Haziran 11, 2020

My life of sex

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My life of sex
Sex for me started a very young age. I had to have been 6 years old when I saw the Napalm girls photo from the Vietnam war in a magazine and tore it out to save and look at. It was during this same time a Indian girl Sheila (from India)who lived beside me who was also my age (6) would beg me to put my ding dong in her mouth. And I did, I remember her wanting me to pee in her mouth though I never did.

My next sexual encounter was with one of my best friends. As young boys 10,11,12 years old living in a rural area we were always playing in the woods building camps and such. I remember Dennis asking me if I would suck his dick if he sucked mine. I was like what…..he said well Alan does it with me. “Well okay then” I replied as I shuffled my pants down exposing my uncircumcised limp grub worm dick. I made him promise not to push my foreskin back, for I was scared to death that it would get hung behind the head and cut of the circulation. Dennis took my dick into his mouth working his mouth down the shaft and slipping his tongue into my foreskin. There was no cuming or erection just the best feeling ever. Then it was my turn, Dennis slide his pants down to expose his cut cock. I leaned forward and took it into my mouth and it was amazing. I loved it as I took it into my mouth, I could feel the definition of his cut cock and the feeling aas he withdrew and my lips slide back over the head.

For a couple years after that, that was all I could think about. There was a couple of times that Dennis, Alan and I sucked each other (3way) but never anything anal. I find it amazing that the only pornographic picture I had ever seen was the napalm girl photo, but yet I would fantasize about being with those guys in positions that I had never seen (69) or being tied together with a dick buried in my mouth.

Then we all became interested in girls and the guy dick sucking ended. Dennis had a younger sister Sherri and I wanted to get my fingers, dick or mouth in that pussy so bad. It never happened, but Sherri had a friend who actually now lied in the house where the Indian girl lived and shared the same name, Sheila. Sheila was not as attractive as Sherri was, but she had a hell of a crush on me and I wasn’t interested in her at all. During this time I was 14-15 and Sheila and Sherri were 12-13. Well Dennis and I were talking one day and he tells me how Sheila has been fucking him and she would suck his dick and swallow every drop of his cum.

Well hell, guess where I was off to ? I was knocking on her door. The great thing was she lived with her dad and her older brother worked during the day so she was home alone. I will never for those deep French kisses and sliding my hand into her pants and feeling that peach fuzz cover mound, the wet pussy lips as I moved my fingers into her slit, my finger as it penetrated her pussy. Amazing, simply amazing as she unzipped my pants and swallowed my cock and eventually my sperm which didn’t take long to produce . We would do this several time over the next several months.

Sheila refused to let me fuck her and I tried every time we messed around. She and bursa escort I were at my house one afternoon in my bedroom messing around and she started sucking my dick and said ” let me try something on you” okay I replied. She was sucking my dick sucking my balls rubbing my balls, rubbing my taint then slides her finger in my ass……..wasn’t expecting that but wow. We kept on and she let me eat her pussy, which was just a few licks them, she said I want you to fuck me. Oh god…. I climbed on top put my bare cock up to here pussy and slide it in and lasted at least 3 strokes before I exploded in her. I don’t remember what happened after the incident but I never hooked up with her again.

What followed in the years after that was a lot of masterbating. It was like I was afraid of girls, I had always been ashamed of my uncut dick and feared I would be laughed at. So I beat off a lot. By this time I was driving and could by porno magazines and beat off. But I was also interested in the butthole incident with Sheila. That feeling…..maybe I could put my finger in there. That was nice, yes and I would beat off. I would look at all the video ads in the back of the Hustler magazines and fantasize. I especially liked the pictures for the bi sex videos and the gay bdsm and bondage movies. And beat off.

Then in my 20’s (early 1990’s) I discovered a adult book store in a neighboring town (Fayetteville). I would go in not knowing what the hell to do. I remember thinking that guys probably hooked up there, but had no idea how or where. I would look at all the magazines and toys. Wow….. I would buy a package of straight magazines and leave and beat off for a month or so then go back to the store. This time I would say ” I’m going to buy that package of Bound and Gagged gay magazines and the big dildo I saw hanging on the wall. Well, I would get in there and being as bashful and shy as I was, I would buy straight magazines again. After 3 or 4 trips I finally bought some gay magazines and eventually some dildos. On one trip to Fort News, I remember a guy standing in a back room watching my look at the magazines. When I looked at him he gave me the blow job (tongue in cheek) motion. I quickly looked away them looked back to confirm. That scared me and I got my magazines and left. I regret not engaging with him to this day. I beat off so much thinking about what he and I would have done.

I beat off for 7 more years. No sexual contact with male or female since I was probably 15yo, I dated some very pretty and much younger girls, but just didn’t have self confidence to make a move on them. I was the nice guy. Looking back everyone probably thought I was gay. In 1997 I met a young lady through work from out of town. I expressed interest in her and she liked me. She lived with her sister and me with my parents, so we never really had a place to hook up. We would meet in a small town that was halfway for each of us. About a month after we met we found our selves alone in a secluded park where we would meet, I finally got my hands in her pants and she was wet and wanted cock bad. We wound up fucking on görükle escort bayan a picnic table and again I think I came before I put my dick in her. We fucked many times over the next year and half after our first. I threw away all my dildos and we fell in love and got married.

Then the internet came into our lives. We were familiar with it but it took time to figure out how to search for things. The woman I’m married to has no interest in anything kinky . I wanted to fuck her anally and she would have no part of that, I offered to let her peg me and that was a no go also. After being married a few years I began to get that itch around my taint and asshole and started exploring on the web for different subjects Gay BDSM, Bondage, Sex toys, men seeking men, masters for slaves, etc. .wow this was better than the magazines and bookstores. I restocked some toy, dvds and magazines. I chatted with a guy who was a dominant top. We agreed to meet at his place. Well he wasn’t what I expected. Not bad, but he had beat off so much before I got there he couldn’t get hard. I kept looking and then a man caught my attention. See I had prerequisites. The man I am looking for should be older than me, be a top, be masculine, in fairly good shape and be able to host. No meeting at hotels, book stores, parking lots etc.

Butch was 10 years my elder, all top, furry, good shape and a huge uncut cock (which I really wanted a cut cock). We arranged to meet, I followed him to his place. Walked in and stripped naked. Butch showed me to his Florida porch/ workout room. Butch placed his hands on my head and pressed me to my knees. I knew what to do although it had been many years. I pulled his shorts to the floor and inhaled his plump uncut cock. No one had to tell me what to do with a uncircumcised dick as I had play with my since I was 12 years old. He love the way I ran my tongue under his foreskin as Dennis had done mine 20 years earlier. When Butch was ready to take my ass cherry I was on my knees my head and shoulders as close to the floor as possible, ass has high as possible and my hole spread. Butch put a rubber on and lubed and loosen my hole before plowing my virgin ass balls deep. This man knew what he was doing, pounding me easy at first then faster and harder his balls slapping my taint with every stroke. Then we change positions. Now on my back with my legs pulled up and held under my arms. ” Boy I want to be looking in you eyes as I bust my nuts in your ass” he said. He pounded me hard, balls slapping my bottom then drives his cock deep inside me and fills his condom. Butch withdraws his cock removes the rubber and pour it contents in my mouth. “Swallow it all boy” he says. Butch and I would do this many more times. Butch would usually suck me off or have me jack off and eat it

My next encounter was a year later with Sterling. We met he week before in public for lunch, at his house he met me at his front door nude, I stepped in and stripped. He sent me to his bathroom to clean out. Sterling had a private fenced in backyard with pool. You could walk around nude and not be seen. That was very bursa escort bayan erotic. On his screened porch he had a sling and that’s where I had one of the most intense orgasms I’ve ever had. Sterling never fucked me, but he worked my ass with several toys. He may have even inserted his fist, I don’t know. He know how to work a asshole. I came the first time just from the ass play. He never touched my cock. The second time he was sucking my cock and had a toy or something in my ass. We only hooked up once. Just couldn’t schedule another meeting, then he moved away.
About a year after Sterling I connected with a local couple. Butch and Sterling lived in Fayetteville about 40 miles from me. Rodney and Brad lived 15 miles away and were just a few years older than me. I went to their house we talked a little while and next thing I knew we were naked. Brad eating my asshole and Rodney and I in a 69. My first 3 some in 20 plus years and back then it really wasn’t a 3 some or maybe it was. IDK Rodney and I were going at in the 69 and Brad was ready to fuck my ass. So ready in fact he forgot to put on a condom, but after several strokes Rodney noticed and reminded him as he had the prefect view. Rodney and I continued to 69 until Brad came. Brad fed the cum filled condom while Rodney rubbered up and pounded my ass until filled his condom with man spunk which he fed to me as Brad jack my cock until I exploded all over my belly. Wow, only one time with these guys. It seems it’s usually a year or so between hookups. I think I feel guilty between each one.

By now it’s 2005 I’m still married with k**s, but still have that urge. On the web I find a guy having a group party in Fayetteville. I arrived and there are several cars there. I get cold feet but enter his detached garage and climb stairs to room above garage where I find 8-10 guys. Some are sitting while having their cocks sucked some making out. I knew no one there but proceeded to strip and find a vacant cock and started sucking, then found several more as I moved around the room until I spotted the monster. This guy had a 10″ cock almost as big around as a drink can. I had to have it. I started kissing him while a freckled guy was sucking his cock. The guy sucking his cock raised up and started kissing me and Big D, then pushed my head down to Big D’s cock in with which I stated sucking on. Freckles started eating and fingering my man cunt as I worked that massive cock. Freckles pounded my ass with his freckled cut cock until he slammed in one last time and emptied his manhood into the rubber separating my loins from his throbbing cock. After freckles separated from me, Big D struggled but managed to roll a rubber on his cock. On my hands and knees on a black vinyl covered bench in the middle of the room Big D positions himself behind me cock in hand he spits on my already stretched man cunt and slowly enters little by little until he can go no farther. This by far the biggest real cock I’ve ever had then and to this day. Big D fucked me while everyone watched with amazement until he couldn’t stand the pleasure any longer and erupted into the already stressed rubber.
While I was still in position on the table George who was the host of the party cover his long uncut and pounded away until he spilled his seed in his rubber.

I will finish the next few encounters in another story

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