Mayıs 13, 2021

My Errands

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Bzzz… Bzzz… Bzzz… Oh c’mon Brittany thinks. Who is sending me a txt at this time of the morning?

Hmmm it’s Johnny. I wonder what he sent me this time. Ever since that “accidental” reflection in a pic a while back he’s been getting bolder and bolder with the suggestive pics he’s sent. Not that I mind as he’s got a nice cut figure. Not a Chippendale by any means but certainly not sporting the sagging waistline like most guys in their 30’s. He says he doesn’t but he must work out with abs like that. So what is it he sent me this morning… loading… Ahhh, There are those abs again, boy I’d like to give those a rub down. Getting a little bolder today though! A picture of a steam covered bathroom mirror that’s been wiped clear except for a strategically placed strip left to blur his manhood. Enough to know he’s obviously naked but not enough to make out any real details.

“Good morning to you too, thanks for brightening my morning!” Britt sent back.

“Anytime!” Johnny replied “Miss that beautiful smile of yours.”

“Maybe I’ll come say HI after work this week?”

“Great I’ll be at work late tonight, as most nights, if the door is locked just txt me.”

Britt did not reply. Instead her mind started to drift toward the days tasks at work.

I’m so not looking forward to the day, Britt thinks as she settles in at her desk. This new found set of responsibilities has been challenging to say the least. Seems like I have to fight for every little bit of cooperation to get anything done. Oh, shoot, I forgot about the errands I have to run after work. I open my phone messaging and quickly type “Have errands to run tonight, maybe another night.”

Johnny responds, “Yeah, Yeah, like every other time. I’ll be here if you change your mind! Otherwise catch you later.”

I jumped and quickly turned off my phone when someone walked up and called out my name, Grrrrrr, yet another fire to put out. Doesn’t anyone else care enough to get this stuff taken care of on their own!? Will this day ever end? I didn’t get to respond back.

“Sorry that wasn’t nice, maybe I just need a hug! lol. I really hope you have an awesome rest of the day!” Johnny.

I still didn’t respond but my mind went back to wandering. I’ve known Johnny for almost 9 years now. He was hired in just a couple of months before me in this very company. Johnny is one of the good guys. The type you want to find and make your own not just work with. We share a weird sensual sense of humor. I always wondered if maybe in another life we could have been together. Part of me secretly wishes we still could even in just for a mutual stress relief to our regular lives. Some days I really wish he’d never taken that new job over a year ago even though I know it was perfect for him. Part of me is jealous of him leaving. Maybe one of these days I’ll find the right opportunity myself. The sensual tension has been there for a while but not till his recent self pictures did I realize just what he was hiding under there. Mmmmm.

FINALLY! It seems like today took forever but it’s finally almost time to leave. Shoot I haven’t checked my phone all afternoon. I flick it on and still open on the screen are Johnny’s messages. I scroll back to the last few pictures bahis firmaları and I can feel myself getting a little wet. Screw the errands! I shut down my computer and office space and head out to my car. Saying goodbye to a coworker I jump in and head out of the parking lot. Instead of the usual right toward home I make a left. I drive down in the direction of my first stop and pull in to drop off the payment. I swing through pick up the card and gift for a friend’s birthday. Stopped and got gas in my car and now I’m headed back home. On a whim as I’m about to drive past the next road I suddenly hit the brakes, slow down and turn. Thankfully no one was close behind me as I double check my mirror almost too late!

The business park is mostly empty now as it’s just after 6 o’clock. As I near the next business I notice that there are just 2 cars left in the parking lot and I recognize the one so I pull in. As I’m coming up to the door a lady I do not know is just leaving. After a brief exchange she lets me in and locks the door on her way to her car. I quietly walk down the hall toward the only lit office near the end. As I peek around the corner I see Johnny sitting behind his desk with his back to the door facing a computer screen and papers scattered all over. He’s deep in concentration, apparently working on some important project. He has to have heard me I’m thinking. I look down and unbutton a couple more buttons of my blouse to reveal a little more of my perky c-cups.

I quietly step across the dated shag carpet; boy these offices could use an update. I manage to sneak up right behind Johnny and reach out and slowly start to rub his shoulders.

“Mmmm, hello,” he says “thought you had errands to run?”

I slowly massage his shoulders then the base of his neck.

“You are tight, rough day?” I ask.

“Oh that is nice, keep that up and I’ll be stiff in more than just my shoulders.”

“Hmmm, I can take care of that too.” I say as I slowly massage down over his shoulders to his chest.

Johnny then grabs my arm while spinning his office chair around and pulls me onto his lap. Other than the many lingering hugs, this is the closest physical contact we’ve had. I now sit facing him straddling his lap. I continue to rub his upper chest and shoulders while his hands start to roam up my sides and onto my back. Slowly his strong hands massage my back taking all of my day’s stresses and seemingly melting them away. I catch him eying my not so subtle cleavage and he gives me a sly smile. His hands slowly start roaming lower firmly massaging my lower back. Slowly he slides his hands down across my firm ass, massaging one cheek in each hand.

Giving a firm squeeze Johnny says, “You know I’ve wanted to do this since that day you wore those tight grey yoga pants. They feel even better than they look.”

We sit now almost nose to nose, neither breaking eye contact. As my hands roam, so do his. Slowly He moves a hand down and under me, massaging the back of my leg and my inner thigh. Oh so close! I can feel myself starting to get wet. Finally I lean in and our lips touch. Like a spark! My breathing gets heavier, his hands roam faster. I start to un-tuck his shirt and pull it over his head.

“I want to kaçak iddaa see what all those pictures are about,” I say to him “live and in person!”

“Only if this is a two way street” he responds. He slowly moves his hands around and starts to unbutton the remaining few buttons on my blouse. Before my blouse hits the floor he’s already unclasping my lacey bra. “Wow you are incredible,” he says as I blush.

“You’re not so bad in person yourself.”

Johnny then hugs me around the waist pulling us chest to chest gently he lifts me up and sets my on his main desk which is surprisingly empty. “Hmmm seems like you were ready for this!”

“A boy scout is always prepared.” He says.

As he leans me back on the desk he slowly presses his lips to my tummy. Slowly, sensually, he’s kissing around my navel. He works his way seductively up to the underside of my breast. My nipples now standing prominently out from my body he gently takes his tongue and tickles each one, teasing them as if they could get any harder. He kisses around each breast then works his way up to my lips. Kissing me deeply, making my body ache for his touch. Slowly, he starts his way down my chest stopping again to massage each breast with his mouth and tongue with special attention on each nipple. His hands start unbuckling my pants. I flip off my shoes and as he gently pulls off my slacks I’m left laying on his desk with my feet in the air in nothing by my matching lace panties. He holds my feet up as he places a kiss right on the back of my ankle, then the other, then he slowly works down each leg leaving me tingling with anticipation. My panties must be showing my growing wet spot.

He then spreads my legs and pulls one leg over each shoulder as he sits down in his chair. He runs his tongue down the inside of my leg to the edge of my panties, and then places a kiss right on my covered clit. With the building anticipation, I almost orgasm on the spot. Using his tongue he licks up and down over my panties massaging my now engorged lips through the black almost transparent lace. So… close… eyes close… back arches… body tenses…all…most there… as he stops and stands up.

“What? NO. Don’t stop!” I cried.

“Patience,” says Johnny.

He raises my legs back up pointing them toward the ceiling. He gently pulls my panties off my hips and loosens them from their covering of my most sensitive areas, now giving him a close-up view of my smooth shaved pussy lips. As he slowly pushes the panties up my legs he places lingering kisses along the most sensitive spots on the back of my legs all the way to my ankles. This sends a tingling feeling from my ankles straight to my pussy. Finally the panties hit the floor and he works his lips and tongue down the inside of my leg slowly spread them apart. As he reaches my pussy he teases around my lips with his tongue briefly. Then starting at my perineum he takes one long, slow lick all the way to my clitoris. All I can do is lay my head back, close my eyes and moan. As he sucks in each of my lips he massages them around with his tongue. I am so wet now. My quite engorged lips lay spread open like butterfly wings. My orgasm is building; my breathing becomes short and rapid. He then circles my hole pushing his kaçak bahis tongue in and out expertly working me with his tongue. He moves up and sucks my hard clitoris into his mouth and works it over with his tongue.

“Ohhhhhhhhh, I’m cumming.” I moan loudly.

He continues working my clit as my body arches and shakes from the orgasm. Even though I’m now clenching his head between my legs he doesn’t let up until I start to finally relax.

“Oh my god that was good,” I say, “This may be the best errand ever!”

He stands up and leans forward to suck on my rock hard nipples. Then as he leans in to kiss me I can feel his hardened member pressing against me through his pants. Kissing me deeply on my mouth I can taste my own moisture on his lips. Even as we are locked in a deep kiss my hands are reaching feverishly for his buckle and zipper. Loosening his pants I push down his pants and briefs with my feet finally releasing his stiff cock into my waiting hands. Breaking the kiss I sit up and with him now standing in front of me I slowly kiss his chest working my tongue around his nipples. I push him back against the office wall and move down onto my knees. I playfully run my tongue and kisses along his V cut, sex lines slowly moving to his erect penis.

As I lick the head of his hard member he leans his head back, now his turn to moan. I slowly take him into my mouth with every stroke working the most sensitive underside with my tongue. He spreads his legs apart further as I use my hand to play with his sac. Continuing to stroke his dick with my mouth I lightly trace across his perineum and around his most sensitive hole causing him to shiver in response. As I push against his tight opening with my finger he gasps saying he’s never had a girl do that before. I smile and ask if I should stop. “Hell No,” he responds.

I slide my finger gently inside him and begin rubbing his G-spot. His erection gets impossibly hard in my mouth as I start to stroke more quickly with my tongue and mouth. I watch as his body begins to tremble and his cut chest and abs start to contract. He moans “I’m almost there but I want to be inside you.”

I need him inside me badly.

I release his member from my mouth leaving it standing proudly. I stand up and kiss him deeply as he moves me back to his desk. Not breaking our embrace he picks me up and leans me back on his desk. I reach down and take hold if his hard dick and slowly rub it up and down my slit. He teases me by pushing in just the tip them pulling back out and rubbing some more. We are both so wet with anticipation, our breathing rapid and short, our tongues now battling in a deep embrace.

“I need you in me, Now!” I gasp. As he moves the head of his penis to the opening of my tight slit, the long awaited impending moment is now. The collection of sexual tension is finally culminating in this passionate moment. I feel him start to apply pressure and slowly start to enter me.

Bzzz… Bzzz… Bzzz… Bzzz… Bzzz… Bzzz… Oh c’mon Johnny thinks.

“Noooooo,” groans Johnny as he looks at his phone. 6:30am and his alarm is going off waking him.

“Why? Why?!?” Johnny asks to the empty room as he lays there with his pulse still pounding, his breathing labored, and his dick standing hard as he can ever remember from his most vivid dream yet.

As he glances back at his phone he groans then laughs out loud, “I guess the jokes on me!”

Friday, April 1st 2016.

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