Mart 30, 2021

My Sis Didn’t Breastfeed Her Infant

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Well, this is an incestuous story. So anyone having reservation should skip reading it.

I am 30 years old doing my own business in supply of construction materials. Our parents stay in our native village about 30 km from my place. I have a younger sister, Dimpy, who is 26 years and married about 3 years back. She has a son who is just fourteen months old. She and her husband stay at a place which is only 18 km from where I have my business establishment.

Since childhood we had cordial relations as siblings and were free to each other. Dimpy’s husband, Santosh is around 35 years and an IT professional. Dimpy’s marriage was arranged in a hurry. When she was around 23 years, she had developed an affairs with a local guy, named Gopal and once it came to the knowledge of our parents, her marriage was fixed with Santosh in a hurry.

Dimpy is of medium height, 5’1″ to be precise. But she has a pretty face and her growth was nice. So our parents had no difficulty in finding a groom for her.

Just before the lockdown was announced, Santosh had to go to New Delhi in connection with his official jobs. Rather than keeping Dimpy and her son at his place, Santosh wanted them to stay with our parents. However, as he had scarcity of time, he dropped Dimpy and her son at my place so that by the weekend I can take them to our paternal home. But with the sudden clamping of lockdown from Tuesday, we got stranded at my place.

Most of the activities came to a halt. Shops were also limited. What I did on priority was to collect baby food for Dimpy’s son. In my three bhk flat, we stayed comfortably for a week.

During the second week, we were having dinner. Her baby was already asleep. Dimpy was asking me about my plan to get married. I told her that with lockdown and business slump, I could not think of marriage. After a lots of talk on the issue, Dimpy suddenly told me teasingly, “Once you get married, your craze for porno films will come down. I noticed lots of such videos in your stock.”

Being caught all on a sudden, I blushed and angrily said, “Why were you searching my bedroom?”

Dimpy laughed and said, “Don’t get angry, I was looking for some video to relieve boredom. But every video I put to play were those things. So I understood my brother needs a wife now to fulfill his bodily needs. There is nothing wrong in it.”

I too laughed at her words and they relieved much of my embarrassment. Dimpy said, “Mom had also told me to find a good bride for you. Tell me your choice.”

“Don’t play the role of a guardian,” I smiled and said, “Because you’re married and have a baby don’t think you have outgrown me in age.”

“I am not pretending to have outgrown,” Dimpy replied with a naughty smile, “But I have taken the fruit of knowledge and know something more than you.”

“What is that?” I asked.

“See,” Dimpy said seriously, “Immediately after marriage, men are crazy about sex and want it at anytime. Women are ashamed and try to avoid. But they are made to surrender to the wishes of their husbands. Wife is more like a girlfriend at that stage.

Once they have an issue, the husband loses his interest, not in sex, but in the wife. Wife becomes a mother figure to him. He would still like to do naughty and dirty things with other women, not with the wife.”

“Is it a case study of yours and Santosh?” I asked, “Or you have studied other couples too?”

“It’s a general study,” Dimpy said, “We’re not exceptions either. Once you get married and have an issue let me know if more or less same situation occurs. It seems the curiosity, sense of shame, excitement that they had previously get faded gradually.”

“It seems that Santosh had not sexually caressed you for long,” I tried to lighten the discussion.

“It’s not a personal issue as you are trying to explain,” replied Dimpy with a sullen smile on her face.

Looking at her, I knew something was not normal in their marital life. I hesitatingly asked, “What is it? Do you think it can be shared with me?”

“May be, as we were always free and frank,” said Dimpy, “But there is something unusual and dirty.”

Dimpy waited for few seconds and lowering her gaze started to speak, “Initially, he was crazy and sometimes we had it even at day time, then again in the evening. Santosh would place his mouth in such private places that I can’t tell you….. After our son was born, Santosh seemed to have lost interest. When the baby was six months old, I asked Santosh one night for physical intimacy. For the first pangaltı escort time I felt his loss of interest in sex with me. Things reversed almost by 180 degree as he wanted me to put my mouth in his dirty private places. He showed me various blue films and wanted me to behave like those heroines. Despite my reservation, I enacted the role. To be frank, mostly he would grow hard only after fucking my mouth roughly. But soon that too became stale.

Then one day he told me about similar problem being faced by a couple friend of Santosh. The couple, Sumit and Neha were both working in the same company where Santosh was employed. To relieve our boredom and to rekindle the lost sexual passion, Santosh came out with the kinky idea of swinging with them.”

Dimpy stopped and it appeared as if she was finding it difficult to put the things in words. I assured her, “Don’t strain yourself, if you find it difficult to say, you don’t have to tell.”

“No, I’m trying to articulate the main issue in nutshell,” said Dimpy, “Anyway, I angrily rejected Santosh’s idea as dirty. But later, after Neha talked to me, I agreed to give it a try. To be frank, in Sumit, I discovered the old passions that characterized Santosh immediately after marriage. Later when I talked to Neha about our swinging experiences, we both admitted that our respective husbands were more active with the wife of another than with their own.

I don’t know whether you will call me a cheap and dirty slut, but during last six months, me and Neha discovered our new sexuality. The most astonishing thing is that we found both Santosh and Sumit to be a kind of cuckolds who enjoyed to watch their own wives with another man.”

I was stunned at the revelation of Dimpy. Who knew my younger sister had grown so big to explore a world not usually explored by Indian housewives!

She asked me, “Do you think I am a dirty whore?”

“Not at all,” I replied, “So long as you do it at your own consent and don’t get yourself into trouble and such proclivity doesn’t cause marital discord.”

Dimpy laughed boisterously, “You’re sounding like a real guardian.”

“Do the couple pairs do it separately or you four do it together?” I asked.

“Sometimes separately, sometimes together,” replied Dimpy, “But I preferred separately because I had a pinch of jealousy to watch Santosh caressing Neha to the height of pleasure even though Sumit does the same thing to me.”

“May I ask you something?” I asked her.

“Yes, surely,” replied Dimpy, “I shared the most secret thing with you.”

“Did you enjoy with Sumit?” I bluntly asked, “Did it help to spice up your boring sex life with Santosh?”

“Yeah, I enjoyed tremendously,” replied Dimpy, “More so because I felt like taking a revenge on Santosh for neglecting my body. Initially, I feel like a slut to allow someone other than Santosh to have enjoyed that intimacy with me. But I discovered that I enjoy telling Santosh details of my mating with Sumit and he too gets horny. This has considerably improved my physical intimacy with Santosh, though once in the game I can’t resist the temptation of enjoying with Sumit either.”

“My sis has really grown,” said I, “She has the real knowledge of something which I knew only from books. Now let us say good night to each other and go to bed.”

We got up from our seats and were going towards our respective bedrooms. After hearing the details from Dimpy, I had a bulge inside my pants. I tried to ascertain if this was noticed by Dimpy and was confident that it was not noticeable from over my trousers.

As I moved towards my bedroom, my mind couldn’t but imagine how Sumit might have enjoyed with my sis. After all, she has an attractive figure with well shaped asses, thin lips and plump boobs. I rebuked myself for my thoughts about the physical features of my sis but the thoughts kept recurring. The more I thought about her in naked intimacy with Sumit, more I felt tightness inside my trousers as my hardness was pressing against the zip of my spandex undergarment. Just as Dimpy was about to enter her bedroom, she looked at me and gave a naughty smile.

Suddenly, her son began to cry at the height of his voice. Both me and Dimpy rushed near him to see if he had fallen from the crib. He was sleeping since last one hour or so. But perhaps he was hungry or urinated. So Dimpy checked inside the huggies and said to me, “I think he is hungry.”

I felt that Dimply would breastfeed him. So was about to move pendik escort away from the room when I saw Dimpy taking the feeding bottle. She quickly prepared lactogen in the bottle stirring it in warm water, checked the warmth by pouring few drops on her palm and carefully placed the nipple inside the mouth of her baby. The little one began to suck. But he was not comfortable perhaps looking for breastfeeding. I was a bit surprised too because since her arrival at my place I observed that Dimpy mostly breastfed her son; but I refrained from saying anything about it.

Leaving her with her son, I returned to my bedroom and my first task was to free myself from the bondage of my undergarment to let my hard cock breathe freely inside the trousers. Quickly I took off the undergarment and put on the trousers without anything under it. In my mind loomed the picture of Dimpy sprawling nude under someone other than her husband and the evil thoughts didn’t let my hardness subside.

I went to bed and was about to put off the light when Dimpy came in. I was a bit surprised, and embarrassed as well for the swelling I had between my legs. So I partially turned on my sides to cover my offensive erection from her view and asked, “Do you need anything?”

Dimpy smiled, “I think I need to feed two hungry kids tonight.”

Dimpy sat at the corner of my bed, her hands moved with the swiftness of a cat to catch my hard manhood and then asked with a naughty smile, “Don’t you think this baby also needs some food tonight?”

I was surprised at her python like grip on my tool and said, “What are you doing? This is not right.”

“Is it right for this little monster to stand up and threaten a younger sister?” Dimpy asked sarcastically.

At her touch my cock only grew harder and it was throbbing in her grip. I looked at her eyes; there were clear signs of forbidden desires. Her lips were parted as if inviting my lips. I looked down below. Dimpy was wearing a white front open tops with two top buttons already unbuttoned with no brassiere underneath. That means she had taken off her bra after I came out of her room.

Her plumpy flesh mounds were clearly visible with their light cream coloured areola and deep brown erected nipples. I knew she had good figure, but I never knew that my sis had such a glamorous body. I felt like caressing her flesh mounds but restrained my hands with much difficulty.

Below her waist she had changed her salwar and was wearing a pair of tight red shorts, the length of which ended at the middle of her white thighs exposing the smoothness of her legs. The strings of the shorts were unfastened and were hanging loosely suggesting to the viewer what she was upto.

As I surveyed her beauty, her hand had glided inside my trousers and was holding my tool tightly at its base. Her fingers were playing with my unruly and curly pubic hairs. We looked into each other’s eyes and her glances were inviting me to engage in forbidden pleasure. Her hand was giving occasional strokes to my hard manhood.

I was wearing a trouser with elastic band at the waist. Dimpy had no difficulty in pulling it down and exposing my throbbing cock before her view. Then she planted a soft kiss on its tip and licked the glan sensuously with her tongue. I lost my control and hugged her tightly. We were no longer siblings but primitive man and woman enriching themselves in the prohibited knowledge.

As I placed my lips on hers, Dimpy started sucking my lips in deep passion. I pushed my tongue inside her mouth exploring the taste of her tongue and playing with it. My hands had in the meantime unbuttoned all the buttons of her white top and I slowly pulled it out of her body. Her upper portion was without any clothes. I looked at her beautiful 34 size boobs and as I kneaded them she began to lactate. I did not waste a single drop and took her already erect nipples in my mouth sucking the milk that was due to her infant son. Dimpy moaned un excitement. One by one I sucked and emptied her milk cans relishing the warm, sweet liquid nectar of my sis.

She kept her eyes shut as I pulled down her red shorts. There was no panty beneath and her love triangle was all exposed before my views with her trimmed dark pubic hairs. I lovingly moved my hands on her pussy, parting her nether lips, feeling the slippery wetness of her hole. I inserted a finger, she moaned and shivered. I brought out her juice on my finger and tasted it.

Dimpy had by that time taken away my vest and trousers rus escort and we siblings stood before each other nude, our organs revealing our incestuous desires at their highest peak. I took Dimpy’s nude body on my lap and slowly placed her on my bed. I started kissing her from toe to forehead. She was literally throbbing at my caress.

This was my first close contact with a woman’s nude body and I was crazy at its beauty even though it was my own sister’s. Once I have kissed her from toe to head, I slowly turned her on her belly and started kissing her back from her ankle to nape. Dimpy was responding to my caress sometimes by kissing me, sometimes by scratching me. I played with her rounded buttocks, kneading them, sniffing between her ass cheeks and when I licked her asshole, Dimpy screamed in excitement. I sniffed her smooth armpits, the smell of which, mixed with her sweat and perfume turned me crazy and I began to lick her armpits.

I then brought my face near her inner thighs, kissing her nether lips, taking them between my lips and sucking them. Dimpy was moaning in passion. We hugged each other feeling the nudeness and sexy warmth of the other. Then Dimpy got up and made me lay on my back. She began caressing my groins, licking and sucking my balls and finally concentrated on my hard cock that was threatening her like a monster.

Dimpy slowly rolled my foreskin and started caressing my pink glans with her lips and tongue. Her expert manipulation made me moan and say blurred words appreciating her softness and sexy beauty. Within half an hour since we started the incestuous game, we were in 69, pleasuring each other’s genitals with our mouth.

When the excitement became unbearable for both, we looked deep into each other’s eyes as if to confirm whether the other is ready for the ultimate union that enjoined the two bodies.

On being assured of each other’s willingness, Dimpy laid on her back exposing her already wet and juicy pussy to my view. She extended her hands inviting her brother to fill his sister’s craving love hole. But her wet pussy with its juicy pink lips were so fascinating that I started sucking her love spot and sending my tongue inside her love canal. My sister was arching her body in violent passion and pleaded to me to put my tool inside her.

Slowly, Dimpy guided my hard cock to her opening. I had the difficulty in pushing it as I was afraid to hurt her. But Dimpy encouraged me to force it into her. She whispered to my ears, “Your tool is a bit bigger than either Santosh or Sumit. But I can accommodate. Just push it harder, it won’t hurt me.”

Encouraged by her, I kept trying till the tip slided into her. She said to me, “Make me feel it to the full inside me, keep pushing it further till your hairs touch my nether lips.”

And finally when the entire length of my cock was buried in her love canal, she screamed in pain and excitement. I was afraid and wanted to withdraw but she hugged me tightly and whispered, “We’re now one. Keep going.”

I began to plough her slowly. But soon she demanded fast and rapid thrusts. We began our incestuous mating most violently. I gave hard strokes from above, she raised her asses upwards to receive more of it and was moaning like a possessed person. Dimpy was discharging intermittent love juice so that as I ploughed a kind of “patch”, “patch” sound came as my dick made rapid to and fro movements in her love tunnel.

Her boobs already had a little milk deposited in them by that time. So as I ploughed her tunnel, I also intermittently sucked the nipples of my sis and drank her nectar. Perhaps we continued for forty to forty-five minutes, after which both of us accelerated our thrust and finally ended in a mind blowing simultaneous climax. We remained entwined for another ten to fifteen minutes caressing each other.

When we disengaged, we were both sweating as if we had done some hard toil. We smiled at each other for the satisfying incest we had. We decided to sleep nude in each other’s embrace. The baby remained in the crib in another room.

But after about an hour when my dick started growing in size again, Dimpy told me that she wanted to be fucked in her mouth and taste my cum. She laid on her back hanging her head slightly and opened her mouth. From the side of her head, I balanced myself with my hands on her two sides of the bed and pushing my cock inside her mouth started fucking her mouth. Dimpy continued to tease my cock with her tongue as my tool kept doing in and out of her mouth. Finally when I discharged my load, my sis swallowed my load and sucked me dry.

Since then me and my sis have sex whenever we get chance. With gradual unlock our scope of meeting each other has gone down. But at least once in a month she visits my place and we enjoy our secret relation.

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