Mart 23, 2021

My First Sexual Experience Ch. 02

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Chapter 2

My first sexual experience — with others

Dave and Angela and I arrived at the town festival. We parked the car and walked off to the stalls. There were lots of stalls all down the road and everyone who had been on the beach earlier in the day was now at the festival. Most of the people at the festival were dressed very casually, some even still wearing their two piece costumes.

I left Dave and Angela with the arrangement that I would find my own way home later, and strolled off down the street. As I ambled my way down, I was aware of many second glances. No doubt the short skirt that barely covered my backside and the low cut top that revealed more than it should to the world had something to do with it. Somehow, I could sense when someone looked at me because of what I was wearing as opposed to someone who just happened to look my way.

Suddenly, a teenage boy bumped into me, and dropped his wallet. As he said sorry, he bent down, but never stopped looking up at me. It didn’t take me long to realize that this boy had deliberately bumped into me so that he could get a look up my short skirt. I felt strangely pleased about this. About the fact that someone would want to look up my skirt.

I continued walking through the stalls and browsing at the various items for sale. Suddenly I was aware of tripping over something, and in a very un-ladylike position, I found myself with my hands on the ground, and my legs slightly splayed with my backside and no doubt my panties showing for the entire world to see. The same group of boys who had caught me earlier in the day on the beach while I masturbated, had now gathered round me, and in the few seconds I took to gather my senses, I was aware of numerous flashes from cameras. These boys had staged this whole event and were now taking photos of me! A youngish man, maybe in his late 20’s appeared on the scene, and chased all the teenagers away. He helped me up and stood there while I regained my wits about me. He commented that he often came here on holiday, and had seen the boys do this sort of thing to many women, so he was on the maltepe şişman escort look out to stop these boys.

I was hungry at this stage, so suggested that we find something to eat and I would thank this man for his chivalry by buying him something to eat. Being in an area with many Indian people, we decided to buy bunny chow. (A bunny chow is a half loaf of bread that has been hollowed out and filled with a curry stew). We sat at a table and chatted as we ate our bunnies. I thanked the man, not knowing what to call him, so he introduced himself to me. “I’m Henry,” he said. In the light of the lamp on the table, I was able to see that Henry worked out at the gym, and was happy to show off his biceps and muscles in a tight fitting, almost size to small T-shirt. We discovered that we were from the same town, and only worked a few blocks away from each other. Henry was a handsome guy, brownish hair, blue eyes, and a well tanned and maintained body. After sharing our supper together, and exchanging cell numbers, we parted company. I spend another few minutes walking around the stalls at the festival. As I meandered along, the day’s events began to catch up on me, and suddenly I felt tired. This was after all the first day of my holiday. I headed back to the B ‘n B thinking I would have a nice early night and catch up on some much needed sleep. I arrived at my accommodation and unlocked the door of the main house. As I closed the door, I was aware of some other noise in the house.

I had noticed Dave and Angela’s car was back home, so presumed that it was from them. But the noises sounded frantic. Groaning, almost as if someone had been attacked and was lying in agony. Then came the scream! My blood turned cold, and I found a poker from the fire and proceeded with caution up the passage to where the noise had come from. The door was closed, so I pressed my ear on it to listen, still hearing some faint groaning coming from inside. With the passage light off, I noticed that the bedroom light was still on, so I slowly opened the door to see if I could see what was happening. pendik escort

The sight that greeted me I had never seen before, and at the time was not ready for it. Dave was on the bed, his butt naked butt shining and his head buried between Angela’s legs. Angela lay there on the bed, naked, her nipples erect like mine had been earlier in the day, her legs spread wide, and her face almost in a trance. I was fixated by what I saw. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t speak. I just stood there looking. I was again experiencing that nice feeling beginning between my legs and thought that I would have to satisfy this feeling again in my own room. As Angela neared what I later realized was her orgasm, she turned her head and saw me. She reached down between her legs and stopped Dave, and both looked my way. I could not answer and felt my face going red. I slowly stepped backwards towards the door, going redder and redder and stuttering as I moved back. “I…I…I”

Angela stopped me, and said “Don’t be embarrassed darling, why don’t you watch us some more. Sit on that chair over there.”

Too dumb struck to argue, I did what I was told, and moved to the chair which was at the base of the bed by the dressing table. I sat down and watched. It was then that I noticed Dave’s dick, hard and stiff. I also noticed as Dave smiled at me that he mouth and lips and nose were all wet. I figured that that was the wetness from Angela’s pussy. Angela motioned to Dave to continue, and he happily continued.

It wasn’t long before Dave made Angela scream again, and I noticed her body doing exactly what mine had done earlier in the day. She writhed and wriggled as she was brought to cum. It was so amazing to watch someone else cum. I noticed that I was also wet between my legs now, and could feel my wetness when I rubbed my thighs together. My nipples were pert, and I rubbed one of them through my top and it felt great. I soon found my way under my skirt, and while rubbing my panties I could feel the pleasure inside me increasing.

Next thing I was aware of was a hand on my shoulder. I looked up, pendik eskort bayanlar and there was Angela standing butt naked next to me. I looked up and down her body, and could see how wet she was. Her thighs soaked in her own juices. What happened next is again didn’t expect. She asked me if I would like to experience what Dave had just done to her. I shyly nodded, and it wasn’t long before Dave and Angela had undressed me and I was standing naked with them. Angela told Dave to lie on the bed. Then she told me to climb on top of Dave’s head and face his stomach. Angela then proceeded to climb on top of Dave’s erect dick. She lowered her moist wet pussy onto Dave’s shaft, and he let out a soft moan as he penetrated her. Dave then grabbed hold of me and pulled me down over his mouth.

I could feel my juices running down my legs. Dave’s tongue shot into my pussy and for the 4th time that day, I was in heaven. I felt his tongue explore my pussy, up over the clit, through the folds of my lips, down into my hole and back up to my clit. It felt fantastic. I was also aware of Angela’s hands on my nipples. She had each nipple between her thumb and index finger and she was rubbing them. I could also see that she was enjoying Dave being inside her. Her head thrown back in absolute pleasure. I had by this time been groaning for quite a while with the feeling that was happening between my legs. I became paralyzed with the sensation, and it wasn’t long before I was shouting to go faster, and pleasure my pleasure button more. I came with a loud shout and as I came, I was aware of Angela nearing her cum. When I came, I was also aware that Dave’s body had stiffened up and he too let out a groan as he clutched me so tight, and came inside Angela. Angela, already having cum twice since I’d been around cam last, and I noticed as she did, and small amount of her juices escaping from around the shaft inside her. Dave, Angela and I collapsed in a heap on the bed.

We woke in the morning naked, sticky and with great big smiles on our faces. Dave and Angela could not keep there hands off one another, and while I lay in the bed, rubbing myself, the two of them came again.

We all got up and I went off to my room, and showered. I brought myself to cum again in the shower, as I relived what had just transpired.

It was another lovely day, so I got dressed and went back down to the beach

To be continued…

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