Mart 23, 2021

My Lucky Day

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My wife had gone to work, dropping the kids at school on her way. I had the day off work.

I had finished my coffee and the morning papers and thought it was about time to do something rather than sit around watching TV so I headed upstairs to shower.

Well, you know how it is, your in the shower and memories of last nights wild sex on the dining table comes to mind and before I realised it I was stroking a massive hard-on.

Just then I heard the doorbell, wrapping a towel around my waist and putting on my robe I dashed downstairs and opened the door.

Standing there on the doorstep was the cutest post woman I have ever seen. If I had to guess her age I would say about 24 or 25, dark brown shoulder length hair, deep green eyes and lips that looked like they could suck an orange through a hose pipe!

I couldn’t see her body properly under her bulky jacket but it looked good.

I saw her looking at my wet hair and open robe, I could feel my cock starting to stir underneath my towel and I knew if I wasn’t careful I would be stood on the doorstep with my dick poking out.

She told me she had a parcel that needed signing for, I asked her to step inside whilst I found a pen.

I went through to the kitchen and she followed, placing the parcel on the worktop. As I leaned over to sign her card bağcılar escort I felt her behind me and a hand come around my waist and slip inside my towel, her cold hand on my hot cock felt fantastic and I nearly blew my load straight away.

I looked up, out of the kitchen window just in time to see Maria our window cleaner come through the back gate with her ladder.

I pretended to be busy with the parcel and waved to her as she smiled. The post woman was still stroking my cock as she noticed Maria climbing her ladder outside the kitchen window.

I quickly turned around and unfastened the post woman’s jacket, I was not disappointed. She had an impressive pair of tits straining all the buttons on her tight shirt. I unbuttoned her shirt and bra and licked the left nipple of the pair of 38e’s.

I slipped my hand down her trousers and sank my finger in to her hairless pussy. She was wet enough to fuck, I began rubbing her clit and I could feel her knees buckling. She reached back to steady herself, arching her back and thrusting her tits into my face. I continued rubbing her clit and nibbling gently on her nipples, her hand came back up to my cock and started stroking again. The head oozing pre-cum she rubbed it all over my shaft.

I looked up and saw Maria had bahçelievler escort quietly let herself in through the backdoor, she put her finger to her lips to indicate I should not let the post woman know she was watching. Her hand was inside her jeans and she was frantically rubbing her pussy, her other hand was pinching her nipples through her t-shirt.

She quietly approached and slipped her hand up the post woman’s stomach and caressed her right tit.

The post woman straightened up with a look of disbelief on her face and Maria pounced and kissed her firmly forcing her tongue inside her mouth. With two pairs of hands paying attention to the post woman’s tit’s and pussy she let out a little whimper of pleasure.

I knelt in front of the post woman and helped her slip her trousers and panties of. Then I buried my face in her dripping pussy and ran my tongue over her clitoris, I could feel her pushing herself in to my face as I slipped my tongue into her.

I looked across and saw the post woman’s hand rubbing the outside of Maria’s jeans and within seconds Maria’s jeans were round her knees and two of the post woman’s fingers were pumping in and out of Maria.

I transferred my attention to Maria’s pussy and licked her clit as the post woman continued to bahçeşehir escort finger fuck Maria, I continued to rub the post woman’s clit as she came all over my hand. I increased my efforts and soon had Maria’s sweet juices exploding in my face as I lapped hungrily at her dripping pussy.

I stood and looked at the wonderful site of two semi-naked women in my kitchen enjoying a post orgasmic high.

I must have looked quite a sight with my cock, dripping pre-cum, poking out of the towel. As if synchronised the both reached out, Maria wrapping her hand around my shaft, post woman cupping my balls. They both knelt and began taking it in turns sucking my cock. Maria gently taking first one ball then the other into her warm mouth.

Explaining that I was close to cumming I helped them both stand and brace themselves against the kitchen table.

Standing behind Maria I slipped my cock in to her and after a few strokes pulled out and slipped in to the post lady. Alternating between the two I could take a few seconds between pussy’s to make myself last a little longer.

I noticed that they were both eagerly rubbing their clits as I slipped in and out of them. I felt the familiar feeling in my balls and as I started cumming I pulled out and sprayed my cum all over their arses. Both women orgasmed and slumped over the table as I stood there admiring the sight of the two beautiful women bent over with my cum running down their arse cheeks.

Without a word the post woman stood, pulled on her trousers, fastened her jacket and walked out.

Maria hung around for while longer, but what happened will have to wait for another day!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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