Mart 23, 2021

My Girlfriends and My Ex

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Well after losing Harriett to her three new boyfriends I dated a series of women and enjoyed life then I met Jamie and her friend Amy. Jamie is 5-10 tall and 150 pounds long legs long blonde hair athletic with a 36D chest and sexy as all hell. Amy is a matching brunette 5-10 tall 155 pounds with long hair and legs a 37D chest and beautiful.

I met Jamie at a party and we hit it off well enough that she invited me back to her place. It seemed like a bit of a setback when her roommate was there but I quickly discovered it was no setback. While Jaime went to the kitchen I was sitting on the couch with Amy when she said, “So did Jaime mention that we’ve been short on male companionship lately?”

Not waiting for an answer Amy climbed over and straddled me sitting on my lap.

Jaime returned and said, “Damn you bitch I bring a guy home and you don’t even let me get the first crack at him. I’m sorry Matt it’s only polite to ask if you want to have a threesome before Amy just jumps on you.”

Good manners were the last thing on my mind as Amy was taking off her top and putting my face between her firm round tits. With no way to speak I just rubbed Amy’s sweet ass with both hands and I think Jaime knew I was on board.

When Amy let me up for air I said, “I guess we’re getting started on our threesome.”

Amy put her hands on my shoulders and said, “It looks like, so let’s get to the bedroom and really get to it.”

And with that we got it on until the next morning for the first of many very hot times. And that’s how things went for the next couple of months.

So one warm summer evening Jamie, Amy and I went to this big street festival near their place and it seemed like for entertainment purposes if nothing else, who should come along but Harriett. But hardly the Harriett I went out with three years earlier. Her hair was now cropped short, the brown now red and she was bigger, like everywhere. Her 5-4 frame carrying an extra 80 pounds Harriett now filled out to the tune of 245 pounds.

Of course she saw me and came over, we did the introductions and just my luck Jamie and Amy thought it would be fun to spend time with Harriett. So we spent the better part of the evening listening to bands, eating and drinking. As the festivities were winding down it was decided that the four of us would make our way to Jamie and Amy’s place

Somehow as we sat around the talked turned to arm wrestling and in short order we cleared the table and Harriett and I were set to face off. I saw no harm in some competition with an old girlfriend and was fairly confident being 5-11 and 185 pounds and in good shape.

Harriett removed her sweatshirt to reveal a lacy too small strained to the max bra holding her expanded 44F chest. That would have been a distraction for me but I couldn’t help but focus on Harriett’s arms which while not bulging with rock hardness looked pretty solid and were substantially larger than mine.

We agreed to best of seven to make sure there was no claim of a lucky win, alternating from right to left arms because I am right handed and Harriett is a lefty. We started with the right, Jamie was behind Harriett rubbing her shoulders but giving me a look of encouragement and Amy was behind me doing the same supporting me. I was even and maybe had a slight advantage for about 30 seconds then Harriett slowly gained an edge and at about a minute and a half won round one. Round two with the left began and I was barely able to stay even at the start and lost in about 30 seconds.

I was discouraged to say the least. I would have liked to blame my 0-2 start on being drunk or too focused on Harriett’s massive tits in my line of sight or just about anything. But in truth I was concentrating completely on her arms being thicker than mine and trying to beat her and it wasn’t working.

Round three was the right and Jamie and Amy were urging me on which felt good but I knew mecidiyeköy escort I was in serious trouble. I got a quick start but Harriett was just as quick to get even and then get an edge and put me down in less than a minute. Round four looked like a formality using Harriett’s strong hand so I put everything I had into it at the start and was able to hold even for almost 30 seconds but at that point Harriett smiled a wicked smile which told me she was holding back and she put me down to win the match.

I sat back in my chair slightly embarrassed to lose so convincingly in front of my girlfriends but more so to my ex-girlfriend who dumped me under dubious circumstances. Harriett was more subdued than I expected, Jamie and Amy were the excited ones first congratulating Harriett then consoling me saying they were proud of me for putting up a good fight.

Harriett stood up and removed her bra releasing her cannonball tits which naturally froze me in place as she came over to me and stepping on either side of the chair sat down on my lap. She removed my shirt then pushed her massive jugs right in my face which wasn’t too bad for having lost.

Harriett buried my face between her huge jugs and with me immobilized by her weight on my lap she began turning her body slapping me with her huge tits. It stung my face some but I could have really enjoyed a healthy tit slap were my pride not stinging much more. With this F cup distraction I hardly noticed my arms being bound to the chair by Jamie and Amy. With my arms firmly secured Harriett got off me and Jamie and Amy removed my pants and boxer briefs before tying my feet to the chair.

That’s when Harriett leaned back and said, “Well Matt the girls and I had a little bet, if you won I would have served the winning team for an all you could do three on one. But you weren’t up to that challenge. You lost which means I get the girls all to myself and you’re going to watch the three of us get it on. Oh if only you would have won you would have had some real fun for old time’s sake.”

Harriett had moved behind me and with Jamie and Amy on either side the three of them lifted me, chair and all, and carried me into the bedroom setting me down at the foot of the bed.

As Jamie and Amy got underdressed Harriett stroked my semi stiff cock, kissed me and said, “Well Matt you’ve already got it up and you’ve got a front row seat. From the looks of those two it ought to be quite a show. Stay hard and awake and enjoy.”

She then kissed me and after peeling off her jeans and panties leaped onto the bed where naked Jaime and Amy were anxiously waiting. And they got to it.

In a mass of flailing arms and legs finally Harriett ended up on her back with Jaime between her legs going down on her and Amy sitting on her chest riding her outstretched tongue. Being well aware of how hot a tandem Jaime and Amy are and mixing in Harriett as wild as she gets it was an awesome site. After they all got off at least a couple of times they switched up positions, Jaime on top of Harriett and Amy going down on her. I was left frustrated and demoralized at being able to be nothing but a spectator.

Though the night Jamie came over and gave me a blow job so I didn’t just cum the first time without even touching myself while watching the three of them. The shocker was when Harriett broke from the all girl party to first go down on my stiff nine inches then rolling a condom on me said, “Well Matt I love all that pussy and those girls are wild but there’s something about a hard cock I’ll never get tired of. And what the hell you deserve a thank you for serving up these two for me, especially after you gave me my three boy toys.”

Then she straddled the chair and lowered her pussy onto my cock, pulled my face into her fat jugs and began riding me. It was a very different feeling than I experienced with Harriett merter escort in the past she is so much bigger, her tits are massive but she fucks like the same wild woman. I would have liked to get my hands on Harriett’s expanded body but was sucking on whatever part of Harriett’s jugs that I could get my mouth on as she fucked me until I shot my load.

Harriett climbed off me and kissed me then said, “OK now let’s try having you put in some effort.” She came around behind me and tipping the chair back slowly lowered it down putting me on my back with my legs up still tied to the chair. Then she straddled my chest and said, “I did for you now it’s your turn to pay homage to the sweet pussy you wish you still had.” Then she lowered her neatly trimmed steaming bush onto my face.

I had no problem sucking on Harriett’s familiar pussy, sweet indeed, what was a new experience and a bit of a load was her 50% increase in weight sitting on my chest. I licked and sucked for all I was worth, slightly out of breath after the first five minutes due in part to Harriett pinching my face tightly between her massive thighs.

Harriett sat on my chest and said, “Now how about you show just how much you appreciate being with a superior woman such as myself, wouldn’t you like to give my big fat butt a kiss on each cheek to show your affection and adoration?” Not waiting for my answer which probably would have been ‘yes’ even if I wasn’t on my back tied to a chair Harriett said, “Of course you would now show me you how much you love my big butt” Then she raised up and planted each big butt cheek on my face to receive her kisses.

If I hadn’t felt completely dominated and inferior to Harriett before this sealed that deal. She had undoubtedly demonstrated she had it all over me. With her pussy and ass having been paid tribute to Harriett stood up and came around behind me to set the chair back up facing the bed. Then she whispered in my ear, “There you go Matt now you can watch the rest of the show. Those girls are smokin’ hot and can fuck like crazy women, I like ’em good.”

Jamie was on her back and Amy was between her legs on her knees going down on her when Harriett climbed onto the bed. Harriett fingered Amy’s pussy for a while then got down low behind her and put her head between Amy’s legs. Harriett then burrowed forward under Amy until she had pushed through and she was to Jamie’s pussy with Amy on her back. Amy settled in reaching around with both hands to play with Harriett’s fat jugs and rode for a while Harriett ate out Jamie.

Amy then amped things up bringing out the 14 inch double headed dildo and the 8 inch strap on that I have enjoyed seeing her and Jaime use so often. Jaime got an even bigger smile on her face noticing Amy securing the strap on around her body then Amy interrupted Harriett’s muff dive showing it to her. That got Harriett even more excited, if that was possible.

What I noticed that Harriett hadn’t, yet, was the tube of lube that Amy had in her other hand. As Harriett moved up so she was pussy to pussy with Jaime, the dildo in both their hands aimed at their respective targets, Amy began greasing up Harriett’s butt.

Amy was working two fingers in Harriett’s asshole as she and Jaime were beginning to work the double dong between them. With Harriett well greased, Amy knelt behind her and quickly inserted the head of her strap on up Harriett’s ass. After an awkward start the three finally got into a rhythm and Amy was pounding her 8 incher up Harriett’s ass as Jaime was being driven into the mattress by their combined weight.

They went like that for a while before switching positions, Amy got under Harriett and Jaime wearing the strap on gave to it Harriett up the ass. Once that act finished it was Harriett putting on the strap on and doing first Jaime then Amy doggie style.

It was nearly morning when Jamie, nişantaşı escort Amy and Harriett came over to me. Amy untied my hands while Jamie went down on me. When I was good and hard they rolled a condom on me before stepping aside. Harriett then stepped forward again straddling the chair to sit down on my lap to fuck me. Before stuffing my face between her tits she said, “I’m in a generous mood Matt you’ve got your hands free so you can enjoy feeling my big bodacious body.”

As Harriett sank down on my dick and began pumping up and down with her thick legs I took the opportunity with my hands now free to reach around and feel as much of her big body as I could. After squeezing her fat jugs which were in my face I caressed Harriet’s body from her broad shoulders down her wide back to the soft roll of fat around her middle down around to her powerful thighs as she used them to push up and down fucking me buried under her until I reached her wide firm round ass. She had a big ass when we went out before but now it is oh so much bigger and more solid and firm to feel in my hands. As great as it was a feeling of despair came over me that I was so glad that my ex girlfriend would use me like a play toy like this.

Finally I shot my load and Harriett stopped and just sat on my lap. I relaxed, unable to see with my face still between Harriett’s fat tits, but then was panicked when she leaned forward and I felt the chair tipping back. Figuring I was going to get body slammed I tensed up only to be saved by Jamie and Amy catching the chair, along with Harriett and me, and easing us to the floor.

Harriett raised up allowing Jamie and Amy to pull the chair out from under me then just as earlier she slid forward to plant her pussy on my face. And of course again buried under her 245 pounds I lapped away at her wet snatch, my head surrounded by Harriett’s meaty thighs. Even in my under cover position I could tell that Jamie and Amy were at work above me kissing Harriett and playing with her tits.

Finally Harriett was sufficiently satisfied, getting off at least twice, she pushed up and back plopping heavily on my stomach, her big butt driving most of the air from my already tired lungs. Looking down at me, figuratively and literally, Harriett gave me that wicked smile again and said, “Well Matt this has been a night for you to remember, got to see a wild lesbian sex show, got fucked by, if I do say so myself without being modest, an awesome woman, got to feel up my big incredible body, got to eat my delicious pussy. And now it’s my turn to have some fun and seal the memories of tonight for both of us. You get the tit smother.”

Then Harriett leaned forward to put her fat jugs in my face and squeezed them together which was fun until I felt her abundant tit flesh cutting off my ability to breathe. I frantically tried kicking my legs and was only able to get one arm under Harriett’s big body which allowed for my completely futile attempt to push her off me but already out of breath it was only a matter of seconds before I passed out.

I came to with Jamie and Amy putting an ice pack on my head, Harriett had vacated the premises. Once I regained my senses they took me into the shower which went well. As we were drying off Jamie said, “You’re getting your color back Matt, you went through quite a lot.”

Amy then stated the obvious, “Fuck Harriett is some piece of work, she took everything we had and really went to town on you.”

Jamie adding, “She’s a fucking beast.”

All I could say was, “She was a handful when I went out with her and now there’s so much more of her, I guess a beast would be the best way to describe her.” Then they took me to bed and we had some fabulous sex.

It was downhill from there until Jamie and Amy broke up with me about a month later. It seems the week after ‘the encounter’ first they started getting it on with Harriett and progressed to adding her three guys. And that was the end for me with Jamie and Amy. So to fill in the scorecard, Harriett dumps me for my three now former friends then takes my two girlfriends after dominating, fucking me and tit smothering me in front of them. If the opportunity to even things up with her ever comes along it will be a day I won’t let slip away.

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