Mart 30, 2021

My Sister Really Sucks

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We had been living in Kuwait when the war broke out, and them shutting down the school and shipping out the dependents is why my sister and I were a year behind in school. Meaning that I graduated at 19 and my sister was 18 when she finished her Junior year. Dad getting killed by a roadside bomb affected both of us differently, with me burying myself in my books, and Lisa burying herself in sex. That’s why she’d been grounded for the whole summer, after being caught in an affair with two of the teachers. And it was only her being technically adult that stopped her from being expelled, along with Dad being counted as a war hero. The teachers also got lucky, just getting transferred instead of fired or going to jail.

Anyway, since I had nothing to do until I started State College in the fall; I got designated as my sister’s jailer and babysitter while Mom worked at the base hospital. It wasn’t that bad a job, because with both parents being, or having been, officers we had a nice house with its own pool in the yard. So, my sister’s “prison” sentence was just being stuck in the house or being in the pool, instead of going out with her friends, and fucking herself silly. My job, even though I was allowed out after Mom got home, had one bad side effect though, and it was seeing my sister’s hot body all day, giving me raging boners that I didn’t have a girl to take care of.

Lisa is what we call a Key West Albino, since both Mom and Dad were, or had been the same. That means she had hair so blonde it was almost white, with eyebrows to match, and brown eyes, a very erotic combo. But unlike true albinos, her skin was tanned and showed off a body that any girl would be proud of. Nicely rounded 36C tits, narrow waist and flat stomach, and a bubble butt like the best looking black chicks. That’s why it had been easy for her to bury herself in sex, because her body just screamed it. And that’s why this grounding was pure torture for her, because she’d been used to that sex on a daily basis, and not just from those teachers.

I was the odd person out in the family, with dark hair and good build, just not as erotic as the rest of them, which was one of the reasons I didn’t have a steady girlfriend. The other was that I was a little on the nerdy side, which made me awkward with women. So, one of Lisa’s favorite pastimes was to tease me with her body and her words, to make her grounding as much torture for me as it was for her. You know, wearing the tiniest bikinis possible, or shorts and tight shirts with no panties or bra. And telling me constantly how the lack of a hard dick in her mouth was killing her. Then she’d look at the hard dick she was causing in my shorts and tell me even mine was starting to look delicious to her.

It all came to a head, literally, at about 2 in the morning on Saturday of Lisa’s first week of grounding. That’s when I woke up to the most fantastic feeling in the world, a set of lips slowly sliding up and down my cock. And when I looked down to see what was going on, I saw Lisa’s eyes smiling back up at me. I started to say something, and she raised her head to say my cock was just as delicious as she’d thought it would be. And to please let her have this because she really needed me to cum in her mouth right now. As I lay back, to signal that I wouldn’t try to stop her, Lisa started licking my shaft saying that we were going to have lots of fun together from now on. Then she went back to her soft sucking and got what she needed in less than one minute, and gave me a quick kiss before leaving.

In the morning, Mom wasn’t even out of the driveway, before Lisa was under the breakfast table, trying to get my shorts off. And the whole time I was eating my pancakes, she was sucking my sausage, even softer and slower than etiler bdsm escort she had the night before. Also, unlike then, she wasn’t in a rush to make me cum this time, and drove me crazy for almost half an hour before she drank what she calls her protein shake. Then she was pushing all the plates to the end of the table to put her now naked cunt in front of me, and tell me it was time for me to drink my juice, her dripping pussy juice that is. And when I told her I’d never done that before, she grabbed the back of my head, and told me she’d teach me everything I needed to know.

She started by having me lick lightly up and down, while she moved my head to where she wanted my tongue to go. That even included down to her asshole, which tasted a lot better than I imagined it would. Then it was to me driving my tongue deep inside her, yes including her asshole again, although I couldn’t get as deep there as she told me to. And right before her orgasm, it was to sucking hard on her clit as she ground my face against her pussy lips. After that orgasm, she quickly let me know that girls needed more than just one the way guys did, and we’d begin at three this time and work our way up to her normal half dozen. Now she had me add my fingers to the game, first in her pussy, then slowly pushing them into her ass.

After she came this time, she told me her third orgasm would be a pop quiz for me, and if I passed, she had a prize for me. Well, using all the tricks she’d taught me, in the best order I could think about, did take her over the edge. Although she did tell me I had a lot of homework to do on reading her body language. She did still give me a prize though, another slow blowjob, and it was when I asked why we didn’t just fuck, is when she filled me in on the rules of her games. It was that she didn’t trust me not to cum inside her, and until I earned her trust, or passed my pussy eating exams, we’d stick to oral sex. I commented that I could use a condom to make sure she didn’t get pregnant, and she said that she had an IUD, and fear of pregnancy wasn’t the problem.

The problem was that she didn’t like how sperm felt inside her, but she loved sucking the cocks that had just fucked her pussy and asshole and hated the taste of rubber. So, until she was sure I would be able to pull out fast enough to cum in her mouth, or properly clean up any messes I made inside her, we weren’t going to fuck. I told her she was crazy if she thought I’d eat her pussy after I came in it, and she said that was reason number one why she wouldn’t let me fuck her. The second reason was something I should have noticed while I was licking her, but obviously hadn’t. That her pussy went totally nuts when she came and very few men could hold back under that kind of pressure.

So, until I proved I could survive her best efforts to make me cum on command, or I changed my mind about cleaning her up when I failed, I’d just have to be satisfied with her sucking my cock half a dozen times a day. When she saw how I looked at her, she said that during school she’d had other things to occupy her time, so she could live on 3 or 4 times, one before classes, one or two at lunch, and her favorite teachers after school was over. But, being stuck here, she had nothing to do except think about sex, and with my delicious cock stuck in the house, it was going to spend a lot of time stuck down her throat too. It was that simple and unless I wanted her to keep waking me up late every night, I’d have to make sure she was well fed during the day.

I thought Lisa was joking about the half dozen times a day, but my sister is an oral sex junkie and she can’t even go two hours without a load of sperm in her stomach. At first it was great for me, because etiler elit escort she would take her time to suck me softly and slowly. Then she started doing what she’d mentioned to me, making me cum on command, by taking me all the way to my balls, then using her throat muscles to get me to cum in less than 5 minutes. She still expected me to give her the half dozen orgasms afterwards, and the one time I refused, she showed me that she’d had her phone recording us for more than one session and would show them to our mother if I didn’t keep playing her games. While Mom wouldn’t be shocked by her doing it, she sure wouldn’t be happy that I was helping.

So, I was her sex slave in a way, licking her pussy for almost an hour after each of her 5 minute blowjobs, half a dozen times a day. When I complained about how unfair she was being to me, she told me it was all my fault. If I wanted the blowjobs to last longer, I had to learn self control and not cum so fast. If I could make it through 30 minutes of her tongue torture, I might last long enough to give her the half dozen orgasms by fucking her. Or, if I learned to listen to her body language better, I could give her those orgasms in half the time it was taking me now. And finally, if I got over my refusal to lick her after I fucked her, I could split the orgasms between the two. She just needed 6 orgasms, while I only needed one, and it was up to me to decide how she got hers and how long mine took.

The next time I was eating her pussy, she even told me she was trying to help me here, whether I believed her or not. Once I learned what she was trying to teach me, she’d introduce me to some of her friends and I’d have more pussy and ass than I knew what to do with. But, the way I was now, I’d fall for the first girl who gave head like she did, as long as she let me fuck her too, and probably marry the wrong one. Once I was a good lover, and the word got around, I’d have more girls to choose from, and ones who were even better in bed than she was. That made me ask what licking her after I came in her had to do with it, and she said girls just wanted to be satisfied in bed. If I couldn’t fuck long enough to give them the orgasms they needed, I had to be able to give them somehow. And while giving them before I fucked them was good, giving them during or after the fucking was way better.

I asked why I couldn’t just give them or her, half the orgasms before, and the other half during the fucking. She just laughed and said that I wouldn’t last through one of her orgasms, let alone three of them. If I thought her throat did a lot of squeezing, I still wasn’t paying attention to how crazy her pussy went when she came. And, as she said, walking around with cum dripping from her cunt drove her nuts. So, she wasn’t going to let me fuck her until I could give her those orgasms without leaving a mess inside her, or until I promised to clean up my mess if I did leave one. Now I should get my tongue back to work, because I still had four more orgasms to give before she let me rest.

I realized Lisa was right about one thing, that I spent so much of my time just trying to give her those orgasms, that I didn’t pay attention to what her body said or what happened when she had them. And I took a trick from my own complaint, that her blowjobs were over too quick and slowed my licking down to listen to her body. The first thing I found was that I missed a lot of signals that would get me there faster, even though I was licking her slower. One of those was that I didn’t need to wait until after her second orgasm to bring my fingers into the game. As a matter of fact, the sooner I used them, and the deeper I pushed them, especially into her asshole, the quicker and bigger her etiler escort orgasms would be. Unfortunately, I also learned that she hadn’t been lying about her cunt muscles, because when my fingers went deep enough, her pussy would rhythmically clamp down when she came, harder and faster than her throat did, and her asshole was worse.

So, while I got my pussy eating times down to half an hour for her half dozen orgasms, even while licking her slower, I was still losing the battle of the blowjob. The answer when I found it was simple, just stop letting her be in control of it. Instead of lying back and letting her trap my cock where she wanted it, I needed to keep it from staying where her throat could work on it. In other words, I had to take control myself, and fuck my cock in and out of that throat, so it didn’t stay still long enough for her to work it over. It had to be a constant fucking though, because if I rested at all, she’d wrap her throat around me and I’d be done for. It also couldn’t be too fast or too hard, because she’d bite my cock if I went past what was comfortable for her, so no slam fucking her face. Just a nice steady rhythm, which she said was also the same speed I needed to fuck her pussy when we got there.

It took three weeks of Lisa’s games, before I got past the 30 minute mark twice in a row. And to celebrate, Lisa was going to give me a freebie, both as a prize, and to see how much work we had to do. That meant she would let me fuck her pussy, and cum in it without the penalty, to see how many orgasms I could give her before I did. Now, even though this was the only freebie I’d ever get, it didn’t have an expiration date, so she wouldn’t use it right away if she was me. Our next set of lessons would be about fucking her, then getting my cock into her mouth before I came. If I came in her mouth, there would be no penalties, but if I came in her pussy, I’d only get to do it once before I’d have to pay the price. Either way, she’d still have to have her 6 orgasms, meaning what she didn’t get from my cock would be from my tongue. Whether I ate her pussy with or without cream sauce was what we had to work on.

Fucking Lisa’s pussy wasn’t even close to as easy as her throat had been, and that had taken me weeks to survive. I didn’t know the term at the time, but she has the elusive snapper that every man is looking for, because of how it clamps down and massages your dick when she cums. So, I only made it past her second orgasm the first time and pulled out to feed her because I would never get past the third one. Like with fucking her throat though, I started to get used to it and only had to use my freebie because I got overconfident and kept going past number 4 when my balls said I should bail at 3. That meant that even though I made it to 6, I had no insurance left when she was ready for me to fuck her asshole.

When that night came, she made sure I repeated my promise to pay up if I failed, then cheated in more ways than one. The first was to wake me at 4 in the morning, so my dick wouldn’t be tired from fucking her all day, since the first orgasm always comes quickly. Also, because I was still half asleep, I would have a harder time of psyching myself up for it. And finally, she had me fuck her asshole face to face, with the excuse that I could make it to her mouth faster, then locked her legs behind my back to keep me from pulling out when I wanted to. I think it was our arguing that did it, with me telling her she was cheating, and her saying I should stop whining and get ready to pay up. And that I needed to learn to clean up my messes because she was going to make sure I made a lot more of them after this.

That’s when a voice behind me, said to just go ahead and cum in Lisa’s ass, and she’d pay my penalty. I turned my head to see our mother, totally naked and every bit as hot as Lisa, with a big smile on her face. Then she repeated that she’d clean up the mess in Lisa’s ass, but after Lisa got me hard again, Lisa would clean up the mess I made in hers, and all the messes I made in both her holes from now on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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