Mart 22, 2021

My Curvy, Sexy, Mature Neighbour Pt. 04

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This is the fourth instalment in the series named My Curvy, Sexy Mature Neighbour. I would recommend that you read the preceding chapters to understand the context to this penultimate part of the series. It picks up the story 3 weeks after a threesome between me, Chrissie and Veronica and will cover similar themes/fetishes and also introduce fresh scenarios and characters. Enjoy!!


It had been three weeks after our debauched threesome. The sex continued unsubdued. Late night booty calls to Veronica’s were regular, weekends spent alternating between my lovers beds and the multiple ejaculations made me feel like a sex worker. Relationships were evolving to a point where, we all recognised it wasn’t sustainable, but nobody dared to confront it. The fact that we were neighbours made this awkward. Can you remain on good terms with a neighbour after bringing a closure on such intimate relations? I suppose it would be like pressing the reset button, but it felt like unchartered waters.

It was a debate for another time, but the situation was becoming a little unmanageable physically and emotionally for me. Trying to satisfy the sexual appetites of two woman in their individual sexual peaks. Veronica’s demands for sex remained undiminished. Her body was adapted to regular sex again after a long barren spell. Her recovery time following our steamy sex sessions had shortened, her sex cavity’s were less saw after the relentless thrusting; and it felt like she had discovered a new addiction.

The big difference with Veronica was a stronger platonic connection was developing. I felt a growing feeling for her and I knew that was a path I didn’t want to fall down. It began to extend beyond the realms of lust. She wasn’t just this sexual plaything who allowed me to live out all my fantasies and her on me. Those were the original T&Cs of our relations, a no strings attached thing, but she finally felt able to open her book and share personal stuff with me and in someways I empathised with her. Life hadn’t turned out as she wished, but she’d never had difficulty finding a partner, but she never found the one.

At the same time me and Chrissie became more of a couple, we occasionally shared beds, we dined out together and held hands walking to parks and pubs, all the characteristics of a couple in love. I liked it, but Veronica was now a complication and Chrissie grew increasingly aggrieved at me for sneaking off on late night booty calls, when she felt I should be warming her bed. The whole polyamorous thing was put to the test and failing. She was in her sexual prime with an enormous sex drive and wanted regular sexual gratification. I. couldn’t fulfil it spreading my sexual affections in two directions. However, one Friday evening things were soon about to change.

Late Friday Evening

I sat on the sofa moments after arriving home, to catch my breath after a hectic day in the office and a torturous commute home, thinking I needed to kick back. I was later than usual and blown out. Day 5 of the working week was when I felt lowest on energy. I didn’t even have the energy to cook dinner, but was thirsty for alcohol. Just as I thought i would check if Chrissie is home for her regular foot massage, there was a knock on the door.

“Oh damm it!!” sounding like a grumpy old man.

I got up to open it, curious, and not expecting visitors.

It turned out to be my neighbour Mr Moore a 60 something year old, well spoken, upstanding and god fearing Christian, who kept a lovely garden.

“Hey Mr Moore, how are you? Lovely weather we are having!” I said politely. It was true we were in the middle of some unusually balmy May weather, hitting the mid to high twenties.

“Okay thank you!” he said rather curtly.

“Well its none of my business of course, but this thing you are involved in. I assume it is a sex thing … You know how paper thin these walls are, but last weekend I had the Vicar over planning our church activities and it was… well let me say we were both mortified. I don’t how many women you had in at the same time, but I should recommend a hotel room next time. It is like being next door to a brothel!! And now I hear some more this evening, whilst reading Corinthians chapter 6:13, seemed rather ironic against the moaning and screaming of your housemate… I assume its the German one, lovely girl, but my word she seems corrupted when it comes to carnal matters. May be you can ask her to visit me for tea, or next time I can pop my head over the fence when she is gardening so I can …you know help her to find a better path.”

“Mr Moore, I am sorry!” I had to interrupt, to end his ramblings. It was clear his motivation to have Chrissie over was seedy and perverted.

“I can only apologise and say we will be more considerate and quieter next time, but our personal lives are just that, personal, but i am … hang on, did you say noises this evening?” I said confused.

“Well yes, just as I started to read Corinthians 3:16, about half hour I heard some antalya escort more…seemed like two women.” He said wanting me to give more details.

“Okay, Mr Moore, can we carry on this conversation later. Thanks, I just realised I left my dinner under the grill.” I moved to close the door.

“Yes of course.” as Mr Moore stood like a statue wanting to hang around for more information. The door closed on him, as I thought of all the times the hypocritical swine had masturbated to our sexual shenanigans.

I stood beside the door, pondering on the thought of sex noises this evening.

“Hmmm, peculiar!” I uttered to myself. As I crept through the house and made my way to the staircase to take me towards our most popular venues for sex. Step by step I moved up to the upper landing. Just as I reached half way I heard a loud moan.


Followed by.

“Slowly, ooooooo, one by one! That’s it.” Spoken by somebody clearly in throes of sexual pleasure.

It was Chrissie’s moaning for sure and I thought she was self pleasuring and talking dirty to herself. As I reached the landing I noticed some pink fishnet tights with a very wide mesh, not belonging to Chrissie, hooked over the door handle. Damn sexy they were. I stood beside Chrissie’s bedroom door, which was left slightly ajar.

I stood for a moment wondering whether to interrupt or not. With a nervous excitement, and my heart beating fast. Who and How crossed my mind. Was Chrissie doing the dirty on me with another bloke? Even that thought didn’t stop the rush of energy down to my cock and then again Chrissie moaned.

“Aaaah!! Are they all in yet?” She said sounding under strain.

Temptation got the better of me at that moment and I pushed the door open and was greeted and shocked by the wonderful sight of Veronica entangled in a 69 with Chrissie on top with her rounded ass facing me; Veronica’s tongue in Chrissie’s pussy, whilst her two fingers were in between a red ring from what assumed to be anal beads that she had slowly inserted up Chrissie’s bum hole. Mesmerised by the sight, I stood slightly lost for words.

“Don’t mind me, but how dare you not inform me of your plans!” I felt a little betrayed! Sub-consciously, I started to strip, dropping my trousers and slowly unbuttoning my shirt and walked up to the insatiable fuck pair, as if it was my right too.

Chrissie turned around red faced and looking worn out. “Oh mein Schatz! Gib mir deinen Schwanz ohhhh! Oaawww!” Chrissie grunted and screamed as she lusted for my cock and had the largest 2 beads from her anus pulled out by Veronica.

“My god Chrissie you look overworked. What has Veronica done to you?”

Veronica screamed and laughed mischievously at that.

“You don’t want to know, this is round 3. Its not a bedtime story you will be telling your… oawwwwwwww!” As Chrissie screamed to Veronica reinserting the beads back into her bum hole.

“…your grandchildren about!” Chrissie added breathlessly.

“Is that a pleasure or pain?”

“Both!” she said as if annoyed by my question.

Well I hope the pleasure has been equally shared out! ” As I winked at Veronica who looked down at my bulge.

“Oh I think you’ll find these beads are exploring their second anus of the afternoon Stevie!” added Veronica naughtily who continued to flick Chrissie’s pussy lips with her tongue, humming to herself, satisfied with her slice.

That was enough for me to take a slight detour from a Chrissie BJ and I reached beside the double bed where Veronica performed out her dirty deeds, extending my tongue out gently to firstly lick the sole of Chrissie’s left foot and salty tasting toes, which awakened my tastebuds, before honing in on Veronica, who momentarily released her lips and tongue away from the gluttonous pussy feasting to seek my tongue. She extended her tongue out and I grabbed it with my lips, both tongues danced and caressed each other as i took in the taste of saliva and pussy fluid that drenched over Veronica’s tongue.

“Hmmmmm!” Veronica moaned. Our mouths clenched for a very wet and deep kiss, before detaching for a gasp of breath.

“Oh Stevie you were half way down to my lungs with that kiss!” as she rolled her tongue over her lips suggestively and popped a bead out of Chrissie’s anus again. “Whoops” she laughed cheekily, as I noticed the thick gloopy lube that coated the red bead after exiting Chrissie’s bumhole.

“God you are sexy V and a good multi-tasker! You just carry on what you are doing with those bead things.”

As I got on my feet and removed my boxers and moved towards Chrissie, she fixated on my fully erect phallus as I walked beside her. She licked and bit her lip, but her face looked haggard, hot and bothered, like she had run a marathon. She didn’t look her best, but I was still overcome with passion for her and went down for a kiss, but Chrissie had other ideas. She grabbed my cock and dragged me onto the bed aggressively.

“You took too long! she said impatiently. lara escort “Do you like what you see?l … And I will take what I desire anyway!” She let out a mischievious laugh. This wasn’t normal Chrissie, she was like a unrestrained vixen!! I rested on my knees and my cock now perfectly positioned in front of her face. Without the slightest hesitation she enveloped her mouth and lips over my girth.

“Ohhh god!” I moaned, the contact of her warm humid mouth against my cock was a heavenly.

“Wow, I am greedy for your cock but have you soaked this in brine? Very salty and fishy!” It didn’t deter her as she grabbed my cock to take the full length of it and moved her mouth with slow strokes up and down its shaft whilst releasing plenty of saliva as lubricant. She continued for a few minutes, getting her fill of blow job heaven, the momentum increased further and quicker, audibly she spat more saliva onto my cock. Attempting a deep throat she gagged, but not sure if she liked the feeling. The filthy, sloppy sounds of saliva being churned filled the room and a camera crew was the only missing component from what could otherwise have been a hardcore porn scene. Chrissie then released my cock and let out an enormous scream as Veronica began to slowly withdraw the beads from her anus, looking like an elongated chain.


Chrissie’s bum cheeks were quite visibly beginning to spasm as the beads exited her. Again she screamed.

“Oooooooooooooo! Argh Argh Argh!!” The thought of the neighbour’s ear against our wall flashed into my thoughts annoyingly distracting me. She continued her cock feasting but now that scream singlehandedly accelerated my excitement pushing my seed further towards ejaculation and without even a warning to Chrissie, my knees weakened and I shot out several shots of semen into her mouth, more than usual.

As had become her trademark, Chrissie swallowed my seed willingly, wanking me further for every single drop.

“Oh lordy! Thats about 36hours worth of stored semen!” I said.

“It certainly tasted mature” Chrissie responded after swallowing, with some of my white fluid counting her lips.

“I didn’t get a taste” Veronica said feeling sorry for herself.

“Oh but you shall, I’ll give you a taste. Lick my lips.” Chrissie responded. They both repositioned their beautiful naked bodies for a kiss and exchanged my seed.

“That is a funky taste even if it is the scraps!” And on that comment the two of them brought their marathon sex session to an end as Veronica got her naked body off the bed.

“Lovely tights V.” I said winking at her.

“I thought you would like that, you know my toes slip right through the mesh”

“My exact thought when I saw it.” I responded quickly and happily.

“So ladies Mr Moore confronted me at the door just 15 minutes ago about our loud sex. Oh and by the way he’s got the hots for you Chrissie, he wants to save you from your sins!”

“Oh he didn’t did he, I have known him for years.” said Veronica looking worried.

“I don’t think he suspects you are involved V!” she appeared relieved.

“He is just an old fart and a pervert. Let him dream!” said Chrissie.

There was a brief pause as V bent over exposing her ass whilst picking up her underwear. I stood up to clean my penis and Chrissie without a care in the world, turned to face us.

Veronica turned to face me.

“So we have something to tell you Stevie.” Said Veronica as the tone changed and Chrissie cleared her throat.

“What are you going to tell, doesn’t sound like this is going to be good?” I said in quizzing manner and looked over at Chrissie who looked at me like she knew, and laying naked on the bed. She then focussed in on Veronica, who slipped her black panties on, prompting her tell. I stood wondering why the tone appeared serious all of a sudden whilst wiping the excess cum off my penis.

“This was not just about me and Chrissie wanting to shag the pants of each other. In fact we had arranged frank discussion about where the three of us are going, but ended up ripping each others clothes off right after.”

“Well thanks for involving me in it!” I responded awkwardly.

Veronica continued. “I just wanted to say Stevie, I feel my life has undergone a renaissance in the last couple of months but I know Chrissie loves you. I have got you to be thankful for. Taking that punt on that night… well it was really brave of you, but the sex has been mind-blowingly good and most of all you have brought me out of my malaise. I have a new found zest for life. I think the time has come for me to go my own way a find a new lover, one I can settle down with and not interfere with your relationship, even though it pains me because it’s been great.”

“Okay, well that was playing on all of our minds, but okay. Oh gosh man I am going to miss your body. You know its going to be hard to resist for all of us.” I felt disappointed. She was right the sex was incredible, but I then side escort thought sarcastically, it was nice of Chrissie to tell me that she was going to confront V about this.

“Well Stevie, thats the deal, but we officially end it after next Saturday!” interjected Chrissie as she prompted Veronica to finish who was slipping into her dress.

“Saturday, what’s happening next Saturday?” I said confusingly.

“We go out with a bang.” Veronica continued. “Chrissie has booked a suite at the Marriott, for one final, no holds bar fuck session between us and others.”

she said teasingly before laughing to herself.

“Others?” I said interested.

“You can bring that escort we spoke of using a few weeks ago, you know the slutty, council estate one with curves and tattoos. The one you had used a few years ago you said. This was Chrissie’s idea by the way.”

“There were two, the 52 year old or the 24 year old?” I said.

“The Mature one, I like her, she matches my body shape and… in addition I will be bringing a surprise, not giving any further details!! Okay then it’ll come with a cock. Thats a warning so you are not put of. Hahaha!” Veronica added.

“It’ll be like an orgy…we want an orgy Stevie! That will bring a memorable closure don’t you think. Just imagine?!” Chrissie said suggestively.

I couldn’t stop my mind from advancing forward imagining how, what, where, the sounds we would collectively make, the champagne, the image of 3 busty women, me and some other bloke interlocked on a king size bed doing nasty things to each other.

“I’m in.”

The next day the temperature ramped up and after doing our Saturday morning chores, we decided on a day in the garden, to soak up some the sun and top up on Vitamin D. When I returned from a supermarket trip, the sun loungers were dusted down and placed under the warm sun. Chrissie had dug out a string red bikini set that she had never worn before.

“What do you think? I have never worn these and its been 3 years after buying them. My body confidence has been low, this bloody belly, arghhh. Plus I was never on a beach holiday to wear them.”

“Well its only me and you, and you know how much I love your bangin body. Curves and flesh in all the right places.” I could never see the attraction of a stick thin body shape, who wanted to caress bones anyway?

She kissed me and gave my bum a slap.

“What the hell?! I’ll slip into these, just for you then mein schatz. These milky thighs need tanning!”

Slightly later, whilst I prepared drinks, Chrissie stepped through the kitchen wearing her silky robe, sunshades and thong sandals and headed out into the garden.

Our garden was quite secluded. We had both neighbours bedroom window overlooking the garden but no others.

As I entered the garden I stopped in my tracks to gaze at Chrissie slipping out of her robe. Her gorgeous tight fitting red bikini set gave enough cover to her private parts and to leave things to the imagination. Her attire was a total figure enhancer. The bikini bra held her mammary glands beautifully in and perfectly enhanced her cleavage. Her bikini bottoms had these strings that connected the front and back material of her pants together and they pressed hard against her fleshy white bum cheeks, which popped out from edge. My boner was instantaneous. It was very daring outfit for Chrissie.

“Hello Ms Curvaceous Busty!”

“Its a bit tight, I told you I put on weight.” Chrissie grumbled.

She looked at me slightly demure. I wasn’t sure why she felt shy after everything I had seen of her and after I had licked every part of her body, but it was endearing to see that response, that slight vulnerability.

I approached with 2 drinks in my hand as Chrissie sat and lay on her back. My cock started rumbling at the sight of her adjusting her body to sit on the bed and all the white flesh wobbling about.

“Oh!” I gasped in amazement.

“Did you notice that Chrissie? Theres a tent up in Veronica’s garden.” which I noticed just over the fence.

“Nein. I didn’t, well thats a shock. Has she put that up herself?” Chrissie added.

From a distance we could hear a voice saying. “I did and I can hear you!” It was Veronica from a distance.

“Well done you.” responded Chrissie quickly.

I was slightly bemused by it all as Veronica popped her head over the fence to see what was going down.

“Oh Chrissie!” was her surprised reaction to the red bikini.

“You look … delightful, hmmmm.”


There was a slight pause as Veronica absorbed the sight of the same body she feasted over just the day before. There was some clear tension that wasn’t there in the weeks before. But this was post the big announcement of yesterday. I was sure V was getting aroused behind that featherboard fence.

To break the awkward silence. I interrupted…

“Forgive me Veronica for being inquisitive, but are you preparing for an expedition.”

“Oh kind of. No I am just airing my tent out. I may be camping in The New Forest this summer. Its easy to put up, one of these blow up tents, so I am cutting corners and I am getting some practice in. Its quite spacious, plenty enough room for me and others.” she said with a grin.

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