Mayıs 14, 2021

My Good Deed

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(I was challenged to write a story from the feminine point of view.)

He arrived just as I predicted he would. Ever since we became Instant Message buddies, he had been putty in my hands. It was easy for me to seduce him. He was already in an unhappy marriage to a total frigid bitch for years. Poor boy’s only climaxed thanks to those porn sites and more recently because of me. It didn’t take much. A few webcam sessions where he saw me pinch my nipples and I had him. Momma always told me I had wonderful bait.

Don’t judge me so harshly, gentle reader. I am not some Black Widow nor am I a home wrecker. I am simply a woman who doesn’t mind helping out a poor man once in a while if I am able. In my little town, I come across as the sweet woman who always volunteers for the local elementary school even though I have no kids to speak of. I am simply a helpful spirit and this night was to be no exception.

We agreed to not use our real names to ensure our anonymity especially if his poor excuse for a spouse decided to snoop in his computer. The motel was easy since it was located near the highway. His excuse for coming here was air tight since technically he was making a sales call to a big client. We agreed to meet at the room I reserved. I already came in first and laid out some items to help him relax. I knew in my naughtiest recesses of my mind that I had one night with him to blow his mind before he was on a flight back to that fat cow of his. I decided to dress in something easy to remove since I wasn’t planning on being clothed for long when he arrived. I wore a pink blouse that was just sheer enough for him to see my dark areolas through them. The skirt was a one button job. I bahis firmaları decided against panties for him.

As he neared the door, I instinctively looked around to see if anyone was watching. Even though he would be anonymous, I wouldn’t. No telling how the woman who played the church organ would look if someone knew what I was up to that night. He wore one of those waterproof fedoras over his head and a long black trench coat. As he edged near the door, I walked backwards into the room to allow him to enter. My movements were precision in action as he closed the door and I was already on my knees undoing his belt. He looked down and me and commanded me to stand so he could see me face to face before I did anything. I was in shock as I stood before I looked into his eyes. They were already wet with tears possibly because of what he knew we were going to do.

The first kiss was the ice breaker. My lips pressed against his for a while as our tongues tentatively snaked out and started to rub against each other while his hands dropped his coat down. I felt his rough hands pawing at my breasts through my blouse. My nipples were already hard when his fingers brushed against them before he withdrew from the kiss and began to unbutton it. As he pulled the shirt open, his mouth found my left breast and began to suck on the nub as his teeth bit it gently. My hands found his head and pulled it against my breast to show him that he found one of my secret spots. He started kissing over to the other side as I allowed the shirt to fall off my arms.

His grip then went to behind me along the side of my back as he pushed me against the bed before I fell on it. As I fell back, I saw the icing style kaçak iddaa paint on the ceiling before I felt my pussy exposed to his ministrations I leaned up on my elbows to see his tongue sliding along my vagina. I took great care in the bath this afternoon ensuring that I was well trimmed since I knew he preferred a little hair versus the slutty totally shaved look. I could feel his lips gently parting me as his tongue burrowed in. He was definitely not the best of pussy eaters by self admission, but the feeling of his sheer bravado, his reckless abandon just to taste me was just what I wanted. I felt myself getting close.

I started to pull his face towards my pussy before I started cresting over the wave. As I recovered, I saw him look up at me with a grin before he stood and began to shed his tie, then his shirt and undershirt. As I saw from a previous session, he was no Adonis. Hs stomach had a line of hair from the navel towards his chest. As he reached for his belt, I scooted onto my knees still with my skirt on and started undoing his belt for him. I dropped his trousers to reveal his white briefs. Very unsexy on some guys, but I didn’t care about gift wrap at that point.

Soon, his briefs were down around his ankles and my right hand grasped his dick. I felt the precum already was seeping from the tip as my thumb began to rub it over the head. In my normal “help” sessions, I would take more time to worship the subject’s cock. I would measure it with my strokes as I readied myself to suck his essence out as fast as possible. This time, I was overcome too much with need. I plunged his dick straight down my throat to suck him as hard as I could. I felt him shake a bit as my throat seemed kaçak bahis to open up for him. From watching him on cam, I knew he was a quick shot and I wanted his first shot done with quickly so the next two or three would be longer and more enjoyable for both of us. I wasn’t disappointed as I felt him tense a little. I removed his cock from my mouth and felt the shots erupt on my breasts. I just love the look of fresh man juice on my breasts. As he moved towards the bed, I showed him how much I loved his cum by licking a little off my breast before rubbing the creamy goo all over my breast.

We rested for a little while before I stood and dropped my skirt. This made us both naked and caused him to stiffen a little. I leaned over and took him into my mouth again and felt him stiffen more as I sucked. I used a gentler approach this time since I wanted him hard enough to take me the way I wanted. A good five minutes of sucking made his fuck stick nice and hard for my intentions.

I walked over to the chair in the room and turned it so I could lean over the back of it before I spread my legs apart. He responded like a good little puppy walking over and sliding his meat inside my pussy from behind. One hand found my right nipple and began to pinch it while my hand slid down to rub my clit. The feeling of my pussy being skewered by his dick made me wetter as my hands rubbed more and more. I felt a climax starting before he started pistoning in quicker. His cum filled my pussy as I felt a mini climax. I felt him pull out before I turned and took his dick into my mouth to sample the mix of him and me. We spent the rest of the night holding each other, fucking every time his dick hardened until early the next morning when I left him in the room jut to conceal my identity from the nosey people in town. After all, how much help could I give to other guys in need if the town thought of me as the slut I truly am?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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