Mayıs 14, 2021

My Friend’s Wedding

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Big Tits

This happened about a little over two months ago, and still brings a smile to my face when I think about it.

A good friend of mine was getting remarried and I was one of the guests at the ceremony. As it was second time around for both her and her hubby, it was a very small affair, with about 20 guests, followed by a meal at a very nice restaurant.

The groom’s brother, Neil, had flown in from Malta and I was sat next to him in the registry office and at the meal.

He was well-built, well-tanned and had a smile that just made me melt. As the meal progressed and we drank more wine, then champagne, he was flirting with me more and more.

So when the meal was finished, and everyone had congratulated the happy couple once again, I was not surprised when Neil invited me to join him for a drink at his hotel.

I immediately said that I would love to, so took a taxi for the short trip to his hotel. By now it was early evening, and there were a few businessmen in the bar, but it was fairly quiet. We sat in a corner and carried on chatting.

Neil quickly got the subject onto sex and thanks to all of the alcohol I had drank, I egged him on, asking some very intimate questions.

I was getting more and more turned on as we discussed various sex positions and so on.

As he finished his drink, he just looked deeply into my eyes and said, “Let’s go to bed.”

With his arm around my waist he guided me to the lift, then to his room. My panties were soaking.

As soon as the door closed behind us he kissed me, his tongue exploring my mouth and his hands pulling me close to him. We fell onto the bed and he was soon unbuttoning my blouse bahis firmaları and kneading my breasts, before unclipping my bra.

I helped by removing my blouse and bra, and he took my right nipple into his mouth.

By now his hand was massaging my inner thigh, moving upwards. Very soon he was rubbing my pussy through my tights & panties. I could feel his cock hot and throbbing through his trousers against my thigh.

I reached down & squeezed it through the cloth.

I suggested that we undress, which we both rapidly did. I watched closely as he removed his trousers and pants, and his lovely thick cock came into view. He took over the task of undressing me by pulling down my tights & panties as I laid back on the bed.

As he was now kneeling between my legs, he just leaned down and brushed his lips against mine, then I could feel his tongue exploring me, then licking my clit.

His circular licking motion was making my clit buzz, and I could feel him slide one, then two fingers into me. He slowly fingerfucked me as his tongue worked on my clit.

He had described to me earlier how much he loved going down on a woman, and I now knew that he was quite an expert.

My orgasm was building inside me, and he quickened the pace of his fingers and tongue, until I moaned loudly and started to writhe on the bed underneath him. My pussy and clit was so sensitive, my muscles squeezing his fingers tight inside me as my climax started to subside.

I then realised that his lips were next to my ear and he whispered, “You taste delicious, I want to fuck you now.”

I just whimpered, “Oh yes please.” Then I felt the head of his cock pushing against kaçak iddaa the lips of my pussy.

He wasn’t wearing a condom, but that just turned me on even more, as I felt him sliding into me. I felt totally filled by him. His thick, hard cock throbbing deep inside me.

He started fucking me with long, slow, deep thrusts. My pussy was still buzzing from my orgasm, but I could feel the next one starting to build.

I was moaning loudly now and begging him to fuck me harder. As he was slamming his cock into me, his balls banged against me.

“I’m close baby, can I cum inside you?” he moaned.

“Oh yes, yes, yes,” I replied.

He slammed into me one final time and feeling him throbbing inside me pushed me over the edge again.

We lay there, recovering for a few minutes. I could feel his cock softening a little, but he just left it inside me.

Finally he rolled off me and I could feel our juices starting to dribble out of me.

I was well satisfied now – two orgasms and a pussy filled with his cum, but he took my hand and directed it back to his cock.

He was still semi-hard and I felt it twitch as I closed my hand around it. I moved over to kiss his chest, then slowly licked and kissed my way down his tummy.

His cock was coated by a mixture of his cum and my juice, and the aroma was intoxicating. Slowly I licked the head clean and could feel him stiffen as I closed my lips around him.

He moaned and put his hand on the back of my head as I started to bob up & down on him.

Gripping his shaft, I rubbed him as my tongue worked on this knob. My free hand fondled his balls as I sucked and rubbed him.

He moaned kaçak bahis louder as I fingered his asshole and he throbbed harder as my finger slipped into him and within seconds the throbbing was accompanied with the sensation of his cum filling my mouth.

I swallowed, keeping his cock inside my mouth as it softened.

I moved back up his body and kissed him deeply, sharing the taste of his cum that was still in my mouth. A few guys I know hate that, but he seemed to enjoy it. He reached down and slid his finger into me, coating it in his cum before putting it into my mouth.

We relaxed and slept for a while – but I was woken up with the delicious feeling of my nipple being sucked and two fingers slowly sliding in and out of me.

Soon he was deep inside me again, fucking me hard and fast. Then he saidD “doggy style”, so I quickly got on my knees, and felt him enter me again.

Each thrust hit my G-spot perfectly and the squelchy noises of his cock driving into my juicy hole were turning me on even more. I felt his finger playing with my asshole in the same way as I had done to him, he kept fucking me deep and hard as his finger explored inside my ass. Another orgasm started to build deep inside me, growing each time his cockhead rubbed against my G-spot. He was telling me how he wanted to fill me with his cum again, describing how wonderful it felt to have his thick throbbing cock deep inside my juicy cunt as he finger-fucked my arse. This dirty talk set me off, my pussy spasming as my orgasm hit, squeezing his cock as he fucked me hard and deep. He gave a loud moan as he thrust in deep, throbbing hard as he filled me again with his hot creamy semen.

As we recovered, we lay in each other’s arms, my pussy still tingling.

We fucked twice more that morning before we had to get up and leave the hotel. I’m going for a week’s holiday in Malta next month…

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