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My Feather Girl Ch. 02b

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My Feather Girl 02b — Polishing the stone

LEGALESE: Don’t read this if you are underage, if it is illegal in your area, if it is offensive to you, or if you cannot distinguish fiction from reality. This is a work of fiction.

All sexually active characters are above the age of consent on their planet of origin.

Many thanks go to RF-Fast and thor_pf for editing and polishing. Any bad grammar left is wholly on me and my artistic style… and a strong reliance on spell check.

Copyright (c) 2018 by Acup

A word of warning, I write good stories, I hope, with some decent sex in them. If you’re looking for a stroker look somewhere else.

The disclaimers have been moved to the end of the story for my ADD readers.

This is the story of a young woman who has been keeping company with a rather pathetic guy who has succeeded in warping her sense of what a ‘normal’ relationship and sex should be. It’s about her finding an average young man and her learning that what she thought she knew really isn’t so, then slowly working through to what should be a normal relationship and coming to terms with it. Finally coming to be a lovely woman who doesn’t hide her body and eventually begins to enjoy and even revel in being looked at.


I woke up alone, but to the smell of bacon. She knew that would get me up. I staggered into the bathroom to relieve myself and shower, the shower I hadn’t had the energy to take this morning. I grinned at that, hell of an excuse to not take a shower before going to bed!

I came in behind my naked cook slipping my hands under her apron to cup her tits before kissing her neck, “Morning.”

“Morning,” She responded wiggling her ass back against my cock. “Sleep well?”

“Mmmmm, you know I did, and it’s all your fault. I’m going to have to get you for that,” slipping one hand down to cup her mound and dip a finger between her lips.

“I’ll hold you to that later, but for now your eggs are done.”

I took one last dip into her pussy and licked my finger off while Betty set the table, I looked down and exclaimed, “You’re trying to fatten me up aren’t you.”

Betty grinned, “Nope, just building your stamina so you can fuck me silly again.”

And again, and again, and again, and…

I thought for a second, “Okay,” and dug in. As I ate, I looked across the table at the wonderful woman across from me. A good cook, beautiful, intelligent, and a real dynamo in bed. How could anyone be stupid enough to let a treasure like her go, much less abuse her like that?

We ate and chatted, I ogled her chest, her pussy and legs hidden from me. We might have to look into a glass table… Hmmmm.

I let Betty clear the dishes, only because I had an ulterior motive. As soon as Betty had put the dishes in the sink and turned around I was behind her. I grabbed her waist and lifted her to the table bringing her head a little above mine instead of the slightly lower I was used to. I kissed her lips and then kissed a trail down to her tit, but just before I got to her nipple I pushed her back on the table and lifted and spread her legs.


“Hank, the girls will be home soon…”

I kissed down her thighs toward my dessert, “Well then I better get going before they come in and start ravaging you.” I kissed her mound beside her landing strip making her sigh.

“Okay,” she said softly, I could hear the grin in her voice.

I am his slut… GRIN! Besides, Tarra and Ebi wouldn’t want to nibble on me… would they?

I pulled a chair over and sat down for my dessert. Oh, this is nice, just sitting here with Betty spread before me. Licking and sucking her juices from her, nibbling and suckling her inner lips, flicking my tongue around her clit making her gasp between the nice little groans.

I could do this for breakfast EVERY day.

I was really getting into Betty when the front door opened. Betty tried to sit up and close her legs but I wrapped my arms around her thighs and sucked her clit between my teeth making her screech.

“No fair starting without us!” Tarra yelled. She drug Ebi over to the other side of the table and sat her up almost laying her over in the process. She pushed her back and unceremoniously ripped her bloomers and panties down and dived in.

OH GOD! How embarrassing. And they’re going to do it right next to us!

Ebi had tried to object like Betty had, but a tongue in her pussy dissolved any objections. She cupped her tits through her corset, then shoved it down enough to get them out and began squeezing and tweaking as she moaned in pleasure from Tarra’s ministrations.

I looked down between Ebi’s raised knees to see Tarra thoroughly enjoying her dinner.

I went back to Betty, and dived in. It didn’t start out that way, but it soon became a race on the kitchen table between me and Tarra, each of us egging our partner on.

I turned my head at the sound of Ebi’s wet puss beside me. The look bahis firmaları on Tarra’s face like she really loves doing that. Do I smell that good to Hank? Does Hank look like that between my thighs? Does he REALLY enjoy it? OH FUUUUUUCK!

I was about to put my fingers in to Betty’s g-spot when there was a screech from Betty, followed by a similar one from Ebi as she began flowing into my mouth. She wasn’t squirting per se but she was surging, her nectar almost more than I could keep up with.

I let Betty come down slow, her flood dropping to a trickle, and even then it was delicious. I looked up between her legs and had to chuckle. I found out what he screech was from. There was a chocolate hand on Betty’s white tit squeezing her nipple, her soft pink nipple contrasting even more with it. I looked over and there was a contrasting hand on Ebi’s tit playing with hers, and it wasn’t Tarra’s!

What happened next almost made me fall off the chair. I saw Tarra stand up, her face wet with Ebi’s nectar, and lean over Betty. She grinned down at Betty starting to lean down, stop, grin, and then continue down to give Betty a nice kiss. Just one, but DAMN that wasn’t just a little peck!

Oh that’s just down right nasty. The grin on Tarra’s face with Ebi’s juice all over it, and that look, the one she gave me the other day in the shower when she… touched me. She’s looking at me licking her lips. I can see Ebi’s juices ready to drip from her chin. Ebi doesn’t smell like I do, would she taste different too? Her lips are glistening with Ebi’s juices, could I? Would Hank freak out if I… OH GOD!! Tarra kissed me! She even licked my lips a little after I licked a bit of Ebi’s juices from her lips. It wasn’t bad, in fact Ebi sure tastes sweet. Hank’s looking at me with ‘that’ grin, and that’s MY juices running from his chin, SLUUUUUT!

Betty managed to get to her elbows, Ebi’s hand falling down to her belly. I pulled her up for a kiss, forgetting to wipe my face. She wiped some of the excess, but then wrapped her arms around me for a nice long deep kiss. I think I even tasted a different flavor, could it be a little of Ebi still on Betty’s lips?

Tarra drug Ebi off to their room, followed by more shrieks and groans. I took Betty to the shower for a quick bottom half rinse. We went back to the living room and kicked back to watch a movie, naked.

Hank rinsed me down, but he didn’t wash my juices from his face. I can still smell myself on him, and a little of Ebi on me from Terra! I can still taste her on my lips… she tastes pretty good… what would it be like if I… if I licked… her?

We were about half way through when the girls made their appearance in towel turbans, the grin and glow of being freshly fucked. The movie was paused as the girls began chatting. I wasn’t in the conversation, so I just sat back looking at the beauty around me.

Now don’t get me wrong, Tarra and Ebi were gorgeous women, both of them a healthy C cup if not a D. Tarra’s stood a bit more proud but Ebi’s had large dark areola and large chewy nipples in contrast to Tarra’s soft brown nipples on her lightly tanned skin. Firm, trim, waists leading down to shaved pussies. Now there was a contrast.

Now for as much as I love tits in all shapes, I do love eating a nice juicy peach. And just like tits, they come in all shapes and sizes. Tarra’s mound was almost nonexistent. Her crotch just disappeared between her legs, the top of her slit only appearing an inch or so above the conjunction of her legs with no keyhole. Ebi had almost the total opposite. A decent mound, but also big puffy lips and inner lips hanging out, her clit protruding above them almost like they were an add on to her mound. Her keyhole well defined but would never hold a cock against her lips.

And then there was Betty. She was a few inches shorter than me, and yes she was a bit small chested, but that allowed her to go braless which MORE than made up for it. Her soft pillowy nipples topping them off so nicely. Her trim waist, not as much of a difference as the girls, but still a nice feminine shape transitioning down to her pussy.

Now that was what I called my perfect pussy. A nice mound, not too big, not too small, her slit right there where I could put my tongue in to taste her. The barest hint of inner lips and a clit that stays in until she gets wound up, then coming out for attention, all that sitting above her thighs, not quite coming together, yet forming a lovely keyhole. If I looked closely I could swear I saw a bit of a glisten on those lips… why is it so quiet in here?

I look up and see three girls grinning at me, “What?”

Ebi chuckled and pointed to my crotch, my firming cock giving me away, “BUSTED!”

Those two hot naked women, and he’s looking at ME. I think he really does love me.

I just grinned and shrugged. Betty got up and sauntered over to me, settling in straddling my lap. “See something you like?” working her damp slit around my cock.

I slid my hand kaçak iddaa up her side past the side of her tit to cup her jaw, the last signs of the bruise fading and thankfully not hurting anymore, “Uh, uh,” her eyes went wide, “something I love.”

Betty got misty eyes, then scooted forward barely giving me time to move my hand from being trapped between us as she wrapped her arms around my neck to kiss me. Betty was plastered against me trying to kiss me into submission and I was doing my best to keep up while squeezing her ass.

Betty pulled back, “I love you too.”

There was an ear splitting whistle and some hooting and hollering from our audience.

Surprisingly Betty didn’t cringe and blush, she just stuck her tongue out at them and then turned back to kissing me.

“What do you want to do today?”

“There’s always shopping?” she said, I groaned. “Well I was thinking about some shorter skirts…”

Maybe, maybe, maybe…


He… he WANTS me in shorter skirts? HELL YES!

“Maybe we could make an evening out of it before work, grab dinner, maybe a movie…”

“With you, I could even endure shopping.”

We cuddled and kissed a bit, then Betty went to her stack of boxes, going through and sorting and consolidating, a few more that could go to the storage unit while we were out. I turned the TV back on, but was watching her move around the apartment, not a stitch on and grinning when she caught me looking at her.

I slipped some nice slacks and shirt on, tossing my work clothes in the truck to change later. Betty put on her white gauzy dress, braless, and from the flash of her crotch, pantyless as well. That was confirmed on the drive to the restaurant.

As soon as Betty climbed into the truck she pulled a towel under her, then lifted her dress to a ring around her waist. That was followed by slipping the straps off her shoulders and letting her dress drop below her tits momentarily then bringing it up to hook on her nipple, the top of her pink areola still showing.

It’s all yours Hank, only for you. But I’ll let some others look! GRIN

Betty stayed that way, even into the restaurant parking lot, not pulling her dress down, merely shaking her hips to shake it down and then having to pull it back up over her nipples. Even walking in she let it hang there. Once in a while her dress would drop off her nipples through dinner, but Betty didn’t ‘react’ to it, she merely reached down and pulled it up again barely over her nipple, and in no hurry to do so.

Hank’s not making me cover up! He LIKES seeing me flash my boobs!

I looked at her on the fourth dress slip. Betty grinned a bit, finishing her bite of food before pulling her dress up, letting it hang out there for me and others to enjoy. We skipped dessert, and headed out for some female retail therapy.

Once again her dress slipped on the walk out to the truck as she gripped my arm, but this time she let it be, totally ignoring her left tit in the late day sunshine. As she hopped into the truck the other side slipped and she just got in, pulling her dress up to her waist, the top joining it to form a ring around her waist again as she rotated to face me kicking her knee up to give me an unobstructed view of her pussy. She leaned back against the door, not moving as cars passed us on my side.

This is better than by the pool. Hank looking at my bare body in the evening sun, the warmth of the sun mixing with the warmth of my body from his gaze.

When we got to the mall, Betty waited until after she got out before pulling the dress up and shaking it down. I don’t think anyone actually saw her, but they could have and she was grinning about it.

Our first stop was of course the dress store… and it wasn’t a short stop.

Betty made a few rounds, picking several dresses to try on, while I sat outside the dressing rooms. And there were lots of men’s magazines there, were they trying to tell me something?

Betty tried the first one on, a nice corset top and short skirt. The corset was nice, but with her small chest it wasn’t really needed. But the next one of just a straight corset with no cups was interesting, pushing her tits up from clamping the lower part of them made her chest look a lot bigger, but I would bet it wasn’t that comfortable.

A corset is almost useless with my little boobs, but one of the long cinchers seems to have his interest. Would Hank take me in the dressing room? Why am I always thinking about Hank taking me?

When the lady in the far dressing room left, Betty grabbed her dresses and told me to drag the chair down. OH THIS IS MORE LIKE IT!

Well even if he’s not going to take me, he’s going to SEE me!

I was sitting across the aisle in the ‘safe zone’, but it was across from the open door of Betty’s changing room. Watching her strip and redress, getting the next dress on, getting herself situated, her tits having to be in the right place, checking to see if her nipples kaçak bahis were standing out.

Would you do this when I get dressed Hank? Would you put your hands in here and grab and squeeze? Can you see how much my nipples ache for your touch?

Trying this one and that one, turning and tugging on her dress to let me look in her dress, frowning at the ones she couldn’t pull aside or open to let me look at her. Stripping her dresses off and trying several pairs of stockings, the first two with the narrow two inch bands, even a black set with white lace tops, and the last one with the huge eight inch band just accenting her pussy and landing strip.

No more restrictive clothes, no more pantyhose. Everything from now on will make me as accessible to Hank as I can get away with. Oh these are nice! The wide lace almost high enough to tickle my crotch. Would you lick and kiss my thighs when you take them off, or would you just spread me and ravage my puss? If I ‘misbehaved’ would you make me walk around in just my stockings? I’m not putting my old clothes on for work. I’m going to wear this! Hitched up and decked out for Hank! I was almost brave enough to go commando, almost.

I watched her slip the yellow halter dress on, pulling the wide waistband up high on her hips, bringing the hem of the dress up just below mid thigh, leaning forward to get her tits settled in the halter before tying it behind her neck. And even then reaching in to lift and get her tits in just the right place and circling her nipples to make sure they were just where she wanted them while she watched me looking at them. Only then did she slip her little yellow matching thong on. “Okay, all set.”

I looked at the vision before me, “You wearing that to work?”

“Yup, I have my white jacket in the truck so we’re good.”

I smiled and groaned, “You’re just teasing me.” As her fingertips were back to circling her nipples.

Betty lifted her skirt and pulled her thong aside to run her finger through her wet lips. “Maybe, maybe not,” dragging her wet finger across my lips.

Think about it Hank, think about taking me, eating me, fucking me…ANYTHING!

I didn’t get the body show on the way to work, but it was nice anyway. And like Betty said, slipping her white jacket on turned it into a short skirt deep cleavage outfit. Unlike other nights, Betty stayed in the truck and walked in with me, that is of course after a nice kiss and holding my hand to her tit while doing it.

Betty’s outfit was a huge hit. All the guys and most of the ladies complimenting her, only a few of the older fuddy duddies making their negative opinions known. I enjoyed several times of Betty kneeling down getting the reserve bag, she even grinned up at me and pulled her skirt up when she didn’t have to, letting not only the stocking elastic show, but a little bare thigh above it. I think I even saw her thong!

Her real splash was at lunch. I was sitting with a few of the guys when Betty came in, grabbed a tray, and took her jacket off to sit two chairs down. All of a sudden she had a crowd around her, and before someone could sit down between us, she scooted over to allow one of her friends to sit on the other side of her.

Thank god Alice came in, the guys were all crowding around me. I can scoot over to Hank and nobody can say anything. They all look at me like they’ve never seen me before. It’s just a new dress! Mmmmmm but Hank seems to like me next to him! I wish this dress was looser, then Hank could see down it and look at my… oh god he’s so hard!

She kept on with an animated conversation with them, occasionally asking me a question… and dragging her nails across my cock under the table while looking the other way.

But the real tease was her dessert, Betty got a Twinkie, and reveled in it, biting the end off, licking the cream from the middle. “I just love a good cream filling. How about you Hank, you like a good cream filling?’ then licked some from the center, held it on her tongue a bit then swallowed it with a “Mmmmmmm.”

I can’t believe I said that! What is Hank doing to me?

I just shook my head and groaned as the girls around the table cackled. I got up and patted her bare shoulder and drug my finger across her neck below her ear. “Enjoy your dessert,” grabbing my smock and heading back to the floor.

“NO ALICE, we’re not! He just… I mean.” I grinned remembering when he did… “You need to go home and get laid girl!”

I’m gonna do it I’m gonna do it… I can’t believe I’m gonna do it. All I can think about is having Hank in me.

Betty appeared later, grinning at me in passing. A little later she swung by where I was working and stuck her hand in my smock pocket quick in passing. With the ornery mood Betty was in I waited until I had a quiet corner to see what she put in my pocket.

What I found made me hard in my slacks. I had her damp thong and a note in my hand, ‘Our corner of the roof on break, I need a cream filling.’ OH FUUUUUCK!

I had a few more calls before break, but I was still hard from Betty’s note. I went to the break room, and no sign of Betty. I grabbed a cold bottle of pop and went out the side door to ‘our area.’

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