Mayıs 15, 2021

My Lust for a College Stud Ch. 04

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Authors Note. Hello everyone a few words. Sorry for how long it took to get this part out, real life comes first as I’m sure you all understand. Second thanks to everyone who has read, voted and commented on these stories it means a lot. Third and finally this is the last part of the series (for the time being) I will hopefully/maybe/probably return to this series in the future but we’ll see, hopefully you enjoy this part regardless. Thanks.


Midday sun shined through my window brightly when I woke up the next day. At first I was confused as to why I’d slept in so late but very quickly my sleep induced amnesia faded and memories from the previous night came flooding back and with it a bewildering stream of different emotions.

Last night the object of my sexual obsessions my next door college dorm mate Tom had engaged in what sounded like the hottest marathon fuck session possible with his visiting ex-girlfriend Haylee. I’d spent a good portion of the night listening through the thin walls to the sound of their epic lovemaking while ruthlessly finger fucking myself. That morning I was kinda creeped out how arousing I’d found the whole experience, how many times I’d cum listening in on them, I mean that kind of voyeuristic activity just wasn’t me (or so I thought) but my minor revulsion at this new aspect of my sexual psyche was the least of my worries that morning.

As pathetic as it sounds a good part of me wanted to cry, I felt betrayed by Tom for fucking Haylee like that, I mean sure she was beautiful and clearly begging for it and yes he was drunk and I have to admit it wasn’t like there was anything stopping him, he wasn’t in a relationship with me or anything but regardless I felt devastated. I felt like we had grown close the past few weeks and it all hanged in the balance now. To be honest I think most of this anger was driven by lust filled jealousy, I’d been absolutely aching for Tom to fuck me for the past month and this girl strolls in from across the country and gets with him in a matter of hours and is promptly rewarded with sexual nirvana courtesy of Tom’s massive dick and superhuman stamina. Hadn’t she got her fill (no pun intended) when they were together in high school?

I decided there was no point moping in bed about this though and instead decided I had to get up and face the day. Upon attempting to stand up I promptly winced, my pussy was a little sore this morning, tenderly feeling my outer lips they were definitely a bit swollen. I suppose I was pretty aggressive last night and I’m now paying the price. I couldn’t help but wickedly grin though, if I’m feeling sore god knows how Haylee will feel, maybe her prediction about being unable to walk will actually come true.

My vindictive thoughts towards Haylee cheering me up slightly I stood up, stretched and decided a shower was a priority this morning. Standing up made me realise that as well as my aching pussy my entire body was sore and I figured the warm water would help soothe that, also I felt particularly gross this morning what with last night’s sweaty activities. Soon I was sighing as the steaming hot water ran over my naked body. I decided to use this time to figure out my approach towards Tom today. Firstly I couldn’t deny the obvious, despite feeling betrayed by him I had to accept I still liked him, I wasn’t yet sure whether this was actual romance or just pure animal lust but I still desperately wanted him. With that cleared up how should I interact with him? It didn’t take long to come to a conclusion, I had to regain control over the situation, playing a little hard to get might work wonders, hell I’d been basically pawing at him since we met and it hadn’t got me very far, show a bit of frosty indifference and it might throw him off, classic “guy wants what he can’t have” situation. Smiling to myself and feeling invigorated I stepped out of the shower. This would work, I was going to play him like Haylee did, I still wanted him sure, just the thought of him made me wet but I was going to make sure that the thought of me made him hard…

Several minutes later I was fully dressed and preparing a late breakfast (or early lunch) for myself in the dorms kitchen. The dorm was eerily deserted, I could only assume that everyone was either locked away in their rooms or out doing goodness knows what. However I didn’t have to endure the sound of silence for very long because it was replaced with the sound of an opening door down the hallway signalling somebodies approach. As it happens it was Tom.

Seeing him again made me temporarily forget my “hard to get” game plan since I immediately became flustered, greeted him cheerily and then promptly decided to blush. Damn I hated how he made me so nervous. He had clearly just emerged from bed since he was again wearing nothing below the waist aside from a pair of boxer briefs (these ones were a cute navy blue and grey striped pair something which was impossible to miss what with the repeated glances I kept flashing at his crotch) thankfully he had inadvertently spared himself of more lust filled stares by this time pairing his boxers with a t shirt. Part of me was admittedly bahis firmaları disappointed that I didn’t receive an eyeful of his ripped torso but it was probably for the best, a clear look at his washboard abs would have certainly broke my resolve and sent me whimpering after him. That being said I wasn’t short of eye candy what with the aforementioned bulge in his pants but also his bulging arms, eagerly examining his biceps I couldn’t help but wistfully imagine having them wrapped around me again, Argh!! feigning disinterest to him was going to be harder than I thought…

Thankfully before I could get drawn into a conversation with Tom (or gawp any more brazenly at him) Haylee too emerged from the hallway. The first thing I noticed was that she was positively glowing this morning, her big grin, flushed skin and ruffled hair blatant symptoms of the “well fucked” look she seemed only to happy to wear this morning. I also couldn’t help but notice as she entered that while she was (unfortunately) still able to walk last night’s sultry swagger had been replaced with gingerly steps (Yeah she was definitely feeling it between her legs this morning) She didn’t seem too perturbed by this though as she began to speak…

“Heya!!” That seemed to be directed at me

“Oh hi…er…how are you today?” God that was lame and Haylee’s response really made me regret asking.

“Great! I had sooo much fun last night, even if the nightclub was a drag” She smiled seductively at Tom although I am pleased to report he didn’t even glance back at her, instead he took to glaring at the box of cereal in front of him.

Genuinely unsure of what to say I continued with the generic small talk “Oh err good? I guess you’ll be heading home soon then?”

“Yeah I mean I got what I came here for” She again flashed a smile at Tom. Man what a slut.

“In fact (she paused to look at her phone) we slept in pretty late so I might head off now, Tom do you want to walk me out?”

“Actually you can see yourself out can’t you” Tom was looking straight at Haylee now giving her what I can only describe as the most foreboding glare. The atmosphere was suddenly palpable, Haylee’s seductive smiles had vanished, replaced with a surprised but stony expression.

“Oh! Ok then… see you around” and with that she left and I couldn’t help but hope that was the last I’d see of her. By the looks of it Tom felt the same way.

I actually felt kinda sorry for him, he looked miserable, sitting at the table his head in his hands. Sensing my own feelings of animosity quickly evaporating I tentatively stood beside him and laid a hand on his arm “So that wasn’t in any way awkward (I smiled anxiously) wanna tell me what’s up?”

He looked up at me, his blue eyes boring deep into me “I’m such an idiot”.

“Why what happened” I decided ignorance was the best approach for the moment not that Tom fell for it.

“Don’t pretend like you don’t know, you’re in the room next door and you know how easily sound travels through those walls” Was that a subtle admission to him hearing my various masturbation sessions this past month? God why was it every time I thought I’d got past that whole affair it comes back to haunt me? Pushing such thoughts aside though I tried to reassure him.

“Well…I… might have woke up and heard a few things but nothing…really” Yeah that sounded convincing. Already I could feel wetness beginning to spread between my legs just from the few brief recollections from last night. I know I claimed I wasn’t a nymphomaniac but I was clearly heading in that direction.

“I just feel…used you know? It was a stupid one night thing and I don’t even know how much damage it’s done…” he trailed off. I remember thinking that last part was an unusual thing for him say, what did he mean by that?

Hence I decided to ask him. “I don’t get it what damage?”

I was aware of the magnitude of the question the moment I asked it, my heart was thumping uncontrollably, as Tom spoke there was a slight break in his voice.

“That I might have gave the wrong impression to…people. Who might think less of me as a result” He wasn’t totally opening up and I respected that he was clearly nervous, hell I was hardly talking and I was terrified but I was desperate for something more concrete than he’d given me so I tried to push him

“Which people?” It was pretty feeble but it was the best I could manage. I waited for his response, holding my breath…

“Um just… people in general you know” he evaded the question but I felt I could tell by the slight pained look on his face when he spoke what he really wanted to say. Before I could probe deeper though my brain seemed to stop “No don’t be lured in” surprised at my own resolve hidden somewhere in my sub conscience I decided to latch upon it. I wasn’t going to just forgive Tom so easily for what he did with Haylee, you might think I was being melodramatic but I felt seriously hurt. Knowing full well I might regret this I simply said

“Well people (I put a lot of emphasis on people) probably do think less of you” I then quickly turned around before I could register kaçak iddaa an expression on his face and briskly walked out of the kitchen back to my room. Man that was cold, Emily the ice queen. But seriously it had to be done, I had to let it be known he couldn’t treat me like that, flirt with me for weeks and then just screw another girl after explicitly telling me nothing would happen. I sat waiting on my bed expecting a knock on the door as Tom tried to explain to me his actions but no knock came. As I sat in limbo I dreaded the next time I’d see Tom, how would he react to this? Have I just destroyed our friendship and whatever more there might have been? As is so often the case though I told myself to get a grip and stop acting so dramatic. Life goes on remember.

As it happens the next time we spoke wasn’t for a week. Whether Tom was intentionally avoiding me I don’t know but we never seemed to cross paths in the dorm and with our respective classwork we were both pretty busy during our free time. As it happens the “next time” was on a fateful night that I won’t soon forget. It was a Friday and Hannah (one of the girls in my dorm) had got us invited to some frat party. I initially didn’t really want to go but Hannah eventually managed to persuade me after claiming I had become in her words “a depressing, mopey bitch who needed to get out more” I couldn’t really disagree with her

What she failed to mention though was that the whole floor was invited so there we were walking to the party, my dorm mates in an excitable group up front with me and Tom conveniently walking together slightly behind the others with a little bit of privacy for a conversation. I was worried that my abrupt end to our last conversation doubled with the near week long silence would make things awkward. I had to confess that in the past week I’d calmed down a lot about the Haylee incident and indeed was starting to miss Tom. What kept me from approaching him was a combination of nerves but also a dogged determination to see whether he actually cared about me. Upon finding ourselves side by side he spared no time addressing the elephant in the room.

“Before you say anything just know that I know what you meant, you’re absolutely right, as I said I’m an idiot but more importantly I’m sorry” It did truly seem heartfelt but it wasn’t enough. I was sick of this skirting around, Tom was talking like he had cheated on me when technically he hadn’t since we were not dating so using bravery I didn’t know I had I pointed this out to him.

“Why are you sorry? What effect does it have on me” I stared intently at him.

He looked slightly hurt “You know what” That wasn’t sufficient.

“Well? Say it!!” I was really insistent at this point.

He grinned sheepishly “Fine OK I… like you” The words hung in the air, presumably since he assumed he’d stepped off the ledge and thus had nothing to lose he continued

“I’ve pretty much liked you since we met and I felt there was something between us and I ruined it with that thing with Haylee. So really believe me when I say I am sorry and is there any possibility we can… you know… hit the reset button, go back to the way things were before” He had that nervous look again that made him seem so sweet. I wasn’t sure whether I was thinking with my heart or my genitals (it certainly wasn’t my brain) but I simply couldn’t dismiss this, It had taken bravery to put his feelings out there like that.

Grinning myself now I nervously said “OK… apology accepted” Tom responded by scooping me up in a very nearly rib crushing hug that lifted me off the ground, I thoroughly enjoyed being snuggled up to him again, feet dangling in the air, breathing in his smell, feeling his hard muscles beneath his shirt. Carefully placing me back down Tom dived straight back into conversation as if we’d never stopped talking, asking me about schoolwork, joking around just like the way things used to be.

Then the topic turned to the night ahead with me asking “Do you even know anyone who’s going to be at this party tonight?”

“Aside from all us here from the dorm nobody. Honestly I don’t know why I agreed to come I certainly wouldn’t have if I knew the walk would take this long” he jokingly made a rude hand gesture to the back of Hannah’s head.

I laughed “Yeah 5 minute walk she says (I rolled my eyes) but yeah I’m not really feeling it tonight either I think I might just make an appearance then leave”

That’s when Tom stopped and said “You know what screw it neither of us want to go, how about we head back, we can have cheesy 80’s movie night (possibly catching my sceptical glare) or if you’re feeling serious underrated cult classic night?” He held out his hand for me to take. I looked back at the rest of the group who had now walked quite a ways ahead of us.

“Shouldn’t we tell them we’re going first or-“he cut me off

“They were all drinking before we even left the dorm they’re really too wasted to care much” he wriggled his fingers to emphasise his still outstretched hand. Forgoing caution I grabbed it with a wide smile and soon we were strolling back to the dorm hand in hand. As we were kaçak bahis walking back I can honestly say I wasn’t anticipating anything that night, I was just happy that me and Tom seemed to be close again, thanks in no small part to his little admission. I never could have anticipated what ultimately happened.

Back at the dorm we wasted no time in kicking of our shoes, me settling down on Tom’s bed while he rummaged through his collection for a movie to watch. Soon we were both snuggled up on his bed just like days gone by, his arm wrapped around me and my head resting on his chest listening to the steady sound of his strong heartbeat.

As you might expect I wasn’t paying the greatest attention to the movie, my thoughts drifting happily to Tom. What pulled me back to reality though was I was aware that he was gently stroking my hair, this type of affection was new? I turned to see him gazing longingly at me a little smile on his face. Before I could even gather my thoughts I once again found his lips pressed to mine. His arms wrapped around me pulling me tightly into his body. The kiss was better than the first all those weeks ago. Maybe because my sensations were not dulled by alcohol this time or maybe it was the tension that had built up over what seemed like years but each tender brush across my arm, each gentle tug on my lower lip felt electric, like it was the first time experiencing my sense of touch. I knew right then that no part of me was going to resist this, not even a little voice in the back of my mind telling me to think things through. My entire being was submitting to him, I was his.

I was enthusiastically kissing back, urgently probing deeper into his mouth with my tongue. My hands came up to caress his face and I found myself opening my legs slightly and slowly grinding my mound against his thigh. Not only would I let Tom do anything to me I was now pretty sure he knew he could. One of his hands ran down my back settling on my ass, firmly cupping a cheek and squeezing causing me to inadvertently grind even harder against him.

His arms still wrapped around me, he rolled onto his back pulling me on top of him in the process. I found myself momentarily stunned as mine and Tom’s crotches became pressed against one another’s. I felt his raging hard on through his jeans. God he felt huge. In that brief moment mine and Toms eyes locked, his icy blue eyes boring straight into my warm green eyes, I was stunned once again by how handsome he was, running a hand across my cheek he whispered “You are so incredibly beautiful” before locking lips with me again.

I was now grinding with reckless abandon against his bulge, each stroke raking across my clit through my panties. I could feel my wetness beginning to spread. Tom obviously sensing I wanted to move things further smoothly unzipped the back of my dress and started tugging the straps down from my shoulders only stopping to lift himself up as I removed his already unbuttoned shirt. Desperate to rake my hands along his abs though I eagerly lifted up the T shirt he was still wearing and started stroking his lower abdomen. I found myself approaching orgasm from my continued gyrations on his cock but just as I was nearing release, almost as if he’d sensed it by my increasingly rapid breaths on his lips Tom stopped me, he sat up, wrapped his arms tightly around me and stopped me from moving even the slightest, preventing me from going over the edge. I whimpered as I stood on the edge of orgasmic bliss but not quite over the line, I knew it would only take the slightest brush across my sensitive bud to send me over but I couldn’t move, Tom wouldn’t let me, he was gripping me tight, tighter than I’ve ever been held. So I sat on his lap, head resting on his shoulders gasping as the feelings in my pussy subsided somewhat. Jesus now I was hornier than ever, my entire pussy literally throbbed, desperate for release.

Tom stood me up and my unzipped dress promptly fell in a heap around my ankles. I tentatively stepped out of the crumpled pile on the floor suddenly nervous, standing in just my lacy black bra and panties aware of how exposed and vulnerable I was. Did Tom like what he saw? I needn’t have worried, Tom looked like a kid in a candy shop his eyes hungrily scanning my tight body, his mouth actually hanging open slightly. I playfully snapped my fingers in his face to bring him back, I couldn’t help but smile and admit he really knew how to make me feel at ease.

Seemingly regaining some of his composure he pulled his t shirt over his head (affording me a brief glance at his perfectly sculpted torso) before ushering me forward. Still sitting on the edge of the bed he pulled me close to him placing his face level with my abdomen where he proceeded to tenderly kiss my ribs just below my breasts. This drew a playful giggle from me (I was quite ticklish there) before he started kissing down my stomach, his hot breath giving me goose bumps. I’d been so enthralled with what was going on in front of me I was oblivious to Tom’s wandering hands behind me which had moved up my back and unclasped my bra. As it slipped through my arms giving Tom his first glimpse at my exposed breasts he stood up and took one nipple into his mouth while his fingers lovingly caressed the other occasionally pinching it between his fingers and alternating which breast received which treatment.

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