Nisan 10, 2021

My Irish Cowgirl

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The events that follow in this story are, as far as I can remember, entirely true, except for the time frame – we didn’t meet and go camping the next day. The names have been changed to protect the not so innocent. I also want to thank lowercase and turtlecrossing for taking the time to edit my story and offer some much needed suggestions. I hope you enjoy it…

I was down in New York for a little while, working at a horse show, and seeing a few of my friends who lived in the area. I had been having a blast for the first few days – working hard, playing harder, and one of my friends was coming to see me that night. After a very long day at work, I went to a cook out my boss was throwing on the show grounds to have a few beers, smoke a joint, and unwind. I grabbed some steak, a beer, and went to sit down at the picnic table and wait for my friend Mallory to show up.

After an hour or so of chatting with the other people at the party, I heard someone shouting behind me, “HEY! Steve!” I whirled around and there’s Mallory, waving and walking across the grass towards me. Walking next to her was a gorgeous girl who I had never seen before. My friend smiled and gave me a hug.

“It’s great to see you again. How’ve you been? Staying out of trouble?” she asked as she stepped back and looked at me appraisingly.

“Well Mal,” I laughed, “I never stay out of trouble, but I’ve been great. Working hard, enjoying my trip. I’ve been doing a lot of biking down here.”

“That’s great, good to hear it. This is Katie by the way; she’s one of my co-workers, on a trip to the U.S. for a while. She’s been watching the horse show for a couple days, and said she didn’t have anything to do tonight, so I thought I’d bring her along – you don’t mind, do you?” she asked, looking at me worriedly, as if I’d object.

I shook my head. “Of course not,” I said, then turned to Katie and held out my hand. “I’m Steve, it’s pleasure to meet you.”

I glanced her over as we shook hands. This girl was quite something. The first thing that struck me was how short she was: I topped her by a good six or seven inches. She had beautiful brown hair that hinted at red in the light, and trailed down far past her shoulders. Her face was finely boned, almost delicate, with dark eyes that brightened as she smiled. Her breasts weren’t enormous, but they were ample and nicely accented her slim figure and long legs, all shown off by the halter top and black stretch pants she wore. It took me a minute to find my voice again.

“So Katie, how long are you in the States for?” I asked.

“Just until the end of the week. I’ve been here for nearly a month now, thoroughly enjoying myself,” she said. Her beautiful Irish accent made it clear where she had traveled from.

“Where in Ireland are you from?”

She looked at me in surprise, as if she hadn’t expected me to pick up on the accent. “Dublin,” she said.

I smiled at her and said, “Well, welcome to the party. Would you like something to eat?”

I spent the next couple of hours talking with Mallory and Katie: eating, drinking beer, and enjoying their company. Eventually, my friend left to talk with a couple of other people she knew, and Katie and I were left to talk.

I grinned at Katie and asked, “Do you smoke?”

She raised her eyebrows and said, “Well, not cigarettes.”

I laughed and replied, “Good, I wasn’t talking about cigarettes anyway. Want to go for a walk with me?” She gave me a mischievous smile and nodded.

I found Mal and told her I was going to give Katie a tour of the showgrounds. She said that she wasn’t leaving until the party was over anyway, so we could take our time. I turned to Katie and said, “Care to go for a stroll with me, my dear?” and offered my arm to her. She giggled, put her hand on my arm, and we wandered off. Walking to the grandstand behind the main arena, we climbed to the top and sat overlooking the grounds. I pulled my weed and rolling papers out of my wallet, and began to break up the bud in my lap. As I was doing this, I asked Katie if she knew how to roll. She shook her head, saying that she was inept at it, and was always impressed by people who could. I grinned and said if there was anything I could do well, it was roll a joint. I went ahead and rolled it, taking my time so that it’d burn well. Katie watched the whole process with great interest, looking impressed when I was done and held up the finished product.

We smoked as we chatted about pendik escort our respective vacations, and by the end we were both quite giddy. By this time it was about 11:00 or so, and a heavy fog had rolled in over the grounds. Being so far up in the grandstand, we could see the show grounds clearly over the fog, which had risen just high enough to obscure the few cars that were left overnight. The moon was enormous, just above the horizon, and millions of stars were visible over our heads. Katie sighed and put her head on my shoulder, whispering, “It’s beautiful…” I agreed and smiled to myself as she subtly snuggled closer. I turned my head and, burying my nose in her hair, kissed the top of her head gently. She sighed again, and we continued to sit in silence for a little longer, content for the moment in each other’s company.

Suddenly she turned to me with a huge smile on her face and said, “Race you down!” We both leaped to our feet and started to sprint down the grandstand. Still high, and laughing hysterically, she tripped once and went sprawling into me. I caught her in both arms and started laughing, and she glared up at me. Still grinning broadly, I brought that smile down to her mouth and we kissed once, very gently, her lips tasting vaguely like strawberries. Then I pushed her away and said, “I’m still going to beat you!” as I began jumping over the benches again. She shrieked and found a path between the benches, running for the bottom. I won.

“So, I win. And as we all know, the winner gets something from the loser. What shall it be?” I said to her.

Pouting up at me from under her eyelashes, she said, “Well, what do you want?”

I pretended to think deeply for a minute. “I know!” I exclaimed; “I demand a date from you before you go home.”

She started laughing and replied, “Fine. Tomorrow night sound good, around 7?”

I nodded. She whirled suddenly and tripped me, pushing me back at the same time. I hit the grass at the bottom of the grandstand with a thud and she jumped on me, pinning my shoulders to the ground.

She grinned evilly, “I guess I win now. So a winner gets something from the loser? What shall it be, hmmm?” she breathed, as she leaned down and kissed me deeply. Her soft lips parted, and her tongue slipped into my mouth, exploring, and then pulled back as she nibbled gently on my bottom lip.

After a few minutes we got up, dusted ourselves off, and rejoined the party, still high as kites. Everyone’s voices seemed so loud, and the light from the citronella candles appeared to be incredibly intense. By the time we got back to the tables, we were giggling uncontrollably, and more than one person gave us a knowing look. We eventually settled down as my friend came back to join us and she asked, “Did you two have a good time?” Katie and I glanced at each other and burst out in laughter again, unable to stop long enough to answer the question. My friend smiled and said, “I’ll take that as a yes.” For a little while, we just sat, enjoying the high and the spectacle of the party. Soon, though, the party came to a close, and my friend and Katie got up to leave. I hugged my friend, telling her I’d keep in touch, then turned to Katie and said, “You, I will see tomorrow night as promised. At seven o’clock, and not a second later. Where do I pick you up?” She gave me directions to a house on a street nearby, hugged me, and left. Already I couldn’t wait until the next evening.

The next day seemed to drag on forever. I only took a 10-minute lunch break – just enough time to scarf down my food – then got back to work to make the day go by faster. My boss even commented on how hard I had been working that day, and told me I could put in for an extra hour of overtime if I wanted (time and a half pay!). During the course of the day I quizzed some of my co-workers on the best place to eat, and they all seemed to agree on a small tavern a few miles away.

After I got off work I showered and shaved at the facilities reserved for the grounds workers, and changed into a pair of Dockers and a nice shirt. I threw my tent and sleeping bag in my truck (I had been staying in a tent on the show grounds – hotel rooms were ridiculous in this ritzy town) and loaded an enormous amount of firewood into the bed. Then I spent half an hour pacing back and forth, practically wearing a trough in the ground. Finally, it was time – I jumped in my truck and drove to the house she was staying at. The door opened almost maltepe escort instantly as I rang the doorbell, and there stood Katie. Dressed to kill. A short denim skirt, white V-neck shirt, denim jacket, black heels, and a black velvet choker to set it all off. All I could do was stare. I have a thing for necks, and the choker made me think I was going to have to walk into the restaurant hunched over. She smiled at me and spun in a circle.

“Do you like it?” she asked.

I gulped and nodded, replying, “You look gorgeous. The choker… It’s just… Wow.”

She blushed and said, “You look pretty damn nice yourself. Let’s go.”

She grabbed a backpack on the way out and I said, “What’s all that?” She shook her head and replied, “Later. Trust me.” At the sight of all the wood piled in the back of my truck, she stopped and looked inquiringly at me. I winked and said, “Later. Trust me.” We got into my truck and headed to the tavern.

Innuendo-laden banter occupied most of the meal, which was delicious. Halfway through dessert I felt her bare foot start rubbing against the inside of my leg. As I trailed off mid-sentence I swear I heard her let out a little purr. We finished, I paid, and we left to go to a pool hall she knew about. After a couple games of pool, in which I was whipped thoroughly, we were standing around talking. I happened to glance up and saw a guy standing a few yards away, gawking at her. I put on my biggest grin, put my arm around her waist, and winked at him. He frowned and turned away. She didn’t notice a thing.

We left and as she got into the truck she asked, “So, what now?” I told her she should wait and see. I took her to a beach I had found a few days earlier that allowed four wheel drive vehicles onto it. We got to the beach entrance and she started to unbuckle her seatbelt, but I said that we still had a ways to go and drove out onto the sand. About a hundred yards out onto the beach, I felt her hand rubbing along my thigh. She said nothing, continuing to look out onto the sand, but she inched upwards slowly, still rubbing. After a few minutes I was rock hard and decided to return the pleasure. As I rubbed her bare leg she closed her eyes. I moved slowly, stroking softly up along her thigh, eventually rubbing her through her damp panties as she moaned quietly. Shortly, we arrived at the place I had found for our fire, so we stopped and got out, both incredibly turned on. I grabbed her and we began kissing franticly, our hands exploring each other’s bodies. After a little while we began to settle down again and I asked if she had to be anywhere that night. She shook her head so I reached into the truck and pulled out the tent, raising an eyebrow at her. She nodded excitedly and I tossed her the tent, asking her to set it up while I got the fire going. Soon we had an assembled tent, and a blazing fire. She got her backpack out of the truck and pulled out two bottles of wine and glasses, giving me a huge grin. I started laughing and we sat in the bed of my truck, talking, kissing, snuggling, and drinking wine. Eventually, most of the wine was gone, and we were both tipsy. She turned and looked at me, studying my face.

“See something you like?” I asked.

She nodded and replied, “You have the most incredible eyes. I swear they’re greener now than they were earlier.”

I smiled at the compliment. “Thank you. I’ve been told they change color a bit, but,” I shrugged, “It’s not something I can really see.”

She nodded and snuggled close, burying her face in my neck. I stroked her hair and murmured, “It’s always the most amazing ones who live so far away…”

I felt her shift at that and when she looked up again a single tear was streaking down her cheek. Gently, I wiped it away and kissed the tip of her nose. She smiled then, grabbing my hand and pulling me out of the truck.

We spread the sleeping bag out on the sand and both lay on it, kissing and stroking each other. Still rubbing her back, I started kissing along her jaw line, working back towards her ear. I extended my tongue and ran it along the outside of her ear, then raked my teeth gently along her earlobe, causing her to shiver with pleasure. I let my hands wander up under her shirt, to unsnap her bra. My hands cupped her breasts while I gently flicked her nipples until they were hard. Still kissing, our tongues exploring each other’s mouths, she unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off with my help, running her hands on my chest kartal escort and sides. Sitting up, we stopped kissing long enough for me to pull her shirt over her head, exposing her beautiful breasts. They were firm, with dark brown nipples, and a tan that showed she sunbathed topless. I started kissing her neck and shoulders, working my way down to her breasts, kissing along the top and sides of them, but never touching her nipples. She was moaning quietly, pushing my head towards them.

Eventually I relented, taking one in my mouth – I traced around the aureole then started to flick her nipple with the tip of my tongue. After a few minutes I switched to the other breast so that I could give it the same loving treatment. We started kissing again and she unbuttoned my pants, pulling them down and off my legs. I pushed her back onto the sleeping bag, unzipped her skirt and pulled it off. I noticed how damp the light material of her white panties was. She moaned louder as I began to caress her through the thin cotton and then I tugged them off. I started working my way down her neck again, pulling gently at her choker with my teeth, then moving on. I continued kissing, licking, and nibbling down her squirming body. The little noises she was making as I continued down were driving me crazy; I thought I was going to explode right there. I kept nibbling and licking, down one leg and up the other, stopping at her belly button. I kissed a little further down, and all around her inner thighs; the smell of her sex was intoxicating. She was moaning quite loudly now as I teased her, gently biting all around her thighs but never touching the lips of her pussy. After a minute of this she was begging me to lick her, and I again relented. She was incredibly wet as I began to trace patterns with my tongue, occasionally entering her with it, sometimes flicking her clitoris. Her moans grew louder and I slid a finger inside her and began to rub the inner walls of her pussy while concentrating on her clit with my tongue. She began moaning, “Faster, faster,” so I went faster, and in a few minutes she gave a yelp and began to tremble. I kept going until she reached down and pulled my head up, and kissed me deeply.

Wrapping her arms around me, she murmured, “That was amazing.”

Grinning at her I said, “I guess there’s a first time for everything.”

She looked at me strangely, saying, “That wasn’t your first time for that.” It wasn’t really a question.

I shrugged. “You don’t think so?” I inquired.

“Really?” she asked; “Well, I guess we’re all naturally talented in some direction, eh?” She chuckled, then whispered in my ear, “Thank you, now I get to return the favor,” and licked my earlobe.

She put her hand down my boxers, and I groaned as she wrapped her smooth fingers around my cock. Taking my boxers off, she began to run her fingernails gently up and down the shaft, sending a tremor through my body. She moved down my body, leaving a trail of kisses on the center of my chest and stomach. She reached my cock, gave the head a light kiss and began running her tongue up and down the shaft, swirling her tongue in a circular motion around the tip. While doing this, she began playing with my balls, kneading them gently and scratching them lightly with her nails. After several minutes she took me deep into her mouth, bobbing up and down while still stroking the shaft with her tongue. I moaned quietly, and she suddenly stopped, giving me a sexy, innocent smile. She began to kiss her way back up my stomach while still stroking me with her hand. She moved to bite my neck gently, then all at once bit my earlobe hard and squeezed my cock. Together, the pleasure and pain at once caused one of the most incredible sensations I’ve ever felt. I squirmed and pushed on her shoulders a bit, directing her down again.

She obliged, taking me into her mouth again and moving faster this time. She began to pump me with her hand as well, and soon I began to groan loudly while running my fingers through her hair. She looked up into my face and all at once I stiffened, and came. The firelight gleamed in her eyes as she swallowed every drop, and then licked my shaft and head clean. I pulled her back up and kissed her, and we snuggled in silence for a while.

I said quietly, “I’ve never.. done it, you know.”

She replied, “Neither have I… What are you thinking?”

I smiled at her and asked, “How drunk are you?”

She looked doubtful, and thought for a long moment, before replying, “Pretty drunk. I’m not a drinker.”

I nodded, and said, “Me too,” then was quiet for a moment. “There’s lots else we can do, though,” I said, and tickled her.

She giggled, unclipped the choker, and kissed me.

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