Mart 30, 2021

My Own Son Ch. 04

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Jake’s Surprise

Jake and Danny had just finished fucking their mother, both at the same time. They had been nursing her off and on since birth but had not physically fucked her until this weekend. They were all feeling exhausted and breathing hard when the doorbell had rang. Earlier in the evening Jake had invited the pizza delivery girl to come back up when she got off work. She was a girl he had known from College but was totally unaware that she was actually the owner of the Pizza Puddle and just filling in on a short night. He thought it was probably her but was pissed off at the interruption all the same.

Jake pulled away from his mom and reached for his pants. He turned to her and his brother and said: “I think that must be my little surprise for you. He smiled as he zipped up his pants, foregoing the shirt. Just one less item to take off. He crossed the living room into the foyer and reached for the lock on the door. Unlocking the door, he turned the knob and stopped and stared.

“Who the hell are you? “

The man dress in a dark blue suit jacket and slacks reached out his right hand to Jake and blubbered, “I’m Mr. Mayes, K-K-Ken Mayes. I’m the new apartment manager. I just wanted to stop by and introduce myself and let you know that I’ll do everything I can to correct any problems you may encounter in the building.”

Jake retorted, “Are you shittin’ me? You came all the way up here to introduce yourself at 9:00 at night on a Saturday night no less?” His voice rose with each word which meant the neighbors could easily hear the last half of his rantings. “I have company here and you are interrupting. “He yelled as he ignored Mr. Mayes’ extended hand.

Mayes dropped his hand and head and tried to apologize profusely. “I’m so sorry Mr. Johnson. I didn’t realize it was so late. I’ve been trying to get to all the tenants and…”

Jake interrupted his apology by slamming the door. Mayes walked off finishing his sentence by mumbling “… and introduce myself.” The two young ladies passed him in the hall and both looked back at Mayes and giggled at him talking to himself.

“Must have had a bad night,” Annie laughed. Sarah laughed with her and giggled harder.

When they neared the apartment door, Annie turned to Sarah and said, “I never know what to expect from my brothers and mom so don’t be surprised at anything.”

“What do you mean?” istanbul escort Sarah asks and then getting very serious said, “Oh, and by the way, your brother thinks I deliver pizzas.”

“He doesn’t!” Annie’s eyes flew wide open and then, “this just gets better and better.”

Annie rang the door bell and a quite disturbed Jake jerked open the door and yelled, “Now what the hell do you wa….?” He stopped and stared at his sister and the pizza delivery girl. Great, they both showed up together. Oh well, party on!

“Sorry Sis, I thought it was that stupid apartment superintendent. Can you believe he came all the way up here at this hour just to introduce himself because he’s new? Hi Sarah. Glad you could make it back up and why do I get the impression that you two know each other?” and without taking a breathe, “And I thought you weren’t coming till tomorrow?”

“We went to school together, you jerk!” Annie answered playfully. “We met in the lobby waiting for the elevator and discovered we were going to the same room and then remembered each other from school.”

“I wanted to surprise you big Bro'”

Standing aside, Jake swept his arm welcoming them into his home. ‘This could get

Interesting’ he thought.

His mom and Danny had quickly jumped into a shirt and pants in order to see who their company was at the door.

Annie came forward and gave her mom a big hug. “Hi Mom, gee you are looking great! A little blushed though. Did we interrupt something I don’t want to hear about?”

“Why no dear, nothing going on here, I’m surprised to see you this evening. I didn’t think you were coming in ’till tomorrow.”

“Well, you know me. Never on a schedule. That takes too much planning and effort. I’m the lazy one.” She winked at Sarah and laughed. “My brothers are the energizer b

Runs in our family”

Oh, by the way everybody, this is Sarah Watson. She went to the same college as Jake and I. I met her downstairs and realized who she was. She said she had been here earlier delivering a pizza. I was teasing her about being an ‘Undercover Boss’!”

Jake jerked his head up and said “what do you mean by that?”

Annie giggled and chided Jake…”You actually thought she was a delivery person? What a jerk”,

“Well, she was delivering a pizza what else am I supposed to think?”

“She owns the company that produces the franchises kabataş escort on the Pizza Puddle” Annie informed the group.

“Since my family is so rude, I’m Annie’s little brother, Danny.” Sarah took his hand and smiled the sexiest smile he thought he’d ever seen, she held his hand just a little longer than normal and everyone took note of it.

“Nice to meet you ‘little brother Danny”. Really nice to meet you, she thought. He had the most beautiful eyes she had ever seen, and tall and tanned, and muscular and….she found herself blushing at her other thoughts.

Jake broke into her thoughts by saying, “How about we all go into the “bedroom….oops…I mean living room and get acquainted”. They all laughed at his ‘oops’ but the 3 of them knew it was probably not a goof.

Annie sat down on the couch and patted the seat beside her and said “Come sit by me Sarah”. Danny slid in beside her on the other side of the couch. His brother glared at him but Danny just grinned and said, “You get your favorite recliner, bro!”

“Thanks” he said dryly but went over to the love seat by his mom. Would anyone like a drink?” They all said yes at one time and then laughed at their togetherness. Jake got up and went to the wet bar and started filling orders for the group. “What got you into the pizza business Sarah?”

“My dad had a small pizza place when I was growing up and we just had dirt and gravel for a walk to the door, so when he passed away, I took it over and expanded it. The name came from a puddle of water that you always had to maneuver around during the rainy seasons. ” They all laughed and listened to her rendition of her life as a pizza guru.

Danny couldn’t take his eyes off her and sitting this close, he breathed in her fresh scent wanting to touch her and draw her in close. His thigh was next to hers and he could feel the heat from her leg searing through his jeans. Jake distributed the drinks and then sat back down by ‘mom’. Sarah got up at one point and put on some ”background’ music. Sarah stayed close to Danny even when she didn’t have to.

“You have a beautiful suite, Jake. I’ll bet it costs you a pretty penny. I looked into an apartment in this area but I opted to stay in the family home. I guess I’m a little ‘Scroogish’,”

Jake came back with “I figure if I don’t splurge a little on me, no one else is going to and I won’t live kadıköy escort forever and I can’t take it with me.” Sarah nodded in agreement and said “true”. She turned a little sideways on the couch to look at Danny and ask “so what do you do Danny?

He laughed and said, “I’m the black sheep in the family. I run the Domestic Violence Services for this area. We’re building an 80 bed shelter and hopefully, it will be finished before Christmas.”

“That’s very admirable. My sister was a battered wife. I wish she had been able to go somewhere safe.” She dropped her head not wanting to cry in front of strangers.

“Is she okay now?” Danny ask wanting to take her in his arms.

“He can’t hurt her anymore. She was trying to get away from him and had a car wreck. She and her 9 months old daughter were killed instantly. I really don’t want to bring this evening down by talking about it.”

“No problem” Danny said and rubbed her shoulder to let her know he sympathized with her. “So what’s on the agenda tonight, Bro?”

Jake was on his 3rd Scotch and Soda. He smiled at Annie and drawled “I just thought we’d all get together and have an orgy”.

His mother gasped and scolded “Jake, don’t be rude”.

He guffawed and said “then don’t ask!” He winked at Annie. Annie was feeling really uncomfortable on the couch and squirmed a little. He was still after her she thought. ‘He can just go screw himself ‘she heatedly though to herself. She giggled out loud and Jake took it as a flirty agreement. The bantering went on and on throughout the evening and eventually Annie got up and went over to the table to get her purse. Well, I for one am very tired and need to go get a room.

Her mother spoke up and said “You can share my room if you’d like Sweetheart”.

“That’s ok mom, there is a really nice motel down the street. ”

“I don’t live too far from here if you’d like to stay at my place,” Sarah offered. “I live alone now.”

“Okay Sarah, that sounds like fun. We’ll meet you’ all tomorrow morning for breakfast, okay? ” They all agreed. Danny had showed his disappointment but the girls ignored him.

” Wait wait wait,” Jake said. “This is my party. ” I’ve got four bedrooms. One of them has twin beds and you girls can stay in there. Mom has her room, Danny has his and I have mine. We’ve all been drinking and I don’t want to lose any of you tonight.”

They grumbled but Jake was adamant and showed the girls to their room, and then went to his room, winking at Danny as he passed him in the hall.

“I guess I’ll hit the hay too, Danny yawned and headed towards the spare room. Jake smiled and thought to himself….The night is still young….so very young.

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