Mart 17, 2021

My Future Father-In-Law Ch. 07

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Lordy, what a workout! My fiancée Mike, Jr. had just pummeled my tight ‘Little Girl’ to an outrageous orgasm while we were in the shower. It had been a particularly hot session because he had nearly walked in on me as I was rinsing the last remnants of his Dad’s feral fluid from my body. It was strenuous intercourse in such tight confines, too – strenuous, but worth it! Now I lay on the bed in my father-in-law’s guest room trying to recover. Mikey was talking to his brother on the portable phone at the foot of the bed and I was snuggled up in my light yellow silk bathrobe day dreaming about BIG MIKE!

“Sure, I can pick you up at the airport. Let me check with my girl.” I heard Mike say into the phone as he looked at me quizzically, smiling sheepishly. I nodded and smiled back at him as I thought of the huge load of Mike, Sr.’s cream that had taken me 15 minutes to rinse completely from my body. What a load Mikey’s father could emit. When Mike, Jr.stepped into the shower with me had been too focused on my personal pulchritude to notice the last thick white rivulets of semen swirling down the drain.

“I don’t know about that.” Mikey was saying into the phone as he brought me from my reverie with a nudge to my curled up legs. “I hadn’t planned on any kind of ‘Bachelor Party’. That might not be in the scheme of things.” He looked at me with arched eyebrows and cocked his head to one side.

I smiled, nodded and whispered, “Go ahead and enjoy yourself, Sweety. After tomorrow it will only be me.” I teased him and pulled the top of my bathrobe apart just slightly to show some deep cleavage. Showing cleavage was very easy for me because of the big ‘F’ cups I carried around on my chest. And, it definitely teased my fiancée, Little Mike. He loved them, but I hadn’t let him really work on them just yet!!! My chest had had quite an impact on Big Mike, too. He always seemed to be sneaking a peak at my big ‘Girls’ and Big Mike always developed quite a bit of edema in the right place when he was staring at me. I dreamily wondered if I would have any impact on Mike’s brother as well.

“OK, Dave,” Mike almost shouted into the phone. “Let’s do it. I can be at the airport in an hour or so! See ya’ then, Bro. We can make plans on the way home.” My fiancé hung up the phone beaming and patted me on the hip as he jumped up and started getting dressed. I was in that post-orgasmic state of mellowness with just the faintest image in my mind’s eye of Mike, Sr.’s huge hose painting me down as he had ejaculated enormously from the friction between my cleavage. I just LOVED the way I could make my future father-in-law respond and I really loved seeing a guy grimace and cum!!!

I had nearly drifted off completely when Mike, Jr. kissed me on the cheek and said, “Dave and I should be back in a couple of hours or so. We’ll head out to party from here after you meet him. OK, Honey?”

“Sure, Sweety.” I murmured and drifted off thinking of the phrase “… meat him… ” no “… meet him… ” err… what-ev-er…

* * * * * *

Tap… tap… tap… The sound entered my mind and I stirred “Is that you and Dave, Mikey,” I said through a sleepy fog. I didn’t know I’d dozed off let alone slept for several hours. The door opened just a smidgen…

“No. It’s just me ‘Daughter’, came my future ‘Dad’s’ voice. “Are you decent?”

‘Just me?’ I thought. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, huh? Big Mike, my father-in-law to be was as sweet as his son Mike, my fiancée. I mean after what Big Mike and I had experienced together the last couple of days he still was being polite and gentlemanly. What a family I was marrying into. I’m a lucky gal. Then I smirked and thought; well, so are they!!!!

“I’m always AT LEAST decent, I think.” I replied coyly as I looked down to check to see if my bathrobe was covering me adequately. There was some cleavage showing and a lot of leg, but I could still easily pretend to be innocent and demure. I smiled to myself.

“Come on in, Michael,” I instructed teasingly “I’m always at least ‘decent’! And what can I do for you?”

“Mikey is on the phone,” he replied smiling holding up the handset of the portable phone. “And he’s hoping you’re not angry.” he said as he clicked on the phone and handed it to me. My future father-in-law stood looming over me next to the bed as I put the phone to my ear and spoke.

“Hey there, Mike, where are you?” I enquired as I looked up at my fiancée’s father standing there with a towel wrapped around his waist waiting to take the phone back. I could tell he had just finished toweling off from the shower when the phone must have interrupted him. His eyes wandered me from head to toe. I wondered what he was thinking as just a brief outline of a very elongated bulge was beginning to show in the towel that wrapped him.

“You’re what?” I asked my fiancé incredulously. “Jeez, I must’ve dozed off a lot longer than I thought, huh? Well, when WILL you be back” güvenilir bahis I asked into the phone with a mock haughtiness in my voice as I looked up at my future father-in-law standing over me. I closed my eyes as I listened to the phone and I arched my back and stretched. I knew the movement would cause my bathrobe to fall further apart, but I caught it just in time and pulled it partially together, now just barely covering the massive mounds it enclosed before my future father-in-law got a real eyeful. The slightest trace of a smile came to Big Mike’s face and the elongation in his towel grew a bit more.

“You’re brother’s plane is late?” I asked rhetorically into the phone. “Are you gonna’ ‘hit the town’ up there then rather than coming back here first?” I shifted the phone to my left hand as I lay back letting my arm fall above my head and off the edge of the bed. My hand was almost perfectly aligned between my future father-in-law’s knees just below the hem of the towel that wrapped his lower body.

“Sure, that’s fine, Sweety,” I spoke into mouthpiece as I nonchalantly let my right palm lightly lay against Big Mike’s right thigh just above the knee. “Will you have a designated driver? Sweety, I don’t want anything happening to you. Tomorrow is our big day!”

I glanced up into Big Mike’s faced as I listened to my fiancée’s plans for the evening. Michael still had that slightly mesmerized expression on his face as his gaze continued to wander up and down my body. I bent my right knee fully and pulled my right foot up against my left thigh as I slightly opened my firm, tanned thighs. Big Mike visibly enhaled, his eyes narrowed just slightly and the elongation grew even more and began to thicken. I could feel my nipples starting to grow and stand up, as well. I glanced at the front of my bathrobe and I knew Big Mike could see the protrusions that were beginning to appear in the material there.

“I’m not mad.” I cooed into the phone as I softly ran my palm just an inch or so up the inside of my future Dad’s warm, muscular right thigh.

“I was just sorta’ groaning as I sat up, that’s all.” I said into the phone as Big Mike had involuntarily grimaced and grunted with my touch. His elongation grew further! “Okay, Sweety, you be safe. I love you too, Sweety.” I smooched into the phone as I ran my hand an inch or so futher up Mike, Sr.’s inner thigh. I clicked off the phone and held it up for my future ‘Dad’ to take.

“You son’s are going to be late.” I said. “It looks like you’ll be stuck in me… I mean… ‘with’ me… stuck WITH me.” I smiled up at him teasingly as I arched my back and writhed and stretched on the bed. “Hummmm, that was a good nap. I feel so revived and invigorated. How about you? Are you ‘revived’, Daddy?” I smiled feeling a warmth begining in my loins.

He laughed out loud and said, “I’d bet you know full well that you can always revive and invigorate me, Girly!”

He turned and lay the phone on the headboard and in profile I could see that he was really becoming aroused. The elongation was huge and swollen in the front of the towel spaning the space between his slightly spread thighs and I couldn’t resist running my fingers up it’s covered length. I loved it!

“Uuunnnggghhh!” Big Mike involuntary grunted and jumped. The elongation throbbed prominently.

“Are you hungry, too?” I cooed as pressed my thighs together to enhance the warmth forming there and then spread them a bit as I turned and hung my legs over the edge of the bed. I was really hoping I’d be able to have him lick me off again. He was very, very good and I had C-U-M the first time he did it. I mean really cum!! It had been a monster; I knew now what an orgasm was supposed to be.

“I’d love to… I’d love to, Gal!” he breathed as his gaze fell to the partially exposed cleft between my large, full breasts. His eyes lingered on the outline of my nipples pushing out the fabric in the front of my thin bathrobe. His eyes traveled down my belly and stopped at my barely coved ‘lap’. I pulled my knees almost imperceptibly further apart and he looked back up at my face. I looked up at him dreamily as I pulled my legs fully apart. I glanced down at the floor between my thighs and his gaze followed. He dropped to his knees instantly. Ooohhh, yeah! This would be good!!!

I placed a palm on each of my exposed inner thighs and pulled my bathrobe further open and in the same motion dragged the material upwards just exposing the tiniest bit of my Lady to Big Mike. I could hear him sigh audibly as I brought my thighs completely open and tucked the silk fabric on the outside of my thighs. My Lady’s glistening lips were now fully open and completely visible to him. He leaned forward and nibbled gently on the inside of my left thigh midway between my knee and my ‘V’!!! Ooohhh, yeah!!!

“Lordy, you are beautiful, Daughter!” He hissed through clenched teeth as he slid a palm into the hollow behind each of my knees. He slightly lifted each türkçe bahis of my feet from the floor as he ran his cheek up right inner thigh. Yummmmmmy!!!! Yummmmmmy!!!! Yummmmmmy!!!! I looked at the now monstrously huge elongated girth in the front of my future father-in-law’s towel wrap. Wow, I thought as I closed my eyes and remembered that big beauty throbbing between my breasts earlier that very morning!! I relaxed and let my head fall backwards to the mattress and began to breathe deeply.

“A-a-a-a-n-n-n-n-g-g-g-g-h-h-h-h!!!” I growled nearly at the top of my lungs as Big Mike almost simultaneously pushed my knees up over my shoulders onto the mattress and buried his tongue in my more than snug slit. “Oooohhhh, Daddy! That’s it!!” I mewled as a huge pool of building heat began to spread throughout my pelvis. It was beginning!

Mike, Sr. leaned on his tongue and I squirmed. He alternated the pressure and force a bit as he repeatedly drove more of his tongue into my tight tunnel each time and I squirmed and writhed and grimaced. He suddenly relaxed and ran his tongue slowly up over my Little Girl in a Boat and my whole body quaked from head to toe. Big Mike smiled at me with his eyes over the edge of my mons and layed his tongue gently between my slick petals. I could feel the fluid running out of me and down between my taut cheeks. My future father-in-law raised up and kissed my Little Girl and drew Her softly between his lips. I shuddered as my entire being was now filled with heat. The tension built; my spring was tightening!

Big Mike straightened up a little and looked into my eyes. His gaze then traveled to my nearly exposed, enormous globes and then down my naked belly to my mons and back to my face. His eyes were glassy and glazed. His mouth hung slightly open and, I swear, he was almost drooling. He bent his neck and nibbled on the firm flesh of my stomach just below my belly button. He raised himself completely and leaned over and gently nibble the skin on the side of my neck. As he did I looked down and saw that his towel had fallen away and his massive manhood hung menacingly over my completely exposed vulva. I shivered and a full cocoon of butterflies took flight in my stomach. The heat grew within me as a drop of fluid fell from his mighty meatus onto my Lady and drained down my crevice. He then firmly planted his huge girth on my Little Girl!!!

“NO!!! NO!!! NO!!!” I shouted at him as I push both palms against his chest. “DON’T!! DON’T!! Don’t try to put it in me. You promised me, you promised me, remember?” I said firmly as he pulled back slightly and forced his huge rubbery glans down over my Little Girl forcing my slippery petals apart as his head traveled downward over my entire crevice. I couldn’t restrain the grunt that escaped my lips.

“I know!” he grunted, “I just had to feel you against me at least at once. Lordy, you’re hot and wet, Girly! I’d love to put it in you, please, please, please, let me!” He begged.

“Not yet, Michael,” I replied, panting “I have to save that for Little Mike. I’ve never even taken him bareback.” Big Mike’s chest was heaving above me as he gazed down between us at his big fleshy girth hung just an inch from tiny, tiny opening. “And, he’s not like you are down there.”

He looked back up at me and smiled sheepishly. I could feel his body relax a bit and I glanced at his big slab swaying between my totally exposed and indefensible vulva. I sighed audibly and knew he heard it. I glanced quickly back to his face.

“How about if I use a rubber?” he quietly asked as he relaxed further and looked into my eyes. “But, that wouldn’t change the size thing, would it?” He asked rhetorically as I shook and quivered and quaked inside. My entire pelvic cavity was glowing at the thought of that monstrer spreading me deeply apart.

“No, ‘Daddy’,” I stated firmly. “I have to save that for Mikey, first. OK?” “And, anyway, they don’t make condoms that big, do they? It would take a fire hose to wrap that Big Guy!” I laughed at him with big eyes and arched brows.

He smiled back and drug the head of his big meat back up over my Little Girl and lay his girth between my exposed petals. He began to gently slide his big shaft back and forth between my petals as I gurgled deep in my throat and my entire body dimpled up inside and out. He continued to slew his heavy tube back and forth on my vulva as the fluid streamed out of my puss and down between my globes. I growled deep in my chest and he rocked above me. I looked down and saw his huge glans protruding up over my mons as his shaft continued it’s ride between my soaking lips. He suddenly drew his big glans down over my vulva and pushed it gently but firmly up against my puckered anal ring.

“How about this, BabyDoll, please let me inside you! Please!” He was literally begging as he pushed imperceptibly against my tight ring. “You can take it. I’ll go slow. I’ll take it easy. You’ll like it… no, LOVE it… I promise, please, güvenilir bahis siteleri let me inside you.”

He was begging just like his son had the first time I’d let him put his little penis against my bare vulva. Big Mike was a really wonderful man, just like my fiancée. My thoughts raced as I felt his hot, rubbery glans lay pulsing against my bung.

“Mikey has to be the first in me bareback. You’ll have to wrap that whale of yours. You’ll have to wrap Him tight. OK?” I offered with a wan, sultry smile. I was shaking inside as Big Mike released me and stood up. His chest was heaving and his huge slab swung and swayed almost grotesquely as he strode from the room.

I lay disjointedly on the bed with every bone and muscle nearly turned to jelly. My gut was churning but the heat and the building passion were undeniable. I was looking forward to this???!!! I had both trepidation and tremors of passion. I was filled with… with what? I didn’t even know as I gently ran my right middle finger over my Little Girl and quivered as I closed my eyes and tried to envision Big Mike’s monumental member entering me. I couldn’t! I had no frame of reference, but still my tunnel quivered and oozed. My reverie ended as my future father-in-law stepped back into the room and stopped with his shins against the side of the bed standing between my fully spread thighs.

“Is it lubricated? Lubed good?” I asked as I looked at the square package in his left hand and wondered how it could possible stretch over the massive man meat that swung above me.

“Oh, yeah, Baby! Of, course.” He said as he tore the package open and pulled out the very, VERY large rubber circle. He placed it with one hand expertly in the center of his huge crown directly over the gaping meatus. It barely covered half the surface of his huge head. The condom’s ‘reservoir tip’ seemed nearly as large as my fiancé’s entire organ. With one smooth motion Big Mike began rolling, rolling, rolling, rolling and rolling the lengthy rubber sheath over his grotesquely thick fleshy tube. It finally ran out an inch from his root. I was nearly entranced by the sight of his big sheathed shaft bobbing as he dropped to his knees between my thighs and grasped me by the hollow behind each knee. My stomach swam! I lay back, tried to relax as I closed my eyes and I couldn’t help but swallowing deeply.

Suddenly, Mike leaned down and ran his tongue up over my Little Girl and then in one smooth motion pulled my knees up over my shoulders, slid his hands to my ankles and pushed my knees to the mattress. He drew his big slab down across my Little Girl, across my vulva and let it come to rest pressing gently against my tight brown ring. I shivered inside as I felt a slight pressure. I opened my eyes and there it was clearly in view. His large cock head pressed against my virgin bung. My Puss streamed fluid out and down around it. I looked up into Big Mike’s face looming over me and he leaned down completely and gently kissed my mouth. He slid his big tongue between my lips as he pressed his cock more firmly against me. I sucked his tongue as he pressed his meat forward.

“God, I’ll bet you’re tight!” he breathed “Are you ready?” he asked softly as he looked into my eyes and raised up and really began to put his weight behind it.

“Oh… Oh… Oh… Oh… Oh… OOHH… Easy, Daddy,” I mewled as I began to feel as if the barrel of a baseball bat was being forced into me rectally. I felt like I was being turned inside out! My gut was being forced backward up into me!

“A-A-A-A-A-h-h-h-h-h-g-g-g-g-g-n-n-n-n-n-H-H-H-H-H!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” we both screamed in unison as the monstrous head of his huge meat gapped my tiny ring and plopped into me. I felt as though a large grapefruit were lodge in me and I gasped repeatedly as the onslaught continued. Big Mike relaxed briefly as we both enjoyed the new sensations. Every nerve ending in my body seemed stretched and I know Michael must have felt like his cock was in a burning, wet, rubbery vise! Then he pushed on and an additional two inches of shaft spread me further. Bolts of fire spread through my pelvic girdle as the nerve endings fired almost continuously with his movement inward. He stopped and looked down at me.

“A dream come true, Daughter! I’ll never forget this! I promise!! Never! God, it’s good!” he rambled as he withdrew an inch and we both relaxed. He pulled back more and only the head remained in me and he said “Ready, Baby?” as drove deeper into me.

“Uuuuuunnnggghhhh!” I screamed as he buried an additional five or six inches of his monstrous width into me. I shudder and shook all over. My body felt as though it were being stretched completely to the tearing point from the inside out by some hugely thick, long, long, long tube. My nerve endings sparked and I began to relax as he withdrew slightly – an inch or so – but immediately he pushed back into me and began to slide – force, wedge, drive – in and out. He was pumping in and out slowly but firmly. He was panting and I could feel his size throbbing and pulsing seemingly in the pit of my stomach as he more deeply penetrated my lower intestine that gripped him tightly. Now it was really beginning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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