Mart 22, 2021

My First Experience

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This incident happened a few years ago. It was a warm summer day and my parents had just told me that they were going out for dinner and would be out that evening. Yes, I thought, this would be an evening where I could just take off my clothes, pop a porn movie into the VCR, and just masturbate myself silly.

Up to this point, I had had absolutely no sexual experiences, straight or gay, although I was more inclined towards women. Most of my schooling and college had been in all male schools and college, and I knew that some of the guys used to fool around with each other, but I never had the courage to get into that scene, nor did an opportunity present itself, until that evening.

Much of the day passed slowly, in anticipation of the evening. The last few minutes before my parents left were agonizing. At last they left and I had the place for sometime. I bolted the front door, ran up to my room, stripped and pulled out two porno tapes that I had been wanting to see but had not had the opportunity. I raced down to the living room completely naked, and popped the tape into the VCR. It wasn’t very long before I was sporting a huge erection. My nipples were rock hard and my anus was itching for a cucumber. I had experimented with one a few days back.

I got up from the couch and darted to the refrigerator, praying that mom had stocked up on the veggies. Heaven, there it was, a nice long 7″ cucumber, just waiting to enter my warm asshole. I applied some cooking oil onto the cucumber, and a generous amount in and around my asshole, antalya escort and on my cock. Then I eased the cucumber slowly into my horny oil-filled ass. The sensation from this was driving me crazy. I was standing with my face on the washing counter and my back arched and was furiously masturbating with one hand and driving the cucumber up my ass with the other. I looked out the kitchen window. It was dark out. Masturbating in front of the open window was turning me on more, and I had this urge to go out and do it in the garden.

With trembling hands, I unlocked the kitchen door, and walked out, barefoot, completely naked, and with the cucumber protruding out of my ass.

I loved the cool breeze on my skin and the feel of grass and sand against my naked body. I was going at it for probably a minute or so. My cock felt like it would burst any minute so I eased up on my strokes.

Just then I heard a booming voice, asking what I was doing. My heart sank and I just froze. Shit, who was it and what was he thinking. What had he seen so far? I was cursing myself for being so careless. I turned around slowly. It was the watchman from next door. I tried to offer an explanation, but how could I possibly explain what I was doing?

He moved closer and was now barely a foot away from a very naked and frightened me. My cock had shriveled back to a limp state and I was backing up more and more as he came closer. Finally, I was up against the wall. He was a big man, rugged, unshaven, and very hairy. He told me he kepez escort had been watching me since a while and had never seen anyone in so much heat. He then said we could keep it our little secret if I did something for him. Before I could reply, he had already embraced me and I could feel his hot breath on my face.

His mouth was covering mine and his tongue was darting around in my mouth. His hands were now moving all over my naked body until he finally reached down and started pulling my cock. I could feel his erect cock through his clothes. Although still very nervous, this was again starting to excite me. He then turned me around and with both hands, parted my ass cheeks. With a small pop, the cucumber slowly slid out of my ass. He spat on his finger and let it slide all the way up my ass, as my cock again stood to full erection. Pretty soon we were lying on the grass, him on top of me, kissing my face, neck and nipples, our cocks bumping and grinding into each other. His hard cock was repeatedly hitting the area between my cock and my wide open anus. Shit, this is insane, I thought. Fucked outside my own house, by cheap hired help that would probably tell the whole world the next morning.

He stopped kissing me and told me to spread my legs as high and wide as a I could. It was then that I caught a glimpse of his cock. It was thick and fairly long, probably around 7-8 inches, and juicy. I had this urge to suck him, but before I could say anything, he spat on it, and angled it into my very manavgat escort wet, oiled up ass.

I was now moaning away as his strokes got deeper and harder. He had me in a very tight embrace and was pulling down on my body, while his cock was going up my ass. We were both hissing obscenities at each other. While cucumber and other assorted objects had provided immense pleasure in the past, this was something else altogether. I was now fully erect, madly jerking my cock, while spanking his ass cheeks with my free hand. All of a sudden his body tensed up, his eyes closed, and he pushed down really hard on my body. I could feel his cum spraying inside me. He was now moaning with pleasure, while still fucking me, although his strokes grew softer and slower. He slowly pulled out, rolled over, and lay on the grass next to me, moaning and panting. Shit, I thought. I hadn’t ejaculated yet. Sensing this, he turned to face me and worked his arm under my back and pushed his middle finger into my ass. With his other hand he stroked my cock. With a rush that I had never felt before I came all over myself and on his hand. We both lay there silent for what seemed like an eternity.

It now dawned on me what we had just done. My first experience had been with an older man, in my own backyard, fucked in the ass like a dog, and I would probably have to suffer some embarrassing consequences. As if to confirm my worst fears, he insisted that we go up to my room and fuck some more at night, even after my parents got back. I wanted to desperately go into the house and somehow erase the last few moments of my life. I was ashamed and very nervous.

He still insisted that if we do it again once, he would not bring it up ever again, and that would be that. Like a fool, I led him into the house and into my bedroom.

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