Mart 30, 2021

My Megan Addiction Ch. 04

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A few hours had passed since Jeff and Eve emerged from the bedroom, finding me waiting for them. Jeff left without a word. Eve and I agreed that she needed to grab some things and go get a hotel room. I told her I’d need several days to process this and discuss with it her. I wanted to be calm when I did. She understood and complied. She, too, never said a word.

In those hours since, I could only manage to change into a t-shirt and boxers and plant myself on the couch in front of the TV, with a new bottle of wine and a bag of chips. I needed to think how I wanted this to play out. The decision would be easy were it not for my obsession for Megan. And now I had to determine if I had crossed a line earlier today in my study.

It was about 8pm or so and, with three glasses of wine consumed, was quite relaxed. I was sitting in my sofa with my legs stretched out onto an ottoman, watching the news, unable to concentrate on anything. Megan entered the room, looking the same as she did before except the little black cotton shorts were now gray.

“I spoke with my mom.” Megan said. “She told me you both got into a fight and decided it best if she gave you some space. She said nothing about Jeff and I didn’t let her know that I know what happened.”

I nodded in acknowledgement.

“Is it OK if I stay here? I don’t want to be with my mom.” She asked.

“Of course it’s OK, Megan.” I said. “This isn’t about you and you shouldn’t be punished. You’ve done nothing wrong.”

And with that, Megan curled up on the sofa next to me and put her head in my lap. My right hand held my wine glass and my left hand rested on her hip.

“What’s going to happen?” Megan asked a few minutes later.

“I don’t know.” Was my reply, and I took a long sip of the red wine.

Through the fly of my boxers, I could feel the warm breath from her mouth, maybe twelve inches away. Several minutes went by and Megan began to speak.

“You remember earlier, right? I’ve never had an orgasm like that before.” She confessed, her body never moving as she spoke.

“Like what?” I asked, truly puzzled at the question and shocked that she brought it up.

“All our clothes on, very little touching. It was so,” she paused, searching for the right word, “erotic and intense.” She said in a voice tinged with just a hint of excitement.

I didn’t know what to say or how to respond. I truly wasn’t ready to discuss what had occurred earlier that day. As an attorney, I’m rarely at a loss for words so this was an unusual occurrence for me.

“Did you like it?” she asked me.

“I’d be lying if I said I didn’t.” I replied, carefully choosing my words.

I grabbed my glass of wine and took another long sip. Immediately, my mind began replaying the image in my head, of sexy little Megan, in her little cotton shorts and tank top, rocking on my lap, my hands cupping her breasts, the sounds of her moans and whimpers. And in just a few seconds, my cock began to stiffen inside my boxers. At this point, I should have suggested Megan move, or insist that we end this conversation. But my obsession with her suppressed my judgment . I was hooked. I wanted her so bad but, given our relationship, I couldn’t, wouldn’t ask for it or pursue it. Neither, though, would I turn it away.

Megan took her left hand and placed it on the inside of my left thigh and then began lightly stroking it with her hand.

“I was surprised you came.” Megan said. “You must have been really turned on. Was it me, or Mom and Jeff having sex?” she asked.

“Both.” I answered honestly.

The mental replay became more vivid and the sex talk added fuel to the fire. At this point, there was little turning back. My thick, circumcised cock grew to its full seven inches, etiler eve gelen escort trying desperately to poke through my boxers. Seeing this, Megan undid the button on my boxers, reached in and pulled out my erect penis. Without a word, and with her head still resting on my torso, she lowered her mouth around the head of my penis and began to move up and down slowly.

“Oh god, Megan, that feels so good.” I moaned softly.

I forced myself to open my eyes. There in my lap, with her long dark hair pulled back in a pony tail, was my step-daughter with my cock in her mouth, her eyes closed. The warmth, the wetness of her mouth were perfect. I began to run my fingers of my right hand through her beautiful hair. My left hand reached out and began to caress her firm ass through her little cotton shorts.

Megan continued this pace for just a few minutes, her mouth going slowly up and down over just the swollen head of my cock. She pulled her mouth off and her saliva began to run down the shaft of my hard dick.

“Do you like this? Does it feel good?” she asked.

“I love it. It feels incredible.” I said

“Good!” she said enthusiastically and promptly stuck my dick back in her mouth.

Her left hand grabbed my now-wet shaft and began pumping it rhythmically as her mouth slid up and down, back and forth over my cock head. Her technique was quite impressive — better than what she demonstrated earlier that day with Jeff and I began to wonder why the difference but this was just a fleeting thought. My left hand reached inside her shorts and I could tell she was wearing a thong. I snaked my hand to her pussy and it was already sopping wet. This turned me on even more. Megan adjusted her position to accommodate my fingers. I moved my fingers until they were slick with her cunt juice. I then reached out and touched her clitoris.

When I reached her clit, Megan moaned loudly and then became more vigorous with both her hand and mouth, working my glistening-wet and rock-hard cock. She began moaning as if she was really enjoying it. This went on for just another two or three minutes and then I realized, a little belatedly, that my cum was on its way.

“Megan, I going to cum soon.” I warned her.

I assumed she didn’t want me to cum in her mouth and I, being a gentleman, told her so she could prepare.

“I want you to cum in my mouth.” She huffed on an upstroke and then returned her mouth to take in my cock head. She increased her intensity and her moaning.

“Oh god, Megan, I’m going to cum. You’re making me cum, Megan. Oh don’t stop!”

I was nearly screaming. The intensity, both physical and mental, was mind-blowing. Megan’s pony tail was now bouncing furiously in my lap.

“Oh Megan, I’m gonna cum in your mouth now!”

Megan moaned an “un-hunh” and kept pumping her hand and mouth. I shoved two fingers into her dripping wet pussy and kept it there. My cock erupted and my cum began to fill her mouth. Megan tried valiantly to take it all in but she gagged — slightly — and her body tightened. Her head stopped bobbing and her mouth held firm around the head of my dick but her hand never stopped pumping. I moaned in ecstasy as Megan pumped cum from my cock into her mouth.

“Oh yeah, oh god it’s so good.” I blurted out breathlessly.

I began to convulse as my cock grew too sensitive even to the soft, wet touch of Megan’s mouth. My right hand reached around and held her hand still while her mouth finished slurping and swallowing my semen. My left hand left her pussy and rested on her head. Megan removed her head and turned her body around to face me. As she looked directly in my eyes, I noticed a small amount of cum on her lower lip and chin. etiler grup yapan escort I grabbed her pony tail and pulled her to me, kissing her passionately, licking her chin and lip clean of the excess cum that she did not swallow. Our tongues locked and we kissed intensely for a minute or two and she pulled away.

“Was that good? Did I do a good job of sucking you off?” she asked naughtily. She knew the answer.

“Oh, god, Megan. That was incredible. I’ve never had a blow job that good. I didn’t think you’d swallow!” I blurted out.

“I don’t swallow other guys but I wanted to taste your cum and please you as much as possible. I want to be the best you’ve ever had. You’re kind and I love you.” She replied confidently.

As I regained my breath and enjoyed the afterglow Megan, now sitting in front of me, removed her tight-fitting tank top to reveal her fabulous breasts. The aerolae were quite dark and her nipples were erect. I reached out and caressed her perfect tits, squeezing them and playing with her nipples. Megan just smiled at me.

“My pussy is so wet.” She said. Her naughty talk was so erotic, such a turn-on.

“Stand up.” I commanded her and she did as told. “Now, remove your shorts.”

Megan stood there in front of me and slid off her little, gray cotton shorts and now just in her soft pink thong. She smiled as I longingly admired her body. It was truly flawless.

“Turn around.” I told her.

Megan did as told and I ran my hands along her ass. I squeezed and massaged her beautiful ass. I couldn’t wait any longer. I bent her over so that she was steadying herself on the ottoman and now her ass was sticking out, inches from my face. I slid her panties down and off. I pushed her forward a little more, spread her ass cheeks apart with my hands and ran my tongue gently along her slit, my nose tickling her anus.

“Oh, God, that’s so good.” She cooed.

I continued licking her slit, covered in soft, dark brown hair. I was glad she was not completely shaven. She really was so wet. She began to moan and it was so sexy. I picked up the pace, eating her out from behind. The scent of her pussy was very strong and intoxicating. I couldn’t get enough.

“Oh, Daddy, I love this.” She said, calling me Daddy for the first time.

“Have you ever had a boy lick your pussy, Megan?” I pulled my head way and asked.

“Yeah.” She replied.

I stuck the index finger of my right hand into my mouth, got it slick and then inserted it into her warm, wet cunt. Gently, I shoved it up as far as it would go insider of her tight snatch. I withdrew it and rubbed her clit. Megan moaned some more.

“Have you ever cum from having your pussy licked before, baby?” I asked her while rubbing her clit slowly with my now-slick finger.

“No.” She responded.

I could tell she was getting breathless, her orgasm near. I wanted to slow it down, make her wait, give her the best pussy licking she’d ever get from any man. Or woman.

I removed my finger from her clit and inserted two fingers into her pussy and began to slowly finger fuck her. I took great care to avoid her clit, wanting to tease her. Her pussy was so wet now that both fingers slid in and out with ease. I leaned forward and ran my tongue across her anus.

“Oh my god!” Megan blurted out. “Don’t stop that.”

I ran my tongue back and forth across her tight little asshole several times and then pulled away. My fingers never stopping the in-and-out motion inside her snatch.

“Do you like that, baby? Do you like having your asshole licked?” I asked her.

When I pulled back to speak, I could see little beads of pussy juice streaming down the insides of her thighs.

“Oh etiler masöz escort god, yes!” she responded.

I now thrust my tongue into her ass and began ass-fucking her with my tongue, vigorously. My right hand continued to push two fingers in and out of her pussy.

“Oh yeah, oh don’t stop!” Megan hissed.

Her legs were now quivering. After a few dozen seconds more of this, her legs were quivering too much and she could no longer keep this position. I turned her around and sat her on the couch. I kneeled between her legs and pulled her torso closer to me, so that her ass was nearly hanging off the cushion. I admired her neatly trimmed bush — a nice little rectangle of soft, thick dark fur, about two inches wide that reached up towards her navel. I took the index finger from my left hand and inserted it into Megan’s pussy and curled the finger up, reaching for her g-spot. I placed my mouth around her pussy and began rapidly flicking her clit with my tongue. Megan moaned and whimpered in pleasure.

After about a minute of this, I took the index finger from my right hand — still slick from her pussy — and eased it into her anus. I stopped moving the left index finger in her pussy and just held it still. I continued flicking her clit with my tongue and now began to finger-fuck her hot, tight ass. She began to buck her hips, meeting my finger thrusts into her anus.

“Oh daddy, you’re gonna make my pussy cum!” Megan said. “I love the way your licking me.”

“Do you like having my finger in your ass, Megan? Have you ever put anything in here?” I asked as I continued to slide it in and out. The warmth and tightness were amazing.

“I love it, Daddy. I’ve only had fingers up there before.” She said.

” Have you ever let a boy fuck you in your ass?” I asked.

“No, Daddy, but I’ll let you fuck my ass if you want!” she said.

I returned my mouth to her clit and began to suck it now, taking it between my lips. I increased the speed of my finger going in and out of her anus and, at the same time, pushed my left index finger as far up her snatch as I could push.

“Oh God, I’m cumming now, Daddy. I’m cumming. You’re making me cum.” Megan gushed.

She was near screaming now as her orgasm slammed her body. She grabbed my head and held me against her crotch, thrusting her hips against my mouth. I had no room to move my fingers, they just remained in place — one in her ass and one in her pussy.

“Oh yeah, oh fuck yeah. Oh Daddy, you’re making my pussy cum so much.” She cried.

Her hips were now thrusting hard against my mouth, hand gripping my hair firmly, holding me in place. As her orgasm subsided, her sexy little body relaxed and went limp. I looked up, her tight, tan tummy heaving up and down with her heavy breathing, taut breasts, sticking straight up and perfectly round, rising and falling like waves. It was a heavenly sight. She electrified all my senses — sight, sound, smell, touch, taste. At this moment, the reality of my situation began to dawn on me: Megan was a drug to which I had become addicted.

Megan grabbed my face, very wet from her sopping pussy, and pulled me up to hers. She kissed me passionately, her tongue swabbing the inside of my mouth. She licked and kiss around my mouth, lapping up her own sweet nectar. It was intense.

It was now near 10pm. And, given the little sleep from the night before and the events of the day, I was exhausted. I told Megan I was going to sleep and she asked if she could join me, she was tired too. I said “sure” and we made our way to my bed, naked and tired, and reeking of the scent of sex. We lie in bed and Megan began to pepper me with questions about her mother and I and what was going to happen.

“Let’s go to sleep, Megan. I’m exhausted. I’ve got to spend time tomorrow sorting things out.” I said and I kissed her on the cheek as I rolled over to go to sleep.

“OK. If you wake up in the morning and I’m still asleep, you have my permission to role me over and fuck me, Daddy. You can just slip it in and have your way with me, even if I’m asleep.” She offered.

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