Şubat 20, 2021

My First Time with Brandi

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My first time. Her name was Brandi. She was new to town, and the first person to be openly gay in public. I had feelings an urges, and had experimented with a close friend, but experimenting was as far as I’d gone. It was our senior year in high school, and we were both 18 and in choir together.

Now I lived in a small southern town. It was mostly old timers and their children who had grown up and never left town for something better in life. Being gay or lesbian just wasn’t accepted. That’s what made Brandi’s coming to town so great. She was open, so the rest of us could be too.

In choir, there were only eight of us, and all females. Including my twin sister and I. No one knew what was coming when we were together. We ruled that school. Until I was in high school, I was quite a shy one, but something about being there, and I guess having the support of my twin, I blossomed.

Brandi and I were friends, and had dated for a few days, but nothing ever came of it. She claimed that she felt more for my sister than she did for me, and we just left it at that. Towards the end of the year, it was getting time for our yearly choir trip. That year we were going to South Padre Island. The whole place is nothing but a party island. Brandi and I were the only ones from our section to be eligible to go, and there were four girls from the other choir casino şirketleri that went. And then there was our male teacher.

Since we were the only two from our section, we had a room to ourselves. The other four girls had their room, and then the teacher had his own. Each room had two queen-sized beds in them. The plane got in during early afternoon and we went to lunch, a local store, and then headed to the hotel to get set up for our week of fun. After settling in, we joined the other girls in the hot tub downstairs, and ended up playing truth or dare. There it came out that all of us were bi-sexual or bi-curious. After a few hours of giggling girl talk and running everyone else out of the pool area, we all headed back to our rooms. It had been a long trip, and we had things planned for the next day.

Brandi and I separately got showers and then headed to our respectful beds. We were talking and I admitted that I didn’t want to sleep alone. My grandmother had died about a week earlier, and I was still quite upset about it. My parents decided to send me on the trip because it would give me a chance to get away. Brandi climbed into bed with me and we settled down to watch TV until we fell asleep. WE both slept half naked.

At the local store we had stopped at after lunch, Brandi and I had gotten spray whipped cream and casino firmaları cookie dough for snacks. No health food nuts in that room! We were being playful and giggly and eating the spray whipped cream. She had control of the can, and would spray some in her mouth, and the some in mine. She was getting pretty sloppy, and I told her if she got it all over, she’d have to clean it up because I wasn’t the one with the can. She then proceeded to pull the blanket down to expose my breasts, and spray the whipped cream along my nipples.

As I lay there letting her lick the whipped cream off my chest, I couldn’t believe what was happening. My experimentation had never gone past innocent kisses with one of my closest friends. It was such an amazing feeling. I’d never been with a male before, or even touched myself. I didn’t understand what I was feeling, but I knew that I loved it. I didn’t ever want her to stop.

After the whipped cream was cleaned off and I was no longer sticky, she moved up to kiss my lips. As she slipped hr tongue lightly in my mouth, I realized that this was my first french kiss. After the truth or dare game we had played earlier, she knew this was all new to me too. After a few moments she broke the kiss and looked into my eyes, as if looking to see if I was ready for what was about to happen. I wasn’t.

She slowly güvenilir casino pulled the covers back even more. I was wearing panties, which is my normal sleeping attire, and she gently slid them off. I don’t think I have ever been as nervous as I was right then. As she lowered her head to my already moist lips, I felt like I was going to explode. The first touch of her tongue sent chills into my body that I will never forget.

It was obvious she knew what to do. I already knew she was experienced, but I had no idea what to expect. As she licked and sucked me into bliss, I was too nervous to cum. I was afraid I would pee on her. I was rather naive about these things, and that’s what it felt like I needed to do, so every time she brought me to the edge, I would stop her for a few seconds.

That night she slept in my arms while two of my fingers stayed buried in her mound. That was all I could bring myself to do. I still didn’t know what to think of the whole experience. The next day another chaperone arrived and was female so she shared the room with us, and we didn’t get to explore each other as fully. We still stole moments together, but all too soon the week was over, and it was back to school. We chit chatted, but didn’t really talk much about the weekend. Right before graduation we had a concert we were putting on and her and I and my sister we in the bathroom getting ready. My sister was in a stall getting dressed, and Brandi pushed me against a stall to give me the deepest kiss I had ever felt. Right then I knew she wouldn’t forget that night we had spent together, and I know I never will.

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