Mart 30, 2021

My Daughter, Alyx

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Alyx is my daughter. She is eighteen years old and the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. She has been through a lot in her life; nevertheless, she is just like me.

-The Story of Our Lives-

I met Ethan shortly after Alyx started dating him. He seemed like a nice enough guy. He was nineteen which was kind of a relief. Alyx had been dating guys older than her for awhile, but one year is not too bad. Ethan comes from a good family. His mother is a doctor and his father writes for the local newspaper. They live in a nice house – I’ve been over for dinner twice.

Gary left me when Alyx was nine. For the first two years, she visited him every other weekend – during the summer, we alternated weeks. She liked to spend time with her father, but he began to get caught up in his own life. She was almost twelve when he moved to San Diego with his girlfriend. Alyx was devastated and I was annoyed. She went to visit him twice, but she missed home and was happy to come back.

By the time she was a fourteen, she started dating and so did I. I met a guy named Sal and we dated for awhile. He was good to the both of us and I think he genuinely loved us both. Unfortunately, Sal and I decided to go our separate ways after a few years. He wanted to get married and I wasn’t ready. He wanted to have kids of his own, and I was past that point in my life. It was better if we moved on – and we did. We promised we would be friends, but that never works.

The next guy was Tom and he was a player. He cheated on me and I forgave him. He cheated on me again and I could not. It was for the better because he always seemed annoyed by my lifestyle. He didn’t want to be tied down and I had my daughter to consider. It was doomed from the start.

Finally, I met Jeff and I fell in love. Jeff was divorced with two kids of his own. Samantha was sixteen and Jeremy twelve. He moved into my house and his kids visited regularly – they lived with their mom. Samantha was the same age as Alyx and they quickly became best friends. Everything seemed so perfect! Unfortunately, I got bored.

I met a few guys online and Jeff had no idea. Part of it was for sex, but I was thrilled by the excitement. I lived two lives simultaneously. I was the sweet mother and fiancee in one, and a thrill-seeking slut in the other. I met at least six guys before Jeff became suspicious. Then, one day, the shit hit the fan. He had a friend of his follow me and I was caught red-handed. He was gone within a week and Alyx hated me! She was almost eighteen at that point and our relationship grew distant. I was embarrassed by what I did, but I felt that I deserved to have some excitement in my life.


I spiraled out of control. I met more and more guys and I became more and more careless. I met a bunch of guys on the internet and a few in the local bars. I’ll admit I was self-destructive at that point in my life. I’ll also admit that I put Alyx at risk as well. I brought guys home who I didn’t really know and she was a witness. We grew closer as she finished high school – I was thankful for that – but I know it was because I had relaxed the rules and tried to be her friend. I felt like I had to after what we had been through.

I found out that she had been drinking and experimenting with drugs. I turned a blind-eye at first, but soon I simply allowed it. The basement belonged to her and I didn’t question what went on down there. I realized she was having sex when I could hear it with my own ears, but I’m sure it had been going on for awhile. At first I was ashamed to be allowing it, but I also knew that there was nothing I could do. If I didn’t allow it in my house, it would happen in a car or anywhere else.

I know I was sick, but I was curious nonetheless. When I listened to her I got wet. Sometimes, I even touched myself. Other times, I would imagine that I was standing in her shoes. I became more and more intrigued before I took a giant leap.

Quietly, I walked down the stairs and there was only one light on. From where I stood, I had a view of the couch where Ethan sat with his head back and eyes closed. I watched as she knelt between his legs, her bare back to me, engulfing his dick. She was making the sounds that I make, those sounds that turn a guy on. She was moving slowly at first, licking the head of his cock and down its shaft, before taking it deeper and pumping him with her hand. I stood and I watched. I was turned on. I was turned on more when he moaned and she slid her hand beşiktaş anal yapan escort up to the top and held tight. I could almost feel his balls pulse as I know she was swallowing his cum.

I went back upstairs just as quietly as I crept down and sat on the couch. I couldn’t help but to explore myself with my fingers. I closed my eyes as I moved my fingers up and down stroking my clit. I shook a little as I brought myself close to climax. When I realized they had reached the top of the stairs, I stopped quickly and pretended to be asleep. I heard them walk by the reclining chair and I listened to the door. I heard a quick kiss and the closing of the door.

Alyx sat on the couch and turned on the TV. I opened my eyes, sat up, and watched with her. We didn’t talk much, but I couldn’t stop thinking about her on her knees. I wanted to be her. I wanted her beauty, her youth, and all of the fun that went along with it. She was exactly what I wanted to be.


It wasn’t too late when I found myself thinking about going out. It was almost midnight, but there were still places to go. I hit the shower and was out the door thirty minutes later. I passed her as she sat on the couch. I told her I was meeting Macy for a drink and I’d be home soon. She game me a smile and a wave.

I arrived at a bar called Gilligan’s. It wasn’t more than fifteen minutes from home. There were still some people milling about, but it was getting later by the minute and the crowd was thinning. None of the guys caught my eye, so I went back to my car quickly and got out my phone. I logged on to Craig’s List and opened the page for casual encounters:

Nov. 2 looking for fun -m4w- 29 (Pittsburgh)

Nov. 2 Pregnant? Need Oral Service? -m4w- 30 (pittsburgh)

Nov. 2 Armstrong County -m4w- 23 (ford city)

Nov. 2 Need Drained -m4w- 37 (mount washington)

[I’ll get to the point. I need my cock sucked. Are you up for it?]

I hit reply: RE: Need Drained

[41F McKinley Park Area – Your place? NOW?]

Within a minute, I had a response and an address. I was on my way. I was instantly filled with excitement. My mouth was watering and my pussy was wet. I needed to suck as bad as he needed sucking. It didn’t take long for me to arrive. I pulled up to a two-story red brick house with an overhang over the front stoop. There were a few small trees and scrubs in the front which made the home look inviting.

I didn’t need to knock on the door. He was waiting for me.. He was probably older than 37, but that didn’t matter to me. He welcomed me in and told me I had to be quiet. HIs wife was upstairs asleep. I was a little shocked at that, but I was even more excited. I reached out and grabbed at his cock through his pants. It was already becoming firm. He touched my face and kissed me with an open mouth. He put his hands on my hips and led me, facing him, to a chair not far away. He sat down and I stood before him. I inched up until I was standing between his knees. I licked my lips as I looked down at him and I unbuttoned my shirt. I leaned in and he rubbed at my tits through my bra while he kissed me some more.

He put his hand on the top of my head and he gave me a little shove toward his lap. I bit at him through his jeans just a bit before I opened his belt. I popped the button of his pants and gave the zipper a little tug. Through his boxers I could see the outline of his cock and I gave it a nibble. It rose to meet my face halfway. He lifted up so that I could take down his pants and boxers. His cock sprung up and I took it’s head into my mouth. I began to lick and nibble ever so slightly at which point he let out a quiet moan.

I took him deeper in my mouth and used my hands to pump on his cock twisting them ever-so-slightly. His hand was on my head as I sucked. At times I would stop and look up at him silently begging him to push me back down. I rolled his balls in my hand and gave a little pressure toward the back. With one hand pumping, and my mouth wide open, he gave me his cum while I looked in his eyes. I held it in my mouth and moved it around with my tongue. Closing my eyes, I tilted my head back, and swallowed his load.

He sat for a minute with my head on his lap. Occasionally, I licked the tip of his still-leaking dick as it returned to its regular size. I leaned back on my toes and he stood up before me pulling his pants back to his waist. He took my hand and helped me to my feet before bringing beşiktaş bdsm escort me in for one more kiss. He walked me to the door, without saying a word, and I turned and walked away.

I sat in my car for at least ten minutes with my eyes closed. I could still taste his cum in my mouth and I savored it. It was the fruit of my labor and I enjoyed my work. As I sat there, I thought about Alyx, sitting at home, with cum on her breath. I was still turned on!

-Back at Home-

The lights were out when I pulled into the driveway. She had gone to bed while I was out – I wasn’t surprised. I took at seat on the couch and I kicked off my shoes. I leaned back and opened my laptop. I began my ritual of checking Facebook and looking at the news before I opened my email and deleted all of the junk. There was, however, one message that I had to read:

Hi Sarah,

I’ve missed you. It has been a year since we split but I think about you often. How are the kids? I’d love to see them again – Sam and Jeremy miss them too. Anyway, if you’d like to talk, give me a call.


I hadn’t heard from Jeff but a few times since he left not much more than a year ago. Once or twice, shortly after he left, we got the kids together. It didn’t feel right so it didn’t happen again after that one time. It’s not like there was a problem, it was just sort of awkward. There was no ill will. We both said we’d do it again and we both knew we didn’t mean it when we did.

The truth is that I thought about Jeff too. It was nice having a man around – someone to love. It would be good to have a man that Alyx could look up to. Why did I have to go and destroy something that was so good? Why did I sabotage our relationship? Why did I have hurt him so much? The poor kids! I replied:


I’ve missed you too. Alyx has finished high school and has a new boyfriend – Ethan – who is very nice. I hope you have all been well. I’ll give you a call sometime.



I’m not sure if I actually meant I’d call him when I wrote the words. Part of me wanted to call him right away. I could apologize and beg him to come back. The other part of me knew that I would only hurt him again because I really wasn’t interested in being with just one guy. I decided I would let it go for now and revisit it later. I went off to bed myself.


I lay awake thinking about a lot of different things. I thought about the past and I thought about the future. I had no idea what I really wanted, but really I did. I wanted to have some fun. I wanted excitement and I wanted to LIVE! I decided that I wasn’t going to make that call.

When I woke up in the morning Alyx had already gone off to school. She was taking some classes at the community college which was fine with me. I really didn’t want her to go off to school. I needed her nearby. I checked my email and there was nothing from Jeff. I was relieved. I knew that I was ‘in comfort’ with Jeff; I wasn’t really ‘in love.’ I understood.

I didn’t work that day so I sat back and relaxed for awhile. I thought about Alyx and Ethan, in the basement, while I watched. I thought about how beautiful she looked and at how she knew just what to do to make him happy. I envied her at that moment. I decided I would call Tom.

Tom was a good guy. He was a friend of mine for a long time. We met after my divorce and we remained friends. I told Tom about the previous night. I told him about watching Alyx and about the guy in Washington Park. I told him about Jeff’s email and I explained how I felt. He was very understanding. That’s what I loved about Tom – he reassured me that I made the right decision by not calling Jeff. He would have been behind me either way. Tom would be over later that day.

I had never done anything sexual with Tom. He was just a friend. He would talk to me about women he went out with and I would tell him about men. There were no judgments made – only understanding and support. I needed Tom in my life because he totally understood who I was and what I wanted. More importantly, we trusted one another.

When he stopped by, he asked me more about Alyx. He was curious about exactly what she was doing and how I knew that she was doing it. He’d been to the basement many times before, but he wanted my perspective so I took him to the spot at which I stood. We were only down there for a few seconds before we went back upstairs.

I asked him why he was so interested beşiktaş elit escort in what I saw. He told me it turned him on. I didn’t know what to think. Did he think that her giving head was hot? Did he think that the fact that I spied on my daughter was hot? Or, did he think she was hot? He answered yes to each question.

Baffled. That is what I was at that moment. I didn’t know what to do. He smiled at me and we talked about all of the things we typically discuss. I shared my dirty story from the night before and he chuckled. He told me that I need to be more careful meeting guys. Blah, Blah, Blah. This went on for some time before he asked me a question: Can I watch you suck a cock?

What? I went from baffled to confused. His comment came out of nowhere. He explained that has always wanted to watch while a woman gave head. What in the world do I say to that? Sucking cock has never been a problem for me. Finding a guy willing to be sucked hasn’t been a problem either. In fact, what guy turns down a blowjob?

I became a little excited too. I wanted to do it. How?

-The Plan-

We drafted our own proposal:

Nov. 3 Want Head? -w4m- 41f (Pittsburgh)

[my man wants to watch me suck your cock]

It came quickly and became a discussion. We decided to meet at my house and it would happen in my basement. Tom would watch from the same place I stood while watching Alyx. He would come to my house around 7 PM and we’d head right downstairs. There would be no need for conversation and I didn’t ask any questions about him. Honestly, it didn’t matter.

At 6:45, Tom and I sat on the couch in the living room. I think he was more nervous than me as we waited. This was a long fifteen minutes and, when it was over, there was still no man. By about 7:15 I could tell Tom was disappointed and at 7:20 there was a knock at the door. I got up to answer as Tom sat nervously. I led the man, who told me his name was Nick, into the living room and made introductions.

Tom stayed upstairs for a minute as Nick and I got ready. There was no romance, no kissing, this was strictly business. I could hear Tom coming down the stairs just as I took my place on my knees. Tom’s eyes were on me as I lifted Nick’s dick from his pants and put it in my mouth. Licking, and nibbling, I played with his cock at first. I rolled my tongue around it’s head in intervals as I stroked with my right hand. I placed my left on his right thigh as I slid his dick in and out of my mouth.

Nick was louder than the last guy and he was much larger too. Nick pulled on my hair softly as I continued to work his shaft. I took it deeper between short breaks before I looked into his eyes and told him to feed me his cum. Pumping him faster, while sucking on the head of his cock, I could tell he was getting close to giving it to me. I wanted it and I wanted it that very minute. I had to have it.

The first squirt went directly into my mouth and I moaned. Tilting my head back, I took the next shot on my check before the final gush found my open mouth. It was sweet and I loved it. Using my finger, I slid the cum from my check into my mouth. Nick looked at me smiling while he stroked the side of my face. He fed me the cum I missed.

I turned around and Tom was still standing right where I was that night. However, he looked like he saw a ghost and I wasn’t sure what was going on. I looked further to his right and I noticed that Alyx had been standing there for awhile. She watched me suck a cock and swallow a load. She clapped her hands when we made eye contact and I didn’t know what to do. Nick got up and let himself out.


I didn’t know what to say, but it didn’t matter. Alyx told Tom to take a seat. She told him that she needed to show her mom how it is done. Tom didn’t move an inch. Alyx walked over and took his hand and walked him to the couch. She sat him down and knelt before him. She took his cock from his pants and rubbed it on her face. Within a few seconds, Tom was as hard as a rock.

Alyx spit on his dick and began to rub it. She licked the tip and devoured the shaft. She took him balls deep in her mouth and gagged but didn’t stop herself. She was on a mission. She sucked him furiously, moaning, as he sat with his eyes closed. She used her hands to work him as his dick sat on her bottom lip. She begged him for his cum. She wanted to show me what she could do. She needed it, she wanted it, his cum began to flow into her mouth. She caught every drop.

She stood and walked toward me, still holding the cum in her mouth, and leaned over to kiss me. She kissed me on my lips – a simple peck. I could smell his musky cum and I could practically taste it.

By the way, Jeff came by the other day while you were out. It wasn’t you he missed.

She walked up the stairs leaving Tom and I in disbelief.

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