Mart 10, 2021

My Hottie Aunt Sujatha Part-II

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Now to brief you about my Aunt. Her name is Sujatha . She is for me the most beautiful lady on earth. She is quite conservative and wears shalwar kameez. She has a good body figure.she is 5 feet 2. according to my research on her she is 38DDD -34- 42. She is medium and she looks more sexy by that. She had voluptuous natural blonde hair, flawless slightly tanned white skin, sharp facial features, big innocent blue eyes, sleek neck, natural 38DDD breasts that were as perky as A cups on a 17 year old, a skinny toned stomach.

I have been thinking about her as sexual object. I like mature bodies, not the flat bodies which we normally see in schools and colleges. I wanted to get a rub of her body. I was becoming really horny. I used to masturbate regularly thing of my Aunt in various situations. If you read my previous story it was clear to all of you that she was ready for kissing & smooching. Apart from this she also took my promise that I will never insist or demand for physical relationship. I was also happy for all this that she was allowing to do that. I was not in hurry because I know that one day she will definitely allow me to drill her holes.

In previous chapter all you knew that I started with her ass sucking & kissing so I become buff of her ass. By enquiring & sucking her ass I knew that she was still virgin in this and still I have lot of opportunities waiting for me to make my aunt satisfy. Hence I was going slow and never wanted to go without her wishes. I also knew that she was living with me, too far away from husband and surely she needed all these sex sessions, but I wanted from her to insist for real intercourse with me.

For the first time in my life when I kissed her asshole I knew that her aching asshole was puffy and very sensitive. I hadn’t realized how truly massive it was. I picked it up with my both hands and buried my whole face inside its lining. It was much more longer as compare to her tits cleavage. I put my mouth deep inside it. By looking at it you would guess that my mom was 100% Latina. It was big but toned as well, you could squeeze it nicely but it could also stand its ground.

One day when I came home from office it was 7 o clock. I came earlier. Aunt was preparing for dinner. I asked…..Are you alone, where is Aaditya. She replied…..He went to neighbor because Mr. Sinha is celebrating birthday of his son. He might come home after an hour.

My dirty mind started planning to seduce her as I got less chance to be alone at home because usually Aaditya stays with her mom. I changed my clothes wear t-shirt & lower and took bahis firmaları bath and came to kitchen. At that time Sujatha was making tea for me.

I came from behind and hugged her and whispered…..please do not stop now. I wanted to kiss you.

She replied…. Do not do now. At any time Aaditya might come.

I replied….. No, he will not come. He will come after completion of party. Please allow me to love you.

She replied…. Okay but you will not proceed once he came back.

I agreed upon this and started kissing her soft neck. That time she was in typical Indian attire Nighty. In India usually women wear nighty over blouse so that they can feel safe and it also keeps their tits well in shape and also reflects their beauty at utmost level and same I was feeling that time. Her 38DDD boobs were well protruding and inviting me to ruin them but at the same time I was bounded with promise of aunt. I was only allowed to play with her ass only and other assets were not for me or you can say they were kept under locker for me. I could easily access them but I also wanted to show her that I am loyal to her & also have huge patience on my sexual wishes.

When I was kissing her neck from behind my cock was erected at highest peak and creasing her ass lining over nighty. My both hands were holding her waist and slowly I was lifting clothe upward. Still she was making tea. She was mature enough and still was not responding and still very comfortably doing her kitchen works. But same time I was full of temptation.

She prepared tea & replied……Anuj, your tea is ready now..

At same time door bell rung…..Tring…Tring.

She got separated from me and proceed towards door.

I took my cup of tea and start thinking (Aaditya might came back.) and came back to drawing room.

Sujatha opened the door. Mrs. Sinha was on the door.

Mrs. Sinha…..Sujatha this is cake. Aaditya might be late because party is still going on.

She saw at me & replied…… ohh! Anuj so you are at home. Let’s come with me. please join with us for party.

I replied….. Please Sinha aunty, I won’t be come. I have lot of office work to finish. Please I will join next time.

She replied…..Okay anuj, I know you are a busy guy, so won’t insist you but Sujatha you can join naa.

As I heard I astonished what I will do if Sujatha will not here.

Sujatha stared at my face and smiled cunningly & replied……Mrs. Sinha I will come later to pick Aaditya. Right now I have to press clothes of Aaditya and also lot of works still kaçak iddaa left at kitchen.

Mrs. Sinha…..Okay, I will call you when party will over.

When Mrs. Sinha came back, Sujatha closed the door and returned back to kitchen. I were also taking last sip of tea, finished tea and came back to kitchen, put cup in wash basin and asked to Sujatha…. Why did not you go to party ?

Sujatha turned toward me pulled me on her hugged me & replied…. If I would go then who will love you.

I understood her indications and go back to her and started kissing her half of nude back. I lifted her nighty on waist. My thighs in lower stated rubbing her nude thighs.

She was enjoying all my activities and we both were coming more closer to each other.

I asked…..Sujatha I wanted to eat your asshole. Please allow me to do that.

Sujatha….. do it fast whatever you wanted to do.

As I got permission I directed her to bent on kitchen slab. She bend on slab in pose of bitch. I lifted nighty over her waist. Her ass cheeks were bare. she had a little widening of the hips and a high amount of puppy fat that gave her arse a lovely roundness that attracted my eye at every moment. It was arousing enough to see her in bitch pose.

I sat between her legs kissed the toes on her left foot working my way up her leg. I kissed and licked the inside of her thigh, and when I got to her ass I made sure I kissed around it while I blew hot air directly on her asshole. She let out a few heavy moans but still said nothing. I then kissed the inside of her right thigh and made my way up her leg until I kissed the toes on her right foot.

I made my way back to her ass area, but still made no contact with it. Instead, I kissed the strip of hair above her pussy, and then parted her both thighs at great distance so I could lick the area between her pussy and ass. She was so horny the spot under her was already damp from her pussy leaking its juice. She even tried to force her ass on my face a few times, each time I let her think she had me then I’d pull back real fast. Her moans were even louder now, but she continued to hold off, so I said to myself enough playing around. While I used my nose to tickle the area above her asshole and my tongue to draw circles around her strawberry smelled ass. Before I knew it she was wiggling around and moaning like crazy.

Then just as I suspected would happen, she finally broke.

Dammit Anuj, I give! You win! Please just stop teasing me and eat my Ass!” she pleaded.

I got up bring a piece of birthday cake remove butter kaçak bahis cream over bake and ordered Sujatha to spread her both hips with her hand. She speeded both her hips hugely so that her virgin ass could open. I filled her asshole with cake and told her to be relax her hips. As she removed her hand from hips, suddenly asshole become closed and all of cake went deep inside her asshole.

I was seeing ass lining and at the same time I was measuring how much cream needed to fill her ass lining. After taking measurement of lining I put cream inside it and fill it from waist to place between end of lining and pussy.

After filling lining with cream I just pulled off her nighty down and now I were under nighty and it looks like someone searching pearl under blanket.

I started licking ass lining from up to down. Ass cream was tasting like chicken Mcgril. Her ass was smelling like strawberry. I licked almost each of cream and put mu mouth on her asshole. I filled her asshole with my mouth. Before I told anything she started moving her wait around my face and start releasing cake inside my mouth from her ass. Really I was waiting for this moment to eat something on or from her ass.

“I knew you’d see things my way” I said from under the covers. I locked my hands on both of her thighs and dove head into her wet asshole. Her early arousal made her taste even sweeter as she jerked around at the slightest touch of my tongue. After a while she seemed to stop fighting so much and started to enjoy being eaten. I ran my tongue across every crevice of her ass lining, stabbing her hole with my tongue, licking her hole, all which seemed to get a rise out of her.

“Yes Anuj! Eat my ass! Oh god! I fucking love your tongue! You make me feel so good!” she moaned.

In truth, I enjoy eating her asshole as much as she enjoys being eaten, so much that I lost track of how long I was actually eating her out.

“Yes, I’m gonna cum! Oh my god oh my god oh my god….Yeeeeeeeesssssssssss!!!!!!!!”

Her orgasm shot out with so much force I had to back off at first, but when it slowed down I hopped back on her to drink as much as I could. When I finished I climbed up her still shaking body and planted kiss after kiss on her back.

She went back to saying nothing; she just mouthed “I love you” as she looked back at me. I wanted to stay there and cuddle with her for a while, but I knew soon it would be time to get up.

No sooner than I said that there was a knock at the door……Mom! Where are you. I came back. Open the door…..

And this was Aaditya. He was on the door.

Please give your valuable comments so that I could be encouraged to publish my further proceedings.

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