Şubat 22, 2021

My Second Sex Teacher

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Amateur College

Word had spread fast about my adventures in the principal’s office. When it came to gossip, this school was worse than a leaking ship.

It was not pleasant, more so for someone like me who was 18. The guys avoided me. They were convinced I was gay. Why else would anyone suck a cock? So what if the principal had sternly demanded that? No self-respecting straight guy would ever do it. They made jibes at me, taunted me with fruitcake remarks. Even some of the male teachers joined in — they would begin fondling their privates in front of me. It was quite horrible.

Each day, I retreated more and more into a shell. I stopped talking to people. It affected my grades. I dreaded school. I would have done something silly had Mrs. Nivedita not intervened.

Mrs. Nivedita was the biology teacher. I did not know any guy who had not jerked off to her. She was quite an exhibitionist — her cleavage showed, courtesy her deep cut blouses. She had lovely breasts — supple, firm, and more than a handful. She usually wore dark coloured sarees that wonderfully complimented her ivory skin, and those full pink lips. Her voluptuous behind called out for a good spanking. She was indeed a full-bodied buxom woman.

She was taking a sex education class. Suddenly, a fellow student gets up and asks her what a man is supposed to do with an erect penis. Clearly this casino oyna was yet another jibe made at me. I could feel the tears well up in my eyes.

She took her time to answer, “I would say that until you grow up you keep yourself away from erect penises, even your own. The best thing you could probably do is take cold showers.”

There was a pause. She let it hang in the air for a while, “But for all the guys here who think they are grown up enough to be men… Well… let me show you.”

She called me over to the dais. My face hung, I walked looking down at the floor.

“My, my! What a handsome young man you have become” she said, “I almost did not notice you were all grown up now. Let me see what you have down there.”

Her hands felt my crotch. My cock responded.

She continued, “Ladies, this man here is packing! I can only wonder how many of you have been lucky enough to feel this.”

“Feel who?” one of the women jeered, “the gay man?” Everyone laughed. I felt really small inside. Fortunately, my dick has a mind of its own. When fondled by a hot woman, it knows how to respond.

“I don’t know why you should think he is gay” she continued, “I guess I will have to find out.”

With that, she led me out of the class and into her chambers. My throat was choked with gratitude. I knew what she was trying to do. All I canlı casino had to do now was get back to class with a smug on my face and everyone would think I had fucked her brains out.

“Thank you”, I blurted.

She gave me an almost motherly look, “For what? I am your teacher. I am supposed to comfort you in your misery.”

I nodded, “Thank you. I know how I can handle the guys now when I get back. Thank you for all that you have done.”

“What have I done?” she asked, “You don’t think we are close to being done, do you? Oh no! I intend to find out if you are as good as your cock says you should be!”

I wanted to say something. She did not let me. She planted her mouth smack on mine. Oh, she was a wonderful kisser. Those full lips! I could feel her tongue at the back of my throat. She put my hand on her breast. Automatically, I started cupping them. They were pure heaven! They fit perfectly in my hand, her nipples erect.

“Feel my ass!” she commanded.

Oh God! She wore no fucking panties down there. She was commando. What was it about this school? Teachers fucking the principal? Now teachers without panties? Was it only I who thought this was a squeaky clean school?

She unzipped my trousers. My cock seemed relieved to be out of its confines. Mrs. Nivedita stroked it for a while as she continued to devour my mouth.

“I kaçak casino hear you lost your virginity the anal way. Let’s get you to lose it vaginally too.”

Who was I to protest? She lay me down on the table, lifted her saree, and started to mount me from the top. Her back was towards me, which gave me a wonderful view of her ample ass. Her ass crack was deep. And hot. I could make out the pink puckered hole in her white ass.

Slowly, I could feel the warmth of her cunt wrap around my manhood. It was not as tight as Mrs. Prasad’s anus but her experience at riding me more than made up for it. She was an experienced woman who knew how to give all the pleasures to a man.

She rubbed her clitoris as she fucked me. I could fight the urge no more. I slapped her hard across her ass cheeks. My hands left a pink mark. I expected to be rebuked. Instead, she moaned in ecstasy. I spanked her a few more times. Damn, that ass felt good when you smacked it. I kneaded her buns as she moved up and down on my shaft.

I think she was close, for she started moving faster now. Hell, I was close. I held for as long as I could. Then I let go. Apparently she let go around the same time as well. Only a woman could time her orgasm this well. I shot my load deep inside her pussy. This was depraved!

She did not bother to clean herself up or redo her make-up. She simply pulled her saree down and walked to the class. Everyone could see that she had been fucked. I came back to class to almost a hero’s welcome. Some of the girls even passed me their numbers.

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