Mart 30, 2021

My Granny

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I live in a small town where everybody knows everybody; I am 23 and still live with my parents and two younger sisters. The whole family on my dad’s side lives in town or nearby. My two uncles and their family’s farm near town and my gramma lives in a small house a block away from our house.

My name is Tom and I am 5′ 11″, I weigh about 195 pounds, I have an on again off again relationship with Mary the waitress at the local bar, right now it is off again.

A couple of weeks ago I thought I would stop in at the bar after work and try and see if I could get back together with Mary. When I walked in I saw Jack, one of my best buds, sitting at a table by himself so I sat down and ordered a beer for each of us. We chatted for a while and then he said “Dude did you know your granny is a porn star?”

“What the fuck are you talking about?” I asked angrily.

“Calm down bud.” he replied “I don’t want to piss you off but I’m sure I saw her on some porn I’ve seen on my computer.”

“Okay,” I said “Tell me about it.”

“I have a thing for older ladies and I was looking at granny porn. There is one granny that shows up a lot on lots of porn search sites, her name is Granny Norma. She looks just like your grandmother.” He told me.

We had a couple of beers, Mary told me to fuck off and I headed home. I had dinner with the family and watched a little TV with them. All evening long I couldn’t get what Jack had said off of my mind, I told my family that I had to do some studying and went to my room early.

The only studying I planned on doing was studying this woman that looked a bit like my gramma. I went to a porn search engine I have used in the past, typed in her name and watched what popped up. I was amazed when her pics popped up, she looked exactly like my gramma, I mean identical twin exactly.

I turned the sound off and clicked on one of the pics. A movie came on and I started to watch. There was my granny sucking some dude off, her big saggy tits were hanging down and her nipples were erect.

My cock was hard almost instantly, I felt a little funny getting hard watching someone who looked like my gramma bakırköy escort having sex but I couldn’t look away.

I took off my pants and started to stroke myself. The guy on the screen pulled his cock out of her mouth and moved down to granny’s hairy pussy. He stuck his cock in and started to fuck her. It did not take much stroking and I came hard, shooting stream after stream onto my computer screen. It seemed so weird to have huge amounts of my cum all over granny.

I became infatuated with my porno granny. She was a real slut. She fucked young guys, old guy’s middle aged guys. She was also into women, she was with teen girls, middle aged women and of course grannies like herself. She was in group sex, gang bangs, masturbated, used dildos, hung out at glory holes, she even fucked a machine.

She was a most prolific fucker. She took it up the ass, in her mouth, in her cunt and between her tits. She did things that I could not have imagined she was even pissed on and I jerked off to every one of them.

I started visiting my gramma more often and I started to think of her more sexually than ever before. I noticed how big her tits were and how nice her ass was. I knew all these impure thoughts were wrong but I couldn’t help myself.

One day my mom said that her and dad were going to take my sisters on a little holiday before school started for them. “Do you think you can look after yourself, or do you want to stay at grammas?” She asked.

“Well I am able to look after myself but if gramma would like some company I would love to stay at her house.” I replied.

I went to grammas the next day and moved into her spare bedroom, I brought my laptop and hooked up to her Wi-Fi. That evening after dinner we watched a movie together. We sat on her small couch and almost cuddled together while we watched. That night I had a hard on before I turned on the porn. I watched one of my favorite granny movies and watched her fuck a young buck that was supposed to be her grandson. It was really hot jerking off just a few feet through a thin wall where my real granny was sleeping.

The next başakşehir escort day when I got home from work I found my granny sitting on her sofa and she was looking at my computer

“Why are you using my laptop gramma?” I asked.

“Come here and sit with me.” she said and she patted the sofa next to her.

I noticed she was wearing her usual housedress but the top few buttons were undone and I could see her cleavage. I sat next to her and looked at the screen. To my horror the video I had watched last night was playing.

“Oh god I am so sorry gramma.” I wailed.

“Nonsense.” she replied “I am flattered that you would be turned on by a women that looks like me, you do know that that is not me?”

“I guess I do.” I replied sheepishly.

“Would you like to try the real thing?” she asked with a big grin.

“Yeah” I nodded “I sure would.

She started to unbutton the rest of her housedress and gave me a big sloppy very ungranny like kiss.

“Are you sure gramma?” I asked.

“Oh yeah I am so sure.” she answered “You remind me of your dead grandpa and I have not had sex since he died. When I saw your video of the young man fucking his gramma I knew I had to see if you would be interested in doing it for real. I know it is incest but I am so horny and nobody turns me on like you do.”

I said “Oh granny I want you too. Since I found these videos I can’t think of anyone but you.

With that I started fondling her large tits and I kissed her sticking my tongue into her mouth. She responded by darting her tongue in and out of my mouth and she grabbed my cock through my jeans.

“Let’s go into my room.” she said.

We went down the short hall and into her room. I pulled off my shirt and started undoing my pants. She slipped off her housedress and stood naked in front of me. She looked like Granny Norma when she was naked. She had the same big tits, the same hairy pussy and a little bulge at her belly. I stripped off my pants and underwear and stood there with my 7″ cock pointing to the sky.

“Get on the bed.” she said “I have to taste that big cock.”

I bebek escort wasted no time at all crawling into her bed. She grabbed my cock and moaned “It’s been so long.”

She swallowed the head of my cock and started moving her lips up and down sucking all the while. I have never had such a good blow job. Way to soon I felt my cum start to rise and I knew I would not last much longer.

“Gramma I am going to shoot, you better move off or I will cum in your mouth.” I said.

She just moaned and continued sucking my cock. I blasted off and filled her mouth with cum. I could see little bits running out of her mouth and down the shaft.

She crawled up beside me, smiled and said “Was that all right?”

“That was amazing” I replied “I want to do you now.

She smiled and nodded, I kissed her, tasting my cum, and started licking my way down her body. I sucked one of her tits into my mouth, her nipple hardening immediately. I sucked her tit for a while and then went down licking my way down her belly until I reached her cunt. The only pussies I had licked up until then were shaved so having a hairy one was very novel. I found her clit and started sucking on it.

My grandmother moaned and said “Oh yes, suck my pussy.”

I licked and sucked her hairy cunt till I felt her juices flooding my face.

“Fuck me now Tommy, Fuck your old granny.” She cried.

I wasted no time, my cock was raging again and I slipped it into her wet pussy. It was hot and tight and I started stroking in and out going faster and faster with each plunge. We got into a regular rhythm and she moved stroke for stroke with me.

We fucked missionary style for a few minutes and then I said “Roll over granny, I want to fuck you from behind the way Norma likes it, you on your side and me behind you.”

We changed positions and I started pumping into her again and soon we were both moaning and groaning, the room starting to smell of sex and sweat. I fucked her long and hard both of us getting closer and closer.

“I’m cumming.” She yelled “Cum with me grandson, cum with me.”

I pushed into her cunt even deeper and shot rope after rope deep into her vagina. I pulled out of her and gave her a big kiss and a grin.

“Was that alright?” I asked.

“Oh god that was wonderful, I needed that so bad. Can we do it again sometime?” she asked.

“Whenever you want gramma.” I replied “Whenever you want.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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