Mayıs 13, 2021

My Date with Connor

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After finishing my make-up I looked at myself in the mirror and frowned. My make-up was fine but I was wearing panties, pantyhose and a bra. I had a date with Connor in about an hour and this was our third date.

Connor is 25 years old and a true hunk of a man. He is 6’4″ with brown hair and as cute as can be. Our previous two dates had gone extremely well and his goodnight kiss from last Thursday implied that he wanted more. That was just fine with me because I did too.

That was my problem now with what I was wearing I looked …..well….. boring. I spoke to myself saying “Why not just go all out and scream ‘Fuck Me!’ I know he wants to I might as well let him know that I want it too.”

I stripped naked and started over, I ended up wearing no panties at all, crotch less hose and my pink demi push-up bra and no panties at all. On top of that I wore a burgundy cocktail dress with 4 inch black strappy heels, this was one of my “Fuck Me” dresses (those are dresses that I wear when I want to get picked up and laid from a bar or something. They are very sexy and leave virtually nothing to the imagination).

I was a bit overdressed for where we were going but I really didn’t care because I looked terrific! I put on my favorite cologne then pulled up my skirt and put some on my pussy. I smiled at myself in the mirror and turned for a profile, smiled and thought “this will get his attention.”

At that moment the doorbell rang so I grabbed my purse and went to answer the door. On the way I stopped at my toy drawer and grabbed my bullet and put it in my purse. When Connor saw me, he just stared. I just LOVE that look in a man’s eye and it gave me butterflies as I felt my pussy begin to moisten.

After an awkward moment he said “Ellen, honey, my god you look….. FABULOUS!” he continued smiling and saying “Now I wish I had brought a tie.” as he stared at my tits.

He leaned over to kiss me and being the gentleman that he is he kissed me on the cheek so as not to mess with my lipstick. As he did this he said “Oh my god you smell positively delicious.”

I was standing there smiling like a giddy school girl and as I said “I’m glad you like it” I gave him a some what sexy pose.

“You look very nice to.” I said as I let my eyes wander over his huge, strong body pausing just long enough for him to notice as I stared at the bulge in his slacks. I could not wait to find out what jewel he had in there.

He took me to Luigie’s an upscale Italian restaurant that is on the shore of a lake and he made sure we had a lake view table. He was his usual fun and funny self all through dinner and the entire time I was just getting wetter as my sexual desire switched from a ‘want’ to a ‘need’. I looked down and noticed that my nipples could be seen just a little through my dress.

After dinner he invited me to walk with him on the pier that went out into the lake and I eagerly agreed. He held out his elbow and I took it pressing against him as much as I could. We were alone outside and the night was pleasantly cool and felt wonderful on my damp labia as we walked.

Not a much was said as we enjoyed the view and each others presence. When we reached the end we sat on a bench and he skillfully put his arm around me and lightly brushed my cheek with the back of his hand. He leaned over and kissed me. It was a deep passionate kiss as I felt his hand support the back of my head and his tongue probing my mouth completely and deeply.

Releasing me from the kiss he looked in my eyes and said “Ellen, you are one beautiful woman.”

Not giving me a chance to respond he leaned over and began to lick and suckle my neck. I love it when a guy does this to me and I leaned my head back and to the side as I closed my eyes. “ooohhh” I whispered. I felt all tingly and my pussy was now officially drenched to the point where I worried a little if I would leave a wet spot on the skirt of my dress.

He began to lick my earlobes as he said very softly “You have the most wonderful tits and there are many things that I want to do to you.” As he said that I reached over on his lap, found his hand and cupped it on my left breast. I cooed softly as he began to fondle me.

He was kissing me when I felt his hand on my thigh and he slid it slowly under the skirt of my dress so I uncrossed my legs to give him full access to me. “MMMmmm sweetheart I can feel your heat from here.” he said squeezing my thigh right next to my pussy. I gave soft high pitched yelp as his hand touched my labia and then a moan as he began stroking my pussy. “No panties? That’s a good girl.” he said as he kissed me.

I moaned again as I felt him slide two fingers into my pussy and he began finger fucking me right there on the bench. It was a bit awkward given our positions but we managed. He released me from another kiss and removed his fingers and held them up. They glistened in the moonlight as I took his hand in mine and put his fingers in my mouth and began to move my head back and forth some.

“Let’s bahis firmaları find someplace a little more……private?” he said as he stood and took my hand.

“Just a moment, please.” I said as I reached for my purse. I reached in and pulled out my latest favorite toy and when I showed it to him he smiled. “I call this my bullet.” I said as he took it from me and began to examine it. I was a ingenious change to the good old vibrating egg. The egg was in the center and there were two smaller silicon dildos one attached at each end so the whole thing was about six inched long and was designed to fit completely inside me.

It also has a remote control which I handed to Connor as I took the bullet from him and pushed it deep inside me. “OOOOHhhhhh” I moaned as I slid it in.

Connor chuckled and said “Holy Shit, Ellen, I have never seen a girl do that before!” as he pointed the remote at me and I felt my bullet spring to life causing me to jerk a little and short “ah” as I patted my vulva.

“Let’s go.” I said smiling at him. He took my arm and we began walking along the boardwalk back towards the car. We did not speak for a bit and the only sound was the clicking if my heels. A breeze had begun to blow and the skirt of my dress began to brush my clit, with my state of arousal and the bullet moving around in me I stopped. “Oh, shit.” I said softly looking around to be sure that nobody else was around.

Connor stopped and looked at me then put his arm around me and said “Ellen, honey are you ok?”

I bent at the waist turned my back to the restaurant and pulled up my skirt as I squeezed my pussy. “Oh god, Connor, I’m cuming.” I gasped as I closed my eyes tightly feeling another wave of pleasure coarse through me. I did a little dance with my feet crossing one leg over the other back and forth as my orgasm built. Doing this only shifted my bullet more and that fed the orgasm that I was desperately trying not to have. “UH.. .. UH…. Aaggghhhh” I moaned as softly as I could as I felt my orgasm crest. It was small compared to most of my orgasms and I did squirt but not that much really. I felt my fluids splash on my hand and a few drops dripped on the boardwalk as embarrassed as I was it could have been much worse.

Connor was bent over with me with his arm around me and I looked over at him and his crotch was right there in front of me. His cock appeared to be fully erect in his pants and he was absolutely HUGE. “Oh my god!” I whispered as I stood up and looked him in the eye.

“Ellen, that was really, really HOT!” he said with a big smile. He continued and asked “Can you walk or should I turn this thing off?”

“I think I can walk.” I replied with a sheepish grin.

As we began walking back to the restaurant I could feel the fabric of my dress brushing against my nipples so I looked down and saw that my nipples were fully erect and showed prominently through my dress. “Oh great” I thought “now we have to walk through the restaurant to get to the car.” I could see that I was flushed from cuming as the top of my tits and chest were pink and Connor’s erect cock was really obvious.

When we got to the door Conner whispered in my ear “Just keep walking, ok?” So apparently the same thought crossed his mind. As he led me through the restaurant as we passed one of the tables of all ladies two of them looked at Connor’s bulge then smiled at me and one of them winked. I smiled back at her and just kept walking.

The skirt of my dress began working my clit again and I thought “Oh god, not here, not now.” So I reached down and as casually as I could I held my skirt away from my pussy. I made it to the car ok but just barely as my bullet was giving me a terrific inside out massage.

As we pulled out of the parking lot I laid my head back moaning softly and I began to gently rub my pussy. “God Connor, I want you to fuck my eyeballs out.” I whined playfully.

“Ellen, baby, I’m going to fuck you into next week when we get to your place.” he said as he reached over and pinched my nipple. “That was incredible back there! Look at you, that is so hot with you massaging yourself like that, jesus!”

I glanced over at him, smiled and said “Just drive…! Oh dear god that bullet feels FANTASTC!” As I closed my eyes again and cooed softly fingering my pussy. As we passed out of town into the country I pulled the top of my dress down exposing my tits as I began to massage them with my free hand. Caressing them pinching and pulling on my nipples as I began to moan softly.

I live way out in the country on 7 acres of wooded property and unfortunately it was about a 30 minute drive. I unbuckled my seatbelt and pushed my dress under me and took it off then I reclined the seat some unhooked and removed my bra and laid back. I was very glad that I had changed my pantyhose as I began to finger my pussy again.

I pulled on the string coming out of my cunt and felt my bullet slide inside me causing me to groan softly. I pulled it out of me and held it in my hand kaçak iddaa feeling the vibration I put one end of it in my mouth and began to suck on it looking at Connor. He was doing his best to watch me and drive at the same time.

I then began to fuck myself with it while I circled my clit with my other hand. “Ever seen a girl masturbate?” I asked breathlessly. “Watch this!” I continued. I pulled the bullet out of me again and again put it in my mouth tasting myself and giving Connor one of my most seductive and submissive looks. Around the dildo I said “Want me too stop?”

“HELL NO! you go for it, girl! I gotta see this!” he replied.

I removed the bullet from my mouth, smiled at him and rolled on my back with my head back and my eyes closed I went to work on myself fucking myself gently. Over the years I have become something of a master at masturbation. I know how to push my bodies buttons.

I began fucking myself more aggressively wishing for a larger dildo but the smaller bullet would work. My pussy began to squish as I started to lightly tap my clit with my fingers causing gentle jolts of pleasure to shoot through me as I began to moan louder. I took the bullet out of me and placed the vibrating part of it just above my clit and slid it down slowly while I started finger fucking myself with my other hand.

This continued for a bit until I slid the vibrating bullet just a little further down and hit my sweet spot for clitoral vibrators. “OOOOHH god yes that’s the spot….” I said as I put the bullet back in me and began fucking myself rapidly while my other hand went to my clit. I arched my back thrusting my chest up as I continued speaking to myself “….Yeah baby!…oh god that’s good….oh…oh….oh GOD!….here it COMES!” I shrieked as the first wave of ecstatic bliss crashed over me.

I pushed the bullet deep inside me and I covered my pussy with both hands because I knew I was going to squirt pretty hard. “ohGOODDDAAHHH!” I screamed as my orgasm crested and my cum shot from me splashing loudly on my hands and dripped to the floor. My thighs and hands were shaking as I tried to relax back into the seat, panting.

“GOD DAMN!! Ellen! Save some for me will you sweetheart.” Conner said chuckling and looking at me. I noticed that the car was not moving and he was fully facing me turned in his seat. I have no idea how or when that happened.

“I have not even started with you yet.” I said softly, smiling as I rubbed my tingling pussy. I looked at him and I noticed that his belt was unbuckled and the clasp in his pants was undone. “Are we there yet, Daddy?” I asked playfully pointing at his crotch.

As he pulled the car back onto the road he said “It was too confining in there and got a little uncomfortable. Jesus Christ, girl do you do that often?”

“A few times a week, I suppose.” I responded.

“Good lord almighty.” he muttered looking at the road.

As we drove the last little bit to the house I rolled my head to his side and said “I’m going to cum as soon as you enter me. You know that don’t you? God I want you so bad!”

As he turned in to my gravel driveway he looked at me and said with a laugh “This has been the longest 30 minutes of my life, sweetheart, sheer torture. But here we are! Thank God! I am going to fuck you the instant we get out of this car.”

The motion lights came on as he parked the car and got out. I was putting my seatback where it should be when my door opened and Connor reached in and scooped me out. God Lord this man was strong. I let out a short yelp in surprise because I never saw him coming. ‘How did he get there so fast?’ I wondered.

He turned me around and put me down facing the trunk and bent me over so that my tits were pressed on the trunk lid. It was then that I felt him enter my pussy pushing firmly and he thrust his cock deeper inside me than any man has before. I immediately came VERY hard squirting my cum into the side of the car. He then began pounding me with his thrusts and I was moving toward him as he pushed into me. “Oh YEAH! Baby, this what I’m talking about!” Connor exclaimed.

I could only hang on for dear life as he fucked me long and hard right there in the driveway. Nobody could see us for the trees so that was not a problem. I began moaning loudly as I felt another orgasm building. I had to breath in time with his trusts because it was hard to breath otherwise as he was so deep in me.

Each thrust pushed hard on the back membrane of my cunt causing me to squeal with delight with each penetration. I came again squirting the car even harder. “DAMN girl, I love it when you do that!” he exclaimed playfully slapping my butt. I wanted to respond but I could barely think let alone talk, all I could do was grunt and sequel unintelligible sounds. GOD he was deep inside me!

I felt his hand wrap around my waist and he lifted me again still inside me he carried me to the grass in the front yard. He said “Now I’m going to fuck you like the naughty little girl you are!” as he flipped me kaçak bahis over on my back and without pause thrust his cock deep inside my pussy once again. My breath caught as he pushed into me which must have caused a look on my face because he looked at me and paused. “Ellen, are you ok?” he said with a little concern in his voice. He then slid his cock back a little and I could breath again.

“HOLLY SHIT!” I said breathlessly. “Oh god, yes….fuck me some more!” I begged.

He smiled at me and resumed pumping me hard and fast. My tits were flying all over and were starting to tingle from the abuse so I tried to corral them with my hands. GOD this man was fucking me REAL hard. Another orgasm exploded in me as I came yet again hearing my cum splash on Conner’s belly.

“Oh YEAH, baby, I want more of that!” Connor exclaimed.

I began to scream some as yet another orgasm crashed through me as he just kept fucking me. It was like he was some kind of fucking machine, he did not even appear tired as he slowly pushed me across the lawn. My head fell to one side with my eyes wide open and my mouth formed a silent “O” as I noticed that the woman had stopped screaming. I was so focused on what Conner was doing to me that I did not realize that it was my own voice that I no longer heard.

I really like it when a man takes me like this, having his way with me and just fucks my brains out.

He pushed me into multiple orgasms as I was cuming almost constantly now squirting him several times as my pussy squished with each stroke. I rolled my head to look at him and he smiled at me and while he kept fucking me he said “I LOVE that look of pure ecstasy….yeah, baby come on cum again for me….come on Ellen, I want another squirt!”

It was not long before he got his wish, to this day I wonder how many times I came that night. I had to have set some kind of record.

I felt him begin to slow until he was just gliding easily in and out of me it was a very sweet rhythm that had me cooing softly. I noticed that he had broken a sweat as had I as he lend over and kissed me a long passionate kiss. He then rolled over taking me with him so I was on top. At first I just sat there completely impaled by him and loving it.

Cupping my tits he said “I need a break, sweetie, do you mind?” I got my feet under me and began to fuck him doing squats nice and easy.

Now that I could control the speed and depth I could feel the size of this man in me more accurately. I let myself down impaling myself on his magnificent cock and when I started to go back up he said “All the way down, Ellen, I want to completely fill your pussy, over and over.”

Letting out a soft whimper I lowered myself down to where I was sitting on him. As I started to go back up Connor said “Stay there please, I want to feel you.”

“ah..ah” I whimpered as he pushed up into me just a bit more.

“A lot of girls can’t take all of me, I’m glad you can, honey. Now, I want to see what I have been hearing and feeling. I want you to squirt again for me, can you do that, baby?” he asked.

I began to fuck him as best as I could squatting up and down as I stroked my clit. I felt my body responding as I started patting my clit with my fingers I felt myself drop once again over the cliff of feminine bliss. I threw my head back and screamed as I dropped on to him once again impaling myself on him over and over. He was thrusting up in time with my down motion. I moved my hands away from my cunt as I came. “UUHHHHGGGA AAhhhh” I screamed as I squirted high into the air. I squirted a second time but just enough to hit Connor in the face and chest.

I collapsed on top of him with him still inside me. As I recovered some we both just lay there panting as he put his arms around me and began to rub my back. After about a minute I put my chin on his chest and looked at him and said laughing “Do you think maybe we should go in the house?”

He sighed and put his arms straight out on the grass and said “Yeah, I think the deer have seen enough.”

Extracting myself from him I said “and the raccoons and the possums and the …….” I stopped in mid-sentence as I had gotten off of him and turned around and saw his cock for the first time. “HOLY SHIT! So that is what you have been fucking me with!” I exclaimed staring at by far the most monstrous organ I have ever seen.

I crawled over to him and took it in my hand “HOLY JESUS!” I said as I tried to take him in my mouth. I could only get the head in without worrying about my teeth scraping him. He was absolutely huge! Connor chuckled some as I licked his cock from top to bottom with a wondrous and awed expression. I reached down I began to massage my pussy as I stroked him remembering how glorious this thing felt inside me. He was still rock hard and I could feel his blood pumping in there it was like it was alive or something.

I cupped his scrotum in my hand and noticed that it seemed to be oversized even for such a monstrous cock. I looked up at him as he had raised up on his elbows to watch me worship him and he said “Believe it or not sweetie, I was born with three testicles and that makes me do a thing when I cum. I really like it but sometimes you girls get surprised.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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