Mart 30, 2021

My Niece Lucy Ch. 02

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We lay in each others arms, Lucy partly on top of me, her small brown arm across me, and her head resting on my chest. Wild thoughts raced through my brain. What had I done? How could I look my wife in the eyes? Would Lucy hate me?

My breathing slowed down, and I could feel Lucy’s heart pounding against my body. She stirred slightly and lifted her head to look into my eyes.

“Oh Uncle Bob!” she breathed.” That was absolutely incredible!”

I smiled at her, stroked her long black hair and raised my head to give her a tender kiss.

She moaned softly and kissed me back, her slender body moving against mine. I felt her lips part and a sweet little tongue flicked and circled around mine.

‘Well, that answers one of my questions,’ I thought.

“Did you enjoy that, baby girl?” I whispered.

She drew back slightly and looked at me with a very wicked grin. Slowly she began to move her body against mine, her soft breasts and hard nipples rubbing against my skin.

“What do you think, Uncle Bob?” she teased.

I could feel my semen seeping out of her as she moved against me, her sweet little pussy rubbing on my thigh, my leg becoming slippery with my own juices combined with hers.

“Mmmmmmm. I think it etiler otele gelen escort is time for a shower.” I replied.

I sat up and then got to my feet and pulled her up to me. In a smooth motion I bent and scooped her up into my arms and carried her into the house. She giggled and held on to me tightly, her arms around my neck, her face buried in the curve of my neck.

Once in the shower I let her soap me all over in front. She looked like a little girl, her tongue stuck out between her teeth, concentrating on what she was doing. She slid the soapy sponge down my stomach to my cock and started to clean me there. She seemed fascinated as my cock slowly grew and stiffened. until it was erect once more. She dropped the sponge and held me in both tiny hands, then looked up at me, as if seeking guidance.

“Kneel down and take it in your mouth, baby girl,” I whispered hoarsely.

In slow motion, she sank to her knees, the warm water splashing over her face and my throbbing cock. Slowly she opened her mouth, holding me in both hands and put her lips around it.

As I felt her warm soft lips slip over me, I closed my eyes and a low moan escaped my mouth.

She drew back quickly, etiler rus escort and I opened my eyes and looked down at her. She had a worried expression on her face.

“Is something wrong, Uncle Bob?” she asked in a small voice.

“No, baby, you are doing everything perfectly.” I replied and gave her an encouraging smile.

With that, she smiled brightly up at me and slipped her lips over me again.

‘She has had no experience in this at all!’ I thought. I am going to have to teach her everything. The realisation made me very excited and my cock stiffened and throbbed even more.

Lucy slowly pushed her lips back and forth on me as I moaned encouragement to her. Looking down, seeing her small brown features almost obscured by her wet black tresses falling forward over her face inflamed me, and I could feel myself building up for an ejaculation.

‘Too soon!’ I thought

I smiled down at her and pulled her up. Holding her close to me, I stroked her back and kissed her hair, bending down to do so. She was so sweet, so small, and so damned hot!

“My turn to soap you, baby,” I murmured. I turned her around and took the soapy sponge and started to wash her back. She was exquisite. etiler türbanlı escort The soft curve of her back that blended into her sweet round buttocks was perfect. I slowly traced it with the sponge, then soaped her perfect buttocks. I paid special attention to the sweet crevice between her cheeks. I was fascinated by her perfection. I moaned softly and dropped to my knees. Discarding the sponge, I began to plant hungry kisses on her soft globes then worked downward until my lips and then my tongue were kissing and licking at her sweet pussy from behind. I felt her tremble and then she pushed her hips back toward me in an obvious invitation. My tongue flicked and probed and I heard her cry out in pleasure. My hands held her cheeks and I slowly slid my tongue upward from her light brown labia until it was sliding in between her bottom. I gently parted it, exposing the little rosebud hiding there. Without hesitation I flicked my tongue out and teased it gently.

“Ooooooh! Uncle Bob! What are you doing?” she asked in a tiny little voice.

I didn’t answer and just kept teasing her little spot, I could hear her making sweet little noises as my tongue delved into her sensitive anus, She began to pant and thrust her hips back toward me. I reach under with one hand and slipped a finger into her tight little pussy and began rubbing her little clit as my tongue pleasured her little pucker until she gave a little gasp and then screamed as the double sensations of my finger and tongue brought her to a wild shattering orgasm and she collapsed backward on top of me in the shower.

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