Haziran 9, 2020

My brother took my ass hard working late at the fa

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My brother took my ass hard working late at the fa
I’ll tell you a little about myself first then get into how my co-worker br(o)ther seduced well fucked me re(l)uctantly at first.

I’m Angie. I’m about 5′ 8” curvey girl, dark hair and eyes. I’ve been told my pouty lips are dick sucking lips. I like to wear lipstick usually a darker shade of red more maroon colors.
Now that I’m in my early 30’s my tits have gotten fuller. I’m a 34D bigger nipples with several bumps on my areola and when horny my nipples get big and hard. Who am I k**ding, I’m horny most of the time. I haven’t had k**s and I’m still proud of my tits and nice ass.

When I first met my husband fucked me a few times a week. I’m the one who always initiated sex to get his dick hard for me. I thought after we were married he wouldn’t be such a prude and I could get him to do anything I wanted to do. I would have done anything and everything for him to be his slut wife. Sadly he was more consertavive. Lately he’s more interested in sports and video games then he is in me. Long baths and showers are now a must. I even started a little anal play with myself. The thougth of me being slut wife never bothered me. I just don’t like it when my husband lays on top of me, fucks me for five minutes and nuts in my pussy. That’s what I call a cum dump! It’s all about him getting off, then he rolls over and goes to sleep
That’s being used as a cum dump.

I want to get fucked hard. Made to do anything. Told what to do. Fucked in any and every position. That’s my idea of being a slut wife for my husband not the five minute cum dump I’ve become.

Finally it’s Friday. I went shopping and spent some of my hubbys money on a sheer light green top, a nice thigh length black pleated skirt and a cashmere jacket. I have my own version of casual Friday. I don’t wear a bra. I wore my new sheer top, put on some black thigh high nylons with a lace top, sexy cheekys and my new pleated skirt.

My br(o)ther John is always making sexually explicit comments to me about my lips, telling me he bets I swallow, brushing up against my ass, leaning over me, pushing his hard dick against my ass, brushing his hand across my ass, staring at my tits, calling me a MILF every thing a horny young guy would do. On one level I liked the fact that my twenty something year old br(o)ther found me sexy on another I “thought” what’s the point I’m married and ewww he’s my br(o)ther.

Dad ordered John and I had to work overtime to finish up a project to meet the deadline. If we finished Friday night fine, if not we were going to have to come in on Saturday.
John and I chose to work in the conference room. We had plenty of room for our laptops and papers.
In most highrise office builds the air turns off at 6 PM on weekends. Around 6:30 it started to get a bit warm. Not thinking about my version of casual Friday I slipped my cashmere jacket off.
John smiled at me and said I’ll be right there.
I’ll be right there? I’ll be right there? WTF does that mean?
I got an email from John. “click on the link”
HOLY SHIT it was a picture of illegal bahis siteleri me with no bra on. I could see my nipples and practically count the bumps on my nipples. The caption read “perfect MILF tits” I turned and John was standing there pants unzipped, stroking his shaved dick.
I knew you were a dirt girl Angie.

I’m a married woman and you’re my br(o)ther.

Even better! I wanted to fuck you when we were k(i)ds. I really wanted to fuck you at your wedding before your husband did. Give him a cum filled bride as my gift. Look at you, you’re a slutty sexy married woman who can take mans cum and come back for more, not squeal in delight like some teenage girl.
I still have dreams of fucking you. Your dick sucking lips wrapped around my dick.

You’ll do no such thing!

John grabbed me by my throat and pushed me back on the conference table.

Married, si(s)ter or not I am going to fuck you Angie.

He squeezed my tit, pulling on my erect nipple.

Your nipples are as hard as my dick.

Then he lifted my skirt pulling my skimpy cheekys aside.

Your pussy is wet don’t tell me you don’t want to fuck me. When’s the last time you got fucked?

This morning.

Don’t lie to me Angie when’s the last time your husband fucked you, fucked you hard?

Maybe a month?

I’m going to fuck you so hard and send you home full of my cum to your husband like I should of on your wedding day. I still regret that.
You’re a slut aren’t you Angie?

No, I’m a good wife and your si(s)ter.

Yeah my si(s)ter, a good wife with no bra, thigh high nylons and skimpy little undies. That’s a fuck toy.

I wish I was a slut I thought as John pulled my cheekys down.

Perfect John said. A lady with a little bit of a bush and her pussy lips shaved for good eating.
Unbutton your top or I’ll rip it off John said as he went down on my pussy. His tongue felt so good. I can’t remember the last time my husband ate me out. I let my mind wander as I unbottoned my top. Am I a slut? A cheating desperate wife? Am I being r(a)ped by my br(o)ther? I so needed a fuck, I needed a man to take controll, feel a mans hard dick, his hot cum no toy can provide.

Ahhh fuck I cried out, you fucking bastard.
John was tonguing my clit and sucking on my pussy lips I was close to cumming.

You bastard you’re going to make me cum. I held my hand over my mouth. I couldn’t be quiet anymore. You fucker, I lifted my hips to meet my br(o)thers tongue. Ahhh fuck, fuck, fuucckk. I came so hard my eyes practically rolled back up in my head and my legs shook like never before.

I like my married si(s)ters MILF pussy Angie. I’m going to like fucking you.

I felt John rubbing his dick up and down my wet pussy slit. Then I felt his dick head enter my fuck hole. Slowly I felt Johns dick pushing it’s way in stretching my pussy open. He was a little bigger then my husband. Secretly I was loving it, my pussy wet from John eating me out, my pussy welcomong a new plum crowned visitor.

Fuck my si(s)ters MILF pussy is tight, I like that.

You fuckin bastard I’m your si(s)ter.

Then canlı bahis siteleri you know what’s going to happen.

What are you going to do to me?

I’m going to fuck you hard slut and fill my si(s)ters pussy with my cum.

Not in my pussy, cum anywhere else you want, just don’t cum in my pussy.

John began fucking me harder and faster, my big tits jiggling with each thrust of his dick. He grabbed my by my throat.
Fuck you bitch, I have to cum in your pussy. My balls are full of cum.

As John pounded me I had to hold on to the end of the table. He pinched and pulled on my nipples hard. I let out a yelp.

Don’t play prude with me. With big tits and nipples like yours you must like for them to be abused and slapped one tit.

Oooo, ooo fuck I’m going to cum.

Not in my pussy. It belongs to my husband.

John backed his dick almost out of my pussy except for its head.
Oooo fuck. Slowly he pumped his dick in and out of my pussy. I felt the first burst of his hot cum fill my pussy, then another and another burst of his cum. I felt his hot cum dripping out of my pussy down my ass as John was still fucking me slowly.

You bastard, you came in my pussy.

Yes I did your pussy was so tight it was grabbing onto my dick as if it wouldn’t let go of my dick. Your pussy wouldn’t let me pull out if I wanted to. You’re an amazing fuck. I never had a pussy grab onto my dick like your pusyy did.

John pulled out and rubbed his cum that ran from my pussy on my tiny asshole with his thumb pushing it in he said your pretty little ass is next.

I don’t let my husband fuck my ass. Certanialy NOT my br(o)ther.

I’m not your husband and I will fuck my si(s)ters tight little ass.

At first his thumb only hurt a bit, maybe because I’ve been toying my ass a little in the tub. The more John thumb fucked my ass the more I was becoming OK with it because I secretely wanted it. I am a slut I thought. It’s a different feeling and the thought of my br(o)ther taking his si(s)thers ass was kind of turning me on.

John pulled his thumb out of my ass.
I picked up my cheekys wiped some of Johns cum on them and I was going to put them on.
Don’t you dare! You won’t need panties anymore tonight. I’m not done with you yet. After I’m finish with you, you can put your panties on go home to your husband filled with your br(o)thers cum. Now on your knees slut.

I hesitated, Mike grabbed me by my throat and said I told you on your knees.

I dropped to my knees.

Suck my dick s(i)s, suck your br(o)thers dick hard again so I can take your so called virgin ass.

My br(o)ther pulled my head to his now limp dick.

Suck that mother fucker hard again, you know you want my dick hard so I can fuck your ass. I don’t care if you want me to or not. I’m going to fuck your ass.

This is really what I wanted my husband to do to me. I not only wanted it soo badly I need to it.
I could taste his salty cum and my pussy juice on his dick. I wanted his dick rock hard again for me. I toungued his pee hole, licked and sucked his balls until my br(o)ther was getting hard again in bahis firmaları my mouth.

That’s it Angie That’s it Angie keep sucking my dick. I like your lipstick all over my dick and your face. It’s really turning me on.

My br(o)ther pulled my head forward and fo(r)ced his now hard dick down my throat.

The best part for you s(i)s is the second time around I last a longer. I’m going to fuck you ass hard and deep, balls deep over and over until I empty all of my cum in your ass.

John talking to me the way he did had me wanting his hard dick in my ass.

Had me my purse, my purse.

I’m not using a condom. I fucking your ass deep and dirty. I want you to feel me cum in your ass.

No I have hand lotion in there you can use as lube.
I lathered my br(o)thers dick and my ass.

My br(o)ther leaned, well pushed me over the conference table.

I’m going to love fucking your ass Angie. Your pussy wouldn’t let go of my dick I’ll bet your ass does the same.

I felt the head of his dick at my tiny asshole. I was getting nervous.

Wheres my dick at?

My ass.

What happens next?

You’re going to fuck my ass.
With that I felt the head of his dick sliding in my ass. It hurt a bit not like the painal videos I’ve watched on the internet. Was it my anal play and the hand lotion??
John grabbed my hair.

Where’s my dick?

Up my ass, you’re fucking my virgin ass you fuckin’ pervert.
I was turning myself on talking dirty telling my br(o)ther John he’s fucking my ass.
John started to fuck my ass a little faster.

You fuckin’ pervert bastard, you’re fucking your si(s)ters ass, mother fucker I can feel your balls slapping against my pussy, you fuckin’ perv.
John grabbed my hands and pulled them behind my back. He was doing everything to me I wished my husband would do to me.

I don’t hear my slut s(i)s telling me to stop. You must like me fucking yor ass, making you a three input slut.

I’m not a slut.

Where’s my dick?

You fuckin bastard you’ve got your dick burried in your si(s)ters virgin ass.
My tits, my tits my nipples are rock hard.

John released one hand and grabbed my tit, rolling my rock hard nipple between his finger and thumb pulling my erect nipple.

Owww fuck, you fucker, do you think I’m your fuck toy? (I said hoping he would saying I am)

You are a fuck toy s(i)s. My three input fuck toy. I’m going to blow my load up your ass.

No, do you think you own me?

I own your ass right now. Anytime I want I’m going to fuck you, your ass and mouth.

You fuckin’ perv.
John was fucking my ass hard and deep.

Oooo. ooo, I’m going to cum, fuck I’m going to cum, ahh fuck.

I felt Johns hot cum shooting in my ass. You bastard, you Fuckin’ perv I can feel you cumming in your si(s)ters ass. I squeezed my ass together as hard as I could.

Holy fuck s(i)s your ass is just like your pussy it won’t let go of my dick.

I loosened the grip on my br(o)thers dick, he slipped out of my ass. I turned and my br(o)ther kissed me passionately.

You really are a great fuck Angie. I should have taken you sooner. You’re the best fuck I ever had.

I loved hearing that so I got on my knees a licking my br(o)thers dick clean.

We’ve got a lot of work to do tomorrow between fucks. Go home to your husband.

I didn’t even put my panties on. When I got home I gave my husband a big kiss knowing he got a mouthful of my br(o)thers cum, my pussy and ass.

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