Mart 30, 2021

My Dear Aunt Ch. 03

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It was in the evening. Radha and i were walking back home from college. She was looking at me weirdly.

“Hey tell me… today while i was getting ready in my room, i could hear some weird noises in the kitchen. What was going on?” Radha asked me.

It surprised me at sudden. Did she know about her mom and i? Did she just hear us or did she even saw us? I was sweating the hell out of me. I could not even think of anything apart from the fact that i was busted.

“Nothing! It was your mom and i talking.” I said in a stressing tone.

“Hey where is Prema.” I tried changing the subject.

“She got some extra classes. She will be late.”

I just stopped talking and hoped that she does not question me further. We arrived in our street and we could see my aunt waiting for us outside.

“My darlings how was your day.” She asked from a distance. I tried not stopping near and was making my way to my house when my aunt called my name.

“Ravi! Why don’ t you come here. You will be alone at home.”

“No its okay. I will wait for my parents at home and i got to freshen up.”

“Oh don’t be silly. You can freshen up here. Just Come!”

My aunt gave me a naughty smile and winked at me.

“And maybe i could freshen you up.” She said in my ears while walking inside. Radha was already inside in her room.

“Aunt listen i think Radha must be suspecting some thing.”

“What! How do you know that?” She seemed tensed.

Then i told her everything.

“Well she might as well know nothing at all.”

She said while going down on me. I was shocked that she was going to suck my cock even i told her what happened. I might have turned her into a cock sucking bitch.

“Aunt, Radha is upstairs. She may come down and things can get worst.”

“Oh don’t worry son, she gonna take a bath and it will long before she gets out of the bathroom. Just give me that pretty cock son. I have been waiting for you.” I was so turned on then, i didn’t even care now and make that beautiful slut suck my dick. My uncle would come home at night and Prema would be with her. I had the time to do a lot of things to with my aunt or that was just zeytinburnu escort what i was thinking. Aunt was giving me the best blowjob in the living room. I was on the couch and she was down at my knee. I was just mesmerised by my aunt. After a couple of minutes i looked up and there was Radha standing far and looking at us shocked. I pushed my aunt back and got up. I just said Radha’s name a couple of time and just went numb. Aunt turned around and saw Radha.

“Mom what the hell you are doing! Have got no shame doing this with your nephew. I knew something was up between you two.” She threw at her mom.

“Sweety i can explain.”

“Explain what! You are having sex with your nephew. You are cheating on dad. How can you explain that.”

“Just listen to me.” My aunt made her sit on the couch and tried talking to her. I just moved back trying not to mess up things more.

“I wasn’t completely happy with your dad. He could not satisfy me any more. And i have needs honey. I was feeling that my marriage was gonna end that when Ravi came in. He makes me feel good, he can give me what dad can’t. He saved my marriage. He saved this house from tearing apart.”

All this time i was standing in the corner with my dick out. Radha was staring at my half erect cock. I did not even realised that my cock was exposed.

“But what going to happen now mom.”

“If you want i can stop it Radha and please don’t tell your dad.” My aunt said.

“No no! You don’t need to stop if it helps you mom.” Radha told her. I was confused and was suspecting that there is something else.

“Honey thank you for understanding me. Tell me what i can do anything to make you feel easy.”

“Well! You can share Ravi with me.” Radha shocked us. I knew something was up by the way she was staring at me. She might have never seen such a big cock in her life. She might as well be a virgin. I told myself.

“Radha are sure that what you want. You want to fuck your cousin. Did you even have sex before.” Aunt anjali to her.

“Mom you fucked your nephew and am not a virgin. I had sex with my ex boyfriend. But he wasn’t as handsome aksaray escort as Ravi and his cock as small.”

I was there listening to a mom and daughter talking about fucking me. I could not be any happier in my life. I always wanted to stuff my cock in Radha. I was now completely hard.

“Mom why don’t you give Ravi and I some time alone.”

“If that what you want then ok.” Aunt said walking to me. She kissed me on lips and gave my cock stroke then walked away.

“If you guys need help then call me.” She shouted from the kitchen.

I walked towards Radha and stood before her without saying anything. She was feeling shy i guess. She was hesitating. I took her hand and put it around my cock and kissed her on her lips, switching tongue in our mouths. We kissed for a moment while she was playing with my balls and stroking my cock. She was still in her uniform. It was like a dream come true. I unbuttoned her blouse and took it off her. She was there in her skirt and bra. I took her panty off and lifted her skirt up and went down on her. I kissed her soft thighs making my way up her pussy. She was already dripping wet. Her pink pussy was glistening. I could help myself and just started licking her. She moaned when my tongue touched her clit. I knew i was good at it. She was loud. Well like mother like daughter.

“Ahhh Ravi i know now why my mother fucks you. Make me your slut also.” I stopped there and went up to here face.

“I always wanted to fuck you Radha. You are so beautiful and hot. It make me even more turned on as you are my cousin. Am gonna make you cum. I want you to cum for your brother cousin.” I whispered in her ears. I took my cock and made her suck it. She was good at it but not as good as her mother who was watching us from the kitchen. I looked at my aunt. She was smiling at me. I knew she even wanted me. Her hand was under her dress, playing with pussy. I gave her a sign to come closer. She came in the living room and sat on a sofa opposite us. She liked seeing her daughter sucking her nephew. The room was filled by Radha and her mom’s soft moans.

I guess Radha was even more turned on seeing her mom ataköy escort masturbating. She pulled my cock out and pushed me on the couch.

“I want you to fuck me now. Right here in front of my mother.” And she sat on my lap guiding my cock in her pussy. It was not sliding in easily. She was very tight and i was like a raged animal now. I gave a hard thrust up and my cock went completely in.

“Ahhhh be gentle.” Radha shouted. “Let me get used to your big dick.” She sat there for a while with her mom watching us and fingering get sweet pussy. After a while Radha started moving slowly. Her pussy was dripping wet and it made it easier for her to move.

“I can feel you inside me. Its so good. I feel like cumming right now.” Radha said.

I started moving up and down and matched her rythm. It was feeling amazing with her on top of me and my aunt watching us. “I want you to fuck me faster and harder.” Well this was enough for me. I thrusted up and down faster. “How you like me inside you. You naughty fucking your cousin while your mom watching us.”

“Yesss yessss fuck me. I love you Ravi. Fuck me infront of my mom. Make me your slut. Ahhh ahhhh yess fuck! am gonna cum, am gonna cum in this beautiful cock.”

“Yes cum for me, cum in front of your mom.”

I fucked her harder. She was moving fast and then stop suddenly.

“Yessss! ahhhhh! Am cumming.” She shouted. The muscles in her pussy was making me feel even better. I could feel her cum. Her juice was just flowing put and running down my cock. We sat there some minutes until her orgasm passes. I started moving slowly but she stopped me and slowly took my cock out her pussy. Her pussy was red.

“Why don’t you fuck my mom. I am tired now. I need some time and you haven’t came yet.” She said and sat beside me on the couch. I could not wait and went for aunt’s pussy quickly. I kissed my aunt while lifting her legs up and i pushed my cock inside her. My aunt did not see it coming.

“Ahhhhh son.”

I fucked her hard and we both came at the same time. Radha was there watching and smiling. I was still inside my aunt and i was lying on her boobs. Radha came and gave me a kiss. “Thank you mom for sharing Ravi with me.” She said.

“Am happy that you understood me sweety.”my aunt responded. Radha then went to her room leaving us in the living room. I started getting a hard on soon inside my aunt and after another session fucking my aunt i went home before my uncle and Prema return.

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