Haziran 14, 2020

My Own Penis Addiction

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My Own Penis Addiction
Everything you do makes it worse. Rubbing your penis gives you pleasure. You are addicted to pleasure. You have been masturbating for years and years. You are addicted to it and you know it.?
When you are not masturbating you miss the pleasure it gives you and you wish you were doing it. Your body is already addicted to the endorphins masturbating creates.? You no longer have any choice. You are not able to refuse your addicted mind’s demands to give it pleasure. You must masturbate and it is not your fault. You can’t stop it; you may as well enjoy it.


The pleasure it gives you is overwhelming. You know you are addicted. The craving to masturbate now drives you. It becomes overwhelming. If you try to refuse then you know it. Admit it to yourself. The addiction to endorphins is real. It has been built up for years. You cannot fight it. You must accept it.

Every time you masturbate you sink deeper with endorphin addiction. It makes you want more and the only way to get it is to masturbate. You must now masturbate no less than three times a day. You crave the pleasure so intensely. It keeps you in control of all erections.

You have no ability to refuse the demands of your cravings. Endorphins must be produced and only masturbation will do it.
?When you masturbate kaçak iddaa you know you are making it worse, but it’s all you want to do.

You crave touching your penis. ?
There is nothing else as satisfying and deep down you know it’s true. Nothing is better than masturbating. You want it more than anything else. There’s nothing you can do to avoid that truth, nothing you can do to control your endorphin needs. Your urges to masturbate.

There is nothing you can do but listen to my voice and agree to what I say.?
You have done this to yourself, but it’s too late now; you’re already addicted. You may as well face it.

It’s not too much to ask, is it? I just want you to understand where you are: you are strongly addicted to masturbation.?
It took you years to addict yourself like this. Now it’s no longer your fault. You no longer can refuse the demands of your craving.

Masturbation is a must. You are no longer able to control yourself and you accept it. You must masturbate at least three times a day and it’s not your fault. You are addicted to the endorphins and only masturbation can provide that, nothing else.

At least it’s a free addiction.?
You can always satisfy it, so what’s the problem? There’s nothing to worry about now that it’s too late.? Masturbate often, touch your canlı casino siteleri penis all the time. Do it unnoticed. Don’t even think about it.

The penis grows, the pleasure builds, endorphins must be provided. You’re addicted to it. You can no longer refuse your urges to masturbate.?
You love masturbating. You love your penis.?You love the way it provides pleasure. You accept your need for the pleasure. It’s not your fault. It’s an u*********s craving. Always there in the background and it’s associated with masturbation. With touching your penis.

In fact, it is your fault. It’s you who did that, but now it’s too late. You’re addicted and there’s not much you can do about it. Accept for perhaps masturbating at least three times a day.

In between that, it’s not your fault that you have to touch your penis often, as often as possible. You have to accept that. You have to accept endorphins.

Endorphins are real and you’re addicted to them and it’s associated to masturbation. You associate it by playing with your penis everyday for years. You did it but it’s too late now. Accept masturbation as a way of life, a purpose.

Just be glad you don’t have to pay for it. You can just reach down and touch yourself. It’s so easy. You can’t refuse it, because of the endorphins.


So casino şirketleri do it. Just touch yourself often. A caress here and there, what’s the problem with that? Who cares what you do? It’s you penis and you can touch it if you need to.

What do they know about your addiction?

You just worry about satisfying your urges, your need for endorphins. That’s real. Masturbation is real. Your penis and your need to touch it are real. You accept that. You know it’s what you need to do often. Three times a day is the least you can do.

You like the stretch it out. Give yourself a bigger dose. There’s no need to think about anything. Just accept your cravings. And act on them when you need to satisfy them.

Masturbate and touch your penis. Do what you must. Worry about nothing else. Satisfy your addiction and you’ll be alright. If you find yourself worrying, stop, reach down and touch your penis. Give yourself pleasure. That’s what’s important.

Masturbate often and accept your addiction. It’s inevitable and deep down it’s what you want.

You will do it. You will touch your penis. Fondle yourself. Masturbate. Delay orgasm as long as possible. Give yourself more pleasure through masturbation, through touching your penis, through accepting the rush of free endorphins.

The only price is, you must masturbate more.

You must masturbate three times a day now. And it’s going to get worse. Deep down you know it’s too late to fight it. You know you are addicted to endorphins. And the only way to get them is to masturbate often.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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