say anything. I was nervous too. Regardless of whatever perverted acts we just performed, somehow being naked together, completely naked, was a new and bigger step.

I hadn’t seen Kelly naked since we were kids, and the thought of stripping her down now gave me butterflies. I felt like I was losing my virginity, and I could tell she did too.

She looked down at me, quiet, with an expression of anticipation-she wanted me to do it, but was nervous, filled with expectations, waiting for reality.

I moved slowly, lovingly. I grabbed her hips and the fabric of her suit, and pulled. I could almost feel kelly’s heart pound as I did.

We both got quietly more excited with each fraction of an inch I pulled her bottoms down. Half way down her pelvis a thin dark patch of fur revealed itself from above the fabric. Kelly had a landing strip, short, trimmed, and perfectly maintained.

And below that her slit emerged. A perfect softly defined line indicated the cleft of her pussy. It was framed by two even softer lips, perfectly bald and glistening.

We had really made a mess in the other room. Kelly’s sex glistened with cum and piss. It was exquisite. At this point I let the bottoms drop to the floor and Kelly stepped out of them.

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