Mart 23, 2021

My New Neighbour Wearing Angora

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Big Tits

I am sure that my fetish for mohair, and later angora as well, began when I was young. I suffered asthma as a child and after an attack one day I remember my much older cousin’s girlfriend, who must have been in her early twenties, wearing a black mohair sweater and kneeling next to my bed and gently stroking my chest to help relieve the tightness in my chest. The sleeve of her sweater stroked across my chest and I remember the sensation being both soft and tickly at the same time. To this day I have visions of the beauty with dark raven hair wearing fluffy black mohair. I guess the same sort of trigger must have occurred for the majority of people who have a mohair and/or angora fetish.

Throughout puberty and my early teenage years I remember all the girls I was attracted to were always good looking, had firm breasts and wore hand knitted fluffy sweaters that were tight and short showing their midriffs.

My wife and I are both professionals and live in the leafy suburbs of a large city. My wife has been aware of my mohair fetish since before we were married and does sometimes allow me to wear one of the mohair sweaters that I have bought over the years when we have sex. We have a good sex life but, as I am able to work from home at times, I use the opportunity to wear the sweaters during the day when my wife is at work until I am so worked up that I have to masturbate.

She very rarely wears mohair nowadays, although she did in our early days, as she says it is itchy so I have bought her angora sweaters over the years and can’t keep my hands off her when she wears one. She only wears them during the winter, usually to work, and wears a tight skirt above the knee and her black high heel boots. If I worked with her I would be trying to fuck her all the time.

A few years after we had moved into our house our neighbours sold up and a new couple moved in. The couple were around the same age as my wife and I and we quickly became friends. The wife was good looking, with auburn curly hair down to below her shoulders and had a terrific body with firm rounded tits and long legs.

At the first social event that we went to with our new neighbours, the wife was wearing a short pink, cream and beige tartan skirt, cream fishnet holdups and a tight white blouse, unbuttoned to show her lacy bra. I sat there all evening dreaming that the outfit would have been absolutely perfect if she had been wearing a mohair or angora sweater with it. I am sure that she saw me looking at her legs and trying to get a glimpse of what underwear she was wearing under her skirt. As she crossed her legs for the umpteenth time during the evening she looked up and smiled at me and then shifted kaynarca şişman escort her skirt so that I got a real eyeful of her white thighs. I couldn’t stop thinking about her for weeks after, visualising what she would look like if she had worn the outfit with a tight angora sweater.

A few months later we went to a birthday party at a mutual friend and my jaw almost hit the ground and my dick sprung to attention as my neighbour walked into the room. She was wearing the same tartan skirt and cream fishnet holdups and, to my amazement, she was wearing a tight round neck oh so fluffy pink angora sweater. The sweater just came to the top of the skirt and she was showing a little of her midriff as she lifted her arms and moved to greet people by hugging them. Had she read my mind the last time she had worn the outfit when she had seen me looking at her or did she have a passion for wearing tight angora sweaters and love dressing like she did that night?

I am sure that all of the other men in the room were also fantasizing about her as well as me. One, a retired policeman and a real lecherous guy, immediately made a bee line for her and gave her a welcoming kiss. At the same time I saw him put his hand behind her and start to stroke her arse. I heard her laugh and saw her very subtly move his hand away. As she made her away around the room saying hello to everyone I kept glimpsing up and my mind went into overdrive about how it would feel to stroke my hand over her tits whilst she was wearing that sweater.

As I went to go and get a drink from the bar she sidled up to me and put her hand on my shoulder. As I turned around, I couldn’t help myself but I put my hand on her shoulder where I got a real good feel of the angora and, being a little drunk by now, kissed her on the cheek and whispered in her ear “God you look absolutely amazing tonight.”

I spent the whole evening watching her, whether she was walking around the room or sitting down and crossing her legs. I didn’t manage to catch her eye but as I looked up at one point I was sure that she had been looking at me as she quickly looked away. As I got home that night I was so horny I had to beg my wife to allow me to wear one of my mohair sweaters and make passionate love to her. Even my wife admitted that it was the best sex we had had for a long time.

I didn’t see my neighbour for a while due to work commitments and other things but the thought of her wearing that pink angora sweater would not leave my head. I kept fantasizing and used every opportunity whilst working at home to dress up in either a mohair sweater or one of my wife’s angora sweaters and masturbate kurtköy escort just to get some relief.

I was working from home one day as my car had to go into the garage for a service. I was just leaving the house to walk to garage to collect it when my neighbour drove up. She must have finished work early as I had never seen her arrive home during the afternoon before. She wound down the window and asked where I was going. To the garage to collect my car I replied.

“Get in and I will give you a lift,” she said. As I opened the door to the car I saw that she was wearing a white angora sweater and a tight black skirt. Like the pink sweater I last saw her in, this white one was tight and very, very, fluffy. As we drove and she talked, I couldn’t keep my eyes off the arm of her sweater and imagined her wrapping her arms around my naked body and stroking me all over. We arrived at the garage and as I went to get out she put her opposite hand onto the sleeve of her arm closest to me and gently rubbed it as I thanked her for the lift.

“Hopefully I will see you soon,” she said and gave me a sexy smile. You can imagine what I had to do when I got home from the garage.

A few months later my wife told me that our neighbours were going away on an extended holiday and that we had been asked to look after their cats. What an opportunity, I thought to myself, for getting my hands on those angora sweaters. I had never seen her wear any mohair but could imagine what she would have looked like. The cats needed feeding each morning and evening and after a couple of days it quickly became my routine to go next door and feed them.

One morning my wife announced that she was going out to dinner with some colleagues straight from work that evening. This was my perfect excuse for lingering longer that was necessary to feed and water some cats. As I walked into the house I had a shiver of expectation so I quickly fed the cats and scooted up the stairs and searched through the bedrooms until I found the master.

As I walked into the room I saw a green fluffy mohair sweater lying at the bottom of the bed. It didn’t look like it had been thrown there as it was folded neatly. I quickly sat on the bed and unfolded it. The sweater was a loose knitted slouchy one with a big cowl neck. Even though the bedroom was at the rear of the house and was not overlooked I quickly drew the blinds and undressed. Slipping the sweater on I could smell her perfume on the sweater so I guessed that she probably only wore it around the house as I had never seen her wearing it out. The sweater came to just below my groin so my dick, now fully extended, was already rubbing against kurtköy escort bayan it.

I then wondered where she kept her lovely angora sweaters and started to carefully open all of her drawers and cupboards. I finally opened the large walk in wardrobe and turned on the light. To my right there were shelves from floor to ceiling and stacked very neatly were a myriad of angora and mohair sweaters. I quickly spotted the very fluffy white angora sweater that she had been wearing when giving me a lift to the garage. I removed the mohair sweater and carefully pulled the angora sweater out, making a note of how it had been folded. I put the sweater on and sunk into its softness and the smell of her perfume.

I went back into the bedroom, laid down on the bed and gently rubbed the mohair sweater over my now throbbing dick. I wanted to make the experience last for as long as I could but, within minutes, I had wrapped the mohair around my dick and was masturbating as hard as I could. Before I exploded I threw the mohair to one side just in case any semen splashed onto it. The strength of my orgasm was overwhelming and I lay there for a short while with the mohair sweater over my face, feeling the tickly softness and smelling her perfume.

I put the angora sweater back into its place, ensuring that I folded it the same way and did the same with the mohair sweater before placing it back on the bed. I went back home exhausted and completely thrilled. Before the neighbours returned I tried the pink and white angora sweaters on with the same pleasure.

On the day that they returned from their holiday I dropped around to give them their key back. I rang the door bell and the wife appeared at the door. She had a great tan but more noticeable was the fact that she was wearing the white angora sweater underneath the green mohair sweater.

“It’s so cold compared to where we have just been so I just had to wear something warm and cosy.” I just stared in admiration and lust and tried to control the start of an erection. She crossed her arms and started to rub her arms up and down her sleeves as she shivered.

“Well you certainly do look warm and cosy in your lovely fluffy sweaters,” I replied.

” I know,” she said, “these are my favourites and I just love the feel of them against my tanned skin, but I appear to have spilled something on this one.” With that she pulled the green mohair up and the angora down to reveal a small darker white patch nestling on the fluff at the bottom of the angora sweater.

“I’m not sure what it is,” she said looking at me with a broad grin across her face. “I’ll have to be more careful with what I am doing when I wear it next time.”

Did she suspect that I had worn it and manage to splash semen on it?

“Keep they key,” she said, “you never know when you may need to pop in for something.” She grinned and walk back into the house. I just stood there in amazement and started to imagine all sorts of connotations.

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