Mayıs 11, 2021

My College Education Pt. 03

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In the first two stories I related how I was a very frequent visitor at the apartment where my long- time girlfriend, Abby, and her two roommates, Barb and Carla lived. Everything had been going along fine until Barb convinced me to show her my oral sex skills that also resulted in my fucking her. Barb, who had been a bit of a recluse, now was a real oral enthusiast, but my problem was satisfying two women all the while keeping my activities with Barb a secret. Unfortunately, Barb was little help in the way that she would tease him in front of the other two.

It was a Friday night, Carla, Abby, and I were sitting in front of the TV watching the game show channel when Barb came home.

“Hi Barb! Where have you been. We’ve been waiting dinner for you. Wes is going to grill burgers tonight.”

“I was at the mall. You can’t believe the sale that Victoria’s Secret is having. I just got two great bras for $40.”

“Since when do you wear Victoria’s Secret? They don’t have much in the way of sports bras to my knowledge,” said Abby.

“I still like sports bras, but my boobs aren’t that big and the padded underwires that I just bought are really nice. It’s hard to find sexy A-cup types.”

“I don’t have that problem,” added Carla. “My girls don’t need any padding.”

“Did they have anything else on sale?” asked Abby.

“I also got a couple of thongs,” said Barb holding up a jade green pair.

“Thongs? You don’t wear thongs!”

“I thought I’d like them. I know Carla loves them and probably doesn’t have anything else.”

“That’s not true. I have a few pairs of bikinis that I prefer to wear at that time of the month.”

“Ladies, that’s TMI!” I said thinking of these women running around in their underwear and feeling my manhood start to rouse.

“That color is great. Go try them on. I want to see how they fit,” said Abby completely ignoring bahis firmaları my TMI comment.

Barb didn’t have any reservations about going upstairs to change and was back minutes later wearing just the thong and one of her new bras—but then again she wasn’t showing as much as many women do wearing a string bikini. The combination looked really good on her and the bra did wonders for her boobs.

“Nice!” said Abby. “Now you even have cleavage.”

“Cleavage? Let me show you real cleavage,” interjected Carla raising her tee shirt revealing her D cup boobs.

I took one look at her and could only think about snuggling my face between her ample tits. Carla caught me ogling her, blushed, but then gave me a naughty smile and a wink.

“What the heck is that look supposed to mean?” I thought to himself. It wouldn’t be until some days later when I would find out.

Again, it was a Friday afternoon and I arrived at the apartment like clockwork. Barb had an environmental science lab at the nature center and Abby had a dermatology colloquium that she needed to attend. So, it was just me and Carla.

“Hey Carla!”

“Hey Wes. How’d your week go?”

“Uneventful. We had to go out to do a surveying project for a municipal water line. It was a group project, but pretty involved. What have you been doing?”

“Thinking about you doing surveying.”

“Me? Like in surveying a water line?”

“No, like in surveying a valley?”

“A valley?”

“Yeah, you know, a valley,” she said lifting her shirt, but even with the bra I knew that there was a lot of valley between those tits.

I blushed but didn’t say a word.

“I know that you are really a boob man because I caught you staring at my chest the other day. It’s OK because I don’t mind. Actually, I’m sort of proud of my tits.”

“They are nice.”

Carla walked over to me and kaçak iddaa said, “You want a closer look?”

I could feel my face flush even more. Carla was a really cute petite woman. Tiny hips, tiny waist, and huge boobs.

“They are both soft and firm at the same time. Here, feel them. Don’t be afraid. They won’t bite.”

Any other woman and this action would have gotten me slapped, but I put my hand on her right boob and it felt very soft and nice. “You’re right!”

Carla reached behind her back and undid her bra freeing both boobs. “There that will make things easier.”

Now my jaw dropped at the sight of the liberated tits. They were magnificent and all I think about doing was to suck on them. I put my mouth to the right boob and began a gentle sucking.

“Oh, Wes. That nipple has to be hardwired to my clit because I could just cum when you do that!”

What could I do but to continue sucking and when I did Carla put her hand down the front of her shorts and began playing with herself.

“This is driving me crazy. All I can think about now is you fucking me. You have to take me upstairs. Please! Like now!”

Carla was upstairs well ahead of me and to say that she was very eager would be putting things mildly. By the time I got upstairs to her room, she had already shed her tee shirt, bra, shorts and bikinis.

“What are you doing?”

“Let’s just say that you got my motor so seriously running and now you have to do something about it,” she said as she lay on the bed with legs spread.

“But you’re my girlfriend’s roommate,” I somewhat halfheartedly protested.

“I know, but I’ve wanted to go to bed with you ever since the first we met. I’m really horny so don’t bother with any of the preliminaries, not even oral.”


“Also, you don’t need a condom because I’ve been on the pill since I was a freshman.”

“Are kaçak bahis you sure?”

“Very. Plus, my pussy started getting wet the minute you sucked on my boob.”

I needed no more invitation. My member was hard, Carla was wet, and both of us were horny. When I inserted my penis in her vagina it was incredibly lubed, so wet that I wasn’t sure that it would be generating enough traction for me to cum.

Carla was an animated lover and knew all the right moves with her hips. After several minutes of active motion we both came simultaneously. Carla was nearly out of breath. Clearly, I had shot a copious load into her.

“You’re as good as Barb says you are.”

“Huh? Barb told you that?”

“Yeah, she also said that you were terrific at giving oral. If I hadn’t been so horny today I would have suggested that you eat me. Just for the record, I also happen to give great head,” Carla admitted.

“Oh, boy!” I exclaimed. “Now I do have a problem.”

“How so? We just both got laid and it was a good one, too!”

“Well, we just had a little tumble and you know that Barb and I have had a couple of interesting times together. . . “

“A couple? Barb only said that you and she only did it once. You mean there were more times?”

“Well, if you must know, yeah, there were. It all started out innocently enough.”

“But that means that you have fucked every woman in this house. Right?”

“Now that you put it that way. Yeah.”

“You know what I have to say to that? Good for you. You go, boy!”


“Yeah, I suspect that Barb and I both secretly wanted to fuck you ever since last August when we moved in with Abby.”

“You’re kidding me.”

“Don’t be so naïve. Yes, of course we did. And now it’s come true.”

“But it’s awkward for everyone.”

“Not really. Having our desire for you was like the elephant in the room. We all suspected that it would happen eventually. That is what was awkward.”

“So now what? Oh my God, but this has gotten out of hand.”

“No, it hasn’t. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to really go pee.”

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