Mart 30, 2021

My Niece Anne, My Sister Denise

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Anxiously I waited in the airport terminal for the arrival of my niece, Anne. She had to change flights in Denver and there was a weather delay. Anne was going to stay with me and attend the university here, transferring from college in New Jersey. Her mother, my sister Denise, wasn’t pleased that she made the sudden decision to transfer and move away from home, but I doubt my sister suspected the underlying reason for the change. I wish Anne had taken another flight, one that avoided the winter hazards of the Rocky Mountain state.

“The plane has to de-ice. It’s a blizzard here,” read the latest text message I got from Anne.

Anne and I began to communicate regularly almost two years ago. When I told my family back east of my cancer diagnosis, Anne, who had her own battle with cancer at the early age of nineteen, reached out sympathetically and empathetically to me. She gave me hope that I would fully be cancer free after the surgery to remove the tumor from my bladder, just as she was. The doctors had detected ovarian cancer in the young woman at an early stage.

“I don’t think I would ever have wanted children anyway,” she wrote me. “I was such a terror to mom and dad that the payback would be a bitch,” she explained humorously.

Anne was right about my surgery. The cancer was gone. We celebrated by video message.

“You’re pretty cool,” she said. “You’re nothing like Uncle Carl. He’s a miserable human being,” Anne went on. My brother had also undergone surgery to remove his prostrate and became a very bitter man afterward. More bitter about life than he was before.

I was the only one of four siblings that strayed from our hometown in norther New Jersey. My two sisters and brother remained close while I had very little contact with them except for the occasional phone call and email. I had been away from them for twenty years so I never had the opportunity to see my nieces and nephew grow up. It was at Kelli’s wedding last June that I first became acquainted with my brother and sisters’ adult children.

“We’re ready to go,” Anne texted. “Going to airplane mode. See you soon.”


It was in June when I truly got to know my beautiful and vivacious niece. I had flown into Newark airport and rented a car to drive to my sister Denise’s house. Anne had insisted that I stay with them for the wedding weekend. I arrived at their house late Friday afternoon and was greeted by a warm hug from Anne.

“It’s so good to see you in person,” she said back then. It was good to see her also. The pictures and videos didn’t capture the allure of this lively young blond haired woman. The feel of her breasts pressed against my chest, her arms squeezing me tight and her scent, sent me over the edge.

I greeted my sister Denise and her husband Jim with a brief hug and a handshake. “We are all having dinner at the Lantern in two hours,” Denise informed me. The Lantern was the fanciest restaurant in this small town. “I’m sure you want to take a shower and freshen up after a long day of flying,” my sister offered. She was right, I needed to clean up and change my clothes after the hours of being cramped up in over packed airliners.

“I’ll show you to Jim Junior’s room,” Jim said. “We set him up in the den so you can have his room and some privacy over the weekend.”

I was just getting out of the shower when the door popped open. I was Anne with an arm full of towels. I was surprised but not shocked. Once, when we were video messaging she pulled off her top and displayed her bare breasts, asking me what I thought of them. They are beautiful, round, inviting pink nipples and small aureoles. Shy was not a word to describe Anne, at least not with me.

“Nice body Uncle George,” she said with a wink.

“You better be careful your parents don’t catch you barging in on me like this,” I warned.

“They are all downstairs in the living room trying to figure out if Kelli’s fiancé is as rich as he makes himself out to be,” Anne responded putting the towels down on the rack.

“Well, are you going to let me have a peek?” she asked gesturing to my genital area hiding behind the towel I was drying myself with.

With that, she quickly snatched the towel from my hand and grabbed a hold of my flaccid, but growing, cock. “Very nice,” Anne cooed. Just as abruptly as she came in the bathroom, she left.

Dinner was held in a private room at the restaurant where we were seated at two long tables. My brother Carl and his wife Robin, Denise and Jim, Tracey and Mark, Kelli’s parents and I sat at one table and the younger generation of cousins sat at the other. The conversation was mundane, no scandalous family gossip. I had a couple of drinks and sparingly participated in the conversations; I simply was not familiar with their lives and nothing said seemed exciting.

Back at my sister’s house, Jim offered me a nightcap. That one did me in. I was exhausted. I made my apologies and went to bed. Despite being in a strange bed, I quickly fell asleep. Sometime etiler eve gelen escort before morning, I was startled awake by the sensation of a warm mouth sliding up and down on my erect cock. I don’t know how long Anne had been sucking on me but I could feel my balls tightening; I was about ready to shoot a load. I quietly, not wanting to wake anyone in the house up, tried to warn Anne. She understood but didn’t pull off. Instead she bobbed faster, hastening my ejaculation which she relished on her tongue before swallowing.

Anne laid down next to me and gave me a long passionate kiss on the lips. “Mom was right,” she whispered, “you do taste good.” I gave her a perplexed look.

“One night when my aunt’s and uncle were over, they all got pretty drunk and started telling family stories,” Anne began to explain. “Mom said that when you guys were in college you both went to a party and were playing sex games. She said that she lost and she had to give you a blow job.”

“Is that all she told about that party?” I asked in a low tone of voice.

“That’s all I overheard,” she replied. “Is there more?”

“Well,” I hesitated. “Things got pretty raunchy that night and we wound up fucking each other,” I confessed.

“Wow, you fucked mom,” Anne sighed. “Will you fuck me?” she asked seriously.

“Not tonight. We’ll have to figure out sometime we can get to be alone,” I told her.

“Promise me, Uncle George. I love you,” Anne begged.


I was lost in another world reminiscing about last June when my phone lit up. It was a text message, “Landed.” I stood up and looked toward the gate waiting for my niece to appear. Five minutes later, the bouncy blonde pranced toward me waving. Eagerly she threw her arms around me and gave me a huge kiss.

“Let’s get your luggage and get out of here,” I told her. I was all aroused from the anticipation of seeing Anne again. She must have noticed when she hugged me, feeling my hard cock press against her.

“I’m just as horny as you,” she giggled. “I wet my panties so much thinking about you that I had to go to the restroom on the plane and take them off,” Anne said as she pulled a pair of red lace panties from her coat pocket. “See,” she said as she shoved then in front of my face. The scent was intoxicating.

“Boy, do I have something to tell you,” Anne said to me in the car on the drive to my house.

“Sounds like you’re about to tell me something provocative,” I quipped back at her.

“It is provocative,” she exclaimed. “Mom says you’re the best fuck she ever had.”

“Whoa. What was that all about?” I inquired.

“And the best pussy eater,” Anne blurted out. “She told me you guys got it on more times than that one night at that party.”

“Guilty,” I confessed. “You told me about the blowjob at the party so I told you the rest of the party story,” I told her unapologetically. “It was all before she met your father,” I explained further.

“So, how did this ever come up in a conversation with your mother?” I asked.

“She kind of knows why I want to be here with you. Why I decided to transfer colleges,” Anne told me. “I also think she figured out what we were doing when we snuck out during the reception.”


Back in June, Anne and I desperately wanted to have sex with each other. I was attracted to the young beauty with the same burning desire I was attracted to my sister Denise, Anne’s mother, some twenty-five years ago. Kelli’s wedding reception was outside under a tent, lakeside, on a warm June day. Anne and I planned to separately sneak out and meet at a nearby picnic area. There we would look for a secluded spot to enjoy each other carnally.

We found a picnic bench that was hidden by a stand of pine trees. I lifted Anne onto the table, raised her dress up to her waist and pulled her panties off. Then I buried my face in the sweet aroma of her young pussy. I had to warn Anne to control her moaning, she was getting loud as my tongue ravished her swollen clit. She obeyed and covered her mouth as I brought her to a climax, her body writhing as her orgasm moved through her. She covered my face with her womanly ejaculation.

My rock hard cock trapped in my pants was crushing my balls, they were aching. I stood Anne up and bent her over the picnic table. I dropped my pants and boxers to my knees, freeing my stiff love muscle. With the head of my cock lined up to the slit in her sopping wet pussy, I thrust myself in. Anne let out a stifled scream. I pounded her hot tight pussy until I exploded, filling her with my sperm. We had to sit for ten minutes to recover, straightening our ruffled clothes, hoping that the content aura of freshly fucked would not betray us. We returned to the reception separately.


“What was her attitude like when you had this little mother-daughter discussion?” I inquired.

“Oh, she wasn’t mad or anything,” Anne responded. “She warned me about you. You would etiler grup yapan escort never commit to a relationship. She said to have fun but when it’s over, not to be heartbroken.”

“I suppose your mom doesn’t have a very high opinion of me,” I lamented. “I’m surprised she let you come out here.”

“She knows she couldn’t stop me and dad doesn’t have a clue,” Anne explained. “How could she tell dad why she didn’t want me to transfer to a better university? Anyway, I am coming here on full scholarship.”

I pulled the car into my driveway. Anne smiled and said, “You are going to have to tell me about mom and you sometime.” I returned the smile. I got the suitcases out from the back and we both carried them into my house. As soon as we entered Anne dropped the luggage she was carrying and grabbed the other out of my hand.

“I can unpack later. Right now I am hungry for your cock,” she told me. We kissed passionately, our tongues dancing in each other’s mouths. I led her my bedroom.

We both wasted no time getting naked and into the bed. My hands were all over her firm round ass and luscious breasts as we kissed fervently. I felt the outer lips of her vagina; they were already wet from arousal. This was going to be a wonderfully erotic sensual session, not like the quick bang on the picnic table. I was lost in the ecstasy of the sexual energy building to unbelievable heights.

Anne had sensitive nipples, just like her mom. She reacted to the sensation of my gentle bites on them with soft moans , her back arching slightly as the pleasure went from her breasts to her pussy. As I made my way down to her hot sex, I licked her juices first off her upper thighs. The taste was like sweet honey. My tongue was just about to penetrate her the opening between her puffed lips, when Anne jumped up.

“I want your cock in my mouth too,” she exclaimed. We positioned ourselves in sixty-nine, her hot wet pussy in my face, my cock in her warm mouth. My tongue went on auto-pilot as I relished the sensations of Anne pleasuring my stiff erection with her lips and tongue. I felt the tip of my cock on the back of her throat. I had to change my focus or I would have exploded right then. I skillfully brought her to a full body orgasm with my tongue and fingers. She released my cock from her mouth, panting, trying to catch her breath.

“Ride me baby,” I ordered when she appeared to have recovered sufficiently. Anne guided her pussy down onto my shaft until she hit bottom. Her pussy was so sloppy wet she slid down easily. “Oh fuck,” she screamed out as the tip of my cock penetrated her cervical opening. Anne put one foot on the bed to push herself up and down. I matched her, thrusting my hips up as she came down. Her tits bounced to my visual delight. She came twice, her fluids soaking my cock and balls.

Anne was slowing down, nearing exhaustion. I knew it was now my time to take over. I rolled her over and began pummeling my cock in her pussy. Then I was ready to fill that sweet pussy with my cum. I pushed in hard with each spurt. Anne screamed.

I laid on top of my hot young lover, my cock softening still inside her.

“Are you alright,” I asked hoping I didn’t hurt her with my hard fucking.

“Uh, huh,” was all she could muster for a reply. Her body was limp. I rolled off of her and we both laid there looking into each other’s eyes. Minutes later she gave me a soft kiss on my lips.

“Oh my god. I have never had sex like that,” Anne said to me while she gently caressed my balls.

“You’re young. You have a whole life of wonderful sex in front of you,” I told her. I got out of bed and went to the kitchen to fetch us each a bottle of water. We stayed in bed for another twenty minutes, touching and talking. Eventually, my cock began to stiffen again. Anne took me in her mouth and worked it back to get it rock hard again. This time I pounded her relentlessly from behind, doggy style. We both came hard and our bodies collapsed. We dozed off.

“Oh my god. That’s a painting of mom,” Anne cried out waking me from my sex induced slumber.

“Yes it is,” I informed her. “I painted her twenty-five years ago,” I said referring to the full body length portrait of my naked sister. Painting was a passion for me, still is. I had studied Art and Philosophy in college before coming to Arizona to get my law degree.

“Is that when you were lovers?” Anne asked.

“That’s when it started,” I confessed. “When she posed nude for me.”

“Tell me all about it,” Anne commanded. So, I did.


Twenty-five years ago, my sister Denise and I attended the same small liberal arts college in Massachusetts. We were almost two years apart in age. In my sophomore year, I wanted to get out of the dorms, mostly so I would have space to paint. Sometimes I would be working on as many as four paintings at once. I needed room for the easels. So, when Denise decided she was going to attend the same school our parents decided it etiler masöz escort would save money if we got an apartment together.

Denise came back from classes one afternoon to find me painting a nude portrait of my girlfriend, Trish, sprawled out on the sofa. I think it really excited her because she stood there and stared for some time. Trish didn’t mind the attention she was getting from Denise, she smiled seductively looking at her. Eventually, my sister left us to go to her room.

“Your sister is absolutely gorgeous,” Trish said to me.

“I didn’t know you were into girls,” I responded.

“Usually not but when they are as beautiful as Denise, I can’t help myself,” Trish confided in me. “Besides, didn’t you see the way she was staring at me?” she asked. “I think she might be attracted to me as well,” Trish concluded.

Trish didn’t hesitate to see how Denise felt. She waltzed naked into Denise’s room. A few minutes later I heard them both calling me to come into my sister’s bedroom. When I entered, I saw Trish on her knees unbuttoning my sister’s jeans. Denise looked at me and smiled.

Trish spoke to me while pulling my sister’s panties down, exposing the most beautiful silk framed pussy I could imagine. “Can you join us, please?” she begged.

“Is that alright with you, sis?” I asked Denise.

“I would love that,” Denise replied. I wouldn’t find out that day how much my sister yearned for me. That would come a few days later. But that day made me desire Denise more than anyone, even my beautiful girlfriend.

For the next hour, the three of us frolicked in my sister’s bed. The only thing that penetrated either of the women was fingers and tongue. Denise and I kissed passionately while Trish enjoyed the flavor of Denise’s hot young pussy. I enjoyed feeling my sister’s round large breasts in my hands. I wrapped my lips around her stiff nipples. I rubbed Denise’s clit while my girlfriend’s tongue thrust in and out of her slit. Denise came fervently; her body bucked and writhed. I furiously rubbed he clit and she squirted streams of female cum on Trish’s unsuspecting face.

“Oh my god, I’m sorry,” Denise apologized while hyperventilating. “I didn’t mean to pee on you.”

I smelled the clear liquid, which also coated my fingers, and it didn’t smell like urine. I dared myself to taste it and it was savory like a woman’s normal ejaculation. I liked it so I licked some more off Trish’s face.

“That was fucking amazing, girl,” Trish exclaimed. She rubbed her hand in the slippery liquid that settled on my sister’s belly and took ahold of my cock. It didn’t take long before Trish had me spewing my seed all over my sister’s tits. I went down on my girlfriend and orally brought her to an orgasm while the women passionately kissed each other and rubbed each other’s tits, spreading my cum on each other.

The following Sunday morning, Denise and I were eating breakfast when Denise posed an unusual question. “Do you have any plans for the day?” she asked. It was unusual because we never got involved in each other’s business.

“Not really,” I answered knowing that Trish went home for the weekend and wasn’t going to be around.

“Then can I ask you to do something for me?” my sister inquired.

“Sure, what is it?” I replied not anticipating the nature of her request. We hadn’t really talked about the other evening and it didn’t seem to be an issue with either one of us but I suspected it was a one time thing.

“Can you paint a nude portrait of me?” she asked. I knew I could but now I was conflicted as to whether or not I should. “Please,” Denise begged. The thought of seeing her pristine pussy again overtook my better judgment.

I agreed so I pulled out a red sheet, which would highlight Denise’s pink features and milky white skin, and prepped the sofa. Denise had taken a quick shower and returned several minutes later with her long blonde hair nicely brushed and spilling on her shoulders. I tried hard to concentrate as I sketched out her magnificent curvaceous frame. Mostly I focused on getting that seductive look on her face, her shapely legs, her hips and narrow stomach, avoiding any intense fixation on her tits and pussy. I would paint those later from memory, their images etched in my brain permanently.

Despite my efforts, I maintained a raging erection for nearly two hours. I had to take a break. Denise noticed my bulging pants and my apparent discomfort.

“Come here George,” she said. She sat upright on the sofa and beckoned me to join her. As I came up to her, my sister reached out to unbutton my pants and pull the zipper down. She pulled down boxers along with my pants, freeing my enlarged, blood filled cock. Without a word Denise’s mouth descended on my steel rod. Bobbing up and down furiously, my sister quickly extracted a massive load of cum from me.

“You taste good George,” she said as she swallowed the last of my seed in her mouth. “Let’s stop painting for a little while,” Denise offered. “Take your clothes off and join me in my bed,” she said in a soft tone of voice as she got up and headed to her bedroom. I grabbed a couple of bottles of water and joined her, naked.

“You know why I chose to come to school here, don’t you?” Denise implied I knew of her love for me. “You’re my favorite brother and I’ve had a crush on you for years,” she confessed.

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