Nisan 10, 2021

My Girlfriend’s Best Friend Pt. 01

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Big Tits

This was a couple months back. My girlfriend, Denise and I attended a party with her best friend, Mona. My girlfriend and I actually didn’t know anyone there besides her best friend.

A little backstory to how I met both of these girls. I met the two of them the same night at a club near campus. Before I hit on Denise, I had been twerking with Mona on the dance floor. After a little while Mona looked at me and said, “not tonight I have a boyfriend, and he is on his way to pick me up.”

Mona was just plain sexy. She was 5’2, latina, a cute bubble butt, and perky 34C boobs. (I know the bra size because she left her bra in our room one day.) And best of all, she simply had, “fuck me eyes.” For this, I always tried to avoid eye contact with her whenever possible.

After Mona left, I met Denise, and we really hit it off. We have been dating for 4 years now. Denise is beautiful, like the girl you see and want to take home to your mom. She has been great.

Today, we all live in the same apartment complex near campus. Denise and I are on the 1st floor, while Mona is on the 3rd with a couple of roommates.

About an hour after we arrived at the party. There were 6 of us in the kitchen, 3 girls, 3 guys. My girlfriend was outside on the phone with her brother at the time. One of the girls opened the fridge door, and when she closed the door, we all saw she had put a jello shot in between her boobs. She said, “lets do tit shots!” Soon, the other 2 girls followed suit and placed a shot between their boobs. Mona, who was right next to me, turned in front of me, made eye contact with me, and said, “go for it.”

I had my face in between her boobs in less then 2 seconds. I literally didn’t even think about it. I paused at the bottom.. and oh my, they were even better up close then I could ever imagine.

I took the shot, and felt embarrassed so I walked away and looked for my girlfriend.

A little bit later, I felt guilty and ended up telling my girlfriend what happened. I might have left out the part where I paused, but nonetheless, I told her. She got pissed, and stormed off with our car.

I head to the kitchen and sit down on a bar stool. A couple minutes later, Mona came up to me and asked, “Where’s Mona?”

“Oh, she left, we got in a little bit of an argument,” I reply.

Mona sat in the bar stool next to me and asked, “Is it because of the tit-shot?”

“Yeah.” I said.

Mona smirked a little and said, “Its only because she knows I have nicer boobs than her. She doesn’t want you to realize what you are missing.”

Its true, Denise always talked about how she envied Mona’s looks. I always told Denise she looked better than Mona, but she doesn’t know I have wanted to fuck Mona since the night I met her.

Even more true, I did realize what I am missing. My bulge was starting to grow in my pants thinking about how perfect her boobs are and how sexy she smelled. Good thing Mona didn’t look down.

Mona stood up and said, “lets do some shots, regular this time, I don’t want to get you in trouble.”

I laughed a little and said, “Eh, how much worst can it really get.”

I noticed Mona smirked again as she was pouring the shots. She picked them both up and as she handed me my shot, she says, “these are doubles, no cry baby stuff here.” escort ataşehir

After a couple of hours of talking to Mona, and taking some shots, I looked at my phone and realized it was 2AM.

When I pulled out my phone, I also had a text from Denise, “Staying with my parents tonight, and I work early in the morning. Ill see you tomorrow night. Thank you for being honest with me, I love.”

Phew. I am off the hook it seems like. She always stays at her parents when she works early because its a much closer drive.

Luckily, this house party wasn’t too far from our apartment. I decided I should be heading out, and that I would walk home.

I walked over to Mona and told her I was leaving and that I was going to walk.

She replied, “Can I walk with you? I was going to get an Uber but my phone died.”

“Of course.” I said.

We ended up leaving a few minutes later. It was a fairly uneventful walk home, until we were within 100 yards of the apartment building. She looked at me and asked,” I wonder how many of those shots you would have done out of my boobs if you weren’t with Denise?”

I replied, “In all honesty, you might have had a hard time getting me to stop.”

By the time I said this, we were right in front of my apartment. I went to grab my keys, and I say out loud, “Aw shit, Denise has my keys to the apartment.”

“Damnit, Let me call Denise,” I say.

I grab my phone and realize its dead. “Well I’m fucked.”

Mona looks at me and says, “Its fine, just sleep in our apartment tonight.”

“I can’t do that, what if Denise comes? Even if nothing happens, she would never believe me. I am better off sleeping outside on the patio.” I laugh a little, as I realize how ridiculous it sounds.

Mona replies, “Yeah, you might be on thin ice. Just come upstairs, charge your phone, and then call Denise.”

“Agreed.” I reply.

We head upstairs. Mona lives with 2 other girls in a tiny bedroom apartment. The 2 girls share the bedroom, while Mona sleeps in the living room. The 2 girls are the same 2 girls who we took the tit-shots with earlier.

Mona, apologizes to me, “Sorry that there isn’t any room. We normally don’t have any one over since its so small in here.”

I reply, “Oh no, its totally fine!”

It was really small though. Literally the only place for me to sit was the kitchen counter or her bed.

She says, “You can come over here. My charger is next to my pillow. Just take a seat on my bed.”

I walk over there to charge my phone, and take a seat on the bed.

Mona says, “I am going to take a shower. Ill be right back. I feel gross.”

I laid back on her bed and waited for my phone to charge while she showered. I fell asleep on accident and woke up to Mona, in spandex and a tank top, exposing her perfect body, touching me on my side, and saying “Do you want to stay here tonight?”

“Hold on, let me call Denise and she if she can bring a key” I reply.

I gave her a call and told her what happened, and she said to stay at Mona’s and shell be there at 530 to drop off the key before work and then she will head back to work.

It was 430 so it was only about an hour away.

I explained everything to Mona, and she agreed that I could stay. She even offered kadıköy escort me her bed, saying, “Its a Queen, so it should be big enough for both of us.”

We both laid down and said our goodnights, I told her that I would just get up around 520 to meet Mona downstairs.

She said, “Well you better go to sleep thats only 50 minutes away.”

The stopping talked and within 10 minutes Mona was fast asleep, I could tell because her breathing changed. I couldn’t sleep. I was starting to think about how close I was again to Mona’s perfect boobs. Her outfit was not meant to be sexy, but it fit her body perfectly and I couldn’t get it out of my mind. My dick began to grow. I was on my back, so I hope Mona didn’t wake up and see it, or turn over and accidentally touch it.

About 10 minutes later, Mona began to move a little in her sleep. She was on her stomach and she stretched out her leg and her foot was against my thigh.

I didn’t want to wake her up, so I tried to wiggle my way out of it, when I moved, she repositioned herself and her shin was on top off my rock hard dock.

“Fuck, please don’t wake up.”

I see her begin to move, so I decide to close my eyes and pretend I am asleep.

I feel her body shift as she realized how her leg was positioned. I think she sat up and then 2 seconds later, I feel her touch my dick through the covers. Kind of like a, “is this what I think it is” tap. She pulled her hand away quick, and whispered, “holy shit.”

I am 8 inches long, and 5.5 inches thick, so it was easy to feel how big it was with just a tap.

Im still pretending to be asleep, as I have no plans on telling her why my cock is hard, she can just think I am sleeping.

All of the sudden, I feel her start to pull the blanket off of me! She pulled it towards her side. My 8 inch dick was now sticking straight up in my basketball shorts. Im pretty sure she could see the entire outline of my cock.

I hear her gasp a little bit, and its not helping my hard-on, knowing Mona is most likely staring at my cock right now.

I felt her body shift again as she laid back down.

A minute later, I felt a slight movement on the bed, “Holy shit, is she masturbating?”

I think to myself, “Fuck it dude, just fuck it.”

I take my hand and position it over her hand on top of her vagina. This was my last, pretend I am asleep move. She moves her hand, and she says to me that I can “wake up now.”

I get closer to her as I slowly begin to massage her clit over her spandex.

She says sternly, “nice of you to stop pretending your asleep. We have 15 minutes, how many times do you think you can make me cum in 15 minutes?”

I think to myself, wait what? Who is this, but I carry on anyway.

She slides down her spandex and takes off her tank top, and she tells me to lay back on my back, get naked, and close my eyes. I thought this was the moment where I finally feel Mona’s hott lips all over my cock. No Kissing? Just straight to it?

Within 15 seconds she sits on my face. Whoa. How has this all happened so fast. I mean I am not complaining, Im hard as a rock, but I do have a GF.

AND HOLY SHIT. She literally sat on my face and now she is motioning her hips back and forth pretty rough.

She says, “Lick maltepe escort bayan this pussy Denise’s boyfriend.”

What the fuck? I think to myself, again. I try and move a little and finally move enough to say, “I can’t breathe, and what about your roommates.”

Mona replies, “Don’t worry. They aren’t home. I told them not to come home because I was going to be bringing someone home tonight.”

She sits on my face a little harder so I can no longer speak. This whole time my dick is still rock hard and she begins to stroke it while she sits on my face. She strokes it for about 30 seconds or so and says, “every time I cum, you get 30 seconds of me stroking you.”

So I change my pace, and I start going town. I feel her nails dig into my skin as she starts to moan louder. I feel her body begin to shake as she screams, “Oh fuck Im cummmming.”

She picks herself off my face a little and starts to massage herself fast and rough. Within 15 seconds she is squirting all over my face and my clothes.

Oh my. I have never seen a girl squirt except in porn. That was so sexy, but is she dominating me? Ive never felt anything like this, and within 15 seconds she’s back sitting on my face. I didn’t even have time to think.

She gives me 30 seconds of stroking, and then back to her just rubbing her vagina all on my face while she digs her nails in my chest even more this time. Within a few minutes she is cumming for a third time.

After that she tells me, “Its 518, do you want to cum before you have to go downstairs?”

“Yes,” I reply.

“Okay, make me cum one more time and Ill suck you until you cum.”

I begin to worship her pussy and she scoots down, and says, “eat my ass Denise’s boyfriend.”

Fuck it, I went to town eating that booty. I felt her legs begin to shake again and she squirted all over my face, screaming, “Oh yeah, take these pussy juices, open up your mouth for your mistress’s pussy juices.”

After she came, she began sucking me and within 30 seconds I was shooting my load all into her throat.

She held it in her mouth and turned around and looked at me with her seductive eyes.

She leaned in and kissed me and gave me back all of my cum! I have never tasted my cum, but here I was. Making out with my girl friends best friend while she swaps my cum back into my own mouth!

Once its all out her mouth, she says, “you better swallow it, then change and get downstairs, Denise will be here any moment.”

I don’t even have a second to think, I clean myself with a towel she gave me, I dried my face, my cock and my chest. I threw on my clothes and told her, “Ill see you soon. Thank you and kissed her.”

I ran downstairs and I pulled up to the door right as Denise was coming around the corner.

Denise looks at me and starts to run with the key, “here you go, sorry I gotta run, Im late!”

“Bye, I love you,” she yells, as she runs back towards her car.

I go inside in complete relief, she didn’t smell me, or kiss me, and she had no idea.

What the hell just happened? What did I do? I hear the door knock, it must be Denise I think to myself. I run to the door and open it to see Mona.

“Hi there,” she says.

“Um Hi Mona.” I reply.

“Did you really think you were gonna get away that easy? See the way I see it, you have a girlfriend to lose, and a life, and an apartment. Theres no way you can ever tell Denise about this, and for that I am going to use your body and your big dick for my pleasure, whenever and however I want.”

To be continued…

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