Mart 22, 2021

My Giantess Adventure

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My first trip to a 99c store turned into one of my greatest fantasies come true. I was more excited than I should have been. I was about to buy junk I probably didn’t need. I stare at items trying to figure out if I needed it or could use it. A candleholder, a mug, a plastic potted plant all found their way into my basket. I was like a kid in a candy store. I walked the aisles for about forty minutes before I noticed a woman walk in. How could I miss her? She was about seven feet tall, curvy and shapely. I immediately caught myself and stop my stare. I continued my shopping on the next aisle over. Out of the corner of my eye I could see her tower over the aisle just enough that her cleavage peaked over the fluorescent light bulbs. I turn away when she caught my eyes trained on her gigantic breast.

I spent an extra twenty minutes on the tool aisle pretending I knew what I was looking at. I keep my head down while sifting through hundreds of the exact same screwdriver. Suddenly my shoulder bumps something. It was the large curvaceous hip of the woman I had been avoiding. A rush quickly came over me. The woman rested her hand on my head. He long fingers draped the side of my head. Her hand was warm. I blushed and my heart began to pound loudly. So loudly I’m sure everyone in the store could hear it. It drew a smile from the enormous beauty. I look up at this gorgeous redhead with blue eyes. I can barley see her face as I look up through her ample cleavage. Her name embroidered on her tightly fitting tee shirt. It reads Norma. She pulls her hand away and I nearly fall over as I stumble away.

Later in the parking lot as I struggle to my car with loads of things I wasn’t sure I even needed, a shadow of a large figure blots out the sun behind me. Just as I turn to see who it was when one of Norma’s bountiful and curvaceous hips bumps my shoulder again. Norma looks down at me, and çeşme escort winks. She shuffles her bags to her right arm as she reaches into her pocket with the left. She stuffs a small folded piece of paper into my shirt pocket.

Later that evening I sit uncomfortably at the dinner table. I can’t get Norma out of my head. I’m starving but the butterflies in my stomach won’t let me down even a bite. All I can think about is the feeling of her warm hand on my head. Why did she give me her number? She likes me? I think to call her but I just sit and stare at my pork steak and fries.

The next morning I pop out of bed at 6am on a Saturday. I normally sleep in late. I look over at my nightstand. The little piece of paper seems as big as the nightstand itself. It screams at me. I lay back down and stare at the ceiling. A huge boner tents my sheets.

At breakfast my appetite has returned. I devour a large stack of pancakes. I think to myself that I’m five foot ten inches and weigh I whopping one hundred and eighty pounds. Nothing compared to the woman in my head all night. And to think she’s not a thinly built woman at that. Norma must be an entire foot taller than I am. Now I’m thinking of asking a woman out on a date that will dwarf me as if I was a small child.

I decided to go out on a limb and call.

I hang up the phone in a cold sweat. Finally I muster the courage to give Norma a call. She sounded very interested to meet me at the bar near my place. I sit and I wonder what she sees in me.

At the bar I sit quietly nursing my ice cold extra stout. The door opens and Norma’s curvy body falls in. If I thought she was attractive in jeans and a tee shirt, wow! She was even taller in heels She ducked down to clear the doorway. A tight fitting knitted dress forms neatly to her curvaceous body. Her plump breasts sway with her every step. escort çeşme I gaze at Norma’s long creamy white legs. She gives me a little smile as she sits down next to me. I stare at her smooth inviting legs until she raises my chin to bring my eyes even with hers. She bends over to kiss my forehead and her ample breast slams against my chest. They’re soft and warm, but hang perfectly. Norman runs her large hand down my chest until it gets to my stomach, which she pats gently. My stomach buzzes like a swarm of bees. She gives me a wink.

Norma downs her beer as if it were a shot of whiskey, then looks down at me. I try to match her gulp but I fail miserably, spilling beer all over my shirt. She stands and motions to me to follow. Then Norma heads for the door. I struggle to my feet and stumble out the door behind her.

Back at my apartment I worry that Norma would find me a slob once she sees my mess. Good heavens I hope she doesn’t find my small stash of porn. My place is a true mess when we walk in. Before I could think anything Norma finds my copy of Big Hooters magazine lying on the coffee table. She turns to me and smiles sexily. The only thing I could think to do is go to the fridge and grab a couple beers.

Back in my living room I find Norma has made herself comfortable on the couch. Her heels kicked up on the coffee table watching a porno I left in the DVD player. She looks at me as she uncrosses her legs. Bees still buzzing in my gut, I sit on the couch next her and I hand her a cold one. I look over to check out Norma’s tits. My boner grows to twice the size.

Before I knew it I was lying on my back in my bed with a fire raging in my pants. Norma towers over my bed. She shakes her hips a little and does a dance as she strips her top off. She rips my pants down to my ankles. Then pulls down my underwear. Revealing my now nearly çeşme escort bayan purple throbbing cock. As she strips the rest of her clothing I’m amazed at her thick hairy bush. She sexily rubs her plumb labia. That drips with wet juices by this time. She lets out a deep moan that ripples through my body. I lay on the bed in a trance.

Norma plops her warm body on top of mine. Her breast completely smothers my face. Her long legs caress me. She grabs my vibrating shaft and plunges it into her wet twat. We both slowly and deliberately thrust toward each other. One of her breast sits against my face like a soft pillow, the other rests on my chest.

The room becomes an inferno. I struggle to breath but maintain my vigor as I work to please my gentle gigantic beauty. My stiff member wants to explode but I hold on until she is ready. I make one final thrust before we climax together. A huge flush of energy flow through our bodies until Norma collapses on top of me.

Norma slides down my slippery body. She kisses my chest as she slowly makes it down to my still rock hard manhood, which is as stiff as a board. Before I could catch my breath. Her tender lips caress my cock. Norma carefully slurps my hard cock. She envelopes my swollen member with her large hand and plants it back into her warm wet hole She then rolls on her back placing me on top of her. I work vigorously to please my queen. From time to time I would plant my face in between her breast as she hold them firmly around my head. I raise my head up as I thrust deeply into her. She stares into my eyes with sensuous desire. I keep going until I feel her tighten on my rod. She wraps her legs around me. We shiver together until we become cold. I push my tool into her with one last hard thrust. A flood of ecstasy overcomes us as I collapse on top of Norma. We pant heavily until we both fall asleep.

The following morning I awake to a spinning hangover but to my surprise I’m still fully wrapped in Norma’s warm body. How could this have happened to me? I didn’t get drunk and dream my greatest fantasy again. It actually happened. A lie still and stare at the ceiling with huge grin on my face.

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